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Full Norton WiFi Privacy VPN Services Software Review – All You Need to Know About Norton WiFi Privacy

Norton WiFi Privacy
Norton WiFi Privacy

What is Norton WiFi Privacy?

Norton WiFi Privacy is a powerful virtual private network service that makes it possible for everyone to secure private information such as credit card numbers, passwords, and bank details when using a public Wi-Fi. While its performance is not on par with some of the leading VPN services, it is more than sufficient for rapid-fire downloads and buffer-free streaming and the fact that it works splendidly with Netflix is an additional benefit. Thanks to its ad-blocker component, users will no longer have to worry about annoying ads as the program automatically blocks ad trackers by cutting off cookies and eliminating their identifying information to assure a smooth-sailing browsing experience.

Norton WiFi Privacy Benefits

Like it or not, one could never be sure if someone is nosing around their data when accessing the Internet most especially if they are browsing through public Wi-Fi hotspots, which are normally out on a limb and not secure. With Norton WiFi Privacy, product users are able to do their online work through a secure tunnel as the reliable VPN service bulwarks their computer internet connection to asseverate that all data they send and receive are encrypted and out of harm’s way. Powered by its no-log VPN functionality, the tried-and-true VPN software enables everyone to stay private as the program does not gather or log personal information such as online activities and locations that are transmitted through the network.

What is more is that Norton WiFi Privacy makes use of a bank-grade encryption to assure that significant information stay private and secure from prying eyes. In addition, the multitalented virtual private network platform also comes with an intuitive yet user-friendly design that makes it easier for everyone with no previous experience to take full advantage of the program. The moment Norton WiFi Privacy is installed on the desktop, a small window found in the bottom right corner of the screen will appear wherein users can enter their login credentials to activate the service.

Consequently, the app will systematically enable its VPN on the WiFi privacy button to scramble the user’s connection and make it look like as if they are browsing from a different location. Simply put, Norton WiFi Privacy hides the user activities from their respective internet service providers. Although the program automatically sets the virtual location, users can also manually choose another country by simply heading over to the virtual location tab.

Norton WiFi Privacy

At present, Norton WiFi Privacy is equipped with a decent collection of servers from 28 different countries including the United States, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Turkey, Sweden, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, and Denmark. Through its diversified geographic connections, product purchasers are able to get global access to their favorite applications and websites without any restrictions. In addition, users can also enable warnings to let the program automatically alert them when they are connecting into an unsecured network.

Subsequently, mobile app users can further protect themselves from hackers and cybercriminals by using the Network Protection tab to electronically enable the VPN the minute they connect to an unsecured network. Dynamized by its unlimited VPN proxy, the revolutionary virtual private network program gives the means for users to gain entry to blocked websites and make their connection secure. Its unlimited VPN proxy is most helpful for countries such as China, Iran, and North Korea who are icing out their people from accessing popular websites such as Facebook.

With Norton WiFi Privacy, users who are living on the aforementioned countries and want to connect with their friends and loved ones can easily leverage Facebook without being monitored by their internet service providers, third-party trackers, or virtually any websites they visit. What makes Norton Wi-Fi Privacy stand out from the typical virtual private network service is its extreme ability to pamper users with unthrottled internet connections. Nonetheless, it is still worth mentioning that VPNs don’t have the capacity to accelerate the users’ internet speeds but rather it is used by many to fully maximize their bandwidth on specific online activities.

Normally, internet service providers limit bandwidth for certain online activities in order to force users to purchase a costly subscription. However, Norton WiFi Privacy allows everyone to not only operate on superior speeds but also save money in the process thanks to its savviness to come up with a data tunnel between a local network and an exit node in another location. This way, all of the users’ referring information electronically gets forwarded to a multitude of VPN servers and as a result, all of their data are intermixed with the dossier of users, thereby, making it virtually impossible for ISP providers to find it.

Norton WiFi Privacy

Currently, Norton WiFi Privacy delivers steady and dependable download speeds on local connections, with The Netherlands and France approaching 85mbps, the United Kingdom at 70mpbs, the United States at 45mpbs, Australia at 44mpbs, and Japan at 43mbps. Other than its avant-garde download speeds, the forward-looking virtual private network provider is further strengthened by its lightning-quick upload speeds with Germany, France, UK, and the Netherlands averaging around 80mpbs to 90mbps. Making Norton WiFi Privacy ideal for users living in North America and Europe is that 19 of 28 servers are located within the aforementioned continents, which implies that people residing within the area can experience superlative internet speeds.

In relation with internet speeds, Norton WiFi Privacy also comes with a quite attractive latency of 4ms on local connections, which simply indicates that the program is most desirable for heavy gaming users. In order to reduce latency, users must leverage a server connection that is nearest to their country to achieve optimal performance and enhance their entire surfing experience. Moreover, the dynamic virtual private network system does not have any DNS leaks, malware or virus warnings for that matter, therefore, making it fitting for data protection.

While it does not present any manual workarounds for devices lacking native apps, the puissant virtual private network service more than makes up for its losses as it functions very well on streaming devices such as Android TV. By simply accessing the Android TV application from the mobile app and activating Norton WiFi Privacy, users can watch their favorite series and movies on Hulu, iFlix, or other streaming services without any trouble. On top of that, Norton WiFi Privacy also comes with a world-class technical support team that offers a 60-day money back guarantee as part of the user’s subscription to allow everyone to test the product for a reasonable period of time.

Norton WiFi Privacy

Norton WiFi Privacy Features

Norton WiFi Privacy is geared with an extensive range of features that are designed to provide product users with the most appropriate surfing experience. Among its attributes include global content access, bank-grade encryption security, ad blocking, content locking rules, no-log VPN, access to streaming services such Netflix, iFlix, and Hulu, diversified geographic servers as well as superior download and upload speeds. Aside from that, the progressive virtual private network service is also girded with Tor functionality, which distributes the user’s encrypted and re-encrypted information through a number of random nodes on the internet so that they can create a circuitous route.

Interestingly enough, Norton WiFi Privacy operates on the OpenVPN protocol, which insinuates that it is not only running the most up-to-date service but also nourishes users with stronger security compared to other protocols such as PPTP. Since it adopts the OpenVPN code, the multitalented virtual private network service is able to come up with a secure site-to-site and point-to-point connections in bridged and routed configurations as well as other remote access facilities. Impressively, it is also adequate enough in crisscrossing firewalls and network address translators thanks to its secure socket layer and transport layer security measures, which work hand in hand to make sure of a secure key exchange.

Apart from that, its mobile app is likewise decked with an auto-connect, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch that allow users to hide their true IP address online in an event of dropped VPN connection. By means of its highly-regarded mobile killswitch, product users are able to protect themselves from distributing sizable information through an unsecured network as Norton WiFi Privacy automatically blocks them from connecting to the internet until it reestablishes its connection. Rounding up the features of Norton WiFi Privacy are cross-platform support, unlimited VPN proxy, tech support, money-back guarantee, and anonymous browsing.

Norton WiFi Privacy

Pricing Plans

Norton WiFi Privacy is smartened up with cost-efficient pricing bundles that include plans specially tailored for a single device, five devices, and 10 devices. All plans are dressed with a 60-day money back guarantee, ad blockers, unlimited VPN proxy, no-log VPN, global content access, bank-grade encryption security, and content locking rules. The details of their pricing bundles are outlined below:

  • 1 Device – $4.99 monthly or $39.99 annually
  • 5 Devices – $7.99 monthly or $39.99 annually
  • 10 devices – $9.99 monthly or $59.99 annually


Other than that, Norton WiFi Privacy also allows everyone to enjoy greater protection at home and on the go by combining the VPN service with Norton Security. This way, product users will not only be able to encrypt their data when using public Wi-Fi but also protect their devices as the program runs a routine analysis regularly to allow them to detect incoming threats. With that the said here are the Norton WiFi Privacy+Norton Security bundles that users can get a taste of:

  • WiFi 1 Device + NS Standard for one year – $69.98
  • WiFi 5 Devices + NS Deluxe for one year – $79.98
  • WiFi 10 Devices + NS Premium for one year – $94.98


Furthermore, Norton WiFi Privacy also supports multiple payment methods including PayPal, American Express, Visa, JCB, Mastercard, and other popular credit cards. Contact the vendor today for discounts and find out the best deals for your operations.

Norton WiFi Privacy

Technical Details

Norton WiFi Privacy supports a wide array of devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad. It works best on current and two previous editions of Mac OS X as well as on Android operating systems running 4.1 or later and iPhones and iPads operating iOS 10 and higher. Other than that, users can also leverage the app on several Windows operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, and Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 or later.

Making Norton WiFi Privacy relatively a gold mine for Android users is the fact that it offers ad blockers that are currently unavailable in the Google Play Store. Addedly, the well-rounded virtual private network system, which follows, monthly payment and annual subscription pricing models, can also be accessed in English. It serves a sundry of customer types that range from small and medium businesses to large enterprises and freelancers. Above all, it all supports deployment on on-premise environments.

Norton WiFi Privacy

Support Details

Norton WiFi Privacy is appareled with a responsive technical support team that aims to provide product purchasers with the most convenient customer service imaginable. It extends users with live chat support, email support, and a sympathetic ticketing system wherein they can report problems concerning with the application as well as recommend suggestions and feedback to developers in order to further improve the application. Besides that, the customer-friendly virtual private network service also comes with an extensive support center that presents users with a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section and documentation on downloading and installing the program, renewal, purchase, and threat removal. Moreover, users can likewise access how-to videos on threat removal, backup and restore, identity safe, and step-by-step tutorials.

On top of that, Norton WiFi Privacy also lets everyone join their community forum wherein they can read threads and blogs as well as connect with professionals, developers, and other users. In addition to everything else, the heavy-duty virtual private network service further assists product purchasers through its Update Center, which is responsible for indulging them with the latest version of their Norton products. Other helpful resources available on their website include security news, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and the Java vulnerability section, which flaunts featured articles on malware, privacy, and online scams.