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Full Kampyle Customer Support Software Review – All You Need to Know About Kampyle


What is Kampyle?

Kampyle is a steadfast customer feedback platform that boosts companies in gathering customer feedback, proliferating conversions, and building customer satisfaction and loyalty. Developed in 2007, the Medallia software cooks up directness and nucleus on the actions that need to be done in order to sharpen customer experience as it bespeaks every shareholder in the organization to effectively respond to customer feedback. From marketers and customer service professionals to sales and IT departments, the well-rounded customer service software is loaded with a myriad of solutions that enable businesses to put their customers’ feedbacks into actions.

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Likewise, Kampyle is decked with potent attributes including dynamic profiling and segmentation, net promoter score, and auto-routing, which eliminates challenges such as the abandonment of crucial journeys, unstructured data, and high bounce rate. Powered by the aforementioned characteristics, businesses are guaranteed to trim down customer support costs, increase conversions, and stem shopping cart abandons, thus, heightening customer experience. Interestingly enough, the Voice of Customer program is also girded with tools that empower companies to communicate with their previous clients in the hopes of embarking more scopes and whipping up more deals.

Kampyle Benefits

Paying attention to customer feedback makes end users feel immersed and valuable. By simply asking for their thoughts and executing accordingly, businesses create an impression that they are tuning in to the voice of every customer. With Kampyle, organizations can keep their customers hooked in real-time as it collects feedback at every customer channel whether on the web, mobile, or at points of sales to accumulate helpful insights, which can be used in modifying business results. Consequently, the rugged customer service computer program also makes it easier for companies to author feedback invitations that will do wonders for their respective businesses.

What makes its feedback program relatively impeccable is that all of its feedback invitations and buttons are made from square one to make sure that it will work splendidly on diversified channels including smartphones, tablets, and the time-honored desktop web. In addition, Kampyle is also geared with sophisticated competencies that allow companies to figure out when a prospect is leaving their site or discontinues a negotiation at the midway point of the business deal. Simply put, companies guide customers in the whole caboodle from the feedback keys on their station to the feedback proposal itself.


Additionally, the multi-purpose customer feedback software is also armed with an incredible knack to transform turbulent data into conducive customer insights. By simply utilizing word clouds, clickable top terms, data filtering, and color-coded sentiment indicators, Kampyle capacitates companies to twist unstructured information to structured data for preeminent comprehension. Through this process, businesses can instantly get prompt insights as to what their customers are telling them so that they can act on it immediately.

Gathering insights is one thing, implementing insights into daily processes is quite another matter. Fueled by its real-time analytics and insights, the multidimensional customer service program makes possible for companies to flip through the digital body language of their customers on their sites. Adjacently, companies can send them an email, chat or channel them to their Frequently-Asked Questions section when necessary to expedite conversions and cut off purchasing jettisons.

Dynamized by its A/B testing functionality, Kampyle sanctions companies to unearth issues that are affecting conversions, thereby, empowering them to take an action to improve conversions and drive cognate leads into their chimney. By the same token, the progressive customer support computer software is also mobilized with a potentiality to encourage feedback hinged on the behavior of the visitor to completely comprehend the genesis of abandonment. In addition, companies can likewise assess and come across user experience issues to diagnose process bottlenecks and corroborate demand for innovative products or convalescences to current goods.

Moreover, the versatile customer service platform has what it takes to come upon customer inclinations and challenges that distress conversions as it clusters feedback about competitors to better harmonize company offerings with the current souk. Addedly, Kampyle also makes it quicker for businesses to individualize visitor segments whose divergent motivations for identical on-site affairs were undetected by simple analytics. With this course of action, companies can instantaneously get a full apperception of the events that take place in their funnels and the driving forces that lie behind them, thus, countenancing them to enforce the insights they uncovered.

Apart from measuring and monitoring growths with its feedback-based A/B testing, the reliable customer feedback software is reliable enough to isolate where to hone in conversion enhancement attempts for superior impact. Ensuingly, Kampyle gives permission for companies to shepherd technical and usability problems to appurtenant teams for rushed follow-up. This way, businesses can shortstop visitors abandoning their channels by passing them on to suitable site content or extend them a call or a chat. Likewise, the multifaceted customer support software authorizes companies to systematically deliver context-appropriate allurements such as coupon codes and discounts on their customers’ emails.

On a related note, Kampyle is also adept at driving relevant leads into the company’s funnel as it synthesizes productive marketing operations based on real-time customer dossier. By means of this method, businesses are not only able to grab hold of lead details from feedback form submissions but also recognize site information and structure glitches that bung up their purchase funnel, thereby, attaining superlative fecundity and throughput. Besides auto-reply, the tremendous customer support platform also engages leads using live chat and click-to-call before exporting them to the company’s customer relationship management system.Kampyle

On the other hand, the flexible customer feedback system is flexible enough to assimilate with web analytics to polish conversion and dwindle cart jilting. Roused by an extreme combination of Kampyle insights and web analytics, companies can rapidly look for plebs and tendencies among visitors who chickened out on their cart. Aside from that, Kampyle makes it snappier for businesses to sense funnel process usability complications that contribute to abandonment. Subsequently, product purchasers can further extend the functionalities of the software by easily integrating it with visitor sampling, quantitative web analytics, and heat maps.

Impressively, Kampyle is likewise responsible for assisting companies in embellishing positive experiences throughout diversified mobile channels, thus, ascertaining that they can catch and deal with the distinctive desires and questions of their mobile clientele. Through its mobile capabilities, businesses are not only be gifted with an uttermost skill of organizing clients on their purchase funnel but can also pick up cohesive results throughout touchpoints for an extensive and omnichannel picture of how customers depict to their brand and how to enrich their contentment. On top of that, the stupendous customer support software can further embroider the company’s support on mobile screen resolutions and a variety of devices as it automatically connects feedback with wealthy device information.

Meanwhile, building customer satisfaction and loyalty is easier said than done but Kampyle makes the whole process more uncomplicated as it banks on effective tools such as Customer Effort metrics and Net Promoter Score to escalate satisfaction and retention frequencies. With Kampyle, businesses can see to it that their programs, websites, and in-store products indulge visitors with a resolute, accessible, and businesslike experience. To do that, the pluridimensional customer support platform accredits companies to not only find missing or inadequate content but also ask comments from visitors on what are their opinions on the services and site resources.

Other than that, Kampyle also lets companies pull together Net Promoter Score evaluations at any point of the online journey of customers, thereby, enabling them to prudently arrange and consign issues to designated departments for speedy development. Followingly, businesses can likewise pinpoint definite improvements to transfigure detractors into promoters. Apart from Net Promoter Score ratings, the talented customer service platform can be further leveraged in measuring and improving customer effort score appraisals as it determinates the motives of high effort before shifting them into enforceable information that steers customer experience programs.

Spurred with its CES scoring potentialities, Kampyle can quickly point and scale down high effort actions by commanding end users to the site information they need. Addedly, product users can also choose to transfer them to the right agent or department for an individualized handling to significantly optimize their chances of retaining customers. Above all, the prodigious customer feedback platform further swells customer satisfaction by leaps and bounds as it redirects end users to self-service options for specialized handling and for additional information access.

Kampyle FeaturesKampyle

Kampyle is packed with a series of attractive attributes which include Net Promoter Scoring, social media integration, customer feedback and data drill down, advanced reporting, white label, APIs, email integration, segmentation, multi-user dashboard, and the spontaneous form builder. With its easy-to-use and intuitive form builder, product consumers can concoct exquisite and exclusive feedback forms in a matter of minutes. By just dragging-and-dropping question types and ingredients such as CSAT and NPS, companies can annotate colors, images, and texts based on their propensities to make sure that everything aligns with their respective brands.

Besides the form builder, Kampyle is likewise appareled with a real-time user profiling and segmentation proficiencies that let businesses engage in the most appropriate conversation with the right client at the peak point in time to guarantee that they will answer and share their thoughts. In addition, the customer service platform also develops a more personalized approach in communicating with a clientele as it lets companies select between toggles on invitations and pages to engender meaningful undertakings. Notably, the flourishing software can aggrandize the time-to-resolution and responsiveness thanks to its auto routing peripheral, which informs stakeholders in the company about any incoming feedback and comments.

Furthermore, the booming customer feedback solution also depends on its compelling reports and wieldy dashboards to aid companies in analyzing their strengths and weaknesses so that they can correct and ameliorate their methodologies. Likewise, Kampyle gives the means for businesses to smoke out the performance of their customer feedback program as well as their feedback ratings and trends to effectively manage their customers. With reference to managing customers, the prospering customer support computer program is more than just a computer software as it permits company administrators and members to supervise their feedback on the move with the assistance of the NebulaCX mobile application.

With NebulaCX, Kampyle users are not only able to view upcoming feedback but also sort out their inbox, oversee items, or pass it on to their team members, thus, promoting a collaborative environment. Through its NebulaCX faculties, businesses can connect with virtually any company programs or third-party platforms such as e-commerce, customer relationship management, and analytics software, thus, making certain of meticulous and systematic insights. Other features of Kampyle include customer experience management, conversion rate optimization, customer satisfaction metrics, enterprise feedback management, the voice of the customer, ISO 27001 security, website conversion optimization, customer feedback, and feedback buttons.


Kampyle is amped up with a 30-day free trial, which can be availed upon signing up. Paid pricing plans are available upon the request of the customer. Contact the vendor for further information about Kampyle and details on other products.

Technical DetailsKampyle

While Kampyle is dressed with eye-catching features, the customer service platform also comes with a few downsides as it only supports Windows devices. Nonetheless, Kampyle more than makes up for its incompetence by satiating users to access the program in various languages such as English, Indian, and Chinese.

The powerhouse customer feedback program, which follows a quote-based pricing model, is applied by a wide range of businesses that include small and medium markets and large cartels. Among the integrations of Kampyle are Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, LivePerson, Medalla, SessionCam, Moxie, BigCommerce, Facebook, and LinkedIn. By the same token, the tenacious customer support software also uses IBM TeaLeaf for Session Recording and ClickTale for Heat Mapping.

Support Details

Kampyle is accoutered with a wide-ranging technical support team that proffers companies with email support, phone support as well as a responsive ticketing system, wherein they can report problems and extend suggestions to improve the application. Besides that, the user-friendly customer service program also pampers product purchasers with an intricate resource page that features case studies, thought leadership, blogs, testimonials, videos, and solution briefs.

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