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Full Litmos Learning Management Software Review – All you need to know about Litmos

Litmos LMS Software

What is Litmos LMS?

Litmos LMS is a learning management system that is among the leading organizational learning systems that you can find on the market today. Traditionally, Litmos is a Salesforce partner for training and sales that is service related, it also offers secure data exchange. Having won awards in Best LMS software in 2018 and also the Expert’s Choice award in 2018, this eLearning platform has value. You will increase your learning productivity through both external and internal learning programs offered through this learning system.

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The primary target groups of Litmos LMS are mostly mid-market companies and fully established enterprises. They already have a client base that has a number of prominent Fortune 1000 member. Offered in over 130 countries and in over 28 different languages, Litmos is designed to optimize the learning experience and development across the technological and learning domains.

Litmos software has a vast group of integrations that are compatible with its learning system. This will guarantee that you will be able to blend it into your already established ecosystem. It comes with an uncluttered dashboard and everything else you could need to increase your learning productivity.

Benefits of Litmos Learning Management System:

Organizations don’t need the same thing across the board. They need a learning system that is tailored to their specific needs. Therefore, you will love the variety of benefits that come with Litmos LMS. Designed to provide you with an advanced eLearning platform, all you want can be found in this learning management system.

  • Deliver consistently to your employees, partners, customers and stakeholders across your entire business a focused training solution.
  • Highly intuitive with great functionality, this learning management system is user-friendly and fully featured.
  • Delivered in a variety of languages, you can increase learning productivity across the globe. Very useful if you have branches of your organization across multiple countries.
  • Easily manage large numbers of users on a variety of levels without confusion.
  • There are native mobile apps that are catered to Litmos LMS. This is perfect for the mobile workers and those who are working remotely.
  • Provide formalized learning that is flexible to all your users. This will enable them to work on their own accord without pressure.
  • Rest assured that employees are compliant via the regulated certifications.
  • Visualize how this eLearning platform works by signing up for a free live demo.
  • You also have the option to give it a try with a free trial period that comes with no obligations. This is the perfect opportunity to see for yourself what makes Litmos LMS a great software.
  • Litmos LMS does it’s best to stay connected to all the latest trends and opportunities within the industry.
  • You can enable remote teachings. This is great for larger groups of learners.
  • Evaluate the performance of each of your learner in detail.
  • Keep all of your teaching and learning work in a well-organized fashion to help you stay on top of your training environment.
  • All your training materials will be easily searched for because of the easy to use interface and dashboard that will increase learning productivity.

Litmos LMS Features:

Litmos LMS is often highlighted as a company that is revolutionary when it comes to your training environment. This is due to the fact that they have a variety of advanced features that deliver you an eLearning platform that is fully equipped.

There are a hassle-free navigation and a unique combination of professional external and internal programs. You want to consider this and so much more. Take a look at this overview of all the features offered by this learning system.

Exhibit easy to use learning through this professional learning management solution.

Through the online course builder, you can use embedded content and creation tools that are supported by a variety of formats. The content of each course is added in the form of modules for ease. You can schedule either virtual or classroom training that has an intuitive ILT module. It is built to be used by anyone. Make learning paths simpler through the ability to string together many different courses in a logical order. Enabling you to create personalized learning paths will help to engage your learners.

Create some beautiful assessments to help you benchmark the knowledge your learners will retain through this learning management system. This will also help you to reinforce important concepts. Get real-time messages and notifications from your learners’ activity. This will help you to drive higher course completion rates. It is a unique communication and notification system that will enhance your training environment. Increase the enhancement with gamification features that allow you to provide rewards for your learners through badges or points.

View reports that can be exported for ease of use. Review your learner’s performance and gain insights into the impact the training has. Create custom reports on aspects that aren’t already configured. Do this through the custom reporting tool. Gain insight from your learners by allowing them to provide feedback on courses. This can be done by using the built-in survey application and the already configured reports.

Increase your organizational profitability through the commerce options.

Through the Litmos LMS commerce tools, you can manage your global training operations. Open a storefront through this learning system that will allow you to sell courses for certifications across the globe. Increase your organizational visibility and profitability through these course offerings.

You can establish certification paths along with associated courses and requirements. Monitor attendance and course completion through the automatic tracking. Get an instant overview of all the pending certifications and issue automatic awards certifications. Easily package together course offerings that you can sell on a subscription basis. Give your learners the choice to view all or some of the courses that are offered.

Through the internationalization of Litmos LMS, you can localize branding. Litmos LMS supports over 100 different currencies from around the globe and there is an automatic currency conversion tool to make it easy on you. In addition, you can use the powerful tax processing tool that will allow for global taxes to be processed instantly. All tax information will automatically be saved for reporting to external systems at a later date.

Arrange your course offerings by the best off-the-shelf course library.

The most valuable asset in your organization is your staff. Therefore, you want to drive them to succeed in all they do to increase the value of your company. Allow your staff to have access to the Litmos LMS Heroes courses that you can get with the eLearning platform. This access is to a huge library of training courses. They can cover everything from health and safety to compliance and management training options. New courses are added to your eLearning platform every week. Ensure your staff always has access to the skills they will need to succeed in their jobs.

Every learning course is video-based and has a delivery eLearning platform that is designed to aid in retention. Each video is less than five minutes long so that you don’t lose your learners focus. Many of these courses also come with a wide array of resources to increase learning productivity. These resources can include things like workbooks, handouts and so much more.

Pricing Details of Litmos LMS:

There are two main pricing plans that are offered by Litmos learning management system. These are divided into user groups that are priced independently of each other.

Pro Plan:

This plan comes with a variety of features that make it appealing. Creating learning paths and the course builder are included. As well as, recommended courses, the reporting features, SOC type 2 security, a single sign-on process, over 30 connectors to the marketplace and the native mobile apps. You can also have multi-lingual instances, unlimited storage and instructor-led training modules.

The cost of Pro is as follows:

Between 150 and 500 users, it is $6 per month per user. For 501 to 1000 users, it is $4 per month per user. If you have more than 1000 users, you can contact the vendor for a quote. Billed annually is the preferred billing option by Litmos.

Pro + Courses (Litmos Heroes)

The features that are included in this plan are everything in the pro plan. However, it also includes over 2500 courses and videos, access to the expanding library, highly engaging learning modules, the many different learning resources and access to all new courses that are added.

The cost of the Pro + Courses is as follows:

For 50-150 users it is $15 per month per user. With 151 to 500 users it is $9 per month per user and for 501 users to 1000, the cost is $6 per month per user. There is the option to get it for more than 1000 users, but you need to contact the vendor for the price.

Make use of the ability to try out Litmos learning management system for free for up to 30 days. This will ensure that you will know if this is the learning system you need to support your learning productivity.

Technical Details of Litmos LMS:

This learning management system comes either as a cloud-hosted system or as an open API. Learning productivity increases through the various devices that are supported. You can use this eLearning platform on Windows or Mac devices. You can also use the web-based application on any operating system.

Increase learning productivity through the native mobile apps that are available for all your mobile devices. You can get it in the iTunes store for the iOS devices or in the Play Store for Android devices.

Languages supported: This learning system comes in many different languages. However, the languages that are supported are English, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish and Polish.

Litmos Learning Management System Support Details:

A software company is only worth looking into if they offer you the support you need to utilize their software. When it comes to your training environment, you want to be sure that this learning system will have your back when you need it. Here are the support details that come with Litmos LMS.

  • Email: No matter what plan you choose, you are sure to have access to full time email support. You can contact them at any time through this avenue.
  • Phone Support: Each plan offering comes with the phone support option for your eLearning platform. They have local numbers you can call in the United States, UK and Australia.
  • Tickets: Through the dashboard, you will have the ability to create support tickets in order to get technical help.
  • Training: There are a variety of training options that are available to you. You can get in-house training, online training through webinars and self-training that is available through a large variety of online resources. You also have access to the FAQ section to find out answers to common questions.


With an attractive pricing structure and the litany of difficult to find functions, Litmos LMS is one of today’s most sought-after learning management systems. Your learning productivity was in mind during the creation of this learning system. Traditional delivery and enhancing organizations make this an ideal eLearning platform for organizations of any size.

Is Litmos LMS the best option for your needs? You need to determine that for yourself. You know your organization best and as such, you are the one who needs to make that decision. Take the information you can get from experts and reviews of those who have been using Litmos for their learning system to help you make that decision. You also want to take a detailed look at all the pros and cons offered by this learning management system.

Offering you a comprehensive learning system Litmos is designed to increase learning productivity through the eLearning platform. It is easy to use and comes with an array of features and benefits that you will love. Litmos comes with all the various bells and whistles that are needed to qualify it as one of the best learning management systems in the market.




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