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Full Merlin Project Management Software Review – All you need to know about Merlin Project

Merlin Project Management Software

What is Merlin Project?

Merlin Project is an iOS project management software that was designed specifically for Apple devices. Deployed by many users from various industries, Merlin Project is the choice that professionals make when they are looking for centralized workflows. You can simplify your business processes and complete projects in a timelier manner using this intuitive and straightforward software. You will be able to learn and operate this iOS project management software with ease. As such, you will quickly see how much more productive your organization can be.

Founded in 2001, the project wizards at Merlin Project are working together to provide you with a solution to your complex tasks and business processes. Their iOS project management software will allow you to turn your ideas into reality while providing you centralized workflows. Today, they have sold over 100000 licenses and had customers in over 130 countries around the world. They are the leaders in the worlds project software for Mac OS and iOS devices.

Using the Merlin Project, you can conceptualize your plans and make them easier to implement. From setting various milestones to completing all business processes related to your projects, Merlin Project can help you. This iOS project management software has all the tools you need to centralize your workflows and get through them while ensuring that you are in control of everything from conceptualization to delivery.

Benefits of Merlin Project:

Choosing a specialized software to help you with your business processes can be difficult. Ultimately, you need to know that it is going to be a welcome addition to your current organizational structure. Reap the various benefits that the Merlin Project can offer you if you choose to go with them. Have a look at what those benefits are.

  • This software is extremely easy to use and can be used by anyone in your organization, regardless of their technological skills.
  • Merlin Project is fully customizable and can be designed to suit your specific organization needs and wants.
  • Deployment of this software is quick and easy. You can have it up and running in a matter of hours rather than days.
  • The learning curve is quick. You will be able to have centralized workflows without the delay of a lengthy learning process.
  • You will be able to fully utilize people and resources in order to get more tasks done properly and efficiently.
  • Have an overview of all your organizational projects from the past, current and future plans within minutes rather than hours.
  • Cut back on administrative tasks that can be mundane and time consuming in order to focus on mission critical tasks without distractions.
  • The user interface is intuitive and your dashboards can be customized according to your role in each project.
  • There is a lot of flexibility with the Merlin You can deliver beautiful projects that are complete and free from complications or errors.
  • The performance of this iOS project management software is reliable and high quality.
  • There is a free demo/trial that you can use to test drive this software for 30-days before you make any decisions to purchase it.
  • There are apps designed specifically for your iOS mobile devices. You can keep track of projects and tasks while on the go.

Features of Merlin Project:

Features are generally what will make or break any project management software. You need to know that you can have centralized workflows that can be worked through without missing any crucial components. For that reason, Merlin Project has a full feature set that will make your business processes easier and more comprehensive. Here is an overview of those features.

Break down your business processes to make them more cohesive.

Every project you do in your organization has to start with a plan. Through Merlin Project, there is a hierarchical structure that allows you to create complex structures of activities that include dependencies between groups and individual activities. Furthermore, you can set the duration and define milestones. Next you can use this iOS project management software to serve as your scheduling and your cost planning tool. Know what the actual cost of projects will be and respond to schedule changes with accuracy.

Plan projects that are similar in nature and use the same structure by being able to save structures so that you don’t have to start fresh each time. Keep them all in an elements library that can be broken down via activity or via project type. With only a single click, you can populate entire projects in seconds through the library.

Use varying strategies through these centralized workflows tool.

There is a tradition schedule you can use in Merlin Project that allows you to focus entirely on dependencies in between activities. Have a logical display of the relationships between these activities and create the structure underneath the project. Use the Kaban board to help you view your tasks in the left column that will help your complete tasks. Furthermore, you can switch between the Kaban board and the work breakdown with ease. Use the Gantt chart columns to help you populate automatically the cards that are used throughout the projects.

Use the mind map to help you create your project plan and have it broken down in detailed sections so that your thought process is recorded sequentially. Merlin Project will take your entries and transfer them automatically into your project breakdown. If what you want is a graphical project breakdown, then the organizational chart will suit your needs fantastically. This iOS project management software will provide you with a hierarchical structure of all your planned projects.

Get through your business processes taking the shortest route possible.

With an extensive range of various tools, you can manage all your resources related to your projects. Everything can be categorized from company and materials to the people available. Simply drag and drop contacts and your address book into your project and have them imported automatically, including pictures. Set up working times and your hourly rates and you can calculate your project with accuracy regarding money and time. There is also the option to configure your resources to be users. Furthermore, the project will open only once you input the user logs. Choose what information your users can see and therefore, edit.

When employees are used on various projects simultaneously, it can be hard to track them. Have access to a centralized pool that provides you tools for managing work times, absences and even vacation times. Furthermore, using these centralized workflows you can automatically manage all the data you need to stay on top of your resources and keep projects flowing. Using the utilization view, you can see at a glance what employees are doing, when they are doing it and how much is being done across all your projects. All changes you make are updated in real-time so that you can always allocate resources properly without hindering the progression of your projects.

Use your centralized workflows to gain insights into your projects.

All the reporting functions that come with Merlin project can help you gain visibility throughout all your organizational projects. Using the Modular design, you can clearly see what information your bosses or customers want, in a clear structured path. Have all the information in the right place in your reports and even add notes or refine the data to complete it.

Compile all your reports to suit your personal preferences to the situation. Using a range of diagrams that complement the basic data list and various text modules, you can have clean and clear reports for review. You can also turn any view you create into a report for others to examine. Through Merlin Project, you have unlimited possibilities when it comes to how you present reports.

Additional Features:

  • Through the sync features you can integrate all changes made to projects with ease. You can even conduct research or create a project document from the cloud and have them seamlessly sync into your existing projects. Furthermore, you can work offline temporarily and not worry about whether the information you gather while offline will sync within your projects.
  • Add outside information to your projects through the ability to create attachments. You can take documents you find from just about anywhere and drag them into any activity. Furthermore, like an email attachment, you can attach additional information.
  • Create project checklists so that you never miss crucial components of any project. Make checklists for risk classes, potential impacts, events and participants along with so much more that can be placed within any project portfolio so that nothing ever gets missed.

Pricing Details of Merlin Project:

There are two subscription plans you can choose from for your organization. Both have an available free trial.

Subscription 1:

This plan is $149 per year per user. You get all the features and can modify your subscription to match your team size. There is also a discount for larger teams.

Subscription 2:

This plan is $99 per year per user and your get all the essential features.

Technical Details of Merlin Project:

This iOS project management software is designed to be on-premise deployed. Furthermore, the only devices compatible with this software are any iOS or Mac OS devices. There is an app that is compatible with your iPhones and your iPads.

Supported languages are English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German and Japanese.

Support Details of Merlin Project:

When you have a software that provides you centralized workflows, you need to know it is going to run smoothly. However, with all technology, there might be some potential issues that arise. When this happens, you need to know that Merlin Project will have your back. You are counting on this software for your business processes and that makes it an essential part of your organization. For that reason, here are the support details offered by Merlin Project.

  • Email: Get in touch with the representatives at Merlin Project via email when you have questions or concerns. They strive to respond as quickly as possible.
  • Training: There are extensive training options available. You can have on-premise training, online training or webinars to help you navigate through this iOS project management software. The trainers use the software daily themselves, so you are sure to get an extensive lesson on how to use this software for your business processes.
  • Resources: On the vendor website is an extensive list of resources available. You can get help regarding lost licenses, ICS To CVS conversion and conversions from Microsoft Project. Furthermore, there is a range of documentation, questions and answers along with released notes that you can review.


Merlin Project is an iOS project management software. What this means is that it is highly specific software for only certain organizations that are using Apple products. However, use this software for individuals within an organization who prefer Apple products, such as your Project Managers. As this software is on-premise and licensed software, there are relatively few support options as the training covers just about everything. If you meet the criteria for what Merlin Project was designed for, there are a lot of great uses for it. The features list is extensive and you can do just about anything in a clear, concise way.

Having the ability to use multiple views into your projects and being able to create centralized workflows, you can make the most of this software in order to get things done promptly — the various reporting functions along with the flexibility to present projects how you see fit is an added bonus. Also, being able to work offline when you don’t have data or internet connectivity while having all information inputted sync up the minute connectivity is restored is also very convenient.

Ultimately, you know what you are looking for better than anyone. As Merlin Project is designed for Mac OS and iOS devices, if this is what you are looking for, it is a great contender. However, do your homework, read end-user reviews and be sure to see what experts are saying before you make a final decision.