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Full MRI Commercial Management Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about MRI Commercial Management

mri commercial management

Are you in need of an effective commercial property management solution? Try MRI Commercial Management! The software will efficiently manage your properties and improve overall productivity. Follow this review with rapt attention, as Skyose bring you a comprehensive review of MRI Commercial Management.

What is MRI Commercial Management?

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MRI Commercial Management is a cloud-based property management software, built to effectively serve the management needs of commercial complexes like industrial housing, offices and retail stores. The software is equipped with a set of highly versatile tools, which are centralized on an integrated platform, providing you with a streamlined work process.

mri commercial managementIn addition, MRI Commercial Management hosts a dynamic set of lease administration and accounting tools. Some of these tools include Tenant Connect, Finance & Accounting, Lease Administration, Facilities Management, Retail Management and more. These tools work together to boost your operational efficiency, towards attaining an optimum level of profitability in your firm.

Typically, the software’s accounting, budgeting and forecasting features handle all your finances. The budgeting tool, typically, assists you in controlling your expenses, in line with your budget. In the same vein, the forecasting tool uses valuable metrics from your business to provide insights into your firm’s finances and growth.

In addition, MRI Commercial Management, as a web-based platform, is designed to run on multiple devices. It is basically supported on any web-compatible device. As such, virtually all tablets, desktops, laptops and smartphones can access the software. This provides you with the flexibility of using the software anywhere and at any point in time.

Nevertheless, MRI Commercial Management is a cloud-hosted hub of property management tools, which are automated to seamlessly execute all operations, including the management functions of commercial complexes/properties.

Benefits of MRI Commercial Property Management Software

Streamlined Work Process & Improved Performance

MRI Commercial Management hosts an integrated platform, where all management functions and work processes are streamlined to fast-track the seamless execution of your daily work process. The interesting thing is, most of these tools are reinforced with an automation function.

Basically, all commercial management processes, ranging from traditional lease administration (Leaseflow) to financial functions are linked together, directly or indirectly. Every tool is like a component in a larger system, which keeps your whole property business running. Also, all lease and accounting information is organized on this interface, to facilitate their retrieval when needed.

Furthermore, this property management software’s automation functionality ensures that virtually all your tasks are seamlessly and accurately executed, giving very little room for error. This ensures you are always many steps ahead of schedule, as you will be operating at an optimized capacity, with the software’s automation function. Also. you are afforded the flexibility of modifying the software’s solutions, to adapt to your operational patterns and the needs of your firm.

Essentially, MRI Commercial Management provides you everything you need, to effectively manage your business from a central location, thereby ensuring that all tasks are only a few clicks away from apt execution. This significantly improves your operational process and overall productivity.

Insightful Reporting

MRI Commercial Management offers you a flexible set of analytics and reporting tools, which provide you with valuable insights into the performance and progress of your property management setup. This enables you to easily determine lag-points; hence, you are able to make plans and adjust your business methods as appropriate, to better enhance your operational efficiency.

Basically, data on key indicators (KPIs) are regularly collected, organized and analyzed to generate credible (and readable) reports. This is especially a function of MRI Accounting, which generates reports on your firm’s financial status and progress. However. these reports are not limited to finances. They apply to every core area of your business, including “ROI on each property unit”, “retail or office maintenance” and so on. In fact, you are afforded the opportunity of creating reports on virtually all aspects of your business. This is because all data and metrics are visible and easily accessible.

In essence, MRI Commercial Management ensures you are provided with regular insights into your business’ performance, to reveal your strong (productive) and weak (less productive) units. Hence, you are afforded the opportunity of making timely adjustments, towards improving efficiency.

Financial Management

MRI Commercial Management offers you a comprehensive financial solution, which practically takes control of all your firm’s finances; from operational expenses to billing of tenants to revenue generation. All these are duly captured by MRI’s financial, budgeting and forecasting tools.

MRI Commercial Management provides you with several automated accounting functions, which manage your finances. A worthy mention is the billing tool, which facilitates the billing of your tenants and other clients. Also, there is a reporting function, which provides you with regular insights into your financial status and profitability scale. In fact, all your property units, ranging from office spaces to retail stores to industrial complexes are deeply analyzed, to determine their respective ROIs.

In addition, MRI Commercial Management keeps you in charge of your finances and ensure that not even a penny slips out unaccounted. This is very vital to your firm’s progress (growth), as financial management is one of the key drivers of growth in every business.

Reliable Support

MRI has one of the most reliable customer support in the industry. They have dedicated customer support lines in five continents, which means you are easily connected to the support team/line closest to you, whenever you are in need of assistance.

Basically, MRI’s support team is trained and equipped to provide answers to your questions, and also provide you with technical guides on how best to navigate the platform and adapt its functions to your needs. Also, the software offers other forms of customer assistance to their clients, in terms of training and resources. Some of these support resources include MRI Training, webinars, blog and others.

In essence, MRI Commercial Management, a subset of MRI Software LLC, ensures that you are provided with every assistance you need, towards adapting the software to the needs of your firm.

Flexible Accessibility

MRI Commercial Management is built on a cloud support. This means that the software is accessible across the organization via any device; mobile or computer system. The software can easily be accessed from any standard web platform on your Android or iOS smartphone (and tablets), as well as on Mac, Windows and so on.

While this property management software is basically web-based, certain areas of the platform can be accessed directly via specially built mobile apps. Hence, you don’t exactly need a browser to access the software’s integrated interface. The mobile support makes your work very easy, as you are able to work from anywhere.

Essentially, MRI Commercial Management offers you an avenue, which facilitates the flexibility of accessing the software. In clearer words, you are afforded the opportunity of carrying out all your lease and financial management functions from anywhere and at any time.

Key Features of MRI Commercial Management Property Management Software

Tenant Connect

mri commercial managementThis is a secure online portal, specially designed to provide your tenants with access to every information they need. This portal serves as tenants’ direct channel of access to you, and also a medium for connecting with other tenants. Tenants are provided 24-hour access to this portal and each tenant is assigned his/her unique login/account details.

Basically, the portal serves as the hub where your tenants can access any information they need. Also, they can make service or maintenance requests, review their status (user account) and more importantly, make their lease payments. To facilitate lease payments, the portal, Tenant Connect, is equipped with reliable e-payment channels, via credit cards and ACH. This ensures you receive and process payments with relative ease.

Furthermore, Tenant Connect is customizable and can be designed to fit the specs and outlook of your brand. As such, you are able to modify the display of the software to align with your real estate brand.

In essence. MRI Commercial Management’s Tenant Connect is a dedicated com-channel, which is built to facilitate interaction/communication between you and your tenants. This significantly increases your tenants’ satisfaction in your service, which, in the long run, is very vital to the growth of your business.


mri commercial managementMRI Commercial Management’s LeaseFlow is basically designed to facilitate the process of commercial property leasing and improve occupancy. This feature hosts a CRM tool, which is primarily designed to facilitate the conversion of prospects to full tenant.

Basically, MRI LeaseFlow carries out a set of functions, which are designed to assist property managers in; gaining better visibility into their pipelines; centralizing lease information; conducting comprehensive analyses on leases (accounts, clauses and terms); and ultimately optimizing profitability.

In summary, MRI Commercial Management’s LeaseFlow is the main lease tracking feature, designed to help you attract leads and boost your lease occupancy, towards improving your firm’s revenue base.

Reporting & Analytics

MRI Commercial Management hosts a powerful reporting tool, which assists you in generating in-depth reports. These reports can be adopted and refined to provide you with actionable plans, towards improving your work efficiency.

Typically, Reporting & Analytics use your firm’s operational data to generate comprehensive reports, which provide you with credible insights into the progress of your business. Equipped with these in-depth reports, you are able to fine-tune your decision-making process and raise profitability.

In essence, MRI Commercial Management’s Reporting & Analytics keeps you updated on the performance and growth of your business, thereby providing you with insights on where and what to adjust, to enable you to improve overall efficiency.

Other notable features of MRI Commercial Management property management software include:

  • Advanced Retail Management
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Facilities Management


MRI Commercial Management offers custom-pricing plans to prospective users. These plans are dependent on a host of factors, ranging from business size to a number of property units to type(s) of property (office, industrial or retail).

You can contact their sales team to get a suitable pricing package for your commercial real estate business.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Any web-enabled devices, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Pricing model: Quote-based

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Real estate professionals, Medium Business, Large Enterprises

Popular integrations: Zillow, versapay, topscan, RentPath, Rentlytics, rentlinx, renthop, RadPad, quo, ProfitStars, Procore, PayLease, PadMapper, openbox, OnSite Property Manager, Nexus, LeasePilot, LeaseHawk, KeyBank, hotpads, HAPPYco, ForRent.com, Fixflo, fidelitypayment, Evora, engage, eConnect, DocuSign, Datalinx, CoreVision, ClickPay, Brooks, BrokerSavant, BMU, AvidXchange, Assurant, APTEXX, Apartment Guide, Apartment Advisor, Anyone Home, AmRent, Abodo, 4Walls

Mobile Application: Android

API Availability: MRI Commercial Management comes with an available API for use

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted

Support Details

MRI Commercial Management property management software offers users the following after-sales support:

  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • Online Support
  • Blog
  • Webinars
  • Training
  • Social Media: LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
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