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Full KISSMetrics Conversion Rate Optimization Software Review – All You Need to Know About KISSMetrics

How KISSMetrics works

KISSMetrics is a high-level solution aimed at giving marketers granular insights into their users’ behavior. The ultimate goal is threefold—boosting sales, engagement, and retention.

The company was started by a group of designers, developers, and entrepreneurs, dedicated to helping businesses grow. The service, we should mention, is not designed for the novice looking to expand their email list.

Rather, it’s more of a tool made for high-end sites that require more web-analytics than you’ll get with, say Google Analytics.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the platform and uncover how it aims to help businesses gain control over their sales cycle by diving deep into the customer journey.

What is KISSMetrics?

KISSMetrics is a business intelligence platform that’s a lot more involved than your average conversion rate optimization platform.

With this tool, you’ll get real-time reporting and actionable insights that will allow you to better engage with your audience.

The tool allows users to follow the customer’s journey step-by-step. According to the KISSMetrics side, this platform will enable you to increase sales and engagement by automating many processes, like emails, and running behavior-driven campaigns.

KISSMetrics allows you to segment your audience. You’ll define your customer segments based on behaviors and other key metrics. You’ll track those segments and collect data. Additionally, you’ll set goals inside the platform—over time, you’ll see which populations need more attention.


Improve Customer Retention

One of the main benefits of KISSMetrics is the fact that the tool makes it easy for users to retain their customer base. It’s expensive and time-consuming to spend all of your efforts on attracting new customers. The insights provided in the platform aim to help you understand the behavior of all your customers.

Boost Conversions

KISSMetric examines each of the many ways a website’s visitors are interacting with the on-page content. The tool helps boost conversions by looking at the specific site sections that generate the most clicks and actions, as well as the sections that largely get ignored.

Drive Engagement

KISSMetrics aims to boost engagement efforts by profiling website visitors in detail. You’ll collect data based on past behaviors, actions, traits, and more—and from there, create campaigns that correspond with specific groups and actions.

When you segment your users, you’ll learn more about what motivates each group. You’ll also be able to compare them against one another to find out where you’re making the most money. Once you have these insights, you’ll know where to spend your marketing dollars.

So, say you’re getting your best customers from Facebook. In that case, making more room in your budget for Facebook ads could give you a bigger ROI than attempting to replicate those results with LinkedIn’s PPC.

Track Users by Device and Channel

KISSMetrics tracks users by device. So, you’ll be able to see how many users are coming from mobile devices, computers or tablets. This information is super important, as it helps you paint a clear picture of behavior based on the device they’re using. This informs the types of lead magnets you’ll use.

For example, if 50% of your visitors are coming to you via mobile device, you’ll need to make sure all lead generation efforts are mobile responsive. Otherwise, you’re missing out on conversions.

Additionally, KISSMetrics eliminates the need to track by channel, too. So, you’re not opening every analytics tab—Twitter, Facebook, and Google Analytics say. Instead, you’ll be able to view all tracking metrics from one central hub.

Marketing Attribution

KISSMetrics works to identify the various marketing channels a visitor might use to access your site. Like Google Analytics, you’ll be able to find out where a user found your site. This could be through social media, organic search, PPC, or from a referring domain.

This data serves as a way to identify whether your efforts are paying off. You might find that it might be time to pick and choose your best channels—and spend more of your resources where they’re likely to deliver a return on investment.



Monthly active users, for example, would be a group of people who have logged in at least one time within the last 30 days. From there, you can segment that population based on location or some other metric.

Other populations might include people who haven’t logged in in x amount of days, people who purchase a lot from your store, and so on.

As you continue to track these populations, you’ll really start to get to know them and see changes instantly.  The benefit of using KISSMetrics is, over time, you’ll be able to spot the populations that need more nurturing and perfect your customer experience based on patterns that emerge.

Audience Analysis

KISSMetrics’ biggest selling point is the fact that this platform brings a ton of data to the table. According to the website, the data collection method falls into four different categories: people, traits, properties, and events.

The platform helps you understand these four elements — a person, of course, is an individual user who comes to your site. Traits represent specific things about that person.

They’re fewer things like hair color or disposition, more what type of browser do they use or where do they live?

Events represent the action taken by the person. So, this might mean they visit your website, signup for a webinar, or make a purchase.

Finally, properties represent bits of information that describe users in more detail. So, a property could represent a specific promo code used during checkout or a certain product that a customer viewed after coming to your site directly.

Intelligent Campaigns

Intelligent campaigns aim to help you increase sales and engagements.

Campaigns, according to the platform are a suite of engagement tools designed to help you create email messages geared toward people based on behaviors.

Each campaign is assigned a goal. KISSMetrics then works to track your visitor actions against goals and calculates a conversion rate.

The second part of the campaign feature is, you’re able to create email messages and workflows that dictate which triggers will prompt an email message. You’ll have the option to send emails automatically—set it and forget it. Or, send them manually.

Build Emails with the In-App Editor

Create emails, no code required. KISSMetrics comes with an email newsletter builder, where you can design your email campaigns in the typical drag-and-drop fashion.

After you build your emails, you can assign them to specific groups based on past behavior. KISSMetrics provides this handy all-in-one experience—at least as far as engagement efforts are concerned. Analyze user data—and use it to create targeted campaigns, all in one location.

The email builder looks a lot like the landing page builders or email automation you’ll get with something like LeadPages or MailChimp, so you’re not going to get that granular customization experience you’ll get with something like Instapage or from a developer.

Still, the platform can help you create nice looking emails and reach the right people with the right messaging.

Funnel Reporting

The funnel reporting feature looks at where your users dropped off. This is especially useful, as you’ll get a visualization of which pages convert more users.

For example, below, you’ll see the site’s funnel reporting feature.

A/B Test Report

The A/B Test report allows you to determine whether the results of your A/B testing efforts are significant or not—or whether you need to gather more data to make a determination.

The tool doesn’t actually come with the resources to set up an A/B test through the platform. The support section refers you to other options like Google Website Optimizer, Optimizely, or Visual Website Optimizer. Or, you can run a test through KISSMetrics’ JavaScript Library.

KISSMetrics Pricing

KISSMetrics has three subscription options—we’ll be honest, none of them are cheap. The platform works best for agencies or medium-to-large businesses that have a decent marketing budget to work with.

Here’s a breakdown of each pricing plan, by level.

Growth, $500 per month

The entry-level plan starts at $500 a month. This price includes the ability to track up to 50,000 monthly users—if you exceed that amount, you’ll be charged an extra $100 for an additional 50,000 visitors. Unfortunately, the growth plan doesn’t come with any A/B testing capabilities or phone support.

Power, $800 per month

This plan comes with the ability to track 250,000 users a month. Now, you’ll have access to A/B testing and phone support.

Enterprise, Custom Pricing

With the enterprise plan, you’ll still be able to track up to 250,000 monthly visitors. It’s unclear when custom pricing would come into play, but it’s likely that adding more visitors will be the factor that kicks the price up to the next level.

Technical Specifications

KISSMetrics is a cloud-based platform that you can access using any device that connects to the web. You’ll likely want to stick to a desktop computer, as the reporting tools and email campaign builder will be too difficult to use on a mobile device or tablet.


KISSMetrics is compatible with a long list of integrations ranging from email service providers to Zapier, Shopify, and a whole lot more. Additionally, the platform connects with Facebook Ads and Google Analytics.

Who Should Use KISSMetrics?

KISSMetrics, as evidenced by the the price list above, is not for the casual website owner or a tiny business with a limited budget. The platform does offer discounts to those who pay on a yearly basis, but in those cases, users are looking at paying thousands of dollars upfront.

KISSMetrics brings a ton of functionality to agencies and larger e-commerce companies already bringing in a decent amount of cash. The platform’s main benefit is engaging with customers, so this might be a good fit for SaaS solutions, subscription services or those who help those companies with marketing.

Support Details

Support is offered via email and live chat at the Growth level, while phone support is added into the Power and Enterprise Plans.

While the platform comes with a ton of content explaining the platform’s use, some people said it was difficult to grasp. Many felt that they had to spend a lot of time training their teams to use the platform.

With that in mind, it would be nice if KISSMetrics provided phone support to all users, as some things are just harder to communicate over chat or email.

On-Site Content

The website contains a robust collection of information. They’ll run through every feature present in the platform. Articles explain everything; including data models, how to get started, and so on.

The site has a lot of content, though they used to have more. Neil Patel, one of the founders, has moved his popular blog to a new domain. Now, the tool’s branded content and Patel’s content live on separate platforms. At present, KISSMetrics doesn’t have a dedicated blog.

Help Center

The help center comes equipped with several guides, articles, and explainers that almost make up for the fact that not all plans come with phone support. They go over things like how to run and analyze a report. The subject matter is approachable, complete with plain language and lots of screenshots.

The help center also features a handful of articles aimed at showing new users how to get started with the platform. While they might run into some roadblocks here and there, KISSMetrics does give you everything you need to learn the ropes.


With KISSMetrics, you’ll track more information than ever before. You’ll learn a ton about user behavior, getting to know who your users are and what motivates them.

You’ll be able to find out what’s gone wrong with your online forms, preventing conversions and learn how to retain customers and attract new ones. Ultimately, this tool could really help you grow your business in a meaningful way.