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Full Nintex Workflow Automation System review – all you need to know about Nintex Workflow Automation System


Every organization has business processes. The business process decides how the organizations accomplish their work. But most of the organizations depend on outdated procedures. They rely too much on manual work and paper forms. However, using these outdated methods of process workflows costs organizations time and effort. Users can use this time for performing work that requires human expertise. Therefore there is a need for an application that automates the workflow. Nintex is one such widely used application.

What is Nintex?

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Nintex is an online workflow automation application. It is considered as the leading workflow automation application. It automates processes on and between the present most utilized undertaking content management systems and collaboration platforms. It enables organizations with capabilities to automate their business processes easily.

Nintex provides a straightforward way streamlining the process in an easy manner. It integrates contents and empowers people. Nintex provides a people driven and user-friendly design. This increases user participation and improves processes. Nintex is all about working with the content no matter what it is or where it is. It routes the content to the right recipient so that the work is done in the best possible way.

Nintex provides a flexible pricing scheme. Organizations can avail the services required by them by contacting the support team. The team creates the plan and informs them about the pricing of the plan. Nintex can be used for small-scale organizations to large-scale organizations. Additionally, even freelancers can use to automate their processes.


  • Nintex provides an advanced workflow. This automates your business processes
  • It allows you to create complex documents for business solutions
  • It enables you to create, navigate and share the business process.
  • It helps you get insights into the business workflow. This helps you identify the business bottleneck
  • It allows you to create dynamic forms
  • Nintex provides API using which the app can be integrated with other third-party systems.


Process Mapping

Nintex makes it easy for organizations to create, navigate and share business processes. This enables continuous quality assurance and risk management. Nintex provides an easy to use a tool known as Promapp. The tools provide users with a simple dashboard which helps them overview the processes. It also allows users to edit the processes whenever required.

Nintex provides a real-time feedback feature. Using these users are able to give their feedback about any topics. The application automatically notifies the stakeholders about the feedback.

Process health

Nintex provides a real-time summary of the process of health. This helps users track the status of the processes. It categorizes process into categories such as: in progress, awaiting approval, published and out of date.

Advanced Workflow

Nintex provides a powerful and easy to use workflow automation feature. This helps organizations improve their complex processes. Organizations can streamline the processes which are the core of their business.

The simple drag and drop feature makes it easy to visualize and automate complex processes. It is advised that you create workflow keeping in mind that the process is to be deployed in days and not in months.

Nintex helps you quickly deploy your automated workflow. The workflow can be automated across communication channels, content repository and system of records. Additionally, Nintex provides an intelligent and powerful analytic feature. This enables you to get insights on the best return on your investments.

Nintex provides a visual design experience. This helps you to build automates process based on real-life scenarios. This allows you to build an effective business solution taking into account multiple participants, content and business logic. Nintex deep integration feature allows you to work from anywhere where you want.


It helps you create precise and accurate documents for complex business solutions. You can create documents for work orders, sales proposals and contracts. The applications allow you to import data from various sources and output it to various endpoints.

DocGen allows you to create logic driven documents. It allows you to pave each document’s path from creation to archiving. This ensures that the right person sees the document at the right time. As a result, you can transform your business documents into automated work processes. This saves you time and effort. DocGen enables users to capture multiple high-resolution images and embed them into their documents. This enables them to represent their documents in a better way.

One of the greatest features that DocGen offers is that it works even in offline mode. Users can perform their work in the offline mode. All the work done in offline mode will be reflected online once they are connected to the internet. This allows employees to generate documents from wherever they are.

Process Intelligence

Tracking the flow of your business is a tedious job. Thankfully Nintex makes this task easy. It provides your various insights into what your workflows are doing. This helps you identify the bottleneck in the business. As a result, you can take steps that improve your organization’s productivity.

Nintex provides a customizable dashboard which helps you visualize what your business is doing. Any person in the organization can view these insights. This helps them optimize performance and improve productivity.

Nintex allows you to extend process intelligence to other business intelligence tools. This helps you to further enhance your dashboard functions. You can use the features of your existing reporting tool combined with an easy to automate workflow process. Nintex further allows you to share these insights with other team members.

Mobile Apps and Forms

Nintex allows you to create dynamic forms. It provides a user-friendly interface which allows users to create custom forms. The drag and drop functionality makes it easier for users to create a customizable form. You can even add multiple choice options, tags and images to improve your form. Using these form you can collect and submit data from wherever you are.

Nintex provides form rules builder. This allows you to create and apply business rules to create dynamic forms. These forms respond well to human input. It also enables users to validate forms. This makes sure that the user fills the correct information in the correct field.

The forms created by Nintex are mobile optimized. As a result, users can view these using any device. This means that the customers can input data on the go. The stakeholders get real-time data provided by the users.

These forms allow you to power your automated process. You can collect metadata from the user input to initiate your workflow automation. These form based workflows result in an increase in sales, customer feedback and much more.


Nintex provides various APIs. These allow users to integrate its other data critical applications. As a result, you can increase the functionality of the application. Nintex allows you directly add data into the workflow. The security provided by Nintex makes sure that your data is safe. Using APIs you can integrate applications that you use daily with the application and incorporate them in workflows.

Your business is different from others. Nintex provides an Xtension Framework using which you can create custom connectors.

Data Security

Nintex employs industry’s best practices to ensure that your data is always safe and secure. The security features ensure that you do not have to worry about your data.


Nintex provides various pricing plans for users to choose from. Have a look at the details of the plan and choose the plan best suited for you. The details for the plan are:

Standard Edition – USD 625 per month.

  • Starter pack of 5 workflows
  • Standard Support
  • 25 forms.
  • Nintex workflow
  • Nintex document generation
  • Nintex connectors
  • Nintex extensions.

Enterprise Edition – USD 938 per month.

  • Starter pack of 5 workflows
  • Premium Support
  • 25 forms
  • Nintex workflow.
  • Nintex document generation
  • Nintex connectors
  • Nintex extensions
  • Nintex Hawkeye
  • Nintex app studio.

Additionally, Nintex provides a 30 days free trial to all its users. You can use this 30 days trial to explore all the features of the application.

Technical Details

Nintex is completely cloud deployed. It does not depend on any hardware or software. As a result users from across the globe can access the application. The vendor takes care of all the maintenance and update of the application.

Nintex is mobile optimized. This means that the users are able to perform their work on the go.

  • Device Supported – Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, Web-based.
  • Language Supported – English.
  • Pricing Model – Quote-based.
  • Customer Types – Small Business, Medium Business, Large Business, Freelancers.
  • Deployment – Cloud Hosted.

Support Details

Nintex provides an extensive support team. The support team makes sure that you get a prompt response to your query. In case of any query, you can refer the team via email or phone. Additionally, you can refer the online manuals and documents to get insights about the application.

The various support options are:

  • Email – To get answers to your query you can write to the support team. It is advised that you give a detailed explanation of your query in the email. This helps the support team get a better understanding of your problem. The team gives a prompt response to your problems.
  • Phone – In a hurry to get your issue solved? Contact the support team directly via a phone call.
  • FAQ – In case you want to save time you can refer the FAQ manual. Using this manual you can get answers to the questions that have already been answered.
  • Online resources – There are various online videos and documents available. These resources help you get an in-depth knowledge of the application.
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