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Full Microsoft Office 2016 Office Suite review – all you need to know about Microsoft Office 2016 Office Suite


The computers were invented in the 20th century with the primary aim of solving several kinds of mathematical problems. Over the course of time, computers not only became efficient but also discovered several utilities as the developers began harnessing the real potential of the computers by the creation of operating systems and applications.

The advent of the modern, efficient yet powerful computers along with the presence of a smart operating system and applications in the present century have truly paved way for the vast array of real-time utilities. Such utilities have greatly made our lives reliable. Even the amount of time spent by the employees on preparing several offices related documentations like letters, sheets, presentations, publishing, and several other work-related tasks have been significantly eased up by the presence of office-based tools. Such tools have vastly proven their significance in terms of their real-time utilities and smart capabilities.

What is Microsoft Office 2016 Professional?

Microsoft office 2016 professional is one of the latest suite of the productive toolset developed by Microsoft to cater the perfect office and other third-party utility provisions. It was released as a successor to the office 13 for windows operating system and office 11 for mac. The suite saw its very first commercial initial release in the September 2015 with its very last update being released in July 2018. The suite apart from its pretty long name is known as office 16 as a codename.

The suite was created co-created by the developers who even worked on the windows 10 operating system. As a result, the entire platform has borrowed its design elements and styling from the windows 10 operating system as well as the microsoft office 365, a predecessor to the office 16.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 2016 Suite

  • All in one suite for all the needs (word, excel, powerpoint, onenote, outlook, publisher, and access are included in the professional package).
  • Flat designed approach.
  • The utility to perform several activities like creating, opening, editing and saving files in the cloud right from the desktop.
  • “Tell me” search box for dedicated online help support.
  • Direct integration with the office online platform.
  • Insights powered by bing to grasp contextual information from the web.
  • Support for the vector graphic platform (SVG).
  • Data loss prevention feature in word, excel, and powerpoint.
  • Online templates for word documents and powerpoint presentations.

Features of Microsoft office 2016 professional

Being the most popular office solutions available till date, the microsoft built platform offers a variety of features. These features offer a better level of convenience and offer the creative set of utilities for making the tasks easier. They are briefly discussed as below:

 All in one Suite

The entire platform was designed keeping each and every possible need in the office sectors. The entire office suite consists of the several set of applications like microsoft word, microsoft excel, microsoft powerpoint, microsoft onenote, microsoft outlook, microsoft publisher and microsoft access which all are a part of the bulk package. Each and every application has been meticulously designed to keep the each and every need of the users in mind so that the platform can offer the right amount of solutions for each and every need.

Simple Design

The entire suite has been designed in a flat line aesthetic manner in the same design language which the windows 10 platform offers. The newer design language which has been offered with unique colored palettes for each and every application has its own standpoint value. Such kind of a simpler user interface enables each and every user to breeze through the application with accessibility convenience.

Cloud Integration

This latest iteration of the Microsoft office suite was developed in the age which has a huge booming approach to cloud technology. The developers took a note of the current trends and have designed the platform in a quite intuitive way. The cloud technology integration has enabled to perform several activities like creating, opening, editing and saving files which allow direct modifications on to the file stored in the cloud platform.

Search box

Each and every microsoft application bundled in the suite has a dedicated search tool. The tool has been co-authored in such a way that it keeps itself in touch with the world wide web at all the times. The connected nature of the “tell me” search box enables the applications to look up for the user queries and questions directly from the internet in case of the absence of user’s query in the manuals.

Office online

Microsoft has carefully aimed at centralizing the entire suite through its dedicated web-based portal renowned as office online. The office 16 suite was built in such a way that it can easily collaborate with the office online platform. The access to such a platform allows office 16 to take the maximum advantage of the resources available from the internet.


Microsoft has also partnered with the search giant bing to allow for the insights amalgamation with office 16. This integration enables the flow of the contextual information throughout the applications set. The presence of such a smart feature has made the entire platform quite unique and enables on gathering of certain information on the basis of the information you enter.

Vector graphics

The modern marketing and designing industry has been booming in the modern times as of the presence of the graphics sector. Earlier forms of the graphics were mostly designed by hands and were not too modifiable once created. The presence of the computer-based graphics has significantly enabled the designers to easily create or modify the design in any way they would like to. Aware of that information, developers had recently added the support of the entire SVG vector graphic platform into the office 16 suite. This allows for quick and easy import of the logo or any sorts of designing elements into any sort of document whenever needed.

Data loss prevention

Listening to the public experiences and reviews, the 16th iteration of office bundled up a highly requested feature: the data prevention utility. This simple utility becomes a lifesaver in several shutoff conditions. The feature has been currently implemented in word, excel, and powerpoint and can be highly useful in case of a pc shutdown, system failure or any such kind of problem which lead to the application or system shutdown. This allows for the continuation of your work from the lastly enacted location before the crash down event happened.

Online templates

Microsoft word and powerpoint applications have a dedicated online portal of their own. Such a dedicated portal on the platform allows for the better form of resources related to the document formats and presentation templates at a single destination. This ensures that you never run out of predesigned elements to enrich the overall quality of your document.

MS Word

Word in office 16 allows for seamless real-time document collaboration. The 16th iteration of the word also opened some doors for integration with microsoft’s cloud based solution onedrive. Also, the issues related to the redundancy occurring as of the multi-user editing have also been fixed.

The presence of a unique share button allows the users to share invitations to others to access as well as modify your documents stored on onedrive platform for co-authoring the documents in real time. What makes this utility more unique is that the other parties only need to have the word online application for editing and no other sort of dedicated suite subscription. The changes done by others happen in real time the moment you share the guest access with them. This builds a perfectly nurturing collaborative environment for the entire team.

Word also provides users with a wide range of text and page formatting choices. Customarily, you can also edit the document layout as per your preferences along with the support of simple add-ons like tables, images, signs, clipart, wordart and so on. The platform also has a dedicated online spelling checker which easily allows the users to correct the spelling errors usually marked in red as well as the grammatical errors marked in blue. The update also features the ability to show the entire word count in a bar located at the bottom of the page.

MS Excel

Excel caters users with a sheer array of features which even the leading web-based platforms fail to offer. The base functionalities of the application are pretty much in line with the excel’s 13th iteration. This assures of the support of even the most complicated sheets and macros from the previous office iteration will continue to work in this iteration too. Even some new data import related and handling functions have been added in this version which complies to the cloud connection utilities integrated with the platform.

This iteration allows the data tab to be home for the features of the power query add-on. This allows the importation of data from a wide range of databases, both local as well as the cloud. Several other features include charting and data designation choices like fall based charts for tracking variable value changes over a certain period of time, boxes to show the stat based updates and display the charts to portray the leveled data. The datacasting utilities have also been finely refined for the users who handle loss-gain based marketing as well as sales data on a regular basis. The presence of a forecast button allows for the detailed overview than a simple linear forecast. The exponential refining utilities present in the excel of office 16 allow for the complete exclusion of the data inconsistency problems caused by the data spiking.

The pivot tables now allow for the establishment for the detection of an automatic relationship. Also, the custom measure utility allows for in table editing for the advanced features. The platform now also allows for direct integration with Microsoft’s powerBI visualization platform, additional shape styles for charts and diagrams, handwriting support with touchscreen support, document sharing, inbuilt web searches, automatic addition of angles for the added images.

MS Outlook

The newest version of the email client provided by the developers is not extremely different but brings a notable set of features along with it. The newest features mainly arrive with the primary aim of supplying the services with the support of cloud-based sharing utilities. Additionally, outlook also allows for sharing the preferences of the onedrive files as you send them. The presence of the outlook’s groups feature allows the mapping of a user’s domain to his service. Such a feature allows for easy creation of the shared, fully archived message logs between any certain group or team of colleagues who are working unitedly on shared projects. Even newly joined group associates have a complete access to the message archive, making them aware of the active scenario to enable them to enact on the situation. Even the files and calendars can be shared.

The presence of the clutter feature allows to effectively manage the emails received by smartly categorizing them on the basis of priority. Outlook has also incorporated the mechanisms of machine learning and several other smart algorithms and hence can also auto-classify the mails on the basis of your email enactment.

MS PowerPoint

The simple layout and desktop publishing suite remains an underrated gem: it’s very easy to use and allows anyone to quickly put together simple newsletters, briefings, and notices that require a little more formatting than Word is designed to handle.

PowerPoint serves as the office 2016’s most crucial update. The primary highlighting feature here is support for seamless real-time co-authoring, which enables you and as well as any other person to work together on the same presentation together in real time, only when it’s progress is saved to the onedrive cloud storage.

MS Publisher

Microsoft Publisher has not received any new updates in the application apart from the new paintjob which came as a part of the sleek design language


The microsoft office 16 has been catered to the clients as a one-time purchase package. The professional package currently retails for 359.99$ for a single pc license and includes the following applications in the suite:

2016 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, and Publisher.

Technical Details

  • Regular software security updates
  • Rich online resources with bing integration
  • Support for windows 7+ and macos 10+
  • Download size: 1 GB (post-purchase)
  • Enriched support and how to utilities
  • Better vocabulary and grammatically enriched inbuilt library
  • Built for 32 as well 64-bit platforms.
  • Ease of sharing files through onedrive integration
  • Serving in form of “Software as a Service” model.


If you are in the market looking for an application package which fully serves up to the purpose of official purposes, you are right in choice for an immediate upgrade. Microsoft has legibly made choices of not breaking anything that has been great from the previous versions of office and making the platform much smarter with the feature-packed abilities the platform offers. The cloud sharing integration has greatly paved ways for extra sharing and collaborating. Unfortunately, what makes it unique has also proven to be one of the core reasons for the downfall. The reason for this would the presence of co-authoring features only in word and powerpoint.

Office 2016 has proven itself to be a vital segment of the coordinated move towards the Software as a Service model for the Microsoft software family.