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Full Mindly Mind Mapping Software Review – All You Need To Know About Mindly


Ever tried to create a drawing on a computer, or worse still, on the small screen of a mobile device like iPhone or Android phones?

While this may seem impossible, there is an app that offers a suitable approach to doing this through mind mapping software, and user friendly object management approaches.

This is why Mindly was created: to provide a tool that’s highly effective in capturing, organizing, and developing your ideas, so you can stay focused, without the need to type, format or adjust details a lot.

The software was originally only available on iPhone and then on iPad, then later duplicated on other mobile devices such as Android and tablets. You can also now use it on your Mac device.

If you’re a minimalist, you will love the simplicity in Mindly. Its orbit-style and clean interface keeps things from looking cluttered on your screen.

For entrepreneurs that want organized workspaces and streamlined processes, this mind mapping software is just perfect!

What is Mindly?


Mindly is a mobile mind mapping software for iPhone and Android that offers a clean and simple alternative to not having your notebook, and drawing on it.

It is the creation of Jaakko Rantanen, an app developer, who thinks that conventional mind mapping apps limit how you work with mind maps as they only reveal a limited amount of information at a go.

Rantanen thus created a new design motif for Mindly app, whose inspiration was picked from the solar system so users can easily record and view content of their mind maps.

The developer also thought that because ideas usually find you in situations where you’re not next to a computer it would be a great thing to structure it straight from your phone as its always with you. The only drawback is working from a small screen.

However, Mindly is committed to its mission of offering a pleasant environment to play with your ideas, that works well on small screens, and doesn’t get in your way.

The fascinating app puts topics around their parent in orbits. The central topic and first-level child topics at the top-level view appear at the center of the screen. You can tap one of these topics and the parent topic glides to the top left hand side of the screen, displaying the next level of information, with the first level topic at the center orbited by its child topics.

Mindly isn’t just gorgeous with cutesy mind map designs, but it also helps you create several varieties of mind maps for project planning, through idea collection, structuring and other processes.

Besides creating complex or logical mind maps, you can use Mindly for other simple things like writing quick summaries, preparing for meetings and speeches, and much more. It has all the vital features you need such as add colors/images/icons to elements, support for hierarchy between elements, reorganizing content, Text exporting or PDF/OPML, password protection, visual clipboard, and Dropbox sync among others.

If you want a simple, gorgeous, and capable app for mind mapping, Mindly is the one. Get started right away on your first mind map by typing in the bubble the subject you like, and Mindly will organize it, giving it structure, capturing your ideas, taking notes, and much more.

It eliminates the clutter so you can focus on your thoughts, ideas, and concepts.



Create, Capture, Plan

Mindly lets you capture your ideas, plan projects, create quick summaries, and use the power of associations so as to keep both your mind and your work organized. It is available with you all the time, on all your different devices and you can share it with friends or teammates.

Clean and elegant design

Mindly app also has an elegant and clean design, from which you can add a new planet to your current solar system by the click of the plus sign. It also has a pleasant array of options for color, whether classic or bright color schemes, and you can pick them out for yourself, or let the app choose them for you. Besides adding text to planets or plot points, icons can also be added in Mindly, which is another way of keeping things interactive, creative, and fun. Design is of the mind maps is planetary.


Once you create your basic solar system, you may want to expand your project and think deeper on the sub-activities you want added. This is easy to do on Mindly as it visually reminds you how it relates to your initial idea as it keeps the project visible at the top left hand side of the app.

Organize your inner universe

Just like an expanding universe, your thoughts also evolve pretty quickly. One concept, thought, and idea tends to lead to another, and soon enough, you have a whole universe of thoughts in your mind. Mindly organizes your inner universe, giving each concept its place in the hierarchical structure.

Boost your creativity

Creativity is in each one of us if we just get the chance to express it. But, in order to maximize it, you need time, space, and some quiet to play around with your ideas. Mindly lets you plant your new connections and thoughts so they can bloom, while capturing them without distractions.

With you all the time

There’s just no telling when the next great idea will pop up in your mind, which is why you need Mindly because it works on small screens, and goes with you everywhere.

Power of associations

Our minds work with associations. If you hear the word ‘New Year’ and ‘resolution’, your mind automatically creates a concept ‘New Year resolution’ and probably adds some good memories to it. You can use this to your advantage because associations are effective in summarizing your key points. Tapping subtopics take them to a new section of the screen so you can add more associations such as links or notes.


Mindly is a fun way to get your thoughts and ideas organized, more like playing a game, but the best part of this mind mapping software is it is infinite. The mind map can go on and on.

Easy to use

Mindly is easy to use as you can simply double tap on circles to add text, change colors, or add icons.

Variety of media options to use

There are a lot of options to use like photos, links, emoji icons, or notes to each concept or topic to organize projects.

Useful for group projects

You can use Mindly for group projects to map out strategies with the team.

Free or Paid version

The free version of Mindly lets you email, print (printer supporting AirPrint), or save your mind map as PDF, while the paid version offers more options. You can also use documents from any device via iCloud storage. Mindly offers up to 3 maps are provided with the free version, and paid version offers unlimited number of elements. Upgrade if you will use different maps all the time,  or just delete them as you go along.



Simple & colorful UI

Mindly comes with a smooth and modern design, mostly in grey, and lets you add bits of colors as you create the mind maps. The elements are customizable and easy to create with the resulting maps looking beautiful and are very helpful.


If you’re not satisfied with adding a title alone to the element, you can add more to it by attaching a note. In this way, if for example you have mapped out a recipe in your Mindly app, you can add a note to the element, a relevant word to the recipe, and mention something unique about it. The app also lets you customize the elements of the mind map to your liking.

Take pictures

Again, just as with notes, if you have a recipe and adding a note isn’t good enough for you, you can add a picture, image or photo to the element. It can be any photo or picture taking right there or something that was already saved in your photo or image gallery.

Visual clipboard

The Visual clipboard is designed to help you reorganize the content quickly. Once you finish doing this, you can then export the mind map as an image or as a PDF file. You also get to enjoy the benefit of iCloud storage support for syncing to the cloud storage for Apple.

Other features:

Mindly offers a lot more in terms of features and functionalities including:

  • Color schemes for use with mind map elements
  • Infinite hierarchy of mind map elements
  • Syncing with Dropbox
  • A Passcode
  • Exporting as mind map in OPML, PDF, or Text
  • Print via AirPrint (Apple)
  • Support for iCloud
  • Move and copy directly to the upper element using drag and drop
  • Spell check
  • Limited display space or small screen of an iPhone can be used to layout mind maps innovatively


Mindly offers two enterprise pricing plan options: one is for the full app for Mac OS X, and the other for the full version of Android and iOS devices. A free download with limited functionalities is also available for Android and iOS.

iOS & Android


  • Up to 3 Documents and 100 Elements
  • Color Schemes
  • Images, Notes, and Icons
  • Hierarchy of Elements
  • Offline Mode
  • File Export & Import
  • Visual Clipboard
  • Dropbox Sync
  • Sharing and printing
  • iCloud Support only for iOS
  • In-Document Crosslinks

Mindly Plus – $6.99/one-time payment

  • Up to 3 Documents and 100 Elements
  • Color Schemes
  • Images, Notes, and Icons
  • Hierarchy of Elements
  • Offline Mode
  • File Export & Import
  • Visual Clipboard
  • Dropbox Sync
  • Sharing and printing
  • iCloud Support only for iOS
  • In-Document Crosslinks
  • Unlimited Documents and Unlimited Elements
  • Touch ID
  • Search and Passcode
  • Backup Archives

Mac OS X: $29.99 – one-time payment

  • Images, Notes, Icons
  • Hierarchy of Elements
  • Visual Clipboard
  • Color Schemes
  • Passcode
  • Web Export
  • Touch ID
  • iCloud Support
  • Export as MindMap

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Languages: English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish

Pricing Model: Free, One-time payment

Customer Type: Freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted, On Premise

Support Details

  • Email
  • Videos
  • FAQs