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Full NetXMS Open Source Monitoring System review – all you need to know about NetXMS Open Source Monitoring System


We live in a digitally active era. Everything ranging from the compact smartphones to the big wide screen multimedia machines, all devices are connected globally with the internet. The connectivity is the key factor which drives the latest technological inventions. Not only such technical gadgets help by offering effective solutions to the multiple sets of tasks, but also reduce the overall manual workload on the users. Connectivity allows the gadgets to offer smart utilities in form of all time connected applications.

In case there happens a scenario where the network connectivity goes down, especially at a big firm or an enterprise it can cause a lot of breakdowns. Such scenarios can complete cause a blackout situation in any firm, resulting in a fall of stocks and loss of market value in the long period. Such type of connectivity related breakdowns are inevitable in any industry and are usually avoided by making use of the modern network administration tools. Also, management of networks on an industrial or enterprise level can be extremely complex. Such kind of software analyses and collect network related information by making use of several protocols like CDP, ICMP, etc. The collected information is then presented to the network administrators in a simplified format to resolve problems quickly. They also support in the maintenance of existing networks by offering mediums for software upgrades, creating new virtualized networks, offering security through latest of security encryptions. NetXMS is one such kind of network management tools which effectively helps in managing and resolution of network related queries across a variety set of enterprise tools. It offers widely acceptable network administration solutions for each and every enterprise.

What is NetXMS?

NetXMS is a network management and infrastructure monitoring and management system designed to monitor and stabilize them. This network administration utility is offered as open source licensed utility to general public and enterprises. it aims to offer performance-based monitoring techniques which cater to a flexible event processing procedure, periodic alerting, descriptive reporting, and statistical graphing for all the concerned segments of the IT infrastructure.

The platform is widely scalable, allowing itself to operate on multiple networks on thousands of servers across the globe. It is quite customization friendly too, meaning that it can be easily integrated with several third-party products. NetXMS is widely accessible, thanks to its support for Windows and major distributions of the UNIX systems. It incorporates all the latest security encryptions in the algorithm to ensure the protection of the networks from any kind of network anomalies and breach attacks.

Benefits of NetXMS

  • Real-time monitoring for several network devices, including various servers as well as applications all from a single management server
  • Simplified data collection procedures to collect the essential data sets from platforms which are SNMP-capable or directly from the inbuilt NetXMS agent
  • Eased access for management, environment setting, and supervising utilities through multi-platform Eclipse-based as well as Web-based GUIs
  • Utility to convey e-mails and SMS notifications or directly execute the external programs counteracting to any specific action, enabling the platform users to receive warnings upon the basis of the values from the collected data.
  • Powerful stacking to organize the supervised objects into a chronological form so that they represent proficient serving dependencies
  • Updates for centralized remote agents
  • Automatic discovery for OSI Layer 2 as well as Layer 3 network model IP topology
  • C and Java APIs portable client library
  • Event processing on the basis of flexible policies along with the inclusion of correlation rules
  • Remotely controllable actions
  • Flexible access for the control settings
  • In-built scripting engine for sophisticated procedure automation and administration

Features of NetXMS

In-depth network monitoring

NetXMS features an automatic mechanism for the discovery of Layer 2 and Layer 3 models, along with search and visualization of the connected components. Active discovery with the help of the scanning probes allows for passive finds on the basis of supervised devices making use of the ARP, routing tables and interfaces. The platform also supports all SNMPv3 format in real time.

Application and Server monitoring

Application and server monitoring algorithms inserted in NetXMS allows all the generic metrics related to CPU unit, file systems section, I/O, the memory section and traffic congestion. It also features a unique JMX bridge for supervision of the Java-based applications. Application-based extensions are presently available for MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, MongoDB, Tuxedo and various other alternatives. The integration API built in the code allows for expansion of NetXMS by the assistance of in-house applications.

Designed for large networks in mind

The robust capabilities of this platform allow the users to control over a hundred metrics across thousands of devices active across the globe with just one server. A complete support for segmented supervision and horizontal inline scaling allows for the overlapping IP subnets on the basis of selected monitoring methods. The flexible nature of this network management platform allows for a comfortable control for the operators and customers.

All procedure Automation

NetXMS hosts a wide variety of network management utilities. Such feature packed utilities offer a wide range of auto-doable actions, comfortable thresholds as well as custom scripting in the way you assign it. This assures that even the smallest of tasks do not require human interaction when assigned under the category of automatic tasks.


NetXMS incorporates all of the latest security semantics and protection algorithms to safeguard the network activities in real time. With all the tactics designed to cover any kind of scenario, the platform assures that no kind of data breach occurs even when data activity occurs in real time. All the communications occurring in the presence of NetXMS are encrypted with AES265 encryption and are authenticated in real time. This allows for a complete access control till the specific metrics.

Flexible data collection

NetXMS offers unique data collection capabilities. It collects data from almost anywhere once it verifies the location as an actual data source. NetXMS agent, as well as application scripts, usually offer effective data collection for any network. NetXMS also ensures that upon a successful data collection, users are also allowed to filter or convert the collected values until further processing. Regardless of the network complexity, NetXMS offers different ways to perform NAT penetration as well as dedicated proxies for ICMP, SNMP, and native protocols.

Collaborative platform

The software functionality in NetXMS is not just limited to network monitoring and management capabilities. It also incorporates a proprietary designed GUI to offer extended services on a public scale. NetXMS as of this offers a wide variety of solutions for ATMs, payment switches as well as sophisticated monitoring for industries.

Mapping and Monitoring

Upon the connection with a network, NetXMS automatically detects features of it. It usually tracks the information related to the nodes of the network, node connectivity, vendor types and capabilities for these nodes along with salient features related to performance. Monitoring utility often offers suggestions for improvements upon the network supervision. The software also polls the networking devices on a periodic basis and provides alerts from the networking devices. Monitoring is beneficial for revealing faults present in the network such as improperly configured nodes, performance hitchers, malicious network corruptors, adware like intrusions, etc.

Remote management

Anywhere manageable SNMP SET commands in NetXMS allow running of the applications on a remote basis, transfer the files in bulk or just create snapshots to see the operability of the systems which offer a display of the services.

Software Pricing

This network and infrastructure monitoring and management utility are offered as an open-source software. The distribution of the software in an open source manner allows any individual or enterprise to download the software upon agreeing on the standard operating terms and conditions free of cost.

Technical Details

  • NetXMS is presently offered on Microsoft Windows, Debian/Ubuntu, Android, UNIX, and MAC operating system.
  • Regular Source code generation and snapshot display on the GIT repository.
  • Management Console Binaries are offered for following platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, Web Interface, Windows installer libraries.
  • Server binaries for Windows, with or without management console.
  • Agent binaries for Generic Linux, Generic Unix, Microsoft Windows, AIX, HP-UX 11, Solaris 10-11, Novell Netware and IPSO.
  • Dedicated integration tool provisions for HTTP, REST, API server, Python shell scripting engine, Jira.
  • Feature extensions through the provision of third party JAVA API components.
  • Added fingerprint support through supported allocation of GPG’s FPS sync safe signed keys.


NetXMS offers a huge selection of options for assistive support. You can easily reach out to the support team by following the set of contact choices they offer briefly mentioned as under:


In the case when a user needs to have the query resolved or wants to report an issue you are facing while using this platform, you can easily reach out to the support team by making use of the cell phone contacts they offer.


Whether you are a beginner or a network related expert, the developers offers an intuitive way of grasping the knowledge of this platform by offering a variety of training packages. The training packages are classified into three levels: basic, advanced and developer. All three levels of training ensure that the users are able to gain a better knowledge of using this platform efficiently.


The developers also offer support in the form of short-filling tickets. This method offers an effortless supportive assistance to the users having the query right away.

Social Media

Support teams for NetXMS are also available on several popular social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. This ensures that the platform users are easily able to reach out to the developers through the anytime access of their respective social media handles.

Community Support and Forums

NetXMS also offers a robust support from a huge community present over at telegram group. This assures that the users are offered better alternative solutions around the problems they face from the community who is actively making use of this platform. A platform changelog and forum is also present and accounts for the standard documentation of new features, feature commits, support requests and community tracking on a regular basis.

Commercial Support

Commercial support offered by NetXMS through special contract allows the users to be entitled to several exclusive benefits like dedicated technical guidance by the means of email, phone, Skype or Telegram, assured response times, prioritized platform bug fixing, incremental hotfixes upon necessities and prioritized feature requests.


If you are looking for an open source utility that caters to all the basic network management utilities for individual or enterprise use, then consider NetXMS. Despite it being a freeware platform, it offers a variety of features which look out for flexible data collection, support for large networks, efficient remote management, seamless application, and network monitoring along with offering anytime accessibility using a dedicated Android application.

This is one of the recommended choices if you or your concerned enterprise wants to try out the functioning of this network management utility on a trial basis. The usage of this software lets the enterprise know about the purpose of such utilities in their work in real time and let them decide if they want to opt for a premium solution.