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Full Omnifocus Project Portfolio Management Software Review – All you need to know about Omnifocus


Are you looking for an efficient project portfolio management software designated for iOS or Mac platforms? Omnifocus might be the ideal PPM software that you need.

In the business world, business management depends heavily on the effective management of business resources as well as project management. Besides, the execution of a business project, it is expected of every project manager to structure the entire process of project management in order to organize, delegate and manage tasks and projects.

As a result of this, project portfolio management software was developed to provide project managers with a unified platform for streamlining their project management process from the start to execution.

With the implementation of project portfolio management software within a project-based business, businesses can automate their disparate project management tasks on the unified platform thereby involving their team members or employees in the project management processes.

Nevertheless, one of the effective project portfolio management software worthy of mention is Omnifocus, which was specifically designed for Mac and iOS Operating Systems. This project management software gives you complete control over your tasks and projects right from your Mac or iOS devices.

What is Omnifocus?

Omnifocus is a project portfolio management software aimed at improving personal productivity for iOS and Mac users. Popularly known for its “Getting Things Done” (GTD) inspired workflow, this software not only streamlines your everyday project management process but also provides you with full control over your task management activities.

omnifocusWith three different Omnifocus versions namely Omnifocus 1, Omnifocus 2, Omnifocus 3, this PPM software has just gotten better over the years. Nevertheless, Omnifocus just as its name implies, allows you to focus on multiple tasks and projects at the same time extensively.

For instance, Omnifocus comes with a project review functionality which allows you to have the complete breakdown of your project whenever you are done. Moreover, Omnifocus also allows you to visualize your projects and group them into project folders.

Furthermore, scheduling your tasks on Omnifocus project portfolio management software is quite easy. Users are provided with the scheduling functionality which allows them to set up their schedules using element location, task name, task time, task duration, upcoming tasks, pending tasks and more.

On the other hand, Omnifocus project portfolio management software seamlessly integrates with Siri thereby allowing iOS and Mac users to handle their tasks and projects even while on-the-go.

By implementing a project portfolio management software such as Omnifocus, project managers or administrators can improve their team members’ productivity thereby accomplishing organization-based objectives in the long run.


Ease of Use

Omnifocus project portfolio management software allows you to automate your project management activities on the platform without having to undergo a steep learning curve. Besides, this project portfolio management software comes with a user-friendly interface which allows both new and existing users on the platform to familiarize with its tools, menu, and functionalities.


Omnifocus eliminates the need for purchasing disparate tools for task management, calendaring, task assignment, project management, timesheet, collaboration, etc. Besides, Omnifocus is multi-functional PPM software; hence, businesses can save cost by implementing Omnifocus which is an all-in-one package. Furthermore, Omnifocus is an affordable project portfolio management software with pricing packages starting from $39.99.


Omnifocus provides users with a wide flexibility of tools for handling their project management activities. Unlike other project portfolio management software, Omnifocus comes with advanced functionalities which facilitates collaboration as well as communication within the business environment. Also, Omnifocus provides you with customization option which allows you to personalize the platform based on your preferences.

Task Management

omnifocusThe process of manually organizing project tasks is a strenuous one, which is why Omnifocus makes it quite easy to organise files on the platform. Omnifocus perfectly syncs well with your schedule and calendar thereby easing out the process of task management for you. Besides, you never have to go through the stress of switching applications just to handle your project management activities.

Support for Mac and iOS

Omnifocus PPM software is specifically designed for Mac and iOS users to automate their project management tasks. Unlike other project portfolio management software which is designed for cross-platform, Omnifocus is built with Mac/iOS designs and menu which makes it easier for its users to easily navigate on the platform.

Key Features of Omnifocus Project Portfolio Management Software


Omnifocus allows you to add a task and set a due date for them which are readily saved in the inbox. You can also assign a project, add tags, and delegate to specific team members via the inbox. Furthermore, you can either save your tasks as a draft or send as email.

Quick Entry

Omnifocus project portfolio management software allows you to customize the keyboard shortcut used in accessing stipulated actions on the platform, even when in other application.


omnifocusWith Omnifocus, you can organize your actionable tasks into projects based on preference. Also, you can place the created projects into folders for easy identification.

In addition, you can also create multiple tags for projects on the platform. Also, you can create tags for elements such as the person, energy level, priority, location and more.

Repeating Actions

Omnifocus allows you to set up repeatable actions based on real-world schedules. For instance, you can schedule occurring tasks which takes place every last weekend day of the month, every Monday, etc. Nevertheless, Omnifocus notifies you in real-time concerning pending actions at the specified day.


This project portfolio management software allows you to add notes to your actions on the platform. Also, you can attach audio files and graphics to your actions in order to visualize your project information.


Omnifocus comes with a review functionality which constantly reminds users on pending projects and actions on the platform. Nevertheless, users can mark projects as reviewed as they progress on the particular project.

Notifications and Alerts

You can eliminate missing deadlines or due dates with Omnifocus. This project portfolio management software provides you with real-time updates on recent changes made on the platform. Therefore, you can get notified for events such as task completion, received emails and more.


Omnifocus allows users to forecast their planned schedule on the calendar. For instance, users get notifications on tasks they should be starting, finishing as well as upcoming tasks.

Auto Sync

omnifocusYou can sync your data and files on Omnifocus without having to switch platforms. You can access your data on the platform irrespective of the connecting devices you are using whether Mac or iOS devices.

Siri Integration

Omnifocus seamlessly integrates with the AI tool – Siri – which allows users to automate their task management process. Besides, Siri’s integration allows users to automate Siri to send reminders for elements such as tasks, due dates, deadlines, schedules, upcoming tasks and more.

Sequential Task Completion

Omnifocus project portfolio management software comes with a sequential task completion functionality which allows users to organise their tasks based on preferences.

With this functionality, tasks are broken down in an orderly sequential manner; therefore, users cannot opt to execute tasks randomly.

Custom Sidebar & Home Screen

You can customize the platform view by using either the built-in or custom perspectives on the platform. Nevertheless, you can modify the home screen as well as the sidebar based on your preference.

Custom Perspectives

Omnifocus comes with intuitive and powerful perspective editor which allows you to setup stipulated rules for your personal perspectives. Also, you can view your project information by grouping and filtering projects and tags for a custom perspective view.

Focus Mode

Omnifocus, just as its name implies comes with focus mode functionality which allows you to selectively concentrate while working whether at home, work or even on-the-go. Besides, Omnifocus also comes with light and dark modes which allow you to change the background colour of the application to either black or white based on preference.


You can extend the Omnifocus platform by using the AppleScript which allows you to enhance your project workflows. Also, you can integrate Omnifocus with your custom software solution via Omnifocus AppleScript.

Other notable features of Omnifocus project portfolio management software include:

  • Flexible Inspectors
  • Spotlight search
  • Dark palette
  • Encrypted Synchronisation
  • Attachment support
  • Custom views
  • Multi-tasking
  • Quick actions
  • Custom columns
  • Share sheet
  • Gmail Integration
  • Desktop & Mobile applications


omnifocusOmnifocus is an ideal project portfolio management software for both Mac and iOS device users. Nevertheless, this PPM software offers pricing packages based on its availability on both platforms.

Here are the pricing packages for Omnifocus:

iOS Standard (License) – $39.99

iOS Pro (License) – $59.98

Mac Standard (License) – $39.99

Mac Pro (License) – $79.99


Omnifocus offers special discounts for qualifying students, staff members and faculty. Also, Omnifocus provides enterprise users with custom quotes for large volume purchases.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Any web-based devices, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Windows

Serviced Locations: Australia, United States, Europe, United Kingdom

Pricing model: One-time payment, Quote-based

Payment Methods: Credit Cards, PayPal

Supported Languages: English

Customer Types: Small Business, Medium Business, Large Enterprise

Popular integrations: Siri, Zapier, Airmail, Dispatch, Drafts, Evernote, Fantastical 2, FastScripts, Hazel, IFTTT, Keyboard Maestro, Launch Center Pro, Mailplane, MindNode, Postbox, SaneBox, TaskClone, TextExpander

API Availability: Omnifocus comes with an available API for use known as AppleScript

Native Applications: Mac, iOS

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted, On-Premise

Support Details

Omnifocus project portfolio management software offers the following after-sales support:

  • Email Support: support@omnigroup.com
  • Phone Support: +1 206 523 4152 or +1 800 315 OMNI

(Monday-Friday 10am-5pm PST)