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Full MindMaple Mind Mapping Software Review – All You Need To Know About MindMaple


Jack Canfield mind maps, so do Bill Gates and Al Gore. In fact, one of the most famous mind mappers of time was Leonardo da Vinci, whose visual note taking style was immortalized in his books.

At their simplest, mind maps are a series of ideas that are connected together around a central theme.

It helps take notes, structure papers, organize ideas and much more, especially brainstorming. You can use keywords, arrows, colors, icons, and symbols to create mind maps or elaborate diagrams to display the overall picture of how thoughts, concepts and ideas relate to one another.

Mind mapping, in short, brings order to your ideas and thoughts, while encouraging creativity and inviting a free flow of ideas.
You can also use them to develop report topics from broad themes and add new ideas as you work and brainstorm from general to specific ideas.

This technique has gone digital with the advent of mind mapping software, which, unlike taking down notes, mimic how our brains radiate ideas, connecting them via natural associations. It is this aspect of mind maps that makes them great for planning complex projects, brainstorming, and writing any and everything from plots for novels, to business plans.

These visual tools help you capture thoughts on the go because they can pop out of nowhere into your mind, so a handy mind mapping app is great to have on your device for quick saving of your ideas.

Whatever you did pre-digital using paper and color pencils can be done today using great web and computer apps such as MindMaple that do all the heavy lifting while you wait.

What is MindMaple?


MindMaple is a sophisticated and intuitive mind mapping software that helps teams organize their ideas and information. Users can manage projects and tasks, and brainstorm concepts with other team members.

It is a flexible software whose users can add and reorganize their topics together through subtopics just as they would mapping their own thoughts in a book.

MindMaple offers the support users need for being creative as it is adaptable, so you can always play around with the structures of your own mind maps.

Additionally, MindMaple is customizable as you can personalize it to reflect your preferred colors, or add elements that are visually engaging including images, photos or pictures, while explaining issues interactively and succinctively with the help of videos.

Not only is MindMaple a gorgeous lines-and-boxes style mind mapping software, it has also been added to sites like Mind-Mapping.org, plus it has versions for both Windows and iOS. The recent beta version also includes one for Mac, and is available as an online sharing tool via GOogle Drive.

The software also offers Pro and Lite editions for Windows and iOS, but the Lite version is available for free, and still is a very capable mind mapper. The Pro version for Windows is available on an annual subscription basis but you can spend a few extra bucks and get a lifetime license.



Intuitive Mapping

MindMaple offers support for creativity which is why users can enjoy the flexibility of playing around with their thoughts and ideas using its natural drawing interface. This means you can move things around while personalizing maps and spaces, unhindered.

Visual Personalization

MindMaple is not a completely text mind mapping software as it offers tools that let you add images, pictures and videos in your mind maps. You can tailor the interface’s themes and colors to match your personal tastes and the branding of your business or enterprise.

Task Integration

With MindMaple, you can do a lot more than just curation of information and idea development. You can apply this mind mapping software in project and task management as it integrates seamlessly with important details on your responsibilities to the mind maps you create. You can even attach documents with other content types to help with the completion of your assignments.

Detailed Mapping

Sometimes you may need a lot more than just tools to help with some of the specific areas of your mind maps. To solve this, MindMaple offers boundary markers and relationship builders so you can create topic and subtopics associations. It also lets you paste hyperlinks in mind maps so as to access web contents easily.

Map Sharing

If you want to share your mind maps with team members who cannot access MindMaple, you can export the information to text HTML, MS app formats, and/or images. This variety of choices lets you export mind maps conveniently for everyone’s benefit.


MindMaple lets you take notes on lecture, books and discussions while structuring and categorizing information visually, thus you get to maintain focus more on details and the overall picture. This improves the studying and learning experience. To show distinctions, a new topic should be created while using images and arrows to show relationships and enrich your notes.

Presentation and discussions

MindMaple is a great tool to plan and present for meetings. Instead of using different slides that end up being too many, you can focus on an idea at a time, while integrating all your info into one single mind map. It also allows you to zoom in for deeper discussions on detailed ideas while maintaining the connection to the main idea or central theme.

Schedules and Finance

MindMaple is a life-saving tool when you have a busy schedule. It also helps keep track of activities whether personal, family or even complex finances, taking out the stress from your otherwise busy day and organizing it for you on a mind map you can manage easily. The drawing interface lets you edit your mind maps with flexibility based on your changing needs and schedules.

Creative Projects

Whatever your interests are, whether it is art projects, blogging, community work, or just hobbies, MindMaple offers structures for organizing your ideas, with the freedom to be creative and express yourself fully.



User Interfaces optimized for Windows 10 style

MindMaple is optimized for Windows 10 user interfaces, thus offers a simple layout that is well arranged helping you focus on drawing your mind maps.


These can be added based on what you want or leave the app to lay them out automatically. For a more tidy manual layout, MindMaple’s unobtrusive grid can be toggled on or off, with a map background that has a variety of options such as textures, gradients and images.

Exporting to Microsoft Office Documents

Mind maps can be saved in different formats like MS Excel, Word or PowerPoint files for you to use them in different ways in the workplace.

Natural Mapping Interface

MindMaple lets you add/move topics like you would in a notebook as you draw. You can place new topics in a creative style instead of the restrictions of preset locations.

Task management

Important task details can be added to your mind maps by attaching documents or files and images then editing and saving them directly from MindMaple software.

Additional Mapping Tools

MindMaple offers detailed mind mapping by letting you add relationships, hyperlinks, boundaries and files to your mind map.


You can personalize mind maps using images, colors, and pictures, such as clip art and preset styles that are decorative and easy to use.

Import and export files

With MindMaple, you can import files from MindManager and Freemind into MindMaple, including TXT files. You can also export to diverse formats but for Windows only. The impressive selection of export formats which include Excel, Word, text, HTML, image file and PowerPoint. PDF export is also supported with though it is in the paid version of the program.

Notable Topic (Windows Only)

MindMaple also lets you add extra information using topic notes, which slide out from underneath the topic.

Map types

Besides mind maps, you can use the growth direction feature to create left and right facing maps and trees plus split org and down charts. The sibling and child spacing is adjustable to build open map layouts.

Drawing Mode


Drawing mode is for free drawing on the screen of the mind map using the MindMaple pen but it cannot edit mind maps in this mode.

Relationship lines

These are created by selecting a topic, then clicking on the destination topic and both are instantly connected. You can customize these lines using presets to customize every aspect of the line’s look including a curve, Bezier straight, angled or curved line shape.

Style tab

This offers access to 42 preset styles for topics and are customizable to fill color and outline settings. You also access similar branch styles with different weight, color and line styles and set your own if you want.

Intelligent ribbon toolbar

These bring out everything you can do to add content to mind maps or modify them. The clever ribbon tab is context-sensitive so it is manageable for new users plus gives fast access to commands when needed. It can be collapsed to open up more screen space which helps when you’re working with large mind maps.

Image placement

Images can be put above, right or left, or below, the topic to which they are attached. An alignment menu (which is advanced) found within the topic formatting dialog box provides an option of up to 12 positions around the topic.

Topic embellishment

MindMaple lets you add topics, hyperlinks, attachments, notes, and comments or boundaries, which are supported in a number of borders, shapes and backgrounds colors. You can bookmark or tag topics, and use call-outs for both topics and boundaries to add context and meaning to the items to which they point. Topics can also have solid files and gradient files together with picture and texture fills, or embellished using shadows.

Snap to grip

MindMaple can display a grid in a workspace and later snap objects to it so you can easily and quickly align objects either horizontally or vertically.

Task Management

MindMaple has a full set of task management functions that includes the ability to add start and due dates, resources and percentage complete, and duration. Task data are visually shown in pastel-colored rectangle below every given topic.

Grow your map topics

In order to add topics to a map within the software, just drag the mouse outwards from the current topics, like you would with iMindMap. This gives MindMaple a bit of an organic mapping feel. The software was designed with Windows-based tablet devices in consideration, where users can use their fingers to grow new topics out of the existing one. Users can also add subtopics or topics with toolbar buttons or the insert key.

Keyboard shortcuts

These add content to your mind maps and can be such a productive enhancer. It has a standard INS key that lets you add child topics, and you can use them to add parent and sibling topics thus create mind maps quickly to capture your thoughts.

Travel Plan

You can use MindMaple for planning your trips using features like cost, budget, attachments and notes that help organize and map out all the nitty gritty details so you can have the best trip ever.


MindMaple for Windows – from $19.99 per one-time payment; MindMaple Pro for Mac – $9.99 for every one-time payment

The two versions of the software come with the following features:

  • Expand and collapse section
  • Map Balancing
  • Map Organization
  • Export as Image, PDF, Text
  • Import from MindManager
  • Import from FreeMind
  • Import from XMind
  • Themes, ClipArt, Background
  • Attachment to Topics
  • Linking
  • Topics and Subtopics Notes

MindMaple Pen –  $14.99 for every one-time payment

  • Drawing Mode
  • Export to Microsoft Office Apps
  • All Windows and Mac features
  • Dragging and Tapping Functions

MindMaple also works with dedicated apps for iPad and iPhones. For updates regarding the iOS development, visit the MindMaple website.

Technical Details

Devices: Web-based, iPhone or iPad, Mac and Windows

Languages: English and Japanese

Pricing model: One-time payment

Customer type: Freelancers, Medium Business, Large Enterprise and Small Business

Deployment: On Premise

Support Details

  • Email
  • Social media: Google+, Facebook, Twitter