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Full Kaseya EMM Mobile Device Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Kaseya EMM

Kaseya EMM

Mobile devices have been with us for a little over three decades. Throughout this period, their evolution has been nothing short of astounding.

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They’ve not only changed our lives as we know it, from doing business to other activities, but have impacted the world of business at a much broader scale.

In the workplace, mobile devices are used to assist businesses in the day to day activities such as administration, storage of corporate data, planning for meetings, asset control and so many other responsibilities.

They have truly revolutionized how companies and organizations operate by easing a lot of workloads and most importantly enabling employees to conduct business even when out of the office.

This has come with its fair bit of challenges which has sometimes led to downtime within the company, loss of critical data such as client information and even loss of the devices themselves. In turn, this leads to more spend in terms o resources by having to buy new devices instead of ploughing back these resources into the business.

To minimize such risks, it is wise to manage these devices so as to always have full control of them to avoid incurring losses, which will affect the company negatively.

Mobile device management (MDM) came to ease this burden off of IT admins and companies.

MDM is a software suite made up of technology that helps its users ensure optimal use of all mobile applications and devices and computed services that are also mobile to better serve companies by streamlining device use, storage and security.

Kaseya EMM is one of the leading solutions for Mobile Device Management and Enterprise Mobility Management.

This review delves a little more into what Kaseya EMM really is, how it works to benefit enterprises, and its salient features that together make for one of the best mobile device management software on the market.

What is Kaseya EMM?

Kaseya EMM

Kaseya EMM is an integrated solution for securing mobile devices.

The MDM software integrates into Kaseya’s VSA IT management solution so as to provide comprehensive device security, secure BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) management, provision of robust mobile app management, ease of use for maximum administration efficiency.

Additionally Kaseya EMM also boasts of having the industry’s lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for mobility management.

By using this software, IT administrators can combine BYOD, MDM and mobile application management capabilities in one single platform or solution.

Its simplified UI (User Interface) and multi-tenant views enable rapid on-boarding of users.

The enterprise mobility management platform also offers other capabilities such as device inventory, feature lockdown, remote wipe, app policy compliance and Geo tracking. This ensures that users have complete and total control of all their devices and most importantly the devices’ security.

Users are also guaranteed of competitive highly based subscription prices. Moreover its integration with VSA increases IT operations productivity and also helps to reduce the learning curve of its users. This is what results in an extremely low total cost of ownership for MM (Mobility Management).

Kaseya EMM comprises of Kaseya MobileManage, an MDM agent, and two BYOD apps – Kaseya WorkBrowser and Kaseya WorkDocs – both of which help to segregate company data from personal data.

Kaseya WorkBrowser enables secure access to online sites and other HDML file based apps such as SharePoint and also integrates with active directory.

WorkDocs, on the other hand, enables secure editing and managing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files thus helping users to be productive on their mobile devices.


Kaseya EMM

Mobile device management

Kaseya EMM empowers its users to expansively manage the mobile devices within an organization, and on top of that, it is able to easily manage both company-owned and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) i.e. employee owned devices.


Integration is also enabled as Kaseya EMM is built to integrate with Kaseya VSA, which is another product of the same company. Kaseya VSA benefits companies because it makes Kaseya EMM more powerful and performs other functions such as software and system inventory, patch management, remote control, anti-virus and also excellently manage network performance.

Securing Devices

IT administrators can secure company devices through the Kaseya EMM platform. This is also due to the integration with Kaseya VSA which enables it to share its features with Kaseya EMM. Users are able to reset PIN on devices, lock devices, conduct impromptu device inventory, remotely wipe corporate data, deactivate or activate mobile devices’ capabilities, check on status of each mobile device connected to its platform, and much more.


Mobile devices can also be tracked to pinpoint their exact geographic location and this benefits an organization by enabling them to better monitor their employees who are based in the field. Ultimately, it ensures maximum productivity even when employees are not in the office regularly.


IT administrators are also able to impose restrictions when it comes to data and content on the mobile devices. These restrictions are based on copying and pasting of the corporate content and data, which is very sensitive information, and can lead to very negative consequences if placed in the wrong hands.

Central location

Kaseya EMM also has the capacity to establish security policies that are pre-defined to a specific central location. And, because of this capability, users are able to deploy consistent configuration and security profiles in a quick manner to all the mobile devices.

Mobile application management

The Kaseya EMM platform also gifts IT administrators with the ability to monitor all installed applications on mobile devices remotely. This allows the administrators to push and deploy apps much faster on devices and also easily block apps that may be compromised or are not of use.

Policy compliance

Kaseya EMM eases the process of enforcing application policy compliance. This will help the company or organization to keep in line with what it has set out as its objectives.


Kaseya EMM allows users to keep track of applications from Google Play Store and Apple App Store effortlessly .

Separating company data from personal data

These days, a lot of employees have a preference to use their own personal mobile devices in their respective places of work. This comes with its own challenges because IT administrators have to make sure that they only manage, monitor and control the data and applications which are company related and keep off personal data and applications. Kaseya EMM makes this possible by having in built features that exclusively containerize both company and personal data and applications hence isolating them.

Simple user Interface

Kaseya EMM comes with a built in modernized user interface which streamlines mobility management tasks that are being performed on the platform. Kaseya EMM’s user interface has multi-tenant competencies which allow managed service providers and IT administrators the ability, through one dashboard to manage multiple client accounts easily.

Single dashboard

Due to Kaseya EMM’s integration with Kaseya VSA, IT administrators are able to organize the controls used to manage both BYOD and company owned devices on to a singular tab.  As a consequence of managing these devices from a central and convenient dashboard, users are also able to do the same with other IT components such as networks, servers, PCs and other devices. This is of great benefit to a company or organization because it helps to maximize the productivity of the IT department at an affordable rate.


Kaseya EMM

Communication diagnostics

Kaseya EMM enables its users to diagnose communication tools and platforms. By doing this users are able to keep tabs on all devices, quickly identify issues, and fix them.

Mobile maintenance

IT administrators are able to maintain all the mobile devices in the organisation whether they are company owned or employee owned (BYOD). This feature also guarantees security of the device and also the content and data therein.

Device inventory

Through using Kaseya EMM, IT administrators can keep a detailed inventory of all the mobile devices in use within the organization. These devices are not only smartphones but are inclusive of laptops and tablets.

Deployment management

Kaseya EMM enables users to better manage the process of deployment within the organization’s mobile devices. Users can know the best time when to perform certain actions without affecting other aspects of the software suite.


Kaseya EMM has a unique dashboard that complements with the needs of its users. Not only does it manage various mobile devices, secure them and their content, it is also able to link up with PCs, perform network maintenance and do much more.

Wireless network support

This feature comes in handy and at no additional cost, as it allows users to support their wireless networks through the Kaseya EMM platform.

BYOD management

Because of employees preference to use their own mobile devices instead of company owned ones, Kaseya EMM caters for this need by providing a feature that BYOD devices or employee owned devices can be managed with just as efficiently as company owned devices.

Customer accounts

The Kaseya EMM platform allows for users to deal with multiple customer accounts from the same platform and also to view these accounts using the same platform.

Management of applications

Users or IT admins can manage applications by monitoring, upgrading and even sometimes blocking them all from one location and platform.

Geo tracking devices

Geo tracking devices is another reliable feature in Kaseya EMM that enables users to pinpoint the exact location of a device and its owner. This built in feature is able to utilize various map and location applications to perform this feature.

User interface

Kaseya EMM has an easy and reliable user interface that caters to the needs of different users in different ways, without causing any downtime among all the mobile devices.

Remotely controlling devices

The ability to access and control devices from anywhere is also a key feature in the MDM software, especially where devices have been stolen or lost. In such scenarios users can access the devices remotely and be able to wipe out all the corporate content and data.

Remote installation and update

Kaseya EMM allows users to also remotely install and update apps for mobile devices which are used mostly by employees who are often times not in the, office.

Security during data transfer

Because of the many threats linked to corporate data, many companies prefer not to transfer data without first assessing security. Kaseya EMM comes with security that guarantees transfer of data at any time and from any location.

Data connectors

Data connectors allow for the seamless running of business activities without any hitches.

Compliance monitoring

Kaseya EMM’s compliance monitoring ensures that policies adhered to are those set out by the company’s management, through monitoring of set out standards of compliance.

Synchronization management

Users are also able to seamlessly synchronize the different devices without any hitches to the platform in a time saving manner.

Automatic device recognition

This feature detects different devices on its platform and then accesses them remotely.

Management of data

This feature helps control the flow of data among users, and prevents it from falling into the wrong hands, or being manipulated.


Interested buyers can contact the vendor’s sales representative so as to get pricing details depending on their custom requirements.

Technical details

Devices: Android, Linux, iPad/iPhone, Web based, Windows and Mac.

Languages: Dutch and English.

Pricing model: Quotation based.

Customer type: Medium and small businesses; Large enterprises.

Deployment: Open API and Cloud hosting.


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