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Full Monday.com Collaboration Software Review – All you need to know about Monday.com Collaboration Software


Communication is one of the most important things any team requires.

No matter how skilled employees a company has, it’s not worth anything without a proper communication that allows the perfect collaboration.

Productivity and efficiency are just some of the results of proper communication channels.

With the access to technology and the internet being easier than ever before in our lives, it’s hard to stay productive and focused on the goals while working online.

One should use everything possible and available to make collaboration simple, easy, and efficient. Once that happens, the results will follow as a result of productivity and meeting goals.

Monday.com is a software that has been previously known as a pulse. It’s one of the leading communication and collaboration software on the market, and that’s why I’ll review it for today’s post.

You can expect to find out the purpose of Monday.com, how it can help users, what’s so special about it, what are some of the best features and benefits, but also how much does it cost and if it’s the right software for you.

What is Monday.com?

Monday.com is a very helpful software that syncs all information in a single hub and helps agents and company members to make important decisions together.

It’s a very compact software that is one of the best and leading solutions in the project management field.

As predicted, Monday.com became one of the leading software quickly which led to winning three amazing awards. The first award was Supreme Software, the second was Expert’s Choice, and the third award was Great User Experience Award.

This software is made to help teams and departments to perform in the best possible way by optimizing the workflow.

It’s a simple software which allows the members to keep an easy track on the tasks and assignments, but also keep the communication open and as simple as possible.

Working on the different projects at the same time is taken to another level, and you’re about to find out how.

Benefits of Monday.com

Monday.com has a clear purpose which is combined with a bunch of helpful features which were created by professionals.

Needless to say, Monday.com benefits users in so many different ways, and here are some of the most common benefits users experience the first time they touch the software.


Streamlining Contribution

Monday.com has a streamlined communication which helps teams and employees to perform in the best possible way.

The streamlined contribution consists of assembled displays of progress data in a logical and easy to understand way.

Therefore, all members have an easy access to the communication and everyone can track the progress of the project.

This way, all members have incentives to contribute to tasks and assignments.

Clean and Neat Interface

The Monday.com platform has a very clean and neat interface which is well-organized and optimized for collaboration.

Even if the members of the team have never used any collaboration software or apps before, Monday.com is the right place to start.

It can be used with no training or learning process at all. However, the company provides training and helpful materials for the beginners to get used to the interface and the features.

Scheduling Capability

One of the biggest advantages of Monday.com is the scheduling capability which applies to both projects and tasks.

This way, companies will get rid of the paperwork and be able to enjoy error-free automatic entry by the system.

The scheduling is taken to another level by removing the manual entries. This way, the scheduling capability is more trustworthy and reliable.



Monday.com is very well connected with other apps, and one of the benefits is its integration. This software can be integrated with the most popular and leading software and apps on the market.

If you’re already using different software and you’d need to continue to use it, simply integrate it with Monday.com and have the ability to do all your work from a single place.

With that being said, you can connect your work, files, and even have the ability to improve the way you work without having to adjust to the software itself.

Features of Monday.com

Monday.com wouldn’t be this successful without features which give it unique capabilities and boost its performance to help businesses and companies around the world.

Here are some of the features that will make anyone go for Monday.com instead of any other collaboration software on the market. Find out why.


Monday.com is one of the most sensitive software to the customization. The main purpose of customization is to allow companies and businesses to work their way and use their system without having to adjust to the software.

The software is there just to help boost communication and productivity.

Therefore, inside the software, you can create custom sections and groups, change and add rules and policies, and much more.

No matter how many customizations someone makes, the software will still work in the most efficient way without any errors. If there happen to be an error during the customization process, Monday professionals will know exactly how to fix it.

Easy Collaboration

This is a software that is full of benefits and features, and it can help users in many different ways. However, collaboration is one of the aspects where it shines the most.

Inside the software, agents and employees are able to add comments, update the comments and tasks, ask questions, trigger discussions, and take part in answering the forum sessions.

Users can even upload their own files and leave notes in order to make communication clear.

What I really like about this software is the ability to follow up on social media accounts in real-time and fetch discussions as they come along.

Reporting and Analytics

In order to create the most productive and efficient work environment, Monday.com pays a huge attention to the reporting and analytics.

They’re well executed to collect and relate connected projects and tasks, keep them organized in a spreadsheet, and have the ability to be easy to find by the users.

The history record probably isn’t the best way to keep information in a document format, but it’s a way to keep clear, organized, and operable metrics.

The spreadsheet is updating on a daily basis and the users can even export the data to third-party systems and software.

Incredible Support

Monday.com has a tradition to treat their users as a family. The software support is just amazing, which means that they will always be there to support you as long as you’re using Monday.com software.

The support is available to all users, and not only to premium users as some software does.

The support is professional, yet very friendly, and the best thing – they’re always there for you.

Easy Access and Monitoring

Easy access

What’s the most important thing a company needs? It’s the ability to access and have a clear insight into the data such as projects and tasks.

Monday.com offers easy board concept where all main priorities are in a list and it connects them to the team members in charge while other parties can track the process.

The most interesting thing about this feature is that even users who don’t have Monday.com account, such as project beneficiaries, can still have an insight into the projects and tasks.

With this software, it’s very simple to monitor and track the performance of users and teams in the system. This feature saves managers a lot of time and to be able to devote it by focusing on other more important tasks.

This is a really unique feature that is a standard by a concept that isn’t available in any other collaboration software. Therefore, it’s such a pleasure to use this software with ease.

All you have to do is sit back and let the software do everything for you.


Monday.com has 4 different pricing packages to choose from. They’re precisely offering everything to suit everyone’s needs, from the smallest businesses and companies to the biggest enterprises.

A great thing is that users are able to have a free trial to test out the software and see if it’s exactly what they’re looking for.


Basic – $25/month

With the basic package, users get 5 GB of storage, simple search functions, filter by person feature, available iOS and Android apps, add unlimited boards, two-factor authentication, and 24/7 support.

It’s the perfect plan for smaller companies who still need a way to track their progress and organize the projects and the team.

It’s worth to mention that this package is automatically billing annually upon subscription.

Standard – $39/month

WIth the standard package, you get everything you would get in a basic package plus additional features.

Such as 50 GB of storage, powerful search, filter by anything, own account templates, updates via email, external integrations, full API, and much more.

It’s a perfect plan for small businesses or companies who are about to become mid-sized.

The package is billing annually upon subscription.

Pro – $59/month

In a pro package, you get everything you would in a standard package plus additional features.

Such as unlimited storage and guests, private boards, tags, detailed activity stats, Google authentication, user profile customization and much more.

It’s suitable for mid-sized and advanced companies who are constantly growing and increasing in users.

The plan is also billing annually upon subscription.

Enterprise – $118/month

In an enterprise pack, you get everything you would in a pro package plus additional features.

Such as higher API rate limit, VIP support with an account manager, advanced security features, one-on-one training, single sign-on, audit log, and more.

This is a perfect plan for larger enterprises who need the most out of their collaboration software, but also have a high level of security.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

Monday.com has a great device supportability. Therefore, you will be able to access the software from almost any device.

This includes Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and web-based operating systems.

The is hugely going to benefit users who like to take their work on a go, or managers who would have to keep track of the team members and solve solutions at any given time.

Pricing Models

The pricing packages we have are billing annually upon subscription.

However, everyone who would like to do the billing monthly can opt-in for that pricing model.

Just keep in mind that prices might be different with the different pricing model.

Customer Types

Monday.com has great packages made with precision to fit companies of any size.

This software is suitable for any company, from the smallest to the largest one.


Deployment of this software is cloud-base which gives a great opportunity to the users to keep their information and data in an online system.

This way, users can access their accounts from any device without even downloading the software or an app. Also, the information and details are secure in the cloud.

Support Details

As mentioned earlier in this review post, the support of Monday.com isn’t only professional, but it differs from other support services I’ve experienced so far in collaboration software category.

When you are a Monday user, you are a part of the family where customer support is available at any time.

You can contact customer support through any of the following communication channels – email, phone, live support, and support tickets.

However, if you need help starting, Monday provides helpful training where you can find a lot of resources that will keep you going.

But keep in mind that Monday is an easy-interface software which requires no learning or previous experience.


Monday.com is full of unique capabilities that can boost the performance of the business of any size.

It’s a collaboration system with a lot of professional features and benefits packed inside one software.

Now, you can do everything you have to keep your business moving forward in one single software.

It’s a very compact software with an easy-to-use interface, however, even though it might seem easy and simple, the features are working in a way to improve productivity, task and project management, and communication between the team and managers.

I’d highly recommend you to give Monday.com a try with the free trial pricing plan. It’s most likely that you will be in love with the software from the first minutes.