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Full midas Gen Building Information Modeling Software Review – All You Need To Know About midas Gen

midas Gen

Building Information Modeling has a variety of benefits that have long been acknowledged such as collaboration, information and file sharing, faster, smoother construction processes with fewer chances of making mistakes, delays or disagreements.

When a construction company’s management pitches the idea of implementing a BIM software, it may look as easy as buying the tools, but the requirements are more complicated than that.

BIM isn’t one thing, but many processes, people, stages, and individual software pieces involved which interact in a way that must be understood before making any investments.

A comprehensive workflow in BIM thus needs various software with unique functions from authoring to file sharing and analytics, so the BIM platform brings all these together.

Prior to implementation, AEC professionals need to figure out their roles in the grander scheme of things. Collaboration is at the top of the list of the benefits BIM brings, but to leverage on this, the professionals must know their responsibilities during the process and get everyone on board.

The idea is to have a model and drawings that are a perfect match, which is why midas Gen was developed – to bring all the solutions and tools you need in one software for better productivity, collaboration, and presentation of your design intent to clients and the team at large.

What is midas Gen?

midas Gen

midas Gen is a BIM software that’s intuitive as well as powerful for building design, and/or analysis. It provides engineers who are in practice with the ability to perform structural building analysis and design conveniently and efficiently, including those of general structures.

Whether these engineers design and analyze structures that are conventional, or those that are complex, midas Gen lets the do their tasks accurately while gaining practical results, and improving productivity.

It also has a powerful solver and modern computer graphics that help the engineers in their work, as it uses a diverse range of element analysis functions that are specialty finite, plus modern structural analysis theories that help render accurate, yet practical results.

Its features add to the convenience, versatility, efficiency, and productivity for structural design.

MIDAS Information Technology Co. Ltd., the company behind midas Gen BIM software, is mainly focused on mechanical, structural and civil engineering software development, plus support for design and analysis.

Since 1989, MIDAS programs have been developed, but their commercial use began in 1996. They are reliable after having been applied over many real projects, and the company was later incorporated in September, 2000 operating under POSCO Group.

MIDAS company (MIDAS IT) has structural software developers, as well as professional engineers with vast practical experience. More than 250 of this team have extensive experience and provide their support to the company, whose strengths include quickly responding to the needs of practicing engineers.

midas Gen features a graphical user interface that helps engineers visualize structure models, access functions of input/output, manipulate data and files, or calculate section shape properties.

It also features intuitive modeling capabilities, and structure wizards for fast model generation through parameter definitions. Users can perform structural analysis, and use the powerful post-processor to generate various load combinations to analyze and/or evaluate displacements, reactions, member forces, plus stresses.

Finally, it helps users create designs and models that meet and are aligned to design standards for structures, like Eurocode.


midas Gen

User friendly Graphical User Interface

midas Gen’s user-oriented functions for input/output are based on its intuitive and sophisticated user interface, as well as updated techniques for computer graphics. These provide excellent tools for productivity useful in modeling and analyzing complex, and large scale building structures.

Interface details: Intuitive modeling

midas Gen lets users readily create elements and nodes just as they would if they were drawing their designs using most functions in CAD programs. Regular pattern structures such as Truss, Frame and Arch are easy to create using midas Gen’s Structure Wizard and are inserted to the location you desire on the global model. It also supports the generation of conventional model with the use of elements, nodes, and other ways of generating the models through conversion of data. It is also possible to transfer data in other apps like Revit and Tekla.

Complete analysis options

With midas Gen, you can get linear and/or non-linear analysis of structures. A big collection of finite elements is implemented for apps found in building and civil structures. Its efficient algorithms for analysis are exceptionally versatile with accurate results for practical applications for designs.

Powerful processing and analysis

midas Gen has a post processor that can create load combinations automatically aligned to specific design standards. You can also change the display types to produce various graphic outputs. Most, if not all, results can be animated such as time history results of displacements and/or member forces, mode shapes, dynamic and static analysis results.

Auto design

With midas Gen, you get various check features for your design work including general section designer, meshed slab and wall design, shear and torsional strength check, Eurocode and American specifications bending, and automatic generation of load combinations. This is in line with the different design codes.


midas Gen

Intuitive user interface

midas Gen is Windows-based and features a user interface with contemporary computer graphics, faster processor with a solver speed that supports 64-bit operating systems, and a general purpose optimal design system and structural analysis. Its input/output tools are also user-oriented, and it has significant analysis capabilities that help AEC professionals undertake design and structural analysis for large and complex structures.

Fast Multi-Frontal Solver

midas Gen uses the latest algorithms for instant analysis and results that are both precise and practical. Its design capabilities use a variety of standards for different countries thus its design solutions are optimal for design work.

Unique works tree menu

The midas Gen menu system maximizes efficiency in design and analysis of tasks, thus reduces mouse movement or motion. The input/output functions that are needed and the design/analysis processes are also easy to access.

Powerful Post-Processor To Produce Graphical Results

midas Gen’s post-processor is powerful and simplifies how you generate and visualize structural analysis results. It lets engineers view graphical results while evaluating structural displacements and reactions, plus forces and stresses. It also allows them to derive various load combinations based on specified design standards.

Graphic display

Through midas Gen’s multiple Window Display WalkThrough Blending effect, you can display multiple windows for models, which are independent of each other, and assign different coordinate systems to each for modeling. Additionally, the work done in one model window can be seen in each and every other model window as they receive data from one database.

Easily Manipulate Files and Data

You can use the web-based manual for midas Gen that has context-sensitive help and local help files to manipulate data and files.

Section data definition

midas Gen has 37 different section shapes that you can apply to line elements. It has a sectional properties calculator for calculating section properties of section shapes that are unconventional.

Integrated Building Wizard Structure Wizard

You can automatically generate multiple stories and floor diaphragms for high rise buildings using midas Gen. For building types that are conventional, the building generation wizard will help you generate the whole model. These wizards remove the need for doing tedious and repetitive modeling steps that spend a lot of time. They’re particularly useful in projects with structures that have many elements and geometry that’s complex.

Graphic results

midas Gen has a fast post-processor that can create load combinations automatically and that match design standards.

Animated results

Most results can be animated like mode shapes, dynamic and static analysis among others.

Batch Output generation

This can help you construct consecutively and produce specific graphical output for various load conditions.

Table results

The Table Windows in midas Gen displays all data entry, design and analysis results in a spreadsheet format. Data modification, compilation, extra input, and arrangement for various characteristics as well as search capabilities are found in this feature. You can also transfer within the Excel or S/W databases.

Dynamic Report Generation

With midas Gen, you get state of the art generation of reports that include features like graphical generation, intuitive drag and drop, and the data entered in reports are modifiable and can be saved in MS Word format without limits. You can seamlessly export the same result tables to Excel.

Section Property Calculator Material Data Definition

SPC calculates the stiffness data of any form or shape. You can draw the section shape, or import a DXF file. The generated section’s properties and shapes can also be exported to midas Gen.

Blending Effect

This feature helps users adjust transparency of particular parts of their structural models and designs. It helps them set this based on materials, elements, or other attributes. If you want to examine a model’s internal structures, you can simply modify the transparency levels from its external structures, thus get to analyze complex ones without removing or having to disable the external structures.

Construction Stage And Floor Vibration analysis

This solution applies algorithms that help engineers get accurate results as they carry out structural analysis. One of these analysis types they do using midas Gen is construction stage. With this, they can view and get access to various properties of materials of concrete dependent on time, and conduct floor vibration analysis to evaluate how the flooring structures will react to walking loads via analyzing dynamic time.

Inelastic Time History Analysis

Engineers are also able to evaluate structures for their seismic design attributes using this midas Gen feature. The good thing with this feature is that it has a database that keeps time history records so that users can access the information on earthquakes that occurred where they intend to build structures. They can use that data immediately and apply it while using parameters to conduct the analysis. Other structural analyses include heat transfer, geometric nonlinear, heat stress, and plastic analysis.

Pushover Analysis

This lets users simulate force and displacement accurately, especially when happening incrementally. In this way, they can set up various hinge connection types, model and control displacement and force, while calculating frame structure reactions to loads and/or the forces applied to them in sequences.

Other salient features in midas Gen include:

  • Boundary conditions
  • Complete Load Library
  • Mass DataDynamic LoadStatic Load
  • Nodal Masses
  • Floor Diaphragm Masses
  • Loads to Masses
  • Consistent Mass
  • Self-weight to Mass
  • Nonlinear Analysis including Nonlinear Analysis, Analysis to find Unknown Forces by Optimization, and Structural Masonry Analysis


midas Gen pricing information is available via requesting for a quote or finding a local reseller. You can contact them for a custom quote, or get information about buying midas Gen from your local distributor or reseller.

A trial of the software is available for free for 30 days. It is fully functional and has each feature of midas Gen BIM software so you can test run it for 30 days.

However, with the trial, you can only use it where there’s internet access, on a single PC with the PKID number, and for non-commercial use.

Technical details

Supported devices: Windows, Mac, Web-based

Language: English

Pricing Model: Quote-based

Customer Types: Small and medium businesses; large enterprises

Deployment: Cloud Hosted, Open API

Integrations: Microsoft Word & Excel, AutoCAD

System requirements: midas Gen operates on IBM compatible PCs in Windows.

Support details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live support
  • Training
  • Tickets
  • Customer online support
  • Technical FAQs
  • Self-help learning: Product tutorials, Recorded webinars, Technical documents
  • Free online training: Webinar schedule, Online training center
  • Expert webinar series: Bridge engineering topics, Building engineering topics, Geotechnical topics, Training calendar