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Full Journyx Time Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Journyx


Companies engage in several processes to ensure that they are well run and with minimal hitches. Decades back this usually meant a lot of paperwork and holding daily status briefings and meetings.

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Thankfully, technological innovations have helped ease these processes by making them shorter in terms of the time spent on them. This has greatly reduced the need for briefings and meetings because communication and collaboration is much faster.

These innovations have also brought integration within company departments.

It is important that any technological solution provides integrations within all the departments in a company. This will help the company to truly simplify these processes and realize the benefits of doing so such as timely reports, accurate data, cost cutting, better time utilization, and timely project completion, among others.

Companies also have to provide solutions that benefit employees and customers.

With time management software, companies can do all these and much more, as they can coordinate activities and tasks carried out within an organization, translating to better efficiency in running a company, and increased profitability.

While these innovations make work easier, management still has to ensure it makes the right choice when choosing a solution suitable for them.

Journyx is among the best time management software you can use in your business to realize the benefits of efficiency, organization, and profitability.

What is Journyx?


Journyx is a time management software designed and created in 1996. It helps companies track and manage their resources, expenses and time.

The software favors medium-sized businesses and large enterprises with the option of installing it on a local server, or using it as a cloud hosted software.

It has two solutions: Journyx (core) and Journyx PX.

The platform helps users track expenses and time, bill clients, generate real-time reports, and perform payroll functions.

Journyx combines accounting procedures which help generate financial reports, which help illustrate to management the financial status of the company.

It also integrates easily with other accounting and HR software applications such as Sage 100, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Excel, and other programs or apps, and is accessible on Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.



A heritage of time management and expense tracking since 1996

Journyx was the very first 100 percent web-based time management and expense tracking software app and it continues to be among the top time management software available since 1996.

Industry-proven success

Journyx’ customers span across different industries from staffing, to healthcare, technology, business services, gas, oil and retail.

Award-winning customer support

The support team at Journyx delivers top notch experiences in customer service and is among the top rated in customer satisfaction.

Enterprise-level integration

Journyx offers a robust solution, which integrates with your current business systems and makes your work more efficient and easier.

Business intelligence for smarter decisions

The insight you gain from Journyx helps you in running your company operations more profitably.


With Journyx, companies are able to create schedules for projects, time and employees. This enables optimization of all company resources and ensures none of the resources are strained.

Project capacity

Management is able to plan effectively for projects it is undertaking. The software comes with powerfully built-in capabilities and tools which help guide the processes involved in projects from designing to implementation. It also assists in the allocating of resources towards every phase of a project.


Because of its scheduling and resource allocation capabilities Journyx creates and maintains efficiency within the organization. This efficiency results in timely completion of tasks and projects which means budgets are not exceeded hence reducing the need for contingencies.

Easy to use

Its features, interface and whole outlay enable a user-friendly environment which makes it an easy, yet highly effective tool to understand and operate. Employees are often times very hostile when it comes to changes and especially if they feel that these changes are adding to their workload. Journyx deals with this by showing employees that the inclusion of the platform will only lighten their workload in a very easy yet efficient manner.

Employee documentation

Journyx empowers the HR department by helping it generate and preserve all employee profiles and documentation. With Journyx, the HR department is able to keep tabs on leave requests, time-offs, employee attendance, employee evaluation and progress etc.

Financial reporting

Companies can properly record and audit all their expenses incurred by employees or the company. This enhances financial accountability within the company. By regularly monitoring their expenditure companies are able to maintain stability within the company avoiding over-spending by setting limits and notifications. These limits monitor when expenses are about to be exceeded beyond a certain amount. Next, the software notifies management in good time so as to curb any more spending.

Performs several accounting processes

Paying of employees’ salaries, billing of clients, generating financial reports and many other accounting tasks are performed by the Journyx software. This helps save time because companies do not need to deploy numerous applications to conduct these tasks. Journyx instead streamlines all these tasks and processes them on to its platform.

Employee motivation

Journyx motivates employees to perform better when carrying out their duties. With tools such as payroll, overtime computing, employees will always feel that they have been treated with respect and will want to do more so as to reap the benefits. Journyx ensures employees receive their worth by computing their overtime wages and including them on the payroll. Leave days are another source of quarrels among the working staff. Because of its meticulous tracking of leave days employees are assured that they have not had leave days snatched from them. All these factors motivate employees to work harder and smarter because they know their needs have been met.

Multiple locations

Most companies have offices located in various parts of the globe or even their own country. This comes with its own challenges especially when computing salaries. With all calculations being conducted from one office these challenges often times include tax considerations, overtime and use of different currencies. This can be a headache most times and also leads to delays when it comes to paying salaries. Journyx solves this problem by allocating the necessary tools to carry out these complex computations from one central position hence allowing salaries to be paid on time.



Track time and expenses

Companies are able to track how employees utilise their office hours both in the premises and when on field duty. Management is also able to record all expenses incurred by all employees and the company. This feature helps companies to create accountability of how company resources are used and helps create strategies on improving productivity and lowering costs.


This feature takes care of all facets involved with the billing process. These include billing clients on time, billing the right amount, sending bills to clients and many others. All this is an automated process that helps to improve efficiency and provide customer satisfaction. A record is also maintained helping to create periodical financial reports.


The payroll feature helps the company to prepare employees’ salaries by computing all the taxes, benefits, allowances and other aspects of the salary. It also prepares a salary slip for each employee and forwards this to each employee after wiring of the salary has been completed.

Calculating overtime

When employees work overtime especially during a project, they are eligible for overtime. Computing overtime can be challenging sometimes especially when done manually. Journyx computes overtime by accessing data already on its platform and also automatically inputs this on an employee’s pay slip.

Cost accounting per project

Projects require a lot of resources and without proper planning these resources may be wasted or misused. By possessing cost accounting capabilities, Journyx is able to cost a project and all the small tasks within the project hence providing an accurate figure of the total cost.

Data Validation and Corrections

When data is entered on to its platform Journyx validates this data with other sources and if it senses any errors it notifies users to make corrections while in some cases it performs the correction on its own.


Timesheets are crucial especially when calculating overtime and checking on employee performances’. They help a company to keep a record of employees working schedules, reporting and departure times etc.

Billable, non-billable hours

This is especially useful to a company which provides services such as accounting, legal, consultation etc.

Managing receipts

Offers different methods of recording receipts digitally. Journyx also automatically break s down these receipts creating reports of expense entries. These methods are; desktop, photos, drag and drop etc.

Mobile time tracking

This mobile app helps its users to know how they are utilising their time and expenses. It is accessible on mobile devices hence it is very convenient for employees who are mostly in the field such as sales professionals.

Third party integration


Journyx easily integrates with other systems such as QuickBooks, Oracle, Microsoft Projects and Microsoft Dynamics etc. This saves time when it comes to performing tasks like payrolls, billing, reporting etc. Users do not need to exit the software so as to perform these tasks on a separate application.

Customized reporting

Journyx provides certain reports which are useful to businesses across all industries. Its makers however acknowledge that companies may want different kinds of reports. Journyx ensures that management is able to create its own reports by setting certain parameters to capture data and present it in a different way.

Scheduling export and import

Users are able to create schedules on the Journyx platform on when data should be imported and exported. For example, backing up of data, providing employee reports etc.


Journyx provides certain reports for management to use in making long and short term strategies.

Project status reporting

The platform measures the status of a project via percentage. Management is able to generate reports which show the progress of their current projects and the challenges faced. These status reports help management to make changes where there are issues arising.

Multi-level workflow approval

Once an employee completes their assigned task and indicates this on the platform, the software bumps it to the next person awaiting approval. The approval automatically sends the project to the next in line. This feature helps save time by avoiding unnecessary back and forth communications between employees and line managers.

Custom templates

Companies are also provided with the ability to customize the built-in templates with their own colors and company logo. This gives users familiarity because of their association with the company.

Offline work and sync

Employees do not need to have an internet connection to work. They can perform their tasks when offline without worrying about losing their work. This work will remain on the platform and is synced immediately the system goes online.

Leave/time-off tracking

Time-offs and leave allocation are a source of confusion and misunderstanding in many companies. This feature helps the HR department to clearly track all the leave days and time-offs of every individual employee.

Customized solutions

Journyx provides a platform that allows its users to create their own expense and time tracking solutions to fit their requirements.

Customer Services

It offers companies a variety of customer services which help increase customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Offline time tracking

Tracking of devices, expenses and time can also be done offline and then synced with the system once a user is back online.

Real-time reports

Journyx is also capable of churning out reports in real-time. This helps provide continuous updates to management on all tasks and projects being carried out within the company. These reports can be retrieved from the system by anyone with login credentials.


It puts a high priority on protecting company information and data.


Journyx’ pricing for both its products is provided by contacting a Journyx sale representative via the company’s website. It also offers a 30 day free trial.

Technical details

Devices: Android, Mac, iPad/iPhone, Web-based and Windows.

Languages: English.

Pricing Model: 30 day free trial, Quotation-based.

Customer type: Medium businesses and large enterprises.

Deployment: On-premise and Cloud-hosted.

Support Details

  • Telephone
  • Tickets
  • E-mail
  • User community
  • Training
  • Live support
  • Social media: You Tube, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook
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