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Full Looker Business Intelligence Software Review – All You Need to Know About Looker


What is Looker?

These days, data is important. In fact, there are multiple companies getting money from selling private and public information. This is simply because data is important in increasing return-on-investment for any company. However, with today’s technology, there are multiple applications that allow you to do this. Most of these applications, however, do not allow everyone in the organization to receive the same data at the same time except Looker.

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Looker is a data management software that allows various teams to share and analyze data collected from multiple sources displayed at the same time. As a result of using Looker, every member of a specific team is able to access the progress of their department and agree on a way forward. Besides, with Looker, you will get all the data displayed in a simple model that can be easily interpreted by anyone.


Personalizes Data

The Looker SaaS personalizes data according to defined parameters set by its users. This means that hypotheses can now be tested and either be used to come up with a strong strategy customizing datasets based on your company needs. In addition, Looker allows you to limit data shared based on the criteria you want. For example, you can limit the data displayed to a specific period say 3 months and use it as a case study or share it with your client.

You can also limit every data you want to be analyzed to certain dates or types of customers. With Looker, no longer do you have to spend time filtering data. Using several tweaks and parameter customizations, you can get the data you need within a short period of time.


Here are some filters you can apply using Looker:

  • Basic Filters. In most instances, you’ll see this type of filter. This software function allows users to narrow data by date and text fields. This acts as a broad filter compared to some of the options within the BI tool.
  • Advanced Matches. If you would want to narrow your searches, the advanced matches filter provides you with that You can narrow the searches to specific date ranges and detailed text searches.
  • Custom Filters. Custom filters help you specify the search criteria of what you’re looking for. You can combine the AND and OR logic to widen the search results.

Improves Efficiency

Data plays a pivotal role in improving operational efficiency in an organization. Most managers experience several challenges of finding ‘weak’ spots in company departments because of certain constraints that limit data gathering. Looker solves this by providing everyone with real-time unprocessed data at the same time. This makes it easier for every department to assess company progress and identify what needs to be changed.

Managers also have access to data that helps them understand how to organize their teams. For example, Looker provides users with data that helps them determine when the team is more productive. Using this information, managers can easily assign challenging tasks in the morning and less-challenging ones in the afternoon or evening. Besides, for every business to increase ROI, they have to abandon fixed industrial revolution concepts and support newer models and processes.

In addition, data creates a sense of fairness in the workplace. It makes it easier for managers to identify employees deserving of a promotion. With every data that Looker provides, a manager can monitor progress and growth of each employee.

 Web-Based Tools and Functions

Looker is among the few data collecting and analyzing web-based software. This means that Looker users can access all the data collected and store them on-cloud for ease of access anywhere in the world.

The Web-based capability also allows users to run remote business functions without experiencing loss of crucial data. Data applications that are offline often are slower because of hardware requirements, which often leads to file corruption and data loss.

Additionally, Looker has a very swift and active technical support. The support team is always ready to help users in case they experience technical glitches. This saves you money because you will not be forced to hire an independent professional to come and help out.

Displays the Full Dataset

When it comes to collecting, analyzing and displaying data, Looker does a good job in showing y full datasets. For example, if users want to get specific data, Looker generates an SQL, sends it to the database and displays the results in different forms such as tables and graphs.

Raw data is important because as an employer you want to have a full insight of your company’s operations. Keep in mind that you can also request Looker to provide you with a certain subset or summarization of your full dataset like most Business Intelligence apps.

It is Easy to Learn

In the recent years, Looker came up with its own language known as LookML. LookML is a language that is built on the foundation of the SQL language. This does not mean that it is a replacement for SQL but rather an improvement.

The LookML language was built with SQL in mind. The founder of Looker came up with the language because of two reasons. One, SQL had its shortcomings. Two, there hasn’t been any major improvements of data-programming languages. These reasons pushed Lloyd Tabb, the founder of Looker, to come up with the LookML.

Basically, LookML is an easier software that turns complex actions into simple tasks. Here are some benefits.


  • Reusing Codes. Data analysis involves a lot of repeated work. This makes it pretty tiresome especially if you have to rewrite codes over and over. With LookML you can reuse an existing code. Therefore, once you write it done and define a dimension, you do not have to worry about writing it again.
  • Simple Debugging Process. Every programming language faces the challenge of debugging every time. The hardest thing in most cases is finding the error in a code. Looker solves this problem because it has in-built error highlighting and auto-completion features that help fix errors quickly.
  • Fosters Collaboration. Collaboration is an important tool regardless of the vastness of the company you work for. However, the problem with most data analysis programming language is that they are disorganized making it harder for collaboration. Looker provides its programmers with the capability of collaboration because of the organization of data.

Improves Visibility of the Company

Aside from driving sales, Looker helps increase the visibility of specific patterns in the organization. It analyzes data effectively which make it suitable in various departments. For example, with Looker, you might notice that as a result of an employee coming early to work, they are improving their department and increasing productivity. These patterns can then be duplicated and reinforced in other departments too. The process allows the whole company to have an all-around improvement.

Easy to Customize

Every company and organization is looking for a business intelligence software that is both easy to use and can be customized based on what they need. This is because different businesses have different business models, wants to increase departmental efficiency, and boost company productivity.



User Defined Dashboard

A user-defined dashboard is one of those dashboards that is built through the user interface. Simply create a look and add it to a dashboard. This saves users time that would have been spent in coding LookML. Also, the user-defined dashboard provides users with full insight because it incorporates the use of both large texts and graphs.

Improved Looker Blocks 

Compared to other business intelligence software, building blocks is one of the easiest things to achieve on Looker. These blocks play a pivotal role in providing detailed aesthetic value to data analysis. All you have to do is to use the Viz Blocks and create other visualizations.

Looker also has some essential data tools that provide analytic services that are similar to Google Analytics. So, if you haven’t used the software before, but has used Google Analytics, you can simply tweak some of the settings to get that exact look.

Applications within Looker

Looker hosts various applications that provide solutions to users who want to dig up into the data of different departments of their organization.

Data Platform

 Data platform is an application that works with the data found on Looker to access and analyze data. Some of the other applications include IT Operations, Marketing, and Event Analysis. Looker is also working hard to ensure that it brings up the weather data software helpful to business that depends on the weather such as farming.

Data Merge

When you’re accessing data, you’ll find yourself in situations where you need to compare data in the different dataset to get a wide spectrum of the hypothesis. In this case, you might be forced to generate different data from multiple datasets individually. Looker provides its users with the capability of generating several subsets and full-sets of data found in different databases together for comparison. This is what makes most companies access their progress so far in different fields.


Druid Support

If you’re looking forward to using full datasets to generate column oriented latency queries, then you’re in luck. Looker supports Druid and this makes it easier for one to put a massive quantity of data into Druid and in turn get low-latency queries.

Data Modelling Capability

Whenever you get the dataset from Looker, you get confused with the kind of data displayed. This is because the data is not modeled yet meaning you have to have some level of programming experience to understand. Looker’s modeling capability is what makes it be one of the most loved business intelligence software.

Full datasets collected are put into some sort of data modeling feature upon your request and broken down into information anyone can quickly understand.  In fact, now you can customize some of those simple metrics to align with your business needs.

For example, when it comes to marketing, you can always use the marketing function. This function allows you to check the various subsets from different department giving you sight to what department is doing well and which one isn’t.

Retroactive Reporting Feature

From the many features of Looker, the Retroactive Reporting feature is among the few that is a necessity for every business. This feature allows to report on the user activity in terms of sales and complaints and use this feature to predict future models.

Integration with Different Applications

In the past, you either use Looker or independent business intelligence applications from different companies. But now, it is much easier to integrate several other software with Looker. A good example is Google Docs and Excel. All you have to do to integrate these two is to consolidate data using an API so that data on the Google Docs or Excel is mirrored on the Looker platform.


Looker does not release the pricing information because it encourages individual clients to consult pricing specialist to create an ideal structure. Just like other business intelligence software, pricing depends on the number of users you are bringing on board. Different sources suggest that Looker charges 10 users $3,000 to $5,000 a month.

Some of the features that come with the Basic Looker Software Package include: –

  • Robust Security
  • Strong Database Connection
  • Easier API Access
  • LookML
  • Access to responsive customer service

Technical Details

Looker is a highly robust BI tool that is very customizable. This means it will work for your company regardless of the nature of your business. You just need to know that you need to hire a data-savvy person who can help you build dashboards and a customized look based on your company needs.

Looker can be accessed online because it is inbuilt into the browser. Unlike other business intelligence apps, you will not need to download it to use it. You can access all the data you need wherever you are.

Support Details

Looker is a software that runs online. This means that it is easier for you to access and also it will not cost you a lot of in terms of hardware to set it up and have it running smoothly. Additionally, as a result of how it runs, the technical support team is always online to help you out.

So, if you experience some difficulties opening up a specific database, feel free to get in touch with one of the members of the support team via live chat, email or by calling them.


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