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Full ManagerPlus Maintenance Management Software – CMMS Review – All You Need to Know About ManagerPlus


What is ManagerPlus?

ManagerPlus is a cloud-based maintenance management software (CMMS) solution developed to assist business owners and managers get a full view over their operational needs. It is an effective SaaS tool that caters to the most primary needs of your business including work order management, historical records overseeing, and preventive maintenance for programs and schedules.

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The software was developed with the idea of providing small, corporate, and enterprise businesses with a tool that requires less involvement from an IT staff or the need to have the software deployed on their local frameworks. ManagerPlus is an automated solution that provides the most basic functions and comprehensive coverage brought by a single platform. It can manage your business assets, provide maintenance and preventive measures, manage your inventory and budgeting, track your customer movement, and an audit trail to keep tabs of your whole business.

ManagerPlus was developed by the company with the same namesake. The company has been in existence for about 25 years, and ManagerPlus is their flagship software built for industries of all shapes and sizes. The SaaS tool is an easy-to-use and fully functional maintenance management software which makes project organization and management plain and easy. ManagerPlus is highly customizable based on your everyday functions that it simply works the way you manage your tasks.


Aside from its robust functionality and use, ManagerPlus is also mobile-friendly which makes work completion faster and easier. It streamlines every angle of your work process and reduces redundancy and time-consuming task management. ManagerPlus aims to increase your workforce productivity and give you an oversight of how their performance is fairing. It increases your work productivity, allows you to streamline every function, and guide you through an intelligent approach for every business goal.

One of the strongest points of ManagerPlus is its very low learning curve. The software literally can be deployed into your existing system without having extensive training and additional guidance and instructions from an internal IT team. ManagerPlus was created to be used the moment it is integrally implemented into your system. The power of ManagerPlus comes from its simplicity, ease-of-use, and functionality.

ManagerPlus is a software tool created for asset-extensive and resource intensive industries like the manufacturing sector, construction, agriculture, transportation, and various other industries with lots of properties and belongings at hand. The software helps reduce operational expense by helping managers effectively handle and oversee every aspect of operations.

ManagerPlus Benefits

Using a maintenance management software, in more ways than one, can help improve your business operations. Not only does it simplify tasks, but also allows you to effectively administer and manage tasks for your team or department. ManagerPlus, speaks for itself because the software enables you to work smarter and more effectively. Some of the most notable benefits of using M+ includes:

Affordable web-based CMMS solution

One of the key concepts utilized during the development of ManagerPlus was to create an intelligent solution that can be accessed anywhere. The platform not only is located on the cloud, but it also offers ease of access whenever your business needs crucial information. ManagerPlus seamlessly integrates with your existing platform and offers mobility functions which allow accessibility both on smart devices and computer terminals.

No training required for software integration

Keeping itself low-cost in several aspects of its implementation process is one benefit of using ManagerPlus. The maintenance management software does not require users to undergo extensive training and neither does it need the command of a network administrator. The software easily integrates into your system and can be readily utilized upon deployment. It has a low learning curve even for users with limited or are not tech-savvy. ManagerPlus provides every user with the needed tools to automate their processes without requiring too much time of the integration and implementation phase.


Reduces workload from network administrators

One key aspect of running your business to its full capacity is to reduce workload from all sides of the field. ManagerPlus does this by automating important tasks that often consume too much time and effort on network administrators. By allowing users to focus on their jobs, ManagerPlus creates a premise where decisions are implemented correctly and workers are able to enhance their productivity.

Power and flexibility

ManagerPlus is highly customizable based on your operational needs. It offers three major editions to suit your business needs. Each of the Editions provides the needed functionality with tools and commands that allow you to create a personalized SaaS tool. It is highly effective in reducing redundancy with tasks by allowing you to schedule and review persistent and repetitive tasks. The software streamlines workflow processes and consolidates reports to give you a good view of your company performance. Work orders are also systematically assigned to individual members so you can manage, track assets, control inventory, and effectively create reports for POs, budgeting, and various other reports needed.

Fully integrated with the M+ Cloud

ManagerCloud is also a key feature that offers one of the most useful benefits. This cloud-based solution has a low implementation phase and costs lower than most CCMS solutions deployed on-premise. The interface also has a desktop software feel, making it easy to adjust to implementation demands.

Ease scheduling and reviewing of repetitive maintenance tasks

Offering a robust set of tools that allow you to simplify tasks, Manager Plus easily lets you schedule and review repetitive maintenance tasks. The software consolidates your reports and presents them in a clear way so you are able to work on the next steps for your whole organization. Manager Plus also supports a role-based task model where users can perform and manage tasks according to the specific roles assigned. This role-based task hierarchy allows you to manage tasks, update, and submit them systematically. The M+ Desktop features some of the most powerful segmentation tools including asset tracking, purchase order management, budget reporting, and work order administration.



ManagerPlus Features

Offering a simple solution to your complex business maintenance management problem, ManagerPlus is one of the most reliable CMMS tools you would need. The software can be perfectly tailored to address your business needs and is easily accessible through all media and platforms. Also competitively priced, ManagerPlus is ideal for any sized business including small to medium and large enterprise.

Some of the noteworthy functionalities included in the ManagerPlus features include:

  • Simple asset management tools and commands.
  • Ease of scheduling for preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Purchase order oversee and management
  • Work order management
  • Scanning and printing of barcodes
  • Intuitive planning calendar
  • Highly detailed reporting
  • Extensive reports filtering
  • Data export through different file formats
  • Robust business performance analytics
  • Inventory tracking
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Role-based login hierarchy and security

ManagerPlus is easily one of the most powerful tools for managing work orders, administrating preventive maintenance schedules, looking through historical records, and effectively overseeing every aspect of your business operations. It allows you to plug your existing spreadsheet files directly into the software to streamline every work process.


ManagerPlus also easily integrates with other tools including the leading GPS systems, accounting tools, and various other vehicle tracking systems. The software fully automates your work processes removing the need for paper and letting you focus on the most important aspects of your business operations.

The software also comes in two different variants which can either be installed on-premise or in-cloud.  A license can be purchased for the M+ Desktop which can be directly installed into your existing OS platform. Or the M+ Cloud which gives you an option to deploy the web-based SaaS tool through any browser or internet-enabled smart devices.

As an asset management tool, ManagerPlus fits perfectly with industries that are asset-intensive. Software users normally fall under industries like manufacturing, construction, transportation, and the agricultural sector. These industries benefit from the software because they are able to reduce operational expenses while at the same time increasing the ROI demands of their specific businesses.

ManagerPlus also has a single PoC (point-of-contact) which can be utilized for asset maintenance and critical asset information oversee. The different service variation also allows intended users to create a highly customized SaaS tool which can be scaled based on their existing and future demands.

Easily, ManagerPlus improves business efficiency, streamlines your business’ current maintenance tasks, and systematically organizes your purchasing process and inventory management. The set of features make the tool powerful so you can set your focus on the essential aspects of running your business.



ManagerPlus was intentionally developed for different sized business sectors in need of a solid asset maintenance tool. The developers created specific plans based on the needs of individual businesses to prevent them from acquiring non-essential tools that only burden their system and finances. All these pricing variants come with the number of system users you intend to have involved and the essential features needed by your business.

ManagerPlus Cloud (Annual Billing)

Basic (Standard CMMS Functions) – $45 per user/month

  • 3 users (minimum)
  • Scheduling of Preventive Maintenance
  • Basic Reporting
  • Data Importing (Self-serve)
  • Configurable Fields
  • Asset Management
  • Work Orders
  • Meter Tracking
  • Parts Listings

*Free Educational Webinars, Unlimited Support, and 24/7 Learning Center Portal Access

Corporate Businesses – $85 per user/month

  • All tools and features of the Basic+ Subscription
  • Budgeting and Expense
  • Inventory and Purchasing Tools
  • Audit Trail
  • Enhanced Data Security and Role-based Log-in Protocol
  • Depreciation
  • Customer and Meter Tracking (logs)
  • Inspections
  • Business Intelligence Toolsets
  • Notifications
  • Additional Reporting

*Free Educational Webinars, Unlimited Support, and 24/7 Learning Center Portal Access + One Request Portal and the included Mobile App

Enterprise Level Subscription – $125 per user/month

  • All features included in the Basic+ and Corporate+ Plans
  • Added Reporting Tools and Charts
  • Warranty Tracking (Asset Parts)
  • Multi-Site Location (not included in annual or monthly fees)
  • Multi-Warehousing Distribution
  • Business Intelligence Toolsets
  • 1 Sandbox License

*Free Educational Webinars, Unlimited Support, and 24/7 Learning Center Portal Access + Unlimited Request Portal and the included Mobile App

ManagerPlus Desktop – Request by Quote 

Onboarding Packages

The developers also offer Onboarding Packages which are focused on how users will get the most of their subscription. Learn more about their Onboarding Packages by visiting their Pricing page here.

Interested users can also request for a free demo by visiting their website or simply clicking this link. The free demo also includes a free consultation to help you and your business determine the needed tools to run your asset management optimally. Simply fill in the form located on the link to get started.


Technical Details

ManagerPlus supports most of the leading OS devices running on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The SaaS tool also supports Web-based tools including the latest versions of most leading browsers.

The software only supports the English Language for now.

The pricing model of the asset management software allows users to choose an affordable payment method based on their business capacity. Users can opt for a one-time payment, and annual subscription or a quote-based pricing depending on their business tools customization.

Deployment of ManagerPlus is cloud-hosted or cloud-based.

Support Details

Developed to be user-friendly and flexible, ManagerPlus is an extremely useful automation tool to help your business manage its assets and inventory. They offer a wide and expansive Customer Support to help them integrate the software into their existing tools easily and seamlessly.

ManagerPlus strives to make a difference by offering operational efficiency in asset management. They have a wide resource to let the beginning user in and familiarize themselves with the program.

Manager+ has a Blog Site where users can get instant tips, news, and updates about the software. Case Studies can also be found on their site offering a wide range of ideas for software deployment and various other topics pertaining to the SaaS tool and its offerings. Webinars, Seminars, and Training are gradually given upon request or by schedule. Learn more about their latest Webinars by selecting the schedule here.

Seminars are also provided in select areas around the country. Get more details on upcoming Cloud Seminars by visiting their Seminar page.  Get more information about their Training packages here.

The software developer also lists a couple of contacts in case users need help. Full details about individual cases inducing Sales, Quote Requests, and General Contacts can be found here.






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