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Full Monday.com Agile Project Management Software Review – What You Need to Know About Monday.com


What is Monday.com?

Monday.com is an online project management software that provides teams with a collaborative environment wherein they can plan projects and communicate with their team members. Fueled by a slick and responsive interface, Monday.com, cobble together all relevant details in a centralized and accessible location, give your clients and colleagues an easier way to find information. The English-supported program offers users docility as it can be utilized on cloud-hosted and open API environments.

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Project and task management is done in Monday.com with the help of a single board that lets users assign specific tasks to team members. With an unlimited storage and powerful searching latitude, Monday.com helps businesses achieve their respective goals with its platform in the safest way imaginable thus putting your clients’ mind at ease. It is also equipped with a potency to search anything and everything that your team has worked on which includes projects, updates, images and assignments.

Monday.com Benefits

The Enterprise plan indulges one-on-one training, advanced security features and exclusive VIP support with an account manager. It is also fortified with a single sign-on feature wherein you can directly access client data with a click. The top tier plan is energized with a hands-free maintenance and a skill to audit logs to block any chances of committing a manual error during the entire process.

Track Projects

Monday.com is also fortified with an employee onboarding template that lets you arrange all the important tasks into straightforward checklists. The project management software likewise comes forward with a content planning template that benefits you on keeping an open ear on content ideas and tasks. The content planning template which green lights its users to apply a selection of labels and colors can be distinguished according to an assigned writer, topics, clients and content types.

Project managers can likewise appoint certain limitations for its team members by editing their respective content permissions hence assuring you that no significant changes will be made. Users are also given with an option to show weekends or not to easily track their working days. At present, Monday.com adopts a @mention feature that sends out a direct notification to your colleagues.

Assorted Templates Available For All Users

Monday.com is likewise packed with a diversified collection of templates that can be spent on daily task, agile management, client management, production tracking, sales board, project tracker, department plans and team management. Other templates available are primarily consumed in employee onboarding, content planning, event planning, process management, sales process and video production. In terms of agile management, Monday.com extends its users with an aptitude to maximize the ever-versatile scrum boards that can display a real-time portrayal of the current development status.


Plan Ahead

Effectively planning events are also completed in Monday.com with the help of the event schedule template. This particular template guarantees harmonious and unruffled event planning as it works as a complete checklist. Monday.com also sees to it that working with separate departments won’t go sideways thanks to the cross-department template that enables users to improve project-related communication between departments.

Monday.com Features

Access and Monitor Activity With A Single BoardMonday.com

Monday.com makes the most of a single board when assigning tasks and monitoring the activity of their members. Found in the main board are lists of tasks and projects that are currently in progress and being worked by members of your teams. Speaking about progress, Monday.com also lets your business associates track the entire process by providing them real-time notifications and special alerts.

The boards can be classified into folders with the utilization of the collapsible left rail. Another high-powered software that can be integrated with Monday.com is Zapier. Zapier is an application that enables users of Monday.com to connect with online programs and services.

Visualize Data using Gantt Charts

Aside from managing your information, Monday.com also accredits its users to visualize their data with the Gantt Charts thus making certain that your team can meet all the deadlines. Throughout this process, users are given the competence to directly evaluate the bandwidth of your team by letting them know on who’s busy and not. Dissimilar to the typical charts, Monday.com has revolutionized the Gantt chart by incorporating a colorful approach to complex procedures.

Monday.com’s simple yet intuitive design of the Gantt chart enables its users to change columns based on their preferences and augment supplementary rows using these fields. Each row represents the tasks or the pulse while the columns are an element that is related to the task. Among the distinctive features of the project management tool include public and private boards, email notifications and updates and an auto-generated documentation of your outputs and projects.

Notify Members by Tagging

The tag component enables users to access a cultivated cross-board wherein they can find everything they have tagged on. Tags aid users in sorting out projects based on their preferences. Meanwhile, luxury is something the Enterprise plan can be counted on as it is not only mounted with all the functions of the previously-mentioned plans but also rejuvenated with a higher API rate limit and a two-factor authentication attribute.


Control Projects Using Scrum Boards

Scrum boards have the potential to give you a dynamic view of time estimations and priorities as well as lend a hand in getting rid of last-minute slumps. The client management template, on the other hand, allows you to share a well-defined and coherent roadmap with your clients wherein you can formulate a transparent plan of tasks. In doing so, you inculcate a sense of confidence to your clients guaranteeing them that you got everything under control.

Be Transparent With the Rest of the Team using Project Tracker Template

Another outline users can take advantage of in Monday.com is the project tracker template which guides project managers in monitoring if a certain task is stuck and behind the schedule. It also prevents chaos by keeping the communication of your team in a single transparent place. Furthermore, the template also allows its users to add columns wherein they can bring to existence a process that will serve them in running projects from beginning to end.

Likewise, Monday.com can be applied in complex fields such as construction as it aids and abets construction managers to properly put together action items and share expectations with their team members. It also helps them stay within their budget by optimizing the cost of the materials. Additionally, construction schedule templates can be shared with your teams so your members have a clearer scope as to when they have to do each task to meet the goals of the project.

Asana And Other Alternatives For Monday.com

Monday.comMonday.com draws an immediate comparison to Asana as both programs can easily be personalized according to the preferences of every user. However, contradictory to Monday.com which only offers its users free trials, Asana is arrayed with a free version that caters teams comprised of 15 people. In order to maximize the functionality of Asana, users are also given the choice to avail of the Premium plan which charges them $120 per year. It is intensified with highly-capable features such as advanced search and reporting tools, unlimited dashboards and the facility to construct personalized fields.

Just like Asana, Trello offers a free account which can be upgraded to a Business Class Trello option that costs $120 per person yearly. Aside from Trello and Asana, Podio also has certain similarities with Monday.com as it is bolstered with a customizable workspace wherein users can add a collection of third-party applications. Podio begins at $9 monthly for basic, $14 and $24 per person on Plus and Premium plans respectively.

Overall, Monday.com is a fluid application for collaboration but it lacks certain features such as markup tools, dependencies, and recurring tasks. Markup tools are digital pens and highlighters that are used to emphasize details on images and PDFs. Volerro is among the many project management tools that let its users underscore an area of an image or document and provide visual comments.

Besides Volerro, Igloo can also be a great alternative for Monday.com as it is substantiated with PDF markup tools. The collaboration program also incorporates a star rating capability wherein you see what documents your team members liked more than others. Nonetheless, it is still far more critical to determine the specific needs of your company so that you can find a project management software that will do wonders for your project.


Various Plans To Choose From

Free Trial

Monday.com which grants a free trial to its users is divided into four SMB and enterprise pricing plans specifically the Basic, Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans. The Basic plan which charges users $25 every month is geared with a 5 GB storage space and a simple search function that lets users filter information. Along with its iOS and Android compatibilities, the said plan which authorizes its users to add unlimited boards has two-factor authentication and 24/7 support team.


Standard Plan

The Standard Plan has an upgraded storage space of 50 GB and an incredibly powerful search option that permits you to filter details by every kind. You can also invite your clients as a guest with the Standard plan hence making them feel more involved with the project. The opportunity to invite clients as a guest would significantly decrease the number of excessive phone calls, emails, and meetings.

The Standard plan, which can be purchased for $39 a month, shares boards with your clients as well as send updates via email and provide you with the competency to adopt a full application programming interface to your timeline. It also allows you to integrate various third-party applications such as Google Drive, Pipedrive and Dropbox. For most businesses, being given the resourcefulness to connect with people that are not part of the organization is essential as it is the most convenient way of presenting third-party collaborators and clients a glimpse of progress on the work that involves them.

Pro Plan

Pro plan includes everything in the Standard option as well as unlimited storage and guests, private boards, tags, Google authentication, user profile customization, and detailed activity stats. Google authentication strengthens the security of your data as it confirms the user’s identity by letting them provide two or more fragments of evidence during the log-in process. Another interesting benefit of the Pro plan which begins at $59 a month is its tag feature that assists you in organizing your information neatly and precisely.

Technical Details

Moreover, users can likewise customize Monday.com to operate any kinds of processes and workflows in an efficient manner. With a responsive and intuitive interface, Monday.com can effortlessly be employed by someone who has little to no training at all when it comes to project management software. Additionally, the program also suits advanced users thanks to its varied collection of templates that range from the Scrum and Kanban boards, Prince2, Waterfall, Lean, and PMBook.


The project management tool which caters to over 150,000 users worldwide utilizes a REST JSON open application programming interface which permits users to administer cross-origin resource sharing requests. Monday.com also has the capability to create personalized connections that can be integrated with any third-party applications. Among its integrations include but are not only limited to Slack, Github, JIRA, Asana, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Email, Trello and PipeDrive.

Previously known as DaPulse, Monday.com is available on all major devices and can be accessed on the go with its Android, iPad and iPhone applications. Predominantly, the project management tool is being appropriated by small and medium companies and large businesses in guaranteeing the productivity of each of their team members. Aside from its distinct and neat look, Monday.com prides itself on granting its users an advanced scheduling attribute which has the capability of eradicating paperwork in the project and task management processes.

Support Details

In order to smoothen the workflow process, project managers are allowed to make immediate reactions to ascertain that everyone is on the same page. The analytics and reporting features are also well-organized as Monday.com users can associate related tasks and projects by keeping them in order on a historical worksheet.

To optimize your experience, Monday.com also offers a phone, email and online support to immediately answer queries and problems of every user. Exchanging of information can also be completed in the quickest possible time as Monday.com gives the green light to users to upload a wide variety of files to their system.

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