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Full LibreOffice Productivity Suite review – all you need to know about LibreOffice Productivity Suite


The computers came into existence by the wonders of technological advancements in the 20th century with the core aim of solving various typical calculative issues. With the surfing passage of time, the technological advancements prospered the efficient development of the computers. This enabled the developers to unlock the true potential of the computers by the creation of operating systems and applications which brought real-time utilities to then calculators alike.

The presence of such powerful computers in the co-presence of an understanding operating system and smart real-time applications have completely changed the way we interact with machines, opening a vast array of real-time utilities. Not every organization is fully capable of purchasing the premium software subscriptions. Start-ups and non-profit organizations make use of the freemium software to cater to their purpose. Although the software is free, it provides most of the features and functions which are provided by the high-end paid softwares. The office related softwares and suites effectively reduce the amount of time wasted by the employees on manually doing several offices related documentations tasks like sheets, presentations, letters, publishing, and several other work-related tasks. The presence of such tools has greatly served as a boon when it comes to their true significance in terms of the application’s real-time utilities and smart capabilities.

What is LibreOffice?

Libre office is served as one of the premium free software suite for offices. The platform has been catered in the freemium office software category and has been well known in the free market for the powerful platform it offers. Its observed to have taken its roots from the OpenOffice project, and has been developed by a huge team of passionate programmers who thrive on serving updates on a regular basis as well as adding new features to the platform so as to ensure it keeps its competition in line with premium office software provisions.

LibreOffice office administration suite currently offers six component programs which cater for every purpose you need from an office suite like the writer for word processing, calc for creating spreadsheets, impress for making intuitive presentations, draw for building vector graphics, math for evaluating through mathematical formulae and base for managing databases.

The platform supports easy saving and the opening of several formats, like inclusion of the Microsoft file format support like .doc , .docx , .ppt, .pptx, and several others. This proves highly ideal in the case when you need to team up with microsoft office clients or you wish to try the freemium side of things using LibreOffice. It is completely operated in an offline environment. Due to such an operating nature, it completely misses out on any of the cloud-based integration features which the paid premium softwares offer.

Benefits of LibreOffice

  • Offered absolutely free of cost
  • Intuitive ribbon free experience
  • Presence of all the base features
  • Can run easily on any pc as of light nature
  • Designed for windows, linux as well as mac
  • Premium software like user interface

Despite of the free nature, the platform currently offers many of the features which mirror the premium-priced offerings offer, albeit with a different approach and name. Even the freemium softwares have bumped up their overall quality when it comes to offering features and functionalities as of the highly skilled developers and evolving environment of the technology.

Features of LibreOffice

LibreOffice Writer

The writer application interface on startup briefly welcomes you with the white sheet of paper like page. The page is surrounded by menus at the top. The menus serve as utility belt which opens the doors to access several options like file, edit, view, insert, format, styles, table, tools, window, and help. Although, some options are completely same in each and every application suite from the entire application like the file, window, and help. All the options feature drop-downs describing about the feature each section can cater to each option being application-barred.

Selection of the file for opening allows you to open a file from any of the locations regardless of the file type. The platform also features some of the preloaded templates which prove to be effectively useful when you need help in creating any kind of a specific document. Additionally, the application also offers the creation of the templates in the form of the building blocks. In case you do not want to create them, the presets of letters, fax, agenda, presentation, and web-page are available in the wizard sections of the file drop-down. This provides better flexibility for newly created documents.

The moment you commence writing, LibreOffice comes with a helping hand in the form of a utility which helps with an eagerly precise, smart word-completion function. Typing of a certain part of the word automatically brings up the suggestion. Although it may seem annoying to a certain bit, but this utility quickly becomes a feature you cannot suffice without and makes the typing faster especially for several large words. The presence of the style documents will let the users easily work for the cluttered documents active at most times. Writer almost the same choices of the heading options and font choices as premium word-processing softwares.

LibreOffice also includes the grammar checking utility for ironing the nit-picky grammatical errors in the document. Additionally, you can freely insert an image or any desired object in the midst of the document. Tables can be added too which also feature a supportive text-to-table function which helps out when the tabbing utility does not work well. The presence of headers, footers, and book – geek features cater to all the needs of authors as well as writers.

The Comments formatting is also present and accounted for, but the commenting, modifications, and the accepting or the rejecting of the suggested changes works in the same way as the alternatives.

LibreOffice Calc

The spreadsheets utility in Calc of the LibreOffice suite is no different than the competition. New sheets welcome users with the usual partitions of rows and columns. They can be effectively used to store data or evaluate the formulas. The LibreOffice static menu system packs the exact type of entries as the writer application, along with the presence of the spreadsheet-specific objects whenever needed.

The application also supports lots of .csv files which adds an honorable appreciation for the flexibility of the application and speed. Calc also supports the display of the imported data. Calc also supports the deprecated ancient Apple iWorks Numbers files as well.

The developers of LibreOffice claim to have 500 functions more when compared to Microsoft Excel’s 468.

Calc provides a slightly better overall view when it comes to the spreadsheet presentations since the look and style can be easily paged rather than just the individual cells. Additionally, You can also export a single chart in several formats like a .jpg, .png, .svg or .pdf file.

LibreOffice Impress

LibreOffice’s presentation related software known as Impress hardly impresses as there are only 10 template presentation backgrounds and four full templates in the entire list of selection choices. Impress also comes with a bulk of slide transitions for creative animation effects so that the users can beautifully show off the statistics. Additionally, the pages can be easily added to a presentation using the new page option under the menu section. You can also add several types of Images, charts, objects, audio and video into a slide.

LibreOffice Draw

Draw is an interesting software addition since it offers more advanced features than the old Microsoft Paint but it is not quite advanced as an Adobe program, since it supports to make more graphical documents in comparison to the third party alternatives. E-book covers can be creatively made with this application. The application offers a mix of creative visual graphics and the text can be easily entered for as long as you do not try to spread the text blocks across the pages.

Draw can also assist you with exquisite choices of circles, connectors, boxes, tables, and triangles. Additionally, there’s also a wide variety of eight 3D objects to choose from – including several shapes like cones, circles, cubes, pyramids, boxes, and balls – which help in the schematic designing of the charts and workflows. Draw proves to be a greatly usable page-graphics based utility packaged in the free office suite, offering a taste of surprise.

LibreOffice Math

Math exists as a completely niche program which only thrills less amount of public. The title Math has been centring the capabilities of the platform with equations and Formulas Editor. The entire application works in an independent environment which works best with a module in calling from within the other programs. Post work, the equations can be easily saved in the form of a documentation in the pdf format. The formulas you need can be easily inserted by visiting the insert section and choosing the formula in the objects category and then typing the entire equation right in the place where you need it.

LibreOffice Base

Base beholds the position of “fully-featured desktop database created for the front end,” in the LibreOffice suite. Base effectively serves as the gateway to a wide range of multiple user base database engines on par with the likes of competitors like MySQL, MariaDB, MS Access, Adabas D and PostgreSQL. The presence of the built-in support for the JDBC and ODBC standards easily allows for the connections to large options of several other database engines. Additionally, the users can also keep their database stored personally and locally. This offering is primarily aimed for the enterprise users.

LibreOffice Remote Files

The application cannot be used for online collaboration, but is still served as Remote Files – which is a feature that appears under the file menu in the LibreOffice app – that greatly helps you to obtain easy and quick access to documents stored in the cloud. Right after Providing your cloud storage credentials like username and password, which are securely protected in the LibreOffice by a hyper master password provision you provide, which allows accessing the remote files as if they were located right on your own personal hard drive. The platform supports Google Drive, as is SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 versions. Notable omissions are popular third-party providers such as Box and Dropbox.


The entire LibreOffice is offered as a freemium. It simply means that it can be downloaded from the developer source website just by agreeing to the terms and conditions at absolute zero cost.

Technical Details

  • Yearly phased incremental updates.
  • Support for windows XP+ and macos 10+.
  • Download size: 500-700 MB.
  • Enriched support and how to utilities.
  • Better vocabulary and grammatically enriched inbuilt library.
  • Built for 32 as well 64-bit platforms.
  • Ease of cloud storage through google drive and share point 2010-2013 integrations.
  • Serving in form of “Software as a Service” model.


If you think you can do away with the most basic features of this barebones platform, then this one right choice for you. It will be much easier to use for the users coming from the premium paid platforms since its almost nothing extraordinary but the cut-down alteration of those premium softwares. If you are kind of a person who does not need any sort of online-cloud based integrations and prefers to store the documents on your local pc, it would be much preferred as it completely lacks any sort of integration features for the cloud data import. Additionally, it can also import the newest format documents created in the premium softwares so that the users can continue right where they left off. The biggest disappointment of the entire platform is the lack of real time collaboration. Such a lack results in a huge loss of seamlessness utility when it comes to partnering for editing and creating the documents in the real time. Open source enthusiasts will crave such kind of unique free platform and anyone who needs the compatibility without actually paying up for it will be actually surprised with the capabilities. Its cross-platform availability and less frequent update schedule make it a reliable choice for individuals and businesses alike especially who get fed up of the frequent update schedules.