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Full Monday.com CRM Software Review – All you need to know about Monday.com CRM Software


The Monday.com is a very famous CRM and collaboration system.  It is one of the perfect CRM solutions. The Monday.com is one of the best apps for the corporate community. It is a leading project collaboration and communication solutions available on the market.

This usually simplifies the customer & project management through synchronizing and managing the information in a single centralized database. This makes it quite possible for the team members to take decisions together.

This is versatile as well as very compact. It also possesses so many one-of-a-kind features which brought this the Great User Experience, Supreme Software, and the Expert’s Choice Awards.

Also, from the viewpoint of CRM, a user can confidently qualify the Monday.com as a system which brings complicated operations in one place.

You could use this to easily organize the pipelines lead-to-project, boost the sales, full visibility, and consolidate crucial information on the contacts in one centralized database for the streamlined communication.

What is Monday.com CRM?

The Monday.com makes it sure that every department is well linked and also able to contribute with one other, irrespective of the type or size of the company which uses this.

Plus, progress is measured and monitored in an understandable fashion. This makes it very easy for the agents in order to estimate how much the operations got.

The Monday.com does not fall short of giving incentives to the employees for contributing, as they get a crucial role in the tasks that do not directly concern them.

This solution is also famous for user-friendliness and accessibility, provided that this comes with the collaboration-first interface. It enables the agent-to-client and agent-to-agent r/p reminiscent of the social media interaction.

In order to get around the Monday.com, you will not require any particular preparation or training as this takes even less than one month for a team to learn this.

What’s more, this software is actually moderately priced. It caters to the requirements of several market tiers. It is also appropriate for small & novice teams.

Benefits of Monday.com CRM


The Monday.com CRM is rare in several ways. It serves the array of different corporate needs that makes this quite competent rather than a suite of so many business applications.

Also, the monday.com is the multi-platform business project management & collaboration tool that your team would enjoy. It actually centralizes all communications and keeps everyone focused and engaged on what actually matters.

Ready for Reporting and Analytics


The Monday.com is popular for analytics and reporting because this gathers and then arithmetically relates different tasks and projects.

It depends on these connections in order to manage them in the historical datasheet.

Resultantly, it gives the managers with quite clear figures, managed, and operable metrics. It makes sure that a database is actually updated and completely exportable to the 3rd-party systems.

Supports all Necessary Integrations

The integration is one more powerful side of the Monday.com because this tool easily blends in the software ecosystems where this is applied.

You’d build several custom connections to the 3rd-party app. You can also use the native integrations of this solution with the Dropbox, Zapier Google Drive, and some other systems.

Devoted to Simple Collaboration

Plus, collaboration is actually where the Monday.com mostly shines, as the agents want to do to change or to discuss the action is to just click on this.

It means that the collaborators are actually able to include comments on the updated, trigger discussions and ask questions, and also take part in the answering forum session.

In order to make an exchange of the information much easier, the Monday.com permits the uploading of several types of leaving notes and files; as well as following the live Twitter/Facebook activity feed which records the discussions because they actually come along.

Always There for You

The Monday.com is similar to the pulse. It has got the reputation for being available for its users at every occasion, then granting help to the premium users.

This is almost as in case you are becoming a main part of the large family; because agents would constantly just share issues as well as boards, provide several innovations, and also make sure that you are enhancing the power of the system.

Features of Monday.com CRM


This product has gained the significant recognition in this industry. It is also the most transparent CRM, great project management, and the collaboration package. The teams actually like its intuitiveness as well as possibility to customize almost everything.

Compact CRM software

The Monday.com is a great tool in order to substitute the messy spreadsheets and also have a CRM without even paying a fortune for this.

Rather than running the 3rd-party system in order to manage your customers and also consolidating data from some productivity tools, the Monday.com provides you an opportunity to control both the projects. As well as customers from just one visual platform. What is actually better, this makes the process very simple and transparent.

The Monday.com CRM organizes and tracks the projects as well as leads from the same dashboard, giving you with the contact information in order to ease the communication.

You could also track your deals, clients, and prospects as simply as you organize the to-do-list, and manage the lead pipeline up to its post-project phase.

Hence, such visibility would actually speed up the sales processes. It also enables you to give the correct information and then simplify the day-to-day tasks.


There is one more thing which makes the Monday’s CRM module rare. The customization feature: as you could just tweak any details in the customer management hub.

This program permits you to filter, sort, and customize data till you set this system according to your work as you need it.

Most importantly, the Monday.com is very lightweight CRM software that is much simpler to learn and needs no time-consuming preparation or training.

Irrespective of how you have modified your system, the Monday.com would actually retain the control on alterations that include dismissed actions, replaced statuses and dates, re-positioned agents, among others.

With the Monday.com, there’s very little chance that anything could go wrong or even slide through cracks, and if this does – this system would make expose that person who caused this.

Master of the Streamlined Collaboration

The Monday’s main capability is its streamlined collaboration because the software enables departments and agents to help one another without some issue.

They could contribute to the tasks, make useful comments, trigger discussions or questions, and suggest different solutions for the tasks they aren’t concerned by.

Hence, doing so would be much simpler thanks to the social-media interface; and a possibility to share and upload the files.

The Monday is integrated with the major social networks and also comes with the activity feed where you’d follow the progress of all operations.

Unique Task/Project Management Module

The Monday.com actually employs the out-of-the-box Board which generates comprehensive insights on the tasks and products, or even upon need info on your clients as well as contacts.

It makes this quite simple to follow the performance of a company and to make sure that every client gets the help that he wants.

Moreover, the Monday.com permits external users as well as partners to just follow the progress of different projects and also notifies them by special alerts if they do not have the Monday.com account.

In the same fashion, the managers could follow as well as analyze the performance of teams, agents, and all departments.

Easy Access and Constant Monitoring

The Monday.com uses rare Board concept that means it gives comprehensive insights on the tasks or projects or complete performance of the company upon need.

Plus, there’s the major Board, which actually lists all tasks and projects together that links them to the members of a team in charge (or some other parties that are interested in tracking the process).

The interested party can even project beneficiaries or external partners that do not have the Monday.com account, though would nevertheless be typically invited to just follow with the special notifications and alerts.



The Monday.com CRM provides a free trial. It also offers 4 SMB as well as enterprise pricing packages for the users to select from. Have a look at the details and choose the best package for the business:

Basic – $25/month (Annual Billing)

The Basic plan offers five GB of storage, 24/7 support, easy search function, add unlimited boards, filter by a person, and iOS & Android apps.

Standard – $39/month (Annual Billing)

The standard plan provides all features from the Basic, fifty GB of storage, powerful search, filter by anything, add updates through email, and external integrations.

This package also offers share boards with guests, full API, and a limited number of guests.

For the developers, you can use the API to move important information from the third party systems to the monday.com (also from the Monday.com to some other systems.) This saves time and automates tasks.

Pro – $59/month (Annual Billing)

The Pro pricing plan provides all features from the Standard plan along with unlimited storage, user profile customization, unlimited guests, Google authentication, private boards, and detailed activity stats,

Enterprise – $118/month (Annual Billing)

This plan includes all features from the Pro plan along with higher API rate limit, audit log, VIP support with an account manager, advanced security features, one-on-one training, and two-factor authentication.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

The Monday.com CRM is compatible with every device that available on the market. So, it makes this quite easily accessible from anywhere across the world.

It supports iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, and web-based devices.

Language Support

This software supports the English language so you can learn it quite easily.

Customer Types

In case you give a quick look at the pricing plans that the Monday.com CRM provides, you would come to know that the Monday.com CRM is appropriate for every kind of the customers.

This solution is also appropriate for the business of any size that includes small business, medium business, and large enterprise. So, there is a package that will most likely be a great fit for your needs.


What I like the most about the Monday.com CRM is its versatility.

It is versatile in terms of the deployment. This uses both cloud-based hostings, as well as open API.

Hence, this way, you have an access to the Monday.com CRM from every type of device without even downloading this software.

On the other side, it is the great software in case you are looking to get all of your data and information that is saved on the premise.

Support Details

The Monday.com CRM excels in the support service. Even this software is very much simple to use. It also features the easy interface. There is a professional-grade support service in order to assist you at any time and anywhere.

You could also contact its support service via several communication channels that include phone, live support, training, and support tickets.

In case you are a newbie and want help to use your very first collaboration software then the Monday.com CRM even provides a training session, along with the software assistance.

So, you could also learn how to use this software. But also get benefits from this with the help of their professional team.


The Monday.com CRM allows you to plan as well as execute under one roof. Hence your planning must be quite alive just like the tasks and projects themselves.

With the Monday.com CRM, it is possible that you plan about your projects. And then work on these that is fluid planning, as well as creating real.

Visual and versatile, the Monday.com makes this simple to view in one single view exactly where the things stand. Instead of listing out to-dos or tasks, the Monday.com aids everybody on the team focus on a big picture.

The Monday.com actually stands out as this is simple to use, makes some visual language. It is the only tool which allows you to manage everything. It includes projects, customer projects, video production, tasks, bugs tracking, CRM, ad campaigns, and people.

There are so many different ways to use this. There are teams which use this for just about anything. That is from the teachers planning lessons to engineers constructing their airplanes.