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Full Miva Merchant POS Software Review – All you need to know about Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant POS software

Businesses like food service and restaurants in today’s highly competitive business environments look for different ways to stay competitive and generate more revenue. One of the best ways to achieve this is to implement a modern and highly effective POS system.  In that instance, are you looking for an e-commerce platform that integrates a POS, is easy to use, offered at an affordable price, and includes many other e-commerce software features? Miva Merchant POS software is your answer. Miva Merchant system is a complete e-commerce system that has an awesome website design and its selling tools are one of the best in the market. This e-commerce or POS solution is easy to use and very affordable.

As an intuitive and sophisticated enterprise-class e-commerce platform, Miva Merchant system allows you to intelligently grow your conversations by giving you the opportunity to design a world-class online store and rely on state-of-the-art promotions to market your products and services. With this tool, you’re offered the flexibility that comes with an enterprise-class solution in addition to the benefits of a SaaS platform that include reliability, regular feature releases and updates, and security.

As a user of Miva Merchant POS software, you will not need to rely on any third-party add-ons. This e-commerce platform simplifies the integration of the front-end of your e-commerce business with any tool that you’re using in the process of managing your business operations and this could include inventory and order management suites.

Miva Merchant system has powered over $100 billion in sales for consumer and B2B brands like Kauai Coffee, Santa Cruz, Mountain House, and The Paper Store.

Miva, Inc. was originally known as HTMLScript Corporation and the CA-based business was founded in the year 1997. Currently, some of the services offered by this company include PCI-compliant e-commerce, custom website design, hosting, and development solutions.

Miva Merchant POS software is a smart option for small businesses that are looking forward to growing their sales and marketing strategies.

What is Miva Merchant POS Software?

Miva Merchant POS software is a fully integrated and customizable multi-purpose e-commerce platform that combines management systems which are necessary for running a business and these include things like CRM, ERP, OMS, and POS among others.

Miva Merchant POS software - dashboard - quicklinks

The purpose that Miva Merchant system aims to achieve is to offer a platform that serves all your e-commerce needs and for this reason, it includes features like building an online store, displaying products, engaging buyers, configuring a catalog, converting sales, running promotions, optimizing your search rankings, managing orders, monitoring inventory, processing returns, synchronizing channels, supporting customers, automating workflows, streamlining operations, and analyzing performance.

With the numerous features offered by Miva Merchant POS software, users will be able to create and run an e-commerce business that is fully personalized while it also allows you to combine all your business activities into a single streamlined platform in order to generate leads and optimize conversion rates.

By the help of the website builder offered by the Miva Merchant system, you can create a branded storefront from scratch or use your chosen theme from the list of in-built website theme templates provided by the e-commerce solution. These website themes have features that can be customized and they include things like fonts, colors, layouts, banners, video, images, and more. Miva Merchant POS software also incorporates a catalog builder that has a drag and drop interface to allow users to create multi-tier categories and organize their merchandise into a customizable visual display.

Miva Merchant System - edit product

In addition to enabling you to create a storefront, Miva Merchant system also offers you the tools necessary for capturing and engaging buyers through automated email marketing, targeted promotions, subscription management, abandoned cart alerts, customer segmentation and more. With Miva Merchant POS software, users can also process payment using several payment methods, manage and ship orders, manage inventory, manage client accounts, process returns, and refunds, provide customer support, and gather analytics and KPIs.

Modern businesses highly prefer Miva Merchant e-commerce solution as their POS. Regardless of the size of your business, you will be able to benefit from the capabilities offered by some of the great features within Miva Merchant POS software. In most cases, e-commerce systems will fail to meet the pricing needs of their customers but with Miva Merchant POS software, the gaps between price and quality have been greatly reduced and thus it offers a great deal to its clients.

Because of its user-friendliness and convenience, Miva Merchant system has been widely adopted by popular businesses throughout the US. It has driven $100 billion worth of sales for a period of 19 years. Also, online stores have shown great trust in this platform and that’s the reason why it has been rated as a leading POS system by many reviewers.

With Miva Merchant POS software, you can start to use the system through its free trial whereby you can explore the system to familiarize yourself with its features and offerings. With the several automation choices and sales assistance, Miva Merchant e-commerce solution guarantees you that you will stay ahead of your business.

As an enterprise level e-commerce platform, Miva Merchant system stands out through its features and customization options as a solution that offers the usability and client support that you would expect from a SaaS system.

Since it was founded in the year 1997, Miva has successfully launched over 500,000 merchants. Some other big names apart from those mentioned earlier that are hosted by Miva include HAAN, Cintas, and Mezzetta.

Benefits of Miva Merchant POS

As leading e-commerce and POS solution, Miva Merchant system offers numerous benefits to businesses and users in general. Some of the benefits of Miva Merchant POS include the following.

Miva Merchant POS software is customizable

With Miva Merchant POS software, you will not fall short of features that you require to handle your complex business operations. More importantly, you can use the several design editors offered by Miva Merchant system to turn one of their templates into your own.

Miva Merchant POS is known to have outstanding customer support

So many reviews praise the support that is offered by Miva. With Miva Merchant POS software, you will benefit from a quick response from the support staff and they will quickly resolve your issue. Their support is offered 24/7.

Miva Merchant system is scalable

Miva Merchant e-commerce is able to host businesses of different sizes from small to larger corporations. Thus you will have to keep in mind that as the revenue of your company increases so is the price that you need to pay for your Miva plan.

Miva Merchant - marketing - price groups

Miva Merchant e-commerce solution provides consistent upgrades and updates

Occasionally, Miva Merchant POS will be updated and this will introduce new features and fix previous bugs.

Miva Merchant system has an expandable functionality

Miva Merchant e-commerce solution allows you to customize its store functionality and thus you can alter coupons, gift certificates, shipping among other things or you can integrate third-party modules or services to add more features.

The design of Miva Merchant POS software is awesome

The store design offered through Miva Merchant POS software can be customized to accommodate almost any design elements. By allowing you to access the code on a page template, you will be able to apply customizations like adding third-party code snippets, for dynamic customization, you will be able to add if/then logic statements, and you can also add a full custom design to the whole store.

Miva Merchant e-commerce solution provides a strong security

Miva Merchant is compliant with PCI/PDA-SS. Most of the e-commerce solutions out there are not fully compliant with PCI and as a result, credit card companies are beginning to crack down on such platforms.

Providers of Miva Merchant system will host your data

To save you from the worries and challenges associated with maintenance and support, Miva is responsible for hosting your data.

Miva Merchant POS software has a user-friendly and responsive interface

As a user of Miva Merchant e-commerce solution, you can customize the platform to meet your needs regardless of whether you’re a pharmacy or a furniture shop. The solution also provides libraries and search options that make it easier for clients to find their desired items.

With Miva, you will be able to optimize your online store

For the purposes of making sure that your e-commerce business appears on search engines, Miva offers SEO solutions and keyword-based indexing and this lets you stay ahead of your competitors. With Miva Merchant POS software, you will be able to make clean URLs and also easily link pages on your website.

Miva Merchant system helps you to maintain your clients’ accounts to speed up transactions. The application integrates with top payment services and this simplifies the online payment for your clients. With inventory monitoring offered by Miva Merchant POS software, you will be able to view the availability of items. To make sure that you never run out of stock, Miva Merchant e-commerce solution has prompt notifications that inform you on stock levels.

Features of Miva Merchant System

Miva Merchant POS software comes with several features that make it a top e-commerce and POS solution for most businesses. These features include the following.

  • Inventory monitoring
  • Real-time prices
  • Reporting
  • Market-Specific User Groups
  • Order tracking
  • Automated Workflow
  • Custom Tabs
  • Live Ta Calculations
  • Analytics
  • Automated Emails
  • Buyer Engagement through Merchandizing
  • Revenue tracking
  • Subscription Management
  • Streamline Operations with Manual Control
  • B2B Ready
  • Online Support

Let’s summarize a few of the features and capabilities that you’ll get from Miva Merchant e-commerce platform.

Storefront features

This includes things like Unlimited Product Features that will list unlimited products, attributes, and categories.  Product Images feature will allow you to upload unlimited images, the Quick View feature eliminates the need for customers to move away from their main product page in order to specifically view a product. Other storefront features include Sell Digital Products, Upsell and Cross-sell, Wish List, Faceted Search, and B2B Selling Options.

Checkout features

The Coupon Codes and Gift Cards feature allows users to generate promotion codes and design gift cards in their admin. The Recurring Billing feature makes it possible for users to create a service that is subscription based and also send regular bills. Other checkout features included within Miva Merchant POS software include Shipping Calculators, Tax Calculators, and Free Shipping.

Admin Controls

With the Autoresponders feature offered by Miva Merchant system, you will be able to set up automatic emails in order to notify clients of their order status, abandoned carts, and many other things. The Customizable feature allows you to edit CSS, Bootstrap 3 and JavaScript. Miva also provides built-in Blog features but for more advanced blog functionality, the platform successfully integrates with WordPress. Other Admin Controls include Bulk Import/ Export, SEO tools, Reports, Inventory Management, and Order Management.

Miva Merchant e-commerce solution - admin overview


Miva Merchant e-commerce solution has four pricing plans including the enterprising one and thus the platform serves the needs of businesses of different sizes.

Starter Plan – is available at a price of $79.95/mo. This fits the needs of smaller and growing stores and includes the following features.

  • Annual Merchant Revenue of up to $99,999.99
  • 2 Admins
  • 2 GB Disk Space
  • 20 GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Products
  • Top Quality Hosting
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Rapid SSL

Business Plan – is available at a price of $249.95/mo. It is designed to serve established businesses and it includes the following

  • Annual Merchant Revenue from $100k to $499,999.99
  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 3 Admins
  • Trust SSL Premium
  • Free Domain Name
  • GeoUnlimited Products
  • Top Quality Hosting

Professional Plan – is available at a price of $749.95/mo. Perfectly serves the needs of much larger stores with big inventories.

  • Annual Merchant Revenue starting from $500k up to $999,999.99
  • 10 GB Disk Space
  • 250 GB Bandwidth
  • 5 Admins
  • GeoTrust SSL True Business
  • Unlimited Products
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Free Rapid SSL
  • Free Domain Name
  • VIP Tech Support

The Enterprise plan – this is perfect for big stores which sell a wide range of products. It costs $1495/mo. and includes the following features.

  • Annual Merchant Revenue of more than $1,000,000.00
  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Admins
  • VIP Tech Support
  • GeoTrust EV SSL True Business
  • Service Level Agreement
  • VIP Account Manager
  • Free Rapid SSL
  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited Products
  • Dedicated Environment

Request for pricing at miva.com.

Miva Merchant e-commerce platform - pricing

Technical Details

Miva Merchant POS software supports the following devices – Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based. The language supported by Miva Merchant system is English. The Pricing model for Miva Merchant e-commerce solution is monthly payment, annual subscription, and quote-based. The customer types served by Miva Merchant POS software include small business, medium business, large business, and freelancers. The application is deployed through cloud hosting.

Support Details

Vendors of Miva Merchant e-commerce solution offer their support through Email and phone.

Call support: 800 608 6482

Facebook: Miva

Twitter: @miva

LinkedIn: Miva, Inc.

Instagram: mivamerchant