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Full Minitab Learning Management System Software Review – All you need to know about Minitab

Minitab Software

What is Minitab Software?

Minitab software is a tool for statistics education and quality improvements. When used together, you can achieve a high level of data reporting and quality improvements. Furthermore, uncover issues with analyzing statistics. This software is used to both graphs and analyze data for your business. As a provider of quality improvements and statistics education, Minitab can help you get down to the bottom of all your data.

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The statistical software is best used when it is paired with Minitab Software solutions for quality improvements. The Minitab Companion has a large area of tools that will help you to attain both product and process excellence. The quality trainer helps you master analyzing statistics and data reporting.

Three Penn State professors are the brilliant minds behind Minitab. They developed this software in 1972. Originally, it was used to help teach students statistics easily. Today, they continue to facilitate discovery and transformations. Thousands of businesses around the world are currently using Minitab Software to help uncover issues in their current work processes. They are also helping with quality improvements.

Minitab software is represented in over 40 countries around the world. Over 90% of Fortune 100 companies are currently using this software to help with data reporting and analyzing statistics. Moreover, this statistics education tool is being used by more students for help in learning statistics than any other software.

Companies such as Ford, Xerox, Bridgestone and many more have the Minitab Software suite incorporated into their business processes. Each organization is committed to achieving excellence. Therefore, the goal of Minitab is to help them achieve that commitment.

Benefits of Minitab Software:

Like any software, you want to be sure that you are going to gain from your investment. For that reason, it is essential that when looking for quality improvements and statistics education that you benefit from the one you choose. As such, here is an overview of the various benefits offered by Minitab Software.

  • The comprehensive and easy-to-use tools are designed to help with data reporting and analyzing statistics.
  • The Minitab Software will help you achieve organizational excellence by helping you to run smarter and more thorough data reporting analysis.
  • The issues of human error in reporting diminishes greatly with the use of this software.
  • Determine areas your organization can improve through precise data reporting.
  • Streamline your workflows and meet user quality improvement goals.
  • Present all your data to stakeholders, partners and staff with a confidence you never had before.
  • There is great training that is supplied to help you learn this software with ease and thoroughness.
  • Make use of the free trial before committing to purchasing the product.
  • Have a great team of customer support that is reliable and time sensitive.
  • There is the option to get licensing for multiple users to help you maximize your software usage.
  • Use this software to help you provide meaningful solutions to a variety of tough business issues.

Features of Minitab Software:

Having a full list of comprehensive features provides value to any software you are considering. Minitab Software comes with a long line of features that will help your organization by analyzing statistics, data reporting and quality improvements. Check out this overview of comprehensive features that are provided by this statistics education tool.

Have a great assistant and basic stat tools.

Work through a variety of the interactive decision tree. This will help you to pick the right statistical tool for the project you are working on. Follow the clear guidelines to ensure you are getting the effectiveness of your analysis. Interpret your findings by generating detailed reports that are easy to understand.

Utilize the expert support for when you encounter a question that you don’t know the answer too. The Assistant can help provide you with the information you required in order to give the right answer. You can get things like definitions, important terms and illustrated examples. This will help you understand how each individual question relates to your data.

Using dialogues, you will be able to complete analyzing statistics quickly. There are steps that have been streamlined to help you. The text that comes with the input fields is both direct and accessible. You will notice fields that can dynamically change depending on the input.

Various data reporting tools will help you with analyzing statistics and their results. Summary reports will help you come to the right conclusions. These reports are illustrated to help you answer the important questions. You can include comments that will give your analysis meaning and provide the correct context.

Using diagnostic reports, you will be able to further understand your analysis. This data reporting tool will provide you with additional details. You will get things like outliers that you should explore and what the chances are of detecting differences that are significant.

The report card will verify your findings and provide assumption checks. This will identify anything you should be concerned about. Be aware of things such as data points or issues with normality. You will also be made aware of sample size concerns. Export and share your finding with the simplicity of one click.

Learn through the Quality Trainer.

Quality improvements happen when you have the quality trainer giving you engaging animations to learn from. The real-world scenarios will transform abstract statistical concepts to make them applicable. This statistics education will provide the narrators who thoroughly explain each concept. Learn how to utilize the concepts for analyzing statistics and related data.

Lessons are simple for you to follow. Providing you with a deep understanding of the statistics you are looking at. Once you learn the current statistical education concept, the quality trainer will teach you how to use Minitab Software to run the analysis. This is done through step-by-step videos.

Interactive quizzes will enhance your statistics education that will test your knowledge. You will also get explanations as to why your answers are correct or incorrect. Furthermore, there are recommendations on which lessons to review so that you can fully master the material. The real-time feedback will help to reinforce all the material you have been learning.

As the quality trainer finishes individual modules, there will be relate able exercises that are based on real-world scenarios to bring the knowledge home. This will ensure that the information you have learned can be directly applied to your work. All hands-on activities will resemble the same difficulties you face daily in your organization.

Through this statistics education tool, you will be able to learn at your own pace. Allowing you to skip topics, review or work through it all step by step. Also, you have instant access to all the information you need to complete lessons. Easily search through the content to find the desired materials. Furthermore, there is the ability to manage your entire organizations learning from the online application.

Make use of the Minitab Software Companion applications.

Through this, you will be able to give your team access to over 100 business process improvement tools. This will help you to achieve organizational excellence. Use the project roadmap to help you execute projects and share them across the entire company.

Communicate what is a priority and what isn’t through the workflow management tool. Helping you to allocate the appropriate resources to get projects done. Give formal approval of processes and receive notifications as things get completed.

Use data reporting to get the project data snapshots on your dashboard. Ensure that all your updates are done in real-time. Track automatically all dashboard activity so that you can stay on top of projects. Update workflow processes seamlessly with this tool.

Gain quality improvements through the quality function deployment. This fully-integrated pairwise comparison matrix will ensure effortless requirements. It uses a flow-down process that will help you to follow the path from beginning to end. Additionally, identify causes for failures or anticipate the results. Brainstorm with colleagues to help identify relevant elements to your projects. Characterize and understand your processes or products for optimization.

Pricing Details of Minitab:

Minitab runs on a licensing option. It can be offered for either individual users or for sharing across your organization. This allows for multiple users at the same time. The pricing structure is as follows:

Single User: Which is $1595 for a new license or $895 for upgrading an existing license. With this, there are discounted upgrades to new releases and volume discounts when purchasing 2 or more.

Annual Multi-User: For this one, you need to contact the vendor as it is by quote. However, included in the install on an unlimited number of computers. It is to be used by 5 or more people. There are free upgrades. Furthermore, the Quality Trainer is discounted.

Academic Pricing: Again, you need to contact the vendor for a quote on this one as they do not release the pricing details.

There is a free trial for the Minitab software that you can make use of for 30 days.

Free technical support is included in all licenses throughout the life of the release.

Technical Details of Minitab Software:

Using a statistics education tool, you want to be sure that you can use it on the devices you currently own. From quality improving to analyzing statistics, this software is compatible with only Windows systems. It is deployed on Premise only and thus can only be used on those operating systems that are compatible.

Please note an internet connection is required for the activation of licenses.

Supported languages are limited as at this time it is only in English.

Support Details of Minitab Software:

Purchasing a license for data reporting and quality improving means you need to have the support to back it. Additionally, when looking for statistics education you need to ensure the program will run seamlessly.

Therefore, it is essential that you are getting a return on your investment in the form of great technical support. Support options that come with Minitab software are as follows:

Email: Provided is an email address that will enable you to contact the vendor with any issue regarding each aspect of the software. Response times are dependent on what types of questions or issues you currently have.

Phone: Provided is a dedicated phone number specifically for technical support. This number is North American. Enabling you to speak to live representative to help rectify issues remotely. There are additional numbers for various countries that you need support in as well.

Tickets: Submit a support ticket through the online help desk application. Gain remote help through this application in order of a queue. A representative will help you when your turn comes.

Additional Resources: There is a wide range of additional resources online that will help you. The vendor has a complete database of resources for you. Included are datasets, documents, downloadable files, how-to videos, webinars and so much more.


Minitab software has a comprehensive set of tools that can help you with data reporting and analyzing statistics. Also, getting a statistic education has never been easier. Using Minitab solutions, you can make quality improvements in your workflow and processes. Ensuring that you are providing only the best your organization possibly can provide.

Along with this, there is the ability to advance your statistical education through the learning applications. Statistics is not an easy subject to learn or understand. Through this tool, you will be able to gain insights into this process with ease. From the easy to read reports after analyzing statistics to the areas where quality improvement is needed, you will get valuable insights.

Moreover, you know what you need. Take the time to go through the comprehensive features and benefits of each software type you are considering. Learn from experts and read various reviews. This will enable you to make the best-informed decision you possibly can. Furthermore, you can contact the vendor to gain more information if you have questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

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