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Full NueMD EHR Software Review – All You Need to Know About NueMD EHR


Doctors, medical billers, health centers, patients, and office managers can adequately manage their billing, insurance payments, and operations with software like NueMD EHR. The group behind this software, Nuesoft Technologies, Inc. debuted this software in 1993.

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This group has its headquarters in Marietta, GA, USA. NueMD EHR helps physicians in small practices maintain financial health by managing the paperwork, billing, and record taking processes.

With this software, medical practitioners and their staff will be able to control their fiscal health successfully. Over 20,000 billers, office managers, and physicians across 50 states in the US make use of this software.

Choosing the right software for your practice can be daunting most times as there are different factors to consider. In this article, we will do an in-depth review of NueMD software to uncover its features, benefits, and weaknesses.

In the end, you’ll know enough to decide to use this software for your practice. Let’s start with the obvious question.

What is The NueMD EHR Software?

NueMD is a cloud-based EHR and medical billing software solution for all types and sizes of practices. This software increases efficiency and productivity and shortens the reimbursement in medical practices.

NueMD provides tools and functionalities which simplify workflow and patient management for physicians, healthcare institutions, and clinics.  The NueMD HIPAA compliant claims clearinghouse helps users to process an unlimited number of claims.

Medical practitioners and operators can successfully prescribe drugs, track laboratory reports, chart, and manage secure fax with this EHR software. This software supports mobile devices as there is a mobile application available for Android and iOS.

Additionally, Medical practitioners can also communicate easily with their patients on this software. I know all this sounds fantastic, but before you make any decision, there are other parts of this review that you must read.

These sections will give you a complete picture of what NueMD EHR represents. Let’s take a look at the features that come with this electronic health record software, shall we?

Features of NueMD EHR

Medical Billing Platform

With this software, once you file accurate claims, your reimbursement will be very fast. NueMD clearinghouse files ‘claims’ directly with federal, commercial, and government payers.

With this software, you can easily follow-up on rejected, accepted, and overdue claims. You can also verify insurance benefits instantly and make adjustments to billing information with NueMD EHR software.

Some other functions of the software include:

Claim Scrubber

You can improve the accuracy of your claim by checking it against a database of over 10 million common claim edits. Before filing, you can also make edits or automatically scrub the ‘claims.’

Batch Payments

This software lets you record payments from multiple patient tickets and claims at one and turn it over to the responsible party in no time.

Reporting and Analysis

You can track outstanding payments and reimbursements with standards and customizable reports. These reports let you control the financial health of your practice.

Electronic Remittance

You can add copays, government payments, deductibles, and monetary payments to patient accounts instantly. This way, all information is stored securely in the cloud, and it reduces the use of paperwork.

Patient Statements

With this feature, you can reduce overdue copays. This software allows you to print letters automatically to patients with delinquent and outstanding balances.

Medical Scheduling Platform

With this platform, you can track patients & appointmnets, send reminders and avoid no-shows. This medical scheduling platform allows users to manage schedules across different offices, medical practitioners, and days of the week.

You can successfully keep track of patients from check-in to departure, receive updates in real-time on cancellations and co-pays. Appointment reminder calls help you reduce no-shows by 30%.

The intuitive interface of this software keeps scheduling easy and straightforward. You can quickly create new patients on this platform and scan for appointment available. The mobile application gives you real-time updates on schedule changes.

Other functions of the Medical Scheduling Platform include:

Appointment Reminders

This reminder service reduces no-shows as it automatically sends a phone call or text reminders to patients, so you do not have to do it.

Patient Tracking

This feature tracks patients from arrival to check-out. You cs use color coding to monitor physicians, appointment status, and patients.

Patient Registration

This feature takes all the information of patients from the first arrival such as medical history, demographics, payment information, and others. You can update the payment information easily when the patients switch insurance.

Form Builder

You can create your forms, labels, and patient letters to your specification on this platform. This platform keeps all appointment information organized for the smooth running of the office.

Customizable Settings

You can customize schedule settings based on patient status, physicians, appointment reason, time increments, and others.

Patient Portal

This patient portal is a comprehensive and functional tool used to communicate with patients easily. On this portal, patients have all the tools needed to take care of their health.

This portal also improves productivity and workflow with its user interface that ensures secure access to patient data. Appointment schedules, direct messaging, lab results are a few features of this portal.

This platform uses direct messaging, secure payments, and HIPAA Compliance against security risks and threats to protect your practice’s integrity and your patient’s privacy.

Other Functions of The Patient Portal

  • You can view appointment availability and schedule or reschedule an appointment
  • This platform gives you access to personal medical records of patients
  • You can receive appointment reminders, view lab results, medications, and diagnosis
  • There is additional information related to any diagnosis available on the portal
  • Health practitioners can update patient health and insurance information as well as order prescription refills for patients.

e-Prescribing Platform

This software uses centralized patient prescriptions to simplify workflow.  With this platform, you can check prescription availability, write prescriptions, and connect patients to a local pharmacy.

You also have the option of transferring the patient prescription to their preferred pharmacies instantly. With a few clicks, you can process refills.

This platform allows you to receive drug allergy alerts and helps reduce errors, save time, and improve legibility.


This feature allows you to connect easily to the lab of your choice. You can attach patients chart results, order lab work and share information easily to relevant health providers.

Ordering Lab tests from patient charts are done quickly with this feature. This platform also eliminates manual data entry mistakes and flags abnormal results for other health practitioners in the hospital.

NueMD Mobile

This software gives users the opportunity to run their practice with any device they want to. The Mobile application allows medical operators to view schedules, update billing, record medical diagnosis and update patient charts directly from their mobile.

Physicians working in different locations can make use of this application as it stores data securely and it HIPAA compliant.

Other functions of the Mobile App include:

Charge Capture

The patient diagnosis and procedures are instantly recorded and synced to your account, and you can view it from anywhere thus saving paperwork and time.


The templates which are customizable can be used to share and record patient medical history, diagnosis, and information. You can customize the interface of this software around your operation.

Appointment Viewer

This viewer allows you to see your current appointment schedule in real-time. You can make direct changes and create appointment charges in the mobile app.

Electronic Chart Mangement Platform

This platform manages all the lab, information, and charts of your patients. You can also update tables with pictures, documents, and voice notes.

Benefits of The NueMD EHR Software

Health practitioners and billers are attracted to this software because of its benefits. Highlighted below are the key attraction points of this EMR software.

Affordable and Accessible Software

This software offers budgeted plans for its users, and it runs on the cloud which helps in saving money. With this software, you do not need to bother about servers and hardware.

This software is accessible from anywhere, and you can use the mobile app to check and update patient records at any time of the day.

Simple and Flexible

This software is straightforward to use, and the training materials make NueMD easy to learn. The intuitive user interface of this software makes it easy for users to navigate and use.

The flexibility of this software makes it easy for you to make changes to records and documents in real-time. You can also successfully run reports on your finance reports.

Convenient and Mobile

The Internet-based application of this software works in multiple devices. Any user can make use of this software easily as a result of its interface.

The mobile application enables you to link your smartphone and tablets to your office system. You can make changes to patient records directly from the examination room.

Cons of NueMD EHR Software

Even the best software has limitations, and unfortunately, NueMD EHR is not exempt. Let’s take a look at the weaknesses of this software.

Time Consuming

Users of this software have complained about its regular glitching. Due to the complexity of this software, users have to spend a lot of time understanding it making it very time-consuming.

Another feature on this software that takes time is the option of scanning and uploading all documents. The reporting tool is also very complicated to use as it takes a lot of time for users to find it.

Limited Customization

Although this software offers customization of a number of its features, this customization functionality still has limitations. The choices available for customizing reports are only a few.

Users of this software are therefore resigned to only using those available as there is no option of importing templates for reports or other features.

Training and Customer Support Issues

Training must be scheduled only during business hours, and this is an inconvenience in the part of the user as support agents reply queries after days have passed.

The training operators are hardly available, and this unavailability will disrupt workflow as, without the training, the software is complicated to use.

Portal Functionality limitation

The patient portal only allows transfer of secure messages; this means documents cannot be transferred using this portal. Your patients also have to sign up for a PayPal account if they are opting to pay online and this disrupts the seamless payment process.

Limited Employee Job Role

This software does not have the functionalities for assigning duties to the various medical staff in the hospital, and this restricts employees as they cannot make use of tools outside of their specialization.

Price and Pricing Plan

This software offers custom EHR quotes depending on the preference of the provider, hospital, institution, or clinic. You can contact the software group for a price quote based on the features needed for your practice.

Technical Details

Highlighted below are the technical details associated with NueMD EHR.

Platform Supported

This software supports multiple devices, platforms and operating systems such as

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Mac OS
  • Web Browser
  • Android

Business Types

  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Large Businesses

Languages Supported

  • English


  • Cloud-based
  • SaaS
  • Mobile – iOS / Android Native

Contact Support

This software offers top-notch support to its users. The learning center features documentation, webinars, resources, and training materials to help users understand this software completely.

You can reach the support agents via telephone, email, live support or tickets. The agents are readily available to solve any issue that you might have.

To Wrap It Up

NueMD EHR is an electronic health record solution that helps health practices of different specialties with their workflow and billing operations. This software offers various tools and functionalities that assist in streamlining healthcare operations.

NueMD EHR helps patient, and health practitioners to communicate quickly and all data stored in this software are safe and secure. The mobile application of this software makes it easy for health operators to check and track the workflow of their practices from anywhere.

Even though it has its limitation, it remains a very robust and functional software. The question of whether this software is the best in the market remains unanswered, and only you can give us the answer. So what do you think?

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