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Full Marin Content Marketing Software Review – All You Need to Know About Marin


Remember how it was hard to manage your online campaigns? Well, platforms like the Marin software have changed that. Now, online advertising is as easy as ABC!

Founded back in 2016, Marin Software was birth as a way to give digital agencies and advertisers the power to boost their paid marketing campaigns.

Since its introduction, the Marin software has thrived in many ways. In 2011 and 2012, the software reported revenue of $36 million and $50 million respectively. And, by the end of the second quarter of 2018, it reported net revenue of $14.3 million.

While the Marin software has seen growth over the years, there are still little areas that need fixing. You might experience some bugs and glitches while using the software.

That said, in this review, you’ll have a full understanding of the in and out of the Marin software, its benefits, drawbacks, and features.

What is Marin?

Let’s get right to business! What can we say about the Marin software?

Marin is a cloud-based application that offers you a unique solution for online ad management. Marin allows you to manage your social media, content display, and search through a neatly integrated platform.

The platform brings you an advanced suite for targeting your audience. This suite helps you segment and analytically understand your audience. Also, with the use of appropriate display features, you can develop a separate strategy for each section.

The Marin software bridges the gap between the three core modules that let you achieve the desired results from a marketing campaign:

  • The leading edge technology of this platform, which is the social feature that combines massive scale processing, intuitive design, and advanced optimization.
  • On the other hand, the social feature which is powered by cross-channel information that lets it respond to the conditions set by different social advertisers.
  • Finally, the software’s display feature which is a transparent prospecting and re-targeting solution built with the mindset of cross-channel marketing.

With numerous ad exchange integrations, Marin helps you extend your influence via systematic conversion, look-like modeling, and prospecting. Also, operations are easily performed using Murin because of its friendly and neat interface.

Pros of Using The Marin Software

You might be wondering what attracts small businesses to the Marin software. Well, you are about to find out!

Highlighted below are some of the reasons you might want to choose Marin as your online marketing solution.

Robust Bidding Algorithm

The Marin software has a robust bidding algorithm with an analytics team that helps you build customized tools for monitoring bids. This bidding tool mainly improves your efficiency when utilized.

Integrated into the platform is an automated tool which is excellent and works very well.

Awesome Campaign Management Tools

With Marin’s campaign management tools, you vastly decrease the time you spend on campaign management.

The software also provides you with timely inputs on new areas and tools that you could further automate.

Multiple Platform Management

Using the Marin software lets you manage multiple accounts on a single platform. You can manage your Yahoo, Facebook, MSN, and Google pay per click accounts all on Marin.

Excellent Support

Both the professional services and client services teams of the Marin platform are beneficial. The platform also provides you with excellent support from its analytics team and account executives.

The professional services team of the platform help you get integrated with various countries. Also, they work with you to all accept the customization from whatever data you pass to them.

Tasks Automation

With Marin, you can automate tasks like adding long tails or negative keyword using the search terms report. This tool saves you a lot of time.

Bulk Changes Across Multiple Platforms

The Marin software lets you make bulk changes across multiple platforms like Bing and AdWords at the same time.

A Simple Dashboard

Marin has a simple and easy-to-understand dashboard that is easy to navigate around. In a glance, you get quick updates and overall knowledge of ROI, spend, and more.

Customizable Reports

Reports can be customized easily using the Marin software. The best part is, you can pull these reports across various clients.

Flexible Dimensions

Using the Marin platform lets you add dimensions which focus on the needs of individual clients.

Cons of Using The Marin Software

There’s no “perfect” software. So, the Marin software expectedly comes with its flaws.

Now, what are these flaws and drawbacks? You’re about to find out!

Issues When Syncing Data

When syncing data with Marin from third-party apps like Omniture, you might run into a lot of problems. Some of your data might completely go missing for specific days.

Trouble Uploading Sitelinks

Sitelinks are not the easiest to view and upload when using Marin. You spend valuable time before getting these Sitelinks.

Slow Download Speeds

The Marin software is a bit slow when downloading reports. A better downloading speed might help you get more done in a day.

Complex Bidding Algorithm

Though the tool does not reflect it, you need to have a good knowledge of how the bidding algorithm works. You can’t be completely hands-off when bidding. You need first to familiarise yourself with the algorithm.

Issues With AdWords Editor

When using the AdWords Editor for bulk changes in the Marin platform, you might find out that it sometimes does not upload correctly. This issue can be frustrating.

Slow Integration of New Features

The Marin software is a little slow when it comes to the integration of new features. The platform takes longer than it should when transitioning to a new stage.

Complex Set-Up

Though its reporting features aren’t terrible, Marin has a rather complicated setup. You might find it time-consuming when setting up initially.

Features of The Marin Software

The Marin has a couple of impressive features that make it one of the best online ad management solutions. You can carry out A/B tests easily, target a specific audience, generate marketing demands, and more.

So, what are the features that make the Marin software unique?

A/B Testing

This feature of the Marin software lets you set up and analyze A/B tests easily for your paid search accounts across Gemini, Bing, and Google. You can also set up A/B tests for ad copy and keywords.

The A/B testing feature is beneficial when you want to optimize a paid search account.

Cross-Channel Advertising

The Marin software has a cross-channel advertising feature that lets you embrace the conversion advantages of cross-channel visibility and control. This feature also enables you to:

Gain In-Depth Cross-Channel Insights

Marin lets you unify your customer’s journey across all channels. This unification helps you make better planning and budgeting decisions.

The platform unites third-party, cross-channel, and in-house which helps you base your bid, creative decisions, and budget on complete data. This data also gives you audience-targeted insights into program-wide performances.

Have Audience-Targeted Campaigns

You can identify and target your most valuable audiences on their behaviors across multiple channels.

With audience-level reports, you have an understanding of your best segments. These reports let you refine channel use and campaigns as you discover the best strategies to drive conversions.

Understand Customer Intent

With Marin, you can customize messages and enhance targeting using focused signals across channels.

The platform has a Search Intent Tool that automatically builds out campaigns and audiences based on categories of keywords that consider signals.

Effectively Allocate Budget

The Marin software offers you scenario planning and forecasting tools that you can use in identifying opportunities. This insight, in turn, helps you reallocate budget among channels and improves performance.

Strengthen Your Brand

Marin’s cross-channel advertising feature ensures your customers have a singular experience of your brand across different channels.

When you coordinate campaigns, your customers get the same message across social and search channels.

Unify Reports

Murin provides you with a cohesive platform for cross-audience and cross-channel optimization and reporting. You get a unified dashboard that gives you an insight into key performance metrics. This data lets you effectively and quickly compare your campaign’s performance across audiences and channels.

You can also drill down to the conversion, creative, and campaigns levels to fix issues and improve performance.

Search Tool

Marin’s Search feature lets you save time with intuitive tools that easily scale and automate campaigns. This feature also enables you to do a couple of other things like:

Control Context

With Marin, you can engage your targeted audiences by the time of day, location, and device easily. This feature also lets you successfully focus on, acquire, and engage customers wherever they are and whenever you want, regardless of device.

You also have a streamlined workflow that enables you to set mobile bid adjustments. You can also generate mobile-ready ad creative, adjust day parting strategies, and sync and view your Sitelink and call ad extensions.

Increase Relevance

Marin lets you efficiently manage your shopping ads across different publishers. Now, you can include images, pricing, and product details in your shopping ads. This tool makes your ad a more engaging search experience.

With the Search feature, you can manage detail-rich product ads across Bing and Google efficiently.

Scale Campaigns

Using Marin gets you more than just Google AdWords management. You can sync your campaigns so that you can efficiently manage and expand them across publishers.

A plus side to the Search feature is that you can clone your Google campaigns to expand your reach to other customers. Effortlessly, you can extend to Baidu, Yahoo, and Bing.

Without having to duplicate your work, you grow your campaign and get improved returns.

e-Commerce Support

Marin has an e-Commerce support feature that lets you take control of your e-Commerce campaigns with cross-channel automation and power. With this feature, you are also enabled to:

Work With Your Most Valuable Data

Marin has a sophisticated audience bidding and building technology that helps you in reaching customers at the right time with the right ad.

With this technology, you can quickly focus your messages on customer segments to increase conversion. You can even optimize your words to have a customer lifetime value.

Enhance Sales And Brand Awareness On Amazon

Marin helps you intensify your advertisement on Amazon Marketing Services. The platform has a customizable automated optimization and reporting for many of Amazon’s products like Sponsored Product Ads and Headline shopping.

The software also enables you to use insights from your Google search campaigns in improving Amazon advertising performance.

Take Control of Your Product Feed

The platform has a well-designed and clean data feed. This feed lets you deliver dynamic product ads effectively. You have control over your product feed which allows you to test and optimize it before sending to Facebook, Google, or Amazon.

Keep Track of Competitor Price Changes

With the way prices change dramatically, you either have an edge or at a disadvantage. This feature helps you respond to price changes quickly and immediately adjusts your bids.

Align Efforts Across Social And Search

Marin has a Smart Sync feature that automatically synchronizes Facebook Dynamic Ads and Google Product Ads. Now, you get to reduce the amount of time spent on managing campaigns when trying to ensure consistent messages across channels.

Pricing Model of Marin

The Marin platform has a pricing model that makes use of quotes. What this means is that you receive a tailored price based on your needs and expectations.

This pricing model reduces confusion if you want to bring additional data or channels into the platform. You have access to a cross-channel view of your marketing ROI and advertising activities.

Technical Details

The Marin software is a cloud-based open API solution and therefore doesn’t require any particular application to access it. You can access your account from any computer with a Windows or iOS operating system.

The platform supports four different languages; English, Germany, Japan, and France. And, it has a customer base that covers small to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.

Support Details

Marin has a knowledgeable and friendly support team that makes sure of a quick solution to your problems. All you have to do is to go to their contact page and fill in the necessary details. You’ll get a revert in a couple of minutes and whatever issue you have will be fixed.

Coupled with a Live Chat, they also have a media center if you have design-related or press inquiries.

To Wrap It Up

The Marin software is one of the leading cloud-based ad management solutions that help businesses optimize their marketing strategy. The platform gives you access to cross-channel advertising, e-Commerce support, A/B testing, campaign management tools, and more. Also, the pricing depends on your needs and expectations.

Though it has its drawbacks (honestly, which software doesn’t?), Marin still has a lot to offer when it comes to managing online ads and marketing campaigns.