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Full Monday Workflow Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Monday


Communication and workflow management has never been more straightforward. All thanks to cloud-based software solutions like Monday.

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Workflow management software use is on the rise. Businesses are buying into easing their workflow, managing projects and improving their productivity using these programmable solutions.

Choosing the appropriate software can sometimes be a bit of a drag. You might end up with an underperforming project if you choose the wrong software.

No one wants any of these to happen. So, let’s go ahead and review one of the finest in the industry, shall we?

What is Monday?

Monday, formerly known as ‘Dapulse.’ It is a cloud-based project management software that manages workflow and team tasks. Its primary function is ensuring that teams/ departments are working excellently together.

This software platform launched in the year 2012. It allows team members to communicate, share files and perform other management functions.

It manages projects for small, medium and large scale businesses.

How Monday Works

This software fosters collaboration and communication. All data and project information have to be in top form.

All the data sync into a cloud-based platform that is accessible by every member of the team. They can also keep track of tasks and operations. Presentation of data is in an organized format.

Team members make use of the necessary resources needed to complete their tasks and responsibilities. In the case of any new missions, all team members receive a quick alerted.

Monday has a very ordered user interface. It does not need any prior training to master the platform. Training materials are still available on their website for novices.

Various third-party applications can integrate easily with Monday. Think of apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, MailChimp, Pipedrive, and others.

The software allows sharing of specific information with non-members of the team.

Monday aids management of tasks and projects with its ability to schedule in advance. This results in the eradication of excess paperwork, and manual errors.

One significant feature of Monday is collaboration. It lets you upload and share different files easily.

This software is for team members and employees of the same company. It allows them to collaborate easily.

Developers can customize features to their requirement because of the API provided. Monday is a unique project management software with excellent features.

This platform supports small, large and medium businesses. This software has features for every type of person.

The pricing model includes both monthly and annual subscription. There is a reduction in price for the year subscription.

Features of the Monday Platform

Monday offers a set of features. You get an executive board, a motivational tool, email updates, email notification and more.

Let’s take a look at the features that come with this cloud-based project management software.

Execution board

Monday comes with a board where all team members can track their progress. You can find out the development of a project or task on this board.

Users can add tasks, missions, projects, and others to this board. Assigning specific tasks to teammates can also be done here.

You can comfortably plan your workload with this platform.

Communication Pulses

These are rows added to your board to keep communication between team members in one place. These pulses reduce the need for long emails or meetings.

You can mention individuals or your entire team. Members can comment or give a thumbs up on work of teammates.

To centralize all your documents, drag and drop the files into the rows.

Visual Progress Display

In a single glance, you can view everything members of your team are working on and their progress. You can quickly evaluate the bandwidth of your team.

With this, you can see who is working and who isn’t. The visual display ensures that users meet their deadlines.

Email Notification

Users can receive email updates and notification. Monday will remind users of tasks they haven’t completed.

Real-time notifications are also sent to users regardless of the device they are using.

Live Comments

Users can comfortably leave live comments on visuals. Team members can also tag others for secure communication. These live comments aid collaboration.


The checklist feature is mainly for subtasks. You can organize and micromanage all the tasks you give your team members.

Fast Inbox

Users can do many things in their inbox. They can filter updates by the board and update them all at once to clear out the inbox.

Transfer Feature

Users can transfer work they’ve been working on somewhere else into Monday smoothly. All that is needed is copy and paste into the field labeled “Create a New Pulse.”

Undo Buttons

Users can comfortably undo anything they’ve done in the system. Mistakes can be corrected easily without starting all over.


Users can spice up their conversations with GIFS. This feature can be disabled in your Admin section if you do not care for it.

Resource Materials

Monday provides articles and tips to improve productivity in the workplace.

Guest Invitations

Clients without Monday accounts can be invited to monitor or share progress. Emails, calls, and meetings can reduce this way.

Large Knowledge Base and Scheduling Feature

Through searching, you can access every data or image you have ever produced. This platform provides a significant knowledge base that is readily available.

Users can comfortably schedule their work plans ahead. This way the teams will always be able to meet deadlines.

Customizable plans and App Integration

You can customize the platform to fit into your mode of working. Monday can manage any process or address any challenge.

You can connect with different apps of your choosing. From Google Drive to Dropbox; the list is endless.

Application Connectivity

You can stay connected on any device you have. Monday has both iOS and Android apps.

Tool for collaboration

Employees or team members can collaborate comfortably with this software. It provides a hassle-free process.

Customize your Notifications

You can update your notifications so you can only receive relevant ones. Thus, eliminating noise.

Users can also comfortably copy data or information from Adobe and paste it on Monday hassle free.

Different boards

There are both public and private boards available. All members of the team can access the public boards while the individual boards are for personal uses.

You can share your private board with another team member to view.

Pros of the Monday Platform

Companies and businesses are attracted to Monday for its benefits. The significant points of attraction of this cloud-based project management software platform are highlighted below.


Monday provides comprehensive project insights on a board that can be accessed by all team members. On this board, the projects are listed and connected to the respective managing team members.

Progress Tracking

Managers can easily track the progress of their team members. This tracking feature makes it easy to find out which team members are not working.

Project managers can identify and evaluate the workload of team members. This platform ensures that all deadlines are met without having meetings.

Users can track progress using views such as calendar view, chart view, files view, Kanban view, map view or timeline view.

Other parties (such as Head of projects or partners) can be invited to track the progress even if they do not have Monday accounts. They can also accept or disregard a plan depending on their given role.


Monday allows its users to configure almost all the features to fit their specific needs. Projects and tasks are divided into sections and groups according to the particular changes set by users.

Every change users implement is tracked by Monday. If a problem occurs, Monday will tell the users what exactly caused it.

24/7 Support

Monday grants all users assistance. In case of any issues, agents are available to offer solutions.

The enterprise plan comes with added benefit of 30 minutes response time.

Intuitive Interface

Monday’s interface allows users to add rows which can represent anything to the board. Direct communication with team members or individuals can be activated using the @mention.

Regardless of device, every member of the team redirects to the same page with real-time notifications. Team members can also make use of comments or thumbs up to provide feedback immediately.

To centralize project documents, drag and drop them into the application.

Smart Integration

Sharing tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Zapier integrate with Monday. It allows developers create their integration using the open API architecture included.

Excellent Analytics Tool

Monday reports and analysis projects and tasks. This analysis helps in the organization so users can find the data efficiently.

The organized historical spreadsheets will update on a daily basis. The data from this spreadsheet can be exported easily to third-party systems.

Excellent Collaboration Tool

Users can easily discuss or alter an action by clicking on it. Collaborators can perform operations such as add comments, ask questions and take part in discussions.

You can upload different types of files on the platform as well as follow Twitter or Facebook feeds live as they come along.

Cons of Monday

The best products have defects and Monday isn’t immune. Let’s take a look at the downsides of this cloud-based project management platform.

  • The basic plan doesn’t come with email update options
  • The basic plan has only 5GB of storage
  • Basic plan users cannot share boards with guests
  • Standard users have limited guest
  • Basic and standard plan users can’t customize user profiles
  • Private boards are only available for Pro plus and Enterprise users
  • Basic plan users have just a simple search function available
  • Pricing plans are complicated
  • Monday’s prices are relatively expensive compared to similar software solutions in the market
  • Project management features are limited


Monday has different rates for its plans. They offer a free trial period after which you have to subscribe to one of their projects.

Let’s find out the pricing for the various plans, shall we?

Basic Plan

If you are paying annually, the basic plan goes for $25 per month and $29 per month for monthly billing. This plan offers features such as

  • 5GB storage,
  • Available for iOS and Android stores,
  • Simple search function,
  • Unlimited boards,
  • Two-factor authentication and
  • 24/7 support.

Standard Plan

It goes for $39 per month for annual billing and $48 per month for monthly billing. Standard features include everything in the basic plan and features such as

  • 50GB storage,
  • A search feature,
  • Email updates,
  • External integration and
  • Access to a full API

You can also create your account template. There’s just one problem. You can only share your board with a limited number of guests.

Pro Plan

It goes for $59 per month for annual billing and $72 per month for monthly billing. This plan’s features include

  • Unlimited storage,
  • Unlimited guests, tags,
  • Private boards,
  • Customization of the user profile,
  • Detailed activity stats

And everything included in the standard plan.

Enterprise Plan

This plan goes for $118 per month for annual billing and $144 per month for monthly billing. This plan’s features include

  • A higher API rate limit,
  • Advanced security features,
  • VIP support,
  • One on one training
  • Session management,
  • Single sign-on,
  • Audit log

And everything included in the Pro plan.

Technical Specifications

Monday supports popular platforms like Android and iOS. The platform integrates well with other apps like Zapier, Dropbox, Google apps and more. Let’s explore the technical specifications of this workflow management tool.

Platforms Supported

Monday supports both application and online solutions. You can access your account easily from your laptop, desktop or mobile phone or download the app from Google or Apple store.

Monday supports laptops, Macs and mobile devices such as Windows devices, Android devices, iPhones, and iPads.

Integrated Platforms

Monday can easily integrate with platforms such as Asana, Dropbox, Github, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Pipedrive, Slack, Trello, Zapier, JIRA, Gmail, and Email.

Contacting Support

Contacting support is very easy with their excellent customer service. You can contact them by emailing, calling, live support and training. They’ll respond and sort out your problem in no time.

To Wrap It Up

Monday is one of the best workflow management software today. Its unique features make it very easy to organize and manage projects and tasks. It does have its drawbacks, but it remains one of the best available today.

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