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Full Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software Review – All You Need to Know About Offerit


The Affiliate Marketing (AM) industry is projected to rake in a whopping $7 Billion in revenue by 2023. With such projection, one could easily give credence to the fast-rising AM business model.  However, running a successful AM business can most times be disconcerting, hence the Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software.

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The Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software is a SaaS affiliate marketing solution to ease off the daunting processes involved in AM. It helps internet based businesses simplify and automate all the processes that ensure the successful running of an AM business. It does this by utilizing its robust features to track, analyze, report, and optimize the business processes in AM.

Just so you know, and for knowledge’s sake, SaaS stands for Software as a Service. They are third-party service providers that distribute services and make them accessible to their customers on one platform.

Simply put, they merge the services of other providers on one platform and make these services accessible to their customers.

That’s all for SaaS. Now, let’s resume duty!

The software has its developer as Offerit LLC, an internet technology company with its headquarters at Morganville, NJ. The company aims to simplify AM business operations and ensuring that performance marketing is possible and doable.

The software is available to both the publisher and the affiliate.

Having known all of these, in this article, we shall be taking an all-around review of the Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software. Emphasis will focus on its operation, features, benefits, and demerits. Also, we’ll look at the pricing of this software.

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Now, let’s proceed!

What is the Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software?

Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software is a cloud-based and in-house affiliate marketing solution for businesses who offer affiliate services online. The software brings to the fore those services that ensure that a smooth operation of the affiliate marketing business is possible. Those services include tracking, reporting, analyzing, automating, etcetera.

Also, the solution is customizable and highly configurable. With a basic knowledge of the use of a computer, a new user can effortlessly navigate through the dashboard and perform specific tasks.

Maybe your brain is still is still trying to catch up with all those internet jargons and you’re looking for ways to boycott them, then, this might be for you.

Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software is web-based with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for even a first-time use to operate in no time. The web 2.0 interface helps with the simplification of data analysis with also a detailed reporting system. The analysis and reporting feature of the software allows network(users) make decisions that’ll optimize their earning potentials.

The software also has an anti-fraud system that scans every link to check for any possibility of click fraud.

Furthermore, all users (publisher and affiliates) can have access to all the tools available within the software.

So, now you know all that the software is about, let’s take a further look to understand how it works.

Before we start this section, kindly take a look at the video below. The video is a sneak peek into what this software offers.

How Does The Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software Work?

Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software start

Interestingly, the software has no restrictions for sign up. With your necessary details and your price selection, you’re okay to fly.

Let’s now go through the process of having you set up.

Step 1

Start by filling out your details.

The process is quite a quick one. Fill out your contact information and other necessary details, and voila, you’re in!

Offerit affiliate marketing software fill details (2)

Step 2

Add up your branding by following the screenshot below.

You can add up your company branding; your logo, web address, and other information should come in here.

Offerit Affiliate Marketing software setup branding

Step 3

Alongside your offer is the set up of your conversion pixel on the page with the offer confirmation. This page comes up after a buyer finalizes with a sale on your shopping cart.

Or you could just put it as your “Thank You” Page that displays after a user submits email and name on your squeeze page.

Also, the Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software has a pixel builder that helps you add up your pixel code to your site’s conversion page. However, if you feel that this pixel builder is too primary, there is a more advanced option than the basic HTML postback.

There is the cookie-less postback that also works with your Offerit installation.

Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software add offers

Step 4

After setting up your offer and pixel, you can start inviting affiliates to your network so they can promote your offers.  Also, if you already have your affiliates, you can add them by importing them into the software.

Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software addup affiliate

Step 5

After successfully signing up your affiliates, affiliate links become visible to your affiliates. When they start promoting your offers, the software tracks every link to process the potential buyer.

Whenever a potential customer finalizes a sale on your confirmation page, the software alerts you about the sale or sign up through the code you added previously.

Also, the software calculates for any particular payment, stores the data, and makes this data available via the reporting system.

Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software sales reporting

That’s the basic operation for using your account.

Furthermore, if you intend to try the software without committing your credit card, you can directly request for a demo.

By using the demo, you’ll have a first-hand experience using the software. You then get to decide on whether or not you should upgrade to the premium version.

However, there are also video resources that can take you through your journey of using the Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software.

So now you know how the software works, let’s move on to understanding the benefits of using this software.

Benefits of Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software

Here are the benefits of using the Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software.

Ease of Usage

Wondering why this is first on our list? Well, the thing is people don’t like to hear or see that something is hard or complicated. Nobody likes stress or difficulties.

People tend to resonate well with the phrase plug and play because it’s a concept that defines “easy.”

The Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software is easy to use. The user interface is intuitive and friendly, hence making navigation a swift one. You don’t need to be a programming guru or a tech nerd to be able to use this software effectively and productively.

A basic understanding of computer appreciation and the use of the internet are enough requirements to use the software without complications.

So, if you’re a non-techy business person like a Luddite, then this might be your break.

Fraud Prevention

As you may already know, the internet with “smart” guys. Everyone is looking for the latest blackhat method. They, by all means, want to become the next “Jeff Bezos.” Maybe you’re not aware yet, this report of click fraud growing at the rate of 50% yearly should put you in the loop.

“But I trust my affiliates.” Guess you just said that. Truth is people change. And except you don’t intend recruiting new affiliates, then you might as well ignore this point.

You don’t want to be the next victim!

The Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software has a robust fraud detection system. This system helps you detect any form of fraud through a reporting system. With this report, you know you won’t be paying for a fraudulent lead.

Money Saver!

Optimal Traffic Maximization

So, you have the best of products and offers; your affiliates are doing great by sending in tonnes of traffic to your offers. However, you still aren’t making the desired sales. Your creatives might be the issue here.

With the Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software, you and your affiliates would have no business running out of creatives.

The software provides you and your affiliates with lots of landing pages with varieties of themes to choose from the collection. Others include Page peels, IM Pop-Ups, Foot Ads, Image Banners, Flash Banners, Over-lays, etcetera.

With all these in place, you and your affiliates’ campaigns become interactive, consequently, an increase in your overall conversation rates.

Offerup Affiliate Marketing Software creatives

Real-Time Reporting

Numbers are significant in business, little wonder why Accountants are one of the most valuable skilled workers in an organization. Take them out of your business and watch what happens next. No, you won’t!

Numbers are the benchmarks for every organization. Talk about your balance sheet.

Same is so with affiliate marketing. With the Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software, you can measure your performances and ascertain your going-concern.

With graphical illustrations the software can show a detailed report of the following:

  • Report on Conversion: With an engaging graphical illustration, this report gives a proper analysis of the dollar value of customers’ purchase and the channels through which the customer came.
  • Affiliate Comparison Report: This report feeds you with data about your most performing affiliates.
  • Profit and Loss Report: This report gives detailed information about offer performance, and shows where you’re either performing or underperforming.

Also, the affiliates can track the performances of the offers they are promoting from their report dashboard. This report is essential as your affiliates wouldn’t want to be in the dark. They also want to see how they are performing.

All these done in real-time. The report gets to you as it occurs.

Other benefits include:

  • Highly Responsive Support
  • Unlimited Offers for Affiliate to Promote
  • Uninterrupted Access to the Software.
  • Highly Customisable with multiple currencies to choose from the software.

Disadvantages of Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software

Let’s take a look at the deficiencies of this software.

No Thorough Entry Process

This point is particularly important and valuable to affiliates. The Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software signup process is way too easy. Without a thorough system check, the system might face the risk of abuse.

The entry requirements are way too basic.

Affiliates would want to promote offers that are valuable and effective to their leads. However, with such an easy entry process for publishers, they might find it difficult trying to sieve out better offers.

Since there is a click fraud report system, the software should also include a function that authenticates new publishers and their products.

Programming Knowledge for the use of API

The software itself is easy to use. However, if you intend to use the API on your website, there is a caveat. You must know how to programme.

So, if you are a tech novice, you might want to reconsider integrating the API on your website.

So, here we’ve known the advantages and disadvantages of the Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software. Let’s now learn about the features of this software.

Features of Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software

Library and API Interface

The API feature allows businesses to install the Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software on their platform. This feature is for companies who don’t want to go outside their platform to access the software. The API allows them to integrate the software right into their website.

Affiliate Tracking

The Affiliate Tracking feature allows you to track conversions from your affiliate. This feature enables you to know the lead and sales from your affiliates.

Affiliate Management

No matter how few or many of your affiliates are, the affiliate management feature of Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software helps you manage them effectively.

offerup affiliate marketing software affiliate manager

Other features include:

  • Cloud-based
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Unlimited Creatives
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Intuitive User-interface
  • Responsive Support.


The Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software has an enterprise pricing consisting of three categories. Kindly refer to the image below for a full idea on how the pricing works.

offerit affiliate marketing software pricing

Technical Details

The Software is cloud and web-based and works on these platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac and
  • Linux

Support Details

The Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software offers a very responsive support system. The support system consists of a contact us form and a client support area.

There is also video resources to guide new users on how to use the software.

Wrapping Up

The Offerit Affiliate Marketing Software is one which makes the tasks involved in Affiliating Marketing an easy one. The software possesses the right tools that allow you to manage your affiliates effectively and gives you report on conversions

With Offerit equipped with the right tools, the software enables you to manage your affiliates effectively and gives you report on conversions.

The software also has a fraud reporting function that helps report false leads and conversion. This useful function enables you to save money from paying commissions on invalid conversion.

Moreover, the software is easy to use and highly customizable. However, there is an issue with installing the API. Since installing the API could be easy, there is, however, a caveat. You must know how to programme.

Might not be the best tool for people who have phobias for programming.

For most of this article, we’ve talked exhaustively on the benefits and disadvantages of this software. We’ve seen the features also. At this point, it’s now left for you to decide on whether or not this software would be of any value to you.

Still can’t decide? You can take your time, request for a demo, and have a feel of how the system works. After then, you should be able to make your decision.

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