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Full Marketing Optimizer Conversion Rate Optimization Software Review — All You Need to Know About Marketing Optimizer


Marketing Optimizer has a pretty bland name. Like they never got around to choosing something more enticing. That said, if you’re looking to better your marketing efforts, the tool will probably help you boost conversions and drive traffic.

The platform is used for generating leads and moving them through the pipeline. You can also use it to create marketing collateral and trigger emails based on events.

In all, it looks like Marketing Optimizer is primarily an email marketing tool with a few extras built in. There’s no landing page builder, but you can manage your mailing list and take advantage of dynamic content.

Below, we’ll look at the platform to see how users might incorporate this tool into their own marketing efforts.

What is Marketing Optimizer?

Marketing Optimizer is a SaaS tool built for companies seeking a way to generate leads and nurture them accordingly. Where many tools focus on lead generation or email marketing, Marketing Optimizer does both—in one tool.

The tool comes with dynamic content, autoresponders, reporting and analytics, and email list management. You’ll also be able to build and edit email campaigns and set triggers based on user behavior.

Another benefit? Some users have reported that the tool is scalable and can be used for companies that sell lead data as part of their business model.


Straightforward User Interface

The UX is pretty great. Marketing Optimizer has made it easy for sales reps to find the information they need to follow up with leads, while marketing can quickly pull reports or create a new campaign.

Users have reported that this tool is highly customizable and that the automation, speed, and ease of use make for a relatively user-friendly experience. While you do need to add a snippet of code here and there to achieve full-on integration, it won’t take long to get acquainted with Marketing Optimizer.

Drive More Leads

This platform allows you to learn from every visitor that passes through your site. Understand which content is working and which content needs a little help.

Launch landing pages, run A/B tests and learn more about your customers by recording calls.

The tool also allows you to score leads for your sales team, and send along data, so they’ll have the insights needed to turn leads into customers.

Lead Management

Marketing Optimizer provides you with a CRM tool that allows you send lead capture data to your account. Data includes user behavior before the visitor turned into a lead, so you’ll have the full context before you make that initial contact.

Additionally, you can distribute leads based on the campaign or call data, making sure they get sent to the sales rep that seems like the best fit.

What’s more is, Marketing Optimizer allows you to automate your lead nurturing process. Automating tasks like lead scoring and running campaigns based on email triggers can offload some of the responsibilities associated with sales.

Close the Loop

Gather all of your web metrics together for closed-loop reporting. This tool integrates with your website for accurate, real-time reporting that looks at everything from site visits, to calls to email opens.


A/B and Split Testing

Learn which messaging and visuals work best for generating engagement. The platform comes with built-in testing features which let you test all kinds of elements from landing pages to CTAs and buttons.

The setup process is simple. Go to the tool’s variation tab and choose a test type from the drop-down menu. The example below shows that the user selected to test calls to action—looking at the sign-up button in particular.

To run a test, you will have to add an integration code to your site to track the results. It’s not super advanced, but newer marketers may need to request a walkthrough to learn the ropes right off the bat.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows you to automatically send out emails, a brochure, or follow up with a lead. The benefit here is, the tool helps you create automations that sound personal while allowing the sales team to focus on other things.

The automations feature looks like a backend form with a ton of fields. We mention this as, it highlights the fact that Marketing Optimizer isn’t the most intuitive, visually engaging tool.

That said, automating certain marketing processes isn’t especially difficult. All you do to get going is head to the “automations” action and add a new automation.

Select the filters you’d like to add, which will dictate where you send your leads and what you want to do with them. Filters include: sending an email, adding an event, assigning a lead, or sending an SMS notification.

Email Marketing

The email marketing tool lets you edit email templates with the drag and drop editor. Use the tool to build your own newsletters and send your missives automatically. You can also choose to automate messages to look like they came from a member of the sales team for a more personal feel.

Campaign Tracking

Track every marketing channel from social media to email marketing. Analyze how many people are clicking through to your website from your PPC campaigns versus your content marketing campaigns.

Campaign tracking allows you to look into how much it costs to generate each lead and how much revenue has been generated from every conversion.

This feature gives you more visibility into your true ROI, so you don’t have to pull reports from Google Analytics and elsewhere or rely on spreadsheets for information.

Call Tracking

Track voice calls, too. Marketing Optimizer lets you connect inbound voice calls to your website browsing path and marketing campaign. You can opt to record calls or not, but either way, this feature lets you look at every interaction as part of a greater whole.

You’re not looking at calls versus emails in a vacuum. With Marketing Optimizer, sales teams have data to show where they stand with each lead.


The tool itself isn’t priced at the bargain bin side of the marketing spectrum, rather, we’re looking at mid-sized businesses.

All plans come with the same features, but pricing is based on the number of leads you can collect each month.

Admittedly, it’s not our favorite way to divide pricing tiers, as businesses going through periods of growth and slowdowns may fluctuate between plans.

Additionally, it’s not like the leads themselves cost Marketing Optimizer much to collect. There’s no difference in the technology and you’re not exactly paying for storage, so it’s just sort of arbitrary.

The quick rundown on the pricing breakdown:

Small Business

Anyway, pricing starts at $249 for the small business plan. In this plan, you’ll be able to capture 3,000 leads.


With the Growth plan, you’ll now be able to track 10,000 leads. It’s $499 a month, which again, seems a bit high.


The Established Plan comes with 20,000 leads a month and will cost you $799 per month. At this price point, we can’t get behind the idea of caps on leads.


If 20,000 isn’t enough for you, you have the option to set up an Enterprise account by getting in touch with sales. They’ll put together a custom plan for you based on the number of leads you need. Again, the only extra features you get are more leads.

Technical Specifications

Marketing Optimizer is a cloud-based solution. You can access the tool using any device that connects to the web. However, there’s no dedicated mobile app. As you can imagine, you’ll get the best results by using a desktop or laptop.

Who is this For?

This platform claims to be suited for small businesses, as well as medium-sized organizations and enterprise level companies.

The small business plan starts a $249 per month, which, honestly, seems a bit costly for a mom and pop type organization.

Additionally, this tool is probably most useful for businesses that have a sales and marketing team with a greater need for visibility between the two. Again, this platform’s main benefit is the ability to pull data from multiple sources. We’re talking advertising campaigns, tests, and landing page designs. You can also score leads and collect customer data. As such, it might be overpowered for small companies with minimal marketing efforts and smaller teams.

Marketing Optimizer for WordPress

Where they don’t mention any integration partners on the site, Marketing Optimizer does have its own WordPress plug-in, meaning it will work with whatever else you’ve connected to your backend—if you’re a WordPress user, that is.

The WP plug in brings more functionality to the table than if you were to use the tool with another website hosting platform, as the two platforms would be separate.

With the plug-in, you’ll now be able to create landing pages from a variety of templates. Unfortunately, you have to be a WP user to access this feature. Templates include overlays and popups, landing pages, newsletters, and blog.

We will mention, however, the templates look pretty bad, so you may want to use the blank template and import code from elsewhere for a better branding experience.

Marketing Optimizer WordPress templates

Support Details

While the tool itself could be a little more attractive and the presentation of the features more robust, it’s clear that Marketing Optimizer has a lot to offer.

The makers of the product demonstrate a willingness to be helpful, providing contact information, the opportunity to schedule a demo and plenty of resources for marketers looking to learn.

Site Features Lots of Tips and Tricks

Marketing Optimizer provides a lot of information on the website. They look at optimizing basics, beyond where the tools fit into the equation. One article on the site looks at all of the factors that come into play—like web copy, a sales funnel, a place for leads, and so on.


The blog, again, focuses on utility. Lead the basics of lead scoring in two parts or decide which metrics you should track in your A/B tests.

Quick Start Guide

Where the features rundown doesn’t paint a clear picture of how everything in this platform works, Marketing Optimizer does provide a look at how to get started with their Quick Start Guide.

You’ll find this little guide at the top of the page. It’s pretty good for A—getting prospective users the chance to see what it’s like to set up events or tests. And B—it’s helpful for new users.

Here, the makers of Marketing Optimizer provide some additional context for implementing the tool.

Demo Available Upon Request

If you’d like more information, you can fill out the form on the website and schedule a demo. This might be your best bet for learning more. Ask questions about the process and the reps will let you know how you can use certain features in your business model.

What’s the Verdict on Marketing Optimizer?

Marketing Optimizer has some great features. And while the name suggests that this is a marketer’s best friend, the real winners here are the sales team.

The ability to funnel leads to the right person, as well as manage leads, track spending, and more are ideal for bridging the gap between the two departments.

According to the homepage, Marketing Optimizer was built to give sales teams and marketers an easier way to manage leads, as well as capture them in the first place.

Combining the best of a CRM, a CRO, and an email marketing tool, Marketing Optimizer is as close to an all-in-one solution as you can get. You’ll get the most bang for your buck if you’re using WordPress, the plug-in allows you to create templates and forms you won’t get in the web app.

That said, there were a few things we didn’t love. The price, for one. Starting at $249 a month, this platform isn’t exactly as small-business friendly as they claim to be. Plus, the caps on lead capture made the pricing structure seem even less like a good value.

We also didn’t get a great sense of how well this actually worked for reporting and analytics. There were few reviews that mentioned whether these features were good or bad–and that seems like a critical piece missing from our ability to give this a fair review.