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Full Litmos LMS Review – All you need to know about Litmos

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Learning never stops and organizations need it the most.  Regardless of which types of goals related to learning or training you are aiming to achieve – whether it is about growing sales, increasing engagement, improving productivity, maintaining compliance, or reducing risk – Litmos LMS will help you to attain those goals. Being a cloud-based solution that brings together virtual, mobile, classroom, e-commerce and social capabilities in a single, scalable and secure platform, Litmos software empowers organizations in different ways.

With Litmos LMS, training departments, HR teams, sales leaders, and safety and compliance managers are empowered to collaborate, globally distribute, and author training courses that are web-based in addition to scheduling and tracking courses that are led by instructors. Litmos software provides learners of all positions and abilities – customer, employee, partner or franchisee – the opportunity to access from anywhere and at any time a library of self-paced courses via an intuitive user interface which is consistent across different mobile devices.

Users of Litmos LMS have access to several packaged integrations which makes it possible for businesses to easily connect their training programs and learning data to critical information systems and applications. The proven integrations lower the strain on IT, reduce time to value, offer greater opportunities for blended learning, and increase the rate of user adoption.

What difference does Litmos LMS contribute to learning?

Litmos software supports speedy building and delivery of courses

With Litmos software, you can easily create and publish professional courses designed for training and learning.

The application plays the role of an advanced course builder which has a user-friendly interface that allows administrators to channel out dynamic learning quickly through leveraging on content that already exists. These include several learning packages and digital media files in AICC, Tin Can, and SCORM formats.

Administrators can also find, search, and repurpose content that is part of different courses in Litmos LMS. Learners using Litmos LMS can access complete and published courses from anywhere and at any time. With its responsive user interface, users can access consistent courses that are enjoyable independent of the device or browser that they are using. Using Limos mobile, learners can download courses to Litmos LMS mobile app and access them when offline.

Litmos LMS allows you to manage, organize and track training with much ease

Regardless of the differences in learning needs of every individual, training teams can use Litmos software to personalize training while avoiding administrative overhead. Training programs can be organized in teams, groups, individuals or departments. You can also schedule and track live training sessions that are instructor-led and also online courses.

Litmos software allows you to maximize the engagement and retention of learners

With its visually interactive and intuitive experience, Litmos software is very engaging to learners both on desktop and smartphone. The application allows learners to search and find courses with ease, make notes, consume rich content at their own speed, learn while on the move, and provide immediate feedback among other things.

Shorten time to value

With Litmos LMS, you can execute your training plan and attain results immediately. Its cloud-based platform can be deployed and be up and running within weeks and not months.

What is Litmos LMS?

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Litmos LMS is a cloud-based LMS that brings together virtual, mobile, classroom, e-commerce and social capabilities in a single and scalable platform that is also secure and able to meet the training needs of any organization. With Litmos software, you will be able to engage learners anytime using native apps for iOS and Android, extend your ecosystem using REST APIs and prepackaged connectors, and provide data protection using enterprise-grade security.

Litmos software is useful when it comes to employee training, compliance training, partner training and customer training. Litmos LMS is currently part of SAP and has become the fastest-growing learning solution for enterprises. Through this application, learning management, prepackaged content and the extended enterprise are unified in an innovative platform in order to meet the external and internal training needs of an organization.

The application helps organizations interested in learning to attain success as a result of being highly secure, focusing on the end user, and providing time to value that is faster than traditional learning systems. Limos LMS is used by more than four million users in over 130 countries and the application uses 28 languages to optimize learning and development, monetize training, and improve performance.

Litmos software is a top corporate learning solution, and a traditional Salesforce partner which provides data exchange that is secure plus sales and service training. With Litmos LMS, both external and internal learning programs have been automated but it remains an easy and simple to use LMS that doesn’t require dedicated training and costly installations.

Litmos software is highly targeted to established companies and midmarket firms and its client base include several members of Fortune 1000. Small businesses can also purchase affordable packages that are up to 100 users. Litmos LMS is highly preferred as compared to cheaper LMS systems because it doesn’t have a setup fee and on-point customer support is not limited to a specific package.

The pricing of Litmos software is dependent on the number of users that you intend to involve, and the type of learning support that you require. The solution offers third-party partnerships with applications such as Shopify and this makes it possible for you to sell courses. The software can also be successfully integrated with other applications such as Centrify, Okta, Box, OneLogin, and Ping, and other similar applications. It is also one of the few SCORM certified learning and security solutions.

And how does Litmos LMS improves learning productivity? First, the application is hassle-free and a little clustered as compared to standard admin dashboards and it has a central chart which compiles user logins, links to activities of the admin, and completed tasks. It also has a left-positioned bar which lists courses, reports, groups, conversations, and system settings. And it is true that that’s all you need to successfully manage a learning program.

With Litmos LMS, you can create interactive courses directly on the dashboard or through importing third-party content. You can also implement leaderboards, points, badges, and extra gamification features for the purposes of motivating your team.

Litmos software also supports customization as you can tailor learning paths from end-to-end, employees’ curricula such that they align with course sequence, and report on any module, course, or even a distinct task. Apart from courses, Litmos LMS also offers you access to learning materials and reference docs which you can access from any location using any device.

Benefits of Litmos LMS

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Similar to many learning management systems, Litmos LMS also comes with several benefits for trainers, learners, and businesses.

Litmos LMS is easy to deploy, has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and is affordable

The Limos software solution can be deployed and start to work in a very short period of time usually weeks. The application also has an intuitive interface that is easy to understand and navigate and this supports quickly creating courses. The LMS solution is sold in form of affordable pricing packages and it can also successfully integrate with other applications to add to its productivity.

Limos LMS is ahead of the competition

As an advantage, Litmos software is backed by a good reputation of its parent company and the product is occassionaly kept up to date in accordance with the latest industry trends. For this reason, the software offers advanced features for improving the quality of training that is provided to learners and this is regardless of the type of content that you use.

Course creation is easy and trainee interaction is effective

Litmpos LMS reduces the complexity and difficulty that could be experienced in creating course libraries by offering a gamification vibe and this reduces the time spent by administrators in doing so. With Litmos software, files could be imported from Dropbox and Box accounts and you can also drag-and-drop from the local database. You can also easily create new files using the solution’s WYYSIWYG editor.

The type and format of files that can be created or uploaded in Litmos do not matter since it also supports Tin Can and SCORM. The LMS solution also supports large files and thus you can use video materials without worries. Created modules are arranged in alphabetical order and you can easily search and find them using filter data such as keywords, dates, categories, and course/content types.

Litmos for training

SCORM certification

Litmos LMS beats many LMS providers because unlike them, Litmos software is SCORM certified in order to keep data secure and safe and allowing it to be accessed from any location and across different devices.

Litmos supports evaluation of user performance

The application provides invaluable insights that are helpful in understanding users and evaluating their performance. The data can later be used for real-time, traditional and custom reporting. Every report and summary in Litmos LMS can be displayed in form of charts and tables and be easily exported as PDF or CSV files.

Streamlined and solid integrations

With Litmos LMS, you can easily integrate with third party applications and thus you will be able to import and export data from these systems plus e-signing tools, and sales and marketing solutions.

Litmos LMS eliminates ‘who-where-what’ problems

As a user of Litmos software, it will be easy for you to categorize learners, organize training programs and learners, and assign them to teams, groups, selected individuals or departments. This makes the application an ideal choice for small, medium, and large corporate businesses. It will be also easy for you to schedule, hold and track live training sessions and integrate the system with all the other business applications you are using.

Maintain compliance

With Litmos software, you can demonstrate compliance through real time, out-of-the box dashboards and reports or customize your own reports and deliver them via multiple channels.

Litmos for learners

Features of Litmos LMS

Litmos LMS comes with several features that make it possible for the system to provide its functionalities and these include the following.

  • Embedded content creation tools that support multiple formats
  • Messages & notifications
  • SCORM & TIN CAN certified
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Schedule live courses – ILT
  • Multi-language & localization support
  • Gamification
  • Custom branding / Whitelabel
  • Real-time reporting
  • Assessment / Quiz
  • Surveys
  • Ecommerce shopping cart
  • Mobile-enabled – supported on all mobile devices
  • Sell online courses
  • Design and issue certifications of completion
  • Developer API including SalesForce, Dropbox and Okta.


Litmos LMS is offerd in different pricing packages as follows.

Litmos Heroes Courses – priced by quote

  • Pricing varies by the number of users
  • 15 various courses are offered

Learning Management – Priced per user per month basis and billed annually

Pro – $4 (151-500 active users), $6 for 501-1,000 active users, and by quote for 1,001-1M active users.

  • Email and Phone Support
  • Instructor-Led Training Module
  • SOC Type 2 Highly Secure Environment
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Recommended Courses
  • Multi-Lingual Instances
  • Single Sign-On (through Marketplace Connectors)
  • SCORM & AICC Player
  • Learner Dashboard
  • Marketplace Connectors 30+ (Excluding SFDC)
  • Custom Branding
  • Course Builder
  • Reporting & Tracking
  • Learning Paths
  • Unlimited Storage

Pro+Courses – priced at $15 for 50-150 active users, $9 for 151-500, $6 for 501-1,000 active users, and by quote for 1,001-1M users.

  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • New Courses Added Every Month
  • Highly Engaging Learning Modules
  • Ever-expanding Course Library – Available in Tin Can, SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004
  • Thousands of Learning Resources – Infographics, Pre-reading Text, Workbooks, Promotional Materials, and Offline Activities.

Litmos Training Ops – Price starts at $2,500

  • Everything you need to successfully run a training business

Try Litmos software for free at litmos.com.


Technical Details

The devices supported by Litmos LMS are those that run on Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Web-based.

The languages supported by Litmos software are English, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, and Turkish.

The pricing model for the software is monthly payment and quote-based.

Customer types supported by Litmos software are small businesses, medium businesses, large businesses, and freelancers.

The application can be deployed though cloud-hosting and open-API.

Support Details

With Litmos LMS, you will receive support through Email, phone, training, and tickets.

Contact Litmos through this phone numbers

USA: +1 925 251 2220

UK: +44 20 3829 3317

AU: +61 1300 133 151

Litmos Email Addresses:




Litmos Address:


4140 Dublin Boulevard #400

Dublin, CA 94568


Facebook: Limos by SAP

Youtube: Limos by SAP

Twitter: @Litmos

Linked In: Litmos by SAP