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Full Mightycause Donor Management Software Review — All You Need to Know About Mightycause


Mightycause, formerly, Razoo, is actually one of the earliest pioneers in the digital crowdfunding space. While it may have been eclipsed by competitors like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, they’ve since has pivoted.

Today, Mightycause is a tool is known for its use in nonprofit fundraising, as well as business crowdfunding and more. As a donor management software, we’re not sure if the platform is your best bet. Donor management is best done through a robust CRM with reporting and campaign management features built right in.

Because the company focuses on individuals, teams, and peer-to-peer fundraising, in addition to their nonprofit offerings, we had some doubts. Namely, does Mightycause have what it takes to create campaigns, collect payments, and keep track of contacts, projects, and events?

It certainly appears to have some potential. Below, we’ll look at the features and benefits this software offers nonprofits from the small to the enterprise level.

What is Mightycause?

Mightycause is a tool that offers four different fundraising pages. There’s personal fundraising, which allows you to raise money for anything close to your heart. There’s nonprofit pages, charitable fundraiser pages, and team fundraiser pages.

Nonprofit pages allow 501(3) nonprofits to raise money through the platform. Charitable Fundraiser pages let individuals raise money on behalf of an organization, and Team Fundraising Pages allow groups to raise money for nonprofits.

Because we’re looking at donor management tools, we’re looking specifically at how this tool works in a nonprofit setting.


Branded Portals

According to the website, they want to make sure your brand is presented front and center. Creating a recognizable brand allows you to build trust and gain traction.

One of the key benefits you’ll get with Mightycause is the ability to make your pages and portals your own. Use their technology, but customize everything else—from custom subdomains that match your website to donor checkout, white labeling, and more.

And, according to the site, you can also use your branding to create customized peer-to-peer fundraising materials—allowing your supporters to share your mission with their network.

Sync Donor Data

While Mightycause subscribers receive access to a built-in CRM, the platform also plays nice with your existing apps. Connect Constant Contact, MailChimp, Salesforce, and others to capture donor information inside this platform.

We like that this provides an easier solution to migrating data from Excel sheets and double checking that records haven’t been compromised. Of course, you do have the option to upload records that way, too.

Tracking and Analysis

Mightycause simplifies the analytics process. It’s clear that they get that data analysis is a more advanced marketing skill, one that not all nonprofit staff has down pat.

While not as robust as Google Analytics, users can quickly pull up page analytics and track key metrics, allowing nonprofits to make the most out of their campaign. Reports are colorful, clear, and present information in an approachable manner.


Donor Management System

Mightycause approaches the CRM a bit differently than some of the competing nonprofit solutions we’ve looked at in the past. The company has developed the Supporters donor management system, which catalogs all donors who support charities and causes through Mightycause. Meaning, you’ll have access not only to your past supporters but people who donate to similar causes.

Nonprofits can direct donors to their pages, peer-to-peer fundraisers, and more. All of these features bring more value to the donor management process—creating more marketing opportunities than your average CRM.

Donate from Any Device

Mightypage’s donation pages are automatically optimized for mobile. It doesn’t matter if visitors see your page from their desktop or their phone—your content will look and function as its supposed to.

As you can see below, donation pages may be customized with large, clickable buttons—so it’s super easy to check out on the go.

Recurring Donations

Of course, having monthly supporters you can count on improves your revenue stream. In just one click, donors can set up secure monthly donations and manage their account with their Mightycause profile.

Optimized Donation Flow

According to the Mightycause website, donation pages come optimized for conversions. All templates are designed to make things easy for donors—with clear calls to action and optimized visual flow.

Based on our look at the sample materials the company has posted on the site, it’s clear that users gain access to some really nice looking pages. But—the only really negative reviews we’ve seen regarding this product is, often the donation process is not easy for supporters.

While everything looks great, the login and account management processes were reported as being glitchy, difficult, and time-consuming.

Set Suggested Donation Amounts

Setting suggested donation amounts makes it easier for donors to choose an option that works for them, rather than trying to mentally settle on an appropriate amount.

Custom Fields

Premium Plus users will with Mightycause pages can add data collection fields aimed at collecting more information about donors. You’ll be able to collect addresses, demographic information, contact details, and more through your page.

The benefit here is, your organization now has the ability to tailor your messaging and marketing efforts to match your donor audience.

Post-Donation Redirect

Like other marketing tools, Mightycause knows that keeping visitors moving around your website is essential. Custom donation pages allow you to capture attention for a bit longer through a post-donation redirect. What this means is, you’ll enter a URL into the field labeled “post-donation redirect.” There, you can choose to present a survey, a thank you page or send them back to your home page.


Pricing for premium plans is broken down into three plans. All come with unlimited contact records, advanced CRM tools, data collection, and personalized branding. The entry-level plan, the Premium Plus starts at $99—which isn’t the most affordable option in the game.

However, the absence of contact limits, the advanced features, and access to unlimited pages is impressive. Upgrade to the Pro for $249 per month and you’ll get more features—most notably a custom domain, advanced white label controls, and email messaging. You can now create branded P2P pages, as well—which wasn’t offered in the Plus.

The Enterprise plan is available by custom quote only. This plan comes with coaching, a dedicated project manager, and more customization options.

Technical Specifications

You won’t need much to get started with Mightycause. The platform is based in the cloud and works on any device connected to the web.

There’s a Social Network Aspect to Your Account

It’s worth pointing out that Mightycause has retained some of the crowdfunding aspects of the original Razoo. Organizations should be aware that signing up for an account means that other users can see their profile—like a social network. Your CRM activities will be conducted behind the scenes, of course.

That said, just because you have a public profile, doesn’t mean that sensitive data is at risk. Donor credit card information is protected, for example.

In all, the company has removed some of the steps involved with promoting your pages—they’re automatically out there, presented to an audience of donors.

That said, this may not be the right tool for nonprofits that prefer a one-sided CRM for donor management.

Who is this For?

Mightycause has made it their mission to help small nonprofits since 2006. Basically, a lifetime in an internet context. The premium plans, however, aren’t super affordable. You’ll need to sign up for an annual contract to lock in the price, so you’ll need some software budget to make this work.

That said, this tool does not come with confusing pricing plans or caps on contacts. The platform allows smaller organizations to create branded pages—that look professional. Medium and large-sized organizations can also benefit from the platform—and can customize further if needed.

In short, any organization looking to bulk up their online fundraising capabilities can benefit big-time from Mightycause.

Support Details

Razoo offers email support to users between 9 am and 5 pm EST. The site does provide a phone number, but they don’t display the number in a prominent location, nor do they mention phone support in their support documents.

In any case, there are plenty of resources available on the website.

Support Center

The Support Center divides their documentation articles into different categories. So, there’s a section for nonprofit support, another for donors, one for individuals, teams, and personal projects.

Each section offers videos—covering topics like how to get started. Or, incorporating social sharing, learning your way around the premium platform, and more.

Click on one of these articles, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Unlike the usual dry help center content, MightyCause offers actionable tips with plenty of colorful screenshots, examples, and guided steps.

These articles are also quite long. The getting started guide, for example, looks at everything. They’ll guide you through the drag and drop editor, which buttons to push, and how to incorporate design and copy best practices into your new campaign.


The section we mentioned above did include guides, but there’s another section with additional resources. This section, entitled, Guides, looks at fundraising best practices by category—I.e. Arts & Culture, Humanitarian Relief, or Education Fundraising.

Within these subcategories, you’ll get a selection of short ebooks—no download required.

The arts & culture guide, for example—provides a short introduction, then dives into ideas, art, music, film—and some takeaways from successful fundraisers.

This section also comes with fundraising resources—ideas, tips for creating a successful strategy, plus things like pricing, features, and a tour of the platform.

Group Demos

Between the social media aspect of the platform and the collection of features, we’d advise signing up for a demo. The site offers 30-minute group demos on an ongoing basis.

There, you’ll get a walk-through that looks at all of the features and how they might fit into your organization.

It’s also a smart idea to evaluate the paid plans along with the other fundraising features anyone can access. We mention this, as you might find using Mightypage in a lesser capacity along with another donor management platform is a better fit.

What’s the Verdict?

Mightycause’s nonprofit solution provides a really great web experience for customers and prospects alike. The level of detail they’ve included in their guides is really fantastic.

On the positive side, Mightycause makes things easy for nonprofit staff working on the backend. Users can quickly build custom pages and launch their latest campaigns with minimal effort.

Administrators can pull data from the platform and understand how the organization is doing—and they can add offline donations to reports, so it’s easy to get the full picture when it comes to earnings.

As far as its use as a donor management tool, we’re not totally certain it’s the best tool in the current landscape. Some donors reported that the platform was cumbersome on their end–stating that accessing their account was a pain. Some gave up and donated anonymously, which means organizations lose out on relationship building, data, and the ability to acknowledge gifts.

The site can’t accept ACH donations, nor can admins manually update donation details or customer accounts. In short, while everything looks nice from an organization’s perspective, some kinks in the system might leave donors feeling frustrated.

Other users felt that the platform lacked the customization options that could take Mightycause to the next level.

In the end, an optimal donor experience is the backbone of online fundraising. As such, nonprofits may want to look for a software that offers a better experience for everyone.