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Full Octiv Sales Software Review – All you need to know about Octiv Sales Software


Octiv high performance is known all around the world since it established in 2010. It is serving up to more than 400 companies around the world to increase their sales.

A great time-saving software to catch the sales opportunities for the companies. It is a fantastic way for companies to excel in the market through modern software.

It helps in doing the business in a different way which enhances connections. You can make attractive presentations on this software and create more sales.

Track the clients through it and also distribute information among the team with Octiv. That kind of technologies helps you in enhancing the revenue for your business.

The fast way to attract clients is through sales and Octiv definitely helps you with that.

All the businesses sustain on risk as they have to compete with each other. If they use advanced technology in the best way, they can achieve high results.

Good performance in the market let you sustain in the market consistently. If you do not use modern technology, you may stand behind big companies forever.

What is Octiv?

What is

It is important to have sales for the business which brings revenue. Without revenue, you will not be able to sustain in the market.

It is essential to maintain the workflow and add up the efficiency. The more consistent you are in this, the better it will be for your business.

Octiv helps you in designing the workflows with making sales platform easy. It enhances the productivity of sales within a business.

You can generate proposals, presentations, and contracts through this software easily. It helps you in fetching the data from CRM and also streamlining the activities.

You can also acquire the data through ERP to increase sales. You have a lot of opportunity through this software to reach on the top in the market.

It saves you time and manages the tasks efficiently. There are various companies around the world which use this software.

It keeps them updated with the modern market and also encourages change in the business. The more flexible you are in adopting change, the better it will be for your business to sustain.

Benefits of Octiv


The benefits of Octiv are there for you to know how this software is suitable for your business. Here are some of the highlighted benefits which you can relate to.


To streamline the sales of the business, Octiv serves the best. You can use this platform to distribute information about sales.

It helps you in creating presentations and reduce the cycle time. The sales assets information is present within this software.

You can bring increment in the volume of sales through Octiv. It brings high momentum by driving through the process and its pipeline.

Create documents by using the templates on Octiv. Make the proposals and send it out to the clients. It helps you in getting the contracts quickly by using various themes.

The creation of the document is easier with this software. It also generates the click logic within the documents which is easy to access.


Everything related to the business gets managed within this software easily. It allows a huge storage of information related to assets and sales.

It also integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive to save your data. You can access it through the phone easily no matter where you are.

Set up the e-signs to make the documents authenticated and comply with it. It helps you make the document legal without any complications. It is responsive to the smartphones and PCs.

Whether you have windows on the laptop or PC, you can install this software easily at work.

Despite the work hours, you can use this software. Businessmen do not have a designated time to work.

They can use the software whenever they want to check on the activities any time they want.

Account Management

Even the account managers can use this software to keep track of the cash inflow and outflow. It helps you in keeping the record clear and straightforward.

There is nothing hidden with this software. No one can access the accounts except the owner and the account manager.

You can set it up with local or foreign currency depending upon your location. It helps you in improving the communications with the users.

You spend less time creating the documents when you are using Octiv. You can spend more time thinking about the sales strategies rather than creating documents now.

Features of Octiv


The features of Octiv help you learn about the software and how it will operate. You can choose the features which you need and use them to optimize sales.

Here are some of the amazing features of Octiv for you.

Generates Documents

Documentation is one of the vital tasks in the business. You have to contact he clients through documents sharing.

Sometimes you also have to write letters or memos to reach out the clients. Other times, it is about proposals. Octiv provides you templates and samples to write any kind of document.

It helps you in saving time to know the right template for it. When you have the right template, it shows professionalism on the clients’ end. You can get the proposals within a few hours when you use Octiv.

It works perfectly to get big proposals even if you are not aware of the templates. The sample work allows you to write the content which is necessary.

You have to mention the small details and make it appropriate before sending. The formatting of the document is already done so you just have to write the content in it.

Electronic Signature

E-signature is a new trend since it is the era of technology. It authenticates the documents when you are about to get into the contract.

You can send the document with the e-signature to assure the client that you are ready. It works as the legal document between two parties. You can use this feature by setting up one signature of yours.

The signature has to be the same every time you send out the proposal. It assures that you are a real and authentic source to talk to. Set up the default signature and use that for all the documents which you send out via Octiv.

Asset Management


Every business has assets which are important for its activities. If you do not have assets that means you do not have a backup.

It is necessary to keep the backup for the business as you may encounter any situation. Big businesses have huge risks which is why they keep the assets saved. It helps them to sell it out when they need to cover a payment.

You can keep the list of assets in this software.

It helps you in keeping the record so you can refer to it anytime. The software keeps the assets readily available for you to use with all the necessary information.


All the tasks are aligned with Octiv relate to the business. You have the information on what could be next and what you have to do.

It helps you in setting up the documents for another meeting. The scheduling or the main projects are there for your help.

The strategies to attract new sales are present under the tasks section. You can also send the messages to the team members or clients. It helps you in collaborating well with the team to know the progress of the business.


The daily reports are there for you to know about the updates of sales. It generates the sales explanation on the basis of data entered.

You can get the monthly reports or daily reports, depending upon the settings. You can keep track of all the activities through the reports. It can help you in bringing improvements at specific sections to increase sales.

You do not have to reach out to the manager for updates. You can check the details through the phone or PC by yourself. Login to the software and know all the details instantly through Octiv.


Pricing for Octiv is not complicated. You have to look at the activities of your business first and then analyze. Analyze which features you require and list them down.

Once you have finalized the featured then you can contact the representative to get the quote price. As businesses may require specific features only, the quote pricing fits best with Octiv.

You have to increase the sales so the features which you use should be beneficial. It allows you to select the ones and pay for the ones which you use only.

You do not have to get those features which are of no use to your business. You can optimize the use of features and enhance the chances of revenue through optimal features.

Upon the request, the representative will finalize a quote for you. You will get to know the details through the email and upon the conversation with the expert.

If you wish to have more discussion with the experts, email them all the details. After the inquiry, they contact you back with a full explanation of the package.

There is no confusion for the pricing as there is no set price. So you can surely afford the quote based pricing. Even if you are a small business, you can pay off the quoted price every month for the service of Octiv.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

Octiv works best with the PCs. You can access the software through Mac and Windows OS easily. You can also have access through the phone through web-based system.

If you are not near your computer, you can access the website and use the software.

Language Support

This software only supports the English language.

Pricing Model

The pricing model of this software is simple and straightforward. You have to contact the representative to get the quote for the payments.

As every business needs may differ, the quote price depends. The price may vary business to business so it depends upon the features you choose.

There can be some features which you would not want so you can eliminate them. It will help you optimize the package in the best way.

Customer Types

All types of businesses can use this software for their activities. Whether it is a small, large or medium business.

The features of this software help you engage in helpful activities to generate revenue.


The deployment of this software is through cloud hosting services.

Support Details

To utilize the software in the best way, it is better to opt out for help when you do not understand anything.

You can contact the professionals of Octiv through phone or email. Send them a message and they will reply to you with the solution.

The experts at Octiv make sure to provide solution based assistance at all times. They want the customers to be happy and satisfied.

Customers’ needs get met at all times when they contact the experts. You can always reach out to them by calling them.

Despite the time, they are there to help you through the call. The instant help is there to sort out any setting or feature of the software.

It helps you in learning the software better and quickly.


Before you look out for other sales business platform, it is better to check out Octiv. It is a high-end performance software which helps the businesses all around the world.

The successful businesses which you see in the market, possess this software.

It is affordable and provides you with all the necessary features which a business would require. The performance of this software is exceptional and there are no interruptions in it.

You can modify the settings through your phone or PC easily. All you have to do is know the login. All the information stays safe within this software.

None of the information is shared with a third party. It is secure to use anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection.

You do not have to stick to the office when you have this software. You can create the documents even if you are on way to the office.

Make wise use of the technology to enhance the sales of your business. Respond back to the client without any delay and get the proposals quickly.