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Full MobiLock Pro Mobile Device Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About MobiLock Pro

MobiLock Pro

Managing mobile devices and apps is one of the main challenges organizations face today.

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One of the technologies that have evolved to deal with and address this challenge in terms of mobile security, control and access is mobile device management.

At the most basic level, finding the best mobile device management or MDM software for managing devices in enterprises includes searching for core capabilities in the software. These include visibility, secure access, and data protection.

MDM software also needs to provide secure web browsers for app performance and monitoring, encapsulated internet sessions to limit attack risks, and app catalogs as well as integration with cloud apps.

Mobile device management defines the new approach to management of employee owned devices, while handling security, monitoring and onboarding.

IT admins need a management suite that handles all these including connectivity, and access to company data.

MobiLock Pro, a cloud-based mobile device management software platform enables users to control their mobile devices.

At the heart of this MDM software is its ability to lock devices in kiosk mode, while replacing the standard home screen for devices with customizable displays, thereby limiting the sites and apps users can access.

What is Mobilock Pro software?

MobiLock Pro

MobiLock Pro software is a mobile device management and kiosk lockdown system that lets companies including those in logistics to effectively and easily take charge of their own Android devices.

The management of Android devices in real time gives the organization a complete control over official Android devices and it is a cheaper solution compared to the traditional MDM solutions.

At its core, this software is a customized Android home screen replacement and take back devices into Kiosk mode.

This software is good for securing the use of iOS and Android devices that are company-owned used by its employees, interactive tablet-based kiosks, digital signage and mPOS (mobile point of sale).

MobiLock Pro limits its user access and only allow them to go into apps and sites that the company allows.

The customized home screen limit also lets IT admins limit access to date-hungry sites, app installation and unnecessary apps such as settings and games. In addition to those, admins can also block access to individual apps and browser address bar, hindering the users from accessing certain sites.

MobiLock Pro software enables users to manage content and its distribution in three simple steps from the dashboard. The first step is the upload where it uploads and organizes various content format in various folders on the dashboard. Deploy is the second step which entails remotely publishing the files together with folders from the dashboard to either the devices or the groups of devices. Lastly is the management stage where the user remotely manages and controls content that includes adding, deleting, publishing and copying the files and folders from the devices.


MobiLock Pro

Easy monitoring and management of Android devices

Mobilock Pro allows administrators to manage and monitor Android devices through the use of management dashboard. Management dashboard is a one-stop interface for handling apps, monitoring data usage, tracking locations and wiping data.

Easy custom permissions and roles

With the software setting custom permissions and roles is easy therefore admins can quickly control access of both user and new admins.

Allows for upload of APKs

The software allows for uploading of the company’s own Android app installation package (APKs) to the Enterprise store and installs them in registered devices.

Cost effective

One of the greatest advantage of the innovative system is that it is cost effective compared to traditional MDM solutions. This is because spending more on hardware can be reduced as it removes the need to install separate kiosks and restricts internet access by whitelisting websites that saves date cost.

Customizable interface

Mobilock can be customized and users are allowed to change the appearance and feel of the home screen to match the branding of the company. Also customized within the system are the logos, wallpapers and company name and allows the devices to reflect corporate branding.

Gives notification to the users

With the system admins also allow admins to remotely send alarms and buzz registered devices and also broadcast messages directly from the dashboard.

Easy copying of device settings

With the availability of Mobilock Pro, copying of app settings between devices isn’t difficult and it also provide admins with an option to clear device data remotely, and that includes both images and multimedia files.

Easy accessibility of files

The cloud-based unified dashboard provide an opportunity for the pushing files and folders to devices and this enables registered users to get files from anywhere directly on their devices.

Easy access to developer APIs

This software also allows access to developer APIs hence allowing businesses to integrate the system with other available platforms.

Multi- OS Platform Support

MobiLock provides support to both iOS and wide-range of Android-powered devices which includes phones, Tablets, rugged devices, digital signages and mPOS.

Easy to use Web Dashboard

MobiLock has been designed in such a way that even the non-technical people can use it with a lot of ease.

It comes with best support

Mobilock Pro mobile device management software comes with live chat, phone and video call based support.


MobiLock Pro

Corporate-owned devices

Mobilock Pro controls the corporate-owned single use devices that are used by the employers

Securing Android based mPOS

The software also restricts the user from accessing Android based mPOS data and devices settings

Device Groups and Profiles

The software has device profiles that allows the user to come up with a profile that has pre-selected apps, websites and specific branding. However the device groups aids in organizing the devices into various groups and make certain changes to the whole group of devices

Alternative to Traditional MDM

It also manages and controls devices at the same time at a fraction of the cost the traditional Android MDM solution.

Device Lockdown

With the availability of Device Lockdown, the software restricts the users from accessing Android device settings.

Location Traction

The Location Traction that is available in the Mobilock Pro helps the admin to determine and tack their devices’ exert location in real time. The location history in the website contains the track of each device location from their point of origin.

Bulk Device Enrollment

This feature allows admins to enroll and configure a lot of devices that are available on MobiLock Pro platform with a lot of ease.

Unwanted Remote Access

This feature allows user to take control of the unattended Android devices that are used as point-of-sale systems or Kiosk.

Supports Multiple File Format

The software has the ability to support numerous file formats. Some of those file formats include; gif files, amr, ogg, aac, m4a, 3ga, wav, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsk, mp3, mp4, 3gp, mkv,avi and pdf

Devices Grouping and Policies

This allows admins to organize their devices into various Device Groups and provide different policies for the groups.

Custom Branding

This allows you to change the appearance of your device home screen to match your company’s branding with your custom wallpaper, logo and company name.

Enterprise App Store

The software provides a common ground for managing in-house and commercial application that are applied in the organization.

Application Distribution

The feature remotely publish applications to the Android devices that are under management of MobiLock Pro.

Application Management

This function is to remotely update apps from devices and also delete the uploaded APKs from the MobiLock Enterprise Store.

Content Repository

This function is to manage all the contents taken from MobiLock Pro dashboard and remotely distributes them on either the devices or the group of devices.

Content Distribution

This allows employees within the organisation to access the contents that are present in their devices that are put in Kiosk Mode and are under the management of MobiLock Pro.

Reports and Alerts

This features in viewing detailed reports of data usage, location history and acquire email notifications in various activities that are related to the device.

Web Filtering

Whitelist and Blacklist specific websites and restrict access of user to the unwanted web contents. According to mobilock.com only url’s that are whitelisted can be accessed through Apple Safari Browser.

Remote Content Copy and Deletion

This feature allows admins to copy a lot of files to different folder and later publish the folders on either a device or a group of devices. Once the files and folders are deleted from dashboard they will be automatically deleted from the device.

Distributing Content via FileDock

The MobiLock Content Management functions on dispatcher and receiver models whereby the administrators are the dispatchers who upload and push the content through MobiLock dashboard, while the mobile devices are the receivers that get the information. The receivers have the role of accessing the distributed content on their devices.


Mobilock Pro comes with a 14-day free trial together with a lot of enterprise plans that depends on the amount of devices the owner wish to manage. As a buyer it would be better to check the details and choose the best plan that fits your company. They range from Business, Pro, Starter, Personal and Enterprise plans.

Business plan

This plan will cost an average of $12 on every device annually. It caters for devices above 100.

Pro Plan

For this plan, you will pay $18 per year for every device. The plan applies for devices ranging from 51 to 100 in number.

Starter plan

This will require you to have devices ranging from eleven to 50. It is quite expensive compared to the first two, and it will cost you $24 for every device on an annual basis.

Personal plan

This applies for devices that are up to 10 in number and it will cost the owner $28 per device every year.

Enterprise Plan    

For this you will have to pay $36 per device annually. All of the packages of the software has customer support, unlimited administrators and 7 days location history. For educational institutes, NGOs and a thousand plus device deployment, the software comes with a special discount.

Technical details

Devices: Mobilock Pro software supports the following devices; Android, iPhone and iPad.

Languages: With the software, you can have access to many of the word’s common languages which include Dutch, English, Polish, Turkish, German, French and Swedish

Pricing Model: Those interested in owning the software can either go for annual subscription or quote-based prising model.

Customer Type: MobiLock Pro can serve the following customers: small, medium and large businesses, non-profits and public administrations.

Deployment: Mobilock Pro is deployed in either Open API or Cloud Hosted.

Support Details

Some of the support that Mobilock Pro Software provide include the following:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live support
  • Tickets
  • FAQs
  • Knowledge Base
  • Online Support
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