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Full NAKIVO Backup Software Review – All You Need to Know About NAKIVO


What is NAKIVO?

NAKIVO is a SaaS data management and protection software that grants all business classes with extensive features that includes VM backup, failover, backup-to-cloud, replication, backup copy and screenshot verification. Reinforced with multiple capabilities that ease off the backup and replication process, the flexible VM backup platform is utilized by renowned companies such as Honda, FujiFilm, Verifone, Coca-Cola, China Airlines, Calzedonia, and afrihost. Likewise, the multi-deployment platform is bolstered with ample services such as Replication-as-a-Service, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service and Backup-as-a-Service that are consumed in a virtualized VMware surroundings.

NAKIVO Benefits

Diversity is something that NAKIVO brings to the table as it provides companies with a wide range of backup and replication processes. From VMware backup, Hyper-V backup, EC2 backup to VMware replication, Hyper-V replication, and EC2 replication, the multi-talented system has all the tools necessary to aid businesses to enhance their data protection level to maximize efficiency and productivity. Saving costs and achieving high-quality performance are things that rarely go hand in hand but with NAKIVO, users can attain both as the system performs a variety of VMware backups to safeguard their respective virtual machines.

Prettified with its capability to handle image-based and forever-incremental backups, NAKIVO empowers users to not only capture the whole VM during backup but also make use of VMware Changed Block Tracking to immediately recognize changed data. Incredibly, the cloud-based program only copies incremented changes to the backup repository thus accelerating the backup process. Besides imaged-based and forever-incremental backups, the multifaceted backup and replication system has the fundamental goods in directing application-aware and container backups.


Application-aware backup is essential in assuring that information in programs such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL are flexibly consistent. The container backup, meanwhile, has what it takes to safeguard VM containers that include VM ESXi clusters, VM folders, ESXi hosts and resource pools. Dissimilar to other platforms, NAKIVO was specially crafted to administer the quickest backup speed imaginable thanks to its network acceleration peripheral.

With its network acceleration component, companies and businesses alike can speed up the data transfer as the integral takes advantage of traffic reduction and compression methods to reduce the network load by 50% and expedite the data transfer speed by up to 2x nimbler. Other than its network acceleration facet, NAKIVO also leans on its hot add and LAN-free backup modes in further strengthening the backup speed of the VMware. With its hot add mode, users can unburden production and management linkages to significantly proliferate data transfer speeds while the LAN-free backup mode is exhausted in exploiting the users’ fiber-channel and iSCSI SANs.

Obtaining VMware backups does not automatically imply that the backup is excused from faults and failures as the cohesion of the backup could be conceded by third-party software, disk failure or a virus for instance. In order to address a potential glitch, NAKIVO gives power to its users to initiate numerous test recoveries to directly validate the backups they have formulated. Consequently, NAKIVO consumers will seize a detailed report that features OS screen captures of the test recovered thus providing them with a clocklike visualization wherein they can see the performances of their VMware backups.

On a related note, NAKIVO further bunks off swap partitions and files in the VMware VMs hence commissioning users to not only accelerate the transfer of data but also let them save storage space in the backup repository. Astonishingly, the on-premise program is likewise dynamite when it comes to scaling down the backup size further as it systematically eliminates redundant VM backups in the whole backup repository to reassure that only quintessential data are saved. Moreover, NAKIVO also capacitates its users to come up with a 4-in-1 backup mechanism by setting up Synology, QNAP, WD NAS and ASUSTOR servers. Additionally, the VMware backup is also energized with an aptness to spontaneously restore Microsoft Exchange objects, Microsoft SQL servers, and databases, VMware VMs and Microsoft Active Directory items and commodities.

Product purchasers can also bet their bottom dollar on NAKIVO to deliver fast, simple and powerful Hyper-V backups. The Hyper-V Backup is as reliable as the user can get as it uses the scientific know-how of the Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service in generating application-aware backups for SQL, SharePoint, Active Directory SQL, and Microsoft Exchange. What makes the reliable Hyper-V backup an unrivaled Hyper-V backup solution is its competency to run live VMs without disrupting the VM operation thus allowing users to gain up to 1,000 recovery points.


Additionally, the Hyper-V backup which exercises the Resilient Change Tracking in moving changed data blocks to the repository. It also implements data reduction machinery to monumentally cut down the storage area leased by VM backups, therefore, enabling users to save resources and costs in the process. Apart from its backup protection and backup verification plug-ins, NAKIVO is also girded with nifty and extensible recovery processes including instant granular recovery and the Hyper-V VM recovery.

The Hyper-V VM recovery authorizes users to rehabilitate a complete Hyper-V VM to a new or the same host with the power of just a single click. By this process, product consumers can guarantee that the reestablished VMs are the same as they were in the course of the backup. The instant granular recovery, on the other hand, is proficient in displaying data on the product’s web interface without the need for an agent.

On a different note, NAKIVO is also consonant in doing Amazon Web Service EC2 backups as it executes backup copy, backup size reduction, network acceleration, instant granular recovery not to mention its ingenuity to convey instance recovery and HTTP APIs for automation. With HTTP API’s, large companies can quickly schematize and choreograph EC2 instance backup processes, hence decreasing the time whacked on data protection management. NAKIVO also applies systematic processes should the backed-up Amazon Web Service EC2 start to act up to prevent further damage.

On the other hand, NAKIVO is further beautified with proven and conclusive replication tools such as the Hyper-V replication, AWS EC2 replication and the encyclopedic VMware vSphere replication, which is adequate in concocting VM source copies. Additionally, the VMware vSphere replication ingredient of NAKIVO can likewise prevent vital VM loss and failure, natural disasters and host or datastore failure.

Trimming down recovery point objective and recovery time objective is also made possible with NAKIVO’s VMware vSphere replication as users are awarded a freedom to adjust their replication jobs to operate as often as possible. By easily powering on the VMware VMs replicas, product consumers can rapidly shorten the recovery time objective, thus making it lightning-quick for them to immediately get down to brass tacks. Aside from that, the VMware vSphere replication also utilizes in the Grandfather-Father-Son rotation format in revolving recovery points whether daily or weekly and monthly or annually.

Hyper-V replication, meanwhile, gives the go signal for its users to synthesize and retain replicas of Hyper-V VMs sources on a target host. Electrified with regularly powered-off VMs, the on-premise platform allows companies and businesses to perpetuate a near-instant recovery by just simply switching on the replicas. Similar to Hyper-V replication, the Amazon Web Service EC2 also drums up and looks after explicit copies of their authentic EC2 instances in a specific target region. Moreover, the Amazon Web Service EC2 is expatiated with a potentiality to keep in reserve 30 recovery points to provide users with numerous restoration specks should their instance suffer damages.

NAKIVO Features


NAKIVO is packed with a legion of features which includes site recovery, copy backups, VMware backup, Hyper-V backup, EC2 backup, Hyper-V replication, EC2 instance replication, VMware replication, backup-to-cloud, cross-platform recovery, and wide-ranging reports. Certain reports offered by the platform range from the last run, point-in-time, job history, and protection coverage. The last run report which primarily informs users with the state of the last run backup is decked with a sundry of information such as virtual machines, target storage, alarms and notifications, and summary.

Apart from the last run report, the backup and replication platform can also compose point-in-time reports to impart proper data on a notable job run. Protection coverage reports, on the other hand, exhibit details about backup and replication-protected VMs and instances as well as those who are unprotected. Users can also comprehensively check job runs that developed during an indicated period of time by accessing job history reports.

Meanwhile, NAKIVO also lets its users transfer and recover VM backup data throughout other platforms with cross-platform recovery. Ensuingly, the data would then be put into action for long-term data archival, recoverability testing and VM data migration to avert inconsistency issues. Speaking of recoverability testing, cross-platform gives users the choice to experiment with different outlines of VM recoverability in several surroundings thus making certain the continuity and fluidity of a certain affair.

Whether we like it or not, unpredictable events such as accidental deletion, disk failure, backup file corruption and malicious attacks can sometimes come into play and result in a loss of backups. However, NAKIVO is here to promise users that they won’t go through that catastrophe again with the help of its progressive and fluid backup copy integral. The backup copy intrinsic can be employed in preserving a duplicate copy of the absolute backup repository. Perplexingly, users can also cling to daily backup copies onsite for high-speed recovery while disseminating weekly and monthly spares to Amazon and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Site Recovery is likewise another attractive peculiarity of NAKIVO as it’s flexible enough to be executed in plural schemes such as disaster recovery, planned migration, and disaster avoidance. The site recovery is comprised of batches of conditions that can be linked to starting a site recovery job of any convolution. Users can also lay out a straightforward site recovery work for a given rundown as well as a tangled one for thorough disaster recovery instrumentation.

Furthermore, each of this task will only require nominal input on the user’s part as it can be fully mechanized to yield users with more granular command over all the comings and goings of disaster recovery. Additionally, NAKIVO product purchasers can also coin more site recovery jobs with the program and subsequently use them in distinct animuses such as the deliberate relocation of their data centers. Also, the high-powered backup and replication system can resort to multi-site SR jobs in shaping an initial Site Recovery task to brush off idle time and service interruption.



NAKIVO tenders users with a slew of pricing options to select from including basic, pro essentials, enterprise essentials, pro and enterprise plans. The basic plan which has a one-year support and upgrades inclusion is built in with two maximum licenses per organization and a perpetual price per socket of $99. Should users decide to upgrade, the pro essentials is a plan worth taking a look at as it proffers two to six licenses per company for the price of $199.

Similar to the basic plan and the pro essentials, the enterprise essentials is likewise outfitted with a one-year support and upgrade and two to six licenses, all for a perpetual price of $299. The pro plan, meanwhile, presents users with an unlimited number of licenses and a year-long support and upgrade for $399 while the price for the enterprise plan is on a quote basis. Annual subscription licensing fee for pro essentials and enterprise essentials cost $149 and $242 per socket while the pro licensing charges users $296 per socket.

Technical Details


NAKIVO works impeccably on Windows, Mac, Linux and over the web. The backup and replication platform sweet-talks a number of customer types including small and medium companies, large enterprises as well as freelancers. It offers users with a varied choice of distribution options including cloud-hosted and on-premise deployments. Additionally, it also supports five languages such as French, Chinese, English, Italian, and Spanish.

Support Details


NAKIVO is harnessed with an outstanding support team including email support, training, phone support, ticketing system and live chat support. In addition, the rock-solid backup and replication software also have an attention-grabbing resource page that features white papers, videos and technical documentation about the product.