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Full Keela Nonprofit CRM review – all you need to know about Keela Nonprofit CRM


In the present times where almost every new innovation seems revolutionary, numerous set of problems are faced by each and every company, especially by non-profit organizations when it comes to offering their services and products in the market. This is the moment when the deeds like donations and fundraising through campaigns come into action. Such actions greatly help any organization in building the key amount of monetary requirements they need to have to achieve their goal.

The Traditional methods of donations and fundraising campaigns were too inefficient and time-consuming. Several aspects like the door-to-door collection, event arrangement for the initiative and monetary accounting were some of the factors which made it seem too laborious for any enterprise back in the day. However, the recent advancements in the technology and software sector have completely enabled us to do almost every task with simplicity. The presence of donation management softwares have widely helped non-profit organizations to gather the funds they need to achieve their goal with their collaborative assistance. Such category of softwares generally operate in an online environment in order to keep sync and better track of all the activities at once.

What is Keela CRM?

Keela is one of the leading donation management software in the present in the market as of today. It is an all-in-one application suite which assists non-profit incorporations in several aspects like time and money savings, increasing the community impact and more. It is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which is widely acclaimed for its out-of-the-box solutions and affordability.

Keela easily lets you organize every supporter from your database on the go. The processing is quite intuitive since one-time sign-up automatically sets up the desired environment and simplified navigation easily allows for eased out browsing through the entire application. Keela just only does not cater for donation management but also serves as a platform for project management and communication tools provider.

Benefits of Keela CRM

Keela has been designed keeping the primary goals of manage, measure, and report in mind. The main objectives the platform caters to sticks to topics of Contacts, projects, donations, and campaigns. Following are the key benefits for utilizing Keela as a complete CRM platform:

  • Dashboarding & inbox support.
  • Contacts database storage.
  • Automatic receipt issuance.
  • Integrations for application suites and mail clients.
  • Accounting integration
  • Assignment status tracking
  • Automated generation of thanks you notes.
  • Detailed campaign analysis
  • Campaign classification
  • Centrally adjourned dashboard
  • CRM provision.
  • Definition of custom fields
  • Sophisticated customer segmentation
  • Detailed data visualization
  • Simpler donation tracking
  • Presence of a donor database
  • Easy donor management
  • Smart duplicate detection
  • Better email marketing
  • Enhanced follow-up scheduling
  • A better fundraising management
  • History tracking for nerds
  • In-kind donations support
  • Member database allocation
  • Membership administration
  • Superior permission definition.
  • Create personalized profiles
  • Simple project management
  • Generate receipts / statements
  • Recurring donations
  • Detailed reporting
  • Better search functionality
  • Proper task commenting
  • Eased task management

The list mentioned above provides a brief idea about the real potential of the platform. The platform has been creatively designed along with the features which not only serve to the core purpose but also extends its hands when it comes to managing several other aspects of an enterprise too. With such powerful features and core utilities at hand, Keela is currently empowering more than 200 organizations on a global scale.

Features of Keela CRM

Plain Setup

The platform offers a very simple setup process. This assures users of the quick walkthrough of the basics and best global predefined settings once they register for the environment.

Simplified Usage

Keela has been designed keeping the oneness of the design in mind. As of the design factor, the features and the user interface of the entire software looks same across the entire environment.

Better Integrations

Support for a variety of software suites and email clients allow Keela to import your crucial contacts as well as important databases for simplified operations. This effectively saves the amount of time spent on the transfer of information between platforms.


Simple monthly and annual pricing models easily allow companies to choose the right type of package for their needs at no hideous extra costs.


Keela’s design language incorporates a centrally located dashboard with the inbox utilities. These features easily allow any user to get a quick overview of the duties they need to offer at a single effective location.

Contacts Management

The contact database built into the suite easily allows you to manage all of clients contact details and keep them secure at one place.

Donations Management

The software has been created keeping the key aim of donation collection in mind. It does it well by maintaining a well-classified record of each and every donor, the amount of donation made by the donor, contact details of the donor, etc.


After a donation is made, the application automatically sends receipts and thank you greetings to the donors. This feature serves as a perfect example of automation techniques employed in the Software suite.

Campaign Creation

Keela allows the creation of a specific campaign right within the platform. The campaign notifications can also be customarily designed, monitored and sent as an email as a compelling offering to your supporters.

Project Tracking

You can easily keep a track about the status, members and several other aspects related to your project using Keela’s built-in project management tools.

Task Management

You can also maintain a log of the tasks assigned by you to your team members. This can be done with the assistance of the Keela’s built-in task management tools.


The data collected by the application does have utilitarian purpose. You can easily put it to use to track your progress and monitor several other aspects of your enterprise using keela’s Analytics tool

Revenue Collection

Easily gather grants, sponsorships, purchases and several other revenue sources for your enterprise using keela.

Form Creation

The software allows for the creation of the customized forms. Such forms let you easily know more of your members, donors, volunteers and more.


You can also create and administer your company’s memberships plans and public membership page.


If you are willing to transfer your assets to keela after trial, you can also do so by following guides mentioned in the official blog.

Smart Lists

Smart List proves to be the core basis for your Reports. Creating a Smart List for contacts grouping on the basis on location, donation history, affiliation or volunteer tasks. There are three variants of Smart Lists which are Donations, Contacts, and Volunteering. Creation of a smart list, also allows you to have the choice to build a pre-set list or to define a custom List from scratch. Smart Lists possesses a primary tab along with your recipients and three other tabs — Volunteers, Donations, and Reports — that view specific type of information depending on your listings you defined and selections you picked. You can also add one or more of tabs to your Smart List using the gear icon located to the right of the Smart List title bar anytime.

Smart Lists can be accessed anytime by going to the sidebar present on the left of your screen. From the same location, you can also build a new List or pin the current one or prioritize the Smart Lists from the Analytics section so that they are always quickly visible and easily accessible.


Reports easily allow you to have a deeper overview of your Smart List information by the use of an array of varied charts, reports, and summary reports. overview vital information and visualize the data stored in your contact list on the basis of donation, membership, demographic and volunteering history. you can also create a new Report or pin commonly used ones under the Analytics section from your smart lists so that they’re always viewable and accessible with ease.


Tags provide an easy method to manage contacts present within your database. It would be usual for the contacts you have, may have a specific level of relationships with your organization –as they can be donors from last year or might be the people who subscribed to obtain the copy of your monthly newsletter. Tags also allow grouping the contacts at a single place as many categories as you suffice its need. You can also gain accessibility to Tags by opening up Contacts and choosing the second tab under the Contacts title bar. Clicking on the contacts segment in the tab, you would be able to gain access to a list of your custom defined tags. At this location, you can quickly search your list, pin the commonly used tags to your sidebar, and merging of the existing tags. Keela can also export information of the donations made by contacts which belong to specific tags.


Keela currently offers four pricing plans, without any hidden costs or add-ons. The prices are indicated pricing levels and the corresponding inclusions each package offers is outlined in detail below to help you decide on a plan that is best for your organization’s needs.

Grassroots – $64.00/month or $49.00/month/annual billing

  • Addition of Up to 10 Team Members
  • Storage Support for 1,000 CRM Contacts
  • Supports Unlimited Donations
  • Assists for Unlimited Projects
  • Email Blasts are enabled
  • Comfortably Scalable Storage

Developing – $99.00/month or $74.00/month/annual billing

  • Addition of Up to 25 Team Members
  • Storage Support for 5,000 CRM Contacts
  • Supports Unlimited Donations
  • Assists for Unlimited Projects
  • Email Blasts are enabled
  • Comfortably Scalable Storage

Impact – $179.00/month or $129.00/month/annual billing

  • Addition of Up to 50 Team Members
  • Storage Support for 10,000 CRM Contacts
  • Supports Unlimited Donations
  • Assists for Unlimited Projects
  • Email Blasts are enabled
  • Comfortably Scalable Storage

Sustained – $319.00/month or $239.00/month/annual billing

  • Addition of Up to 75 Team Members
  • Storage Support for 25,000 CRM Contacts
  • Supports Unlimited Donations
  • Assists for Unlimited Projects
  • Email Blasts are enabled
  • Comfortably Scalable Storage

 Technical Details

Data is the most essential element for the complete functioning of this web-based platform. Hence, Keela provides with a lot of data based integrations which assist it in keeping track of several aspects. The technical utilities which this platform offers are briefly discussed below:

  • The eventbrite integration easily allows importing contacts as well as capture the ticket orders right from the CRM.
  • Keela also supports the integration for the google’s entire application suite to gain utilities like tracking emails right from gmail and synchronize the project timelines and reminders directly from the calendar app.
  • The Support for mailChimp integration allows to import contacts into your CRM and effectively manage your campaigns as well as the subscribers.
  • Manage your transactions and Simplify your accounting needs with the support for the quickbooks integration for Keela.
  • You can also set up a domain that is built as per your needs with the assistance of sendgrid integration. This integration also lets you send emails and eblasts.
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, and web-based)
  • The entire software suite is currently offered in a mono-language license: english.
  • Designed to cater small as well as large-scale enterprises.
  • Cloud-hosted deployment ensures quick updates and ease of feature enhancements.
  • Integrations for the popular payment processing platforms like paypal and stripe to manage the finances on the go.
  • Full demo experience availability before the purchase.



For any sort of queries you have or the problems you need to resolve when you face difficulties in the platform or just want to inquire about the services they offer, you can easily reach out to the Keela Associates by email client too.


Keela also offers a learning curve to the consumers by offering them an attractive training for the entire platform. This ensures that each and every user takes the maximum benefit of the features they are offered throughout the entire platform.


The vendor also currently offers a better form of support in the form of tickets.


If you seek a platform which offers a better approach to help your enterprise achieve any greater good you wish to bring to the market, your search concludes here. Keela serves as a robust platform which assists any non-profit organization while staying affordable With its greater offerings like Tags, Reports, Smart lists, Analytics, Project Tracking, contacts and donation management and a bunch of integrations support makes it a worthy recommendation in the CRM software category. The software has also acclaimed several titles like “Great User Experience – 2018”, “Rising Star – 2018” and has also recognized its position in the top 50 Donor Management Software Products. The Product has garnered for a huge score of 90% User satisfaction and has been scaled for 8/10 overall rating by finances online.