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Full Jolt Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Jolt


What is Jolt?


Jolt is a restaurant management software that is built for the deskless worker, and that services thousands of brands and locations.

The cloud-based solution is designed to simply and automate management of tasks in restaurants and companies in the hospitality or food and beverage industry, plus small clinics, car washes, groceries, and auto repair shops.

Jolt also helps manage business operations and employees being an all in one platform equipped with robust features for employee scheduling, task automation, attendance tracking, employee training and team communication. It also features compliance management options.



Grow your business

Jolt helps you expand by adding more locations and managing them at once, plus customizing content for each.

A revolutionary way to manage

Ditch checklist taping to walls and temperature logging to massive binders and use Jolt to manage your business as it is an operational and revolutionary upgrade restaurant management software.

Additional benefits

Jolt has more benefits for your restaurant business including:

  • Creating consistency throughout the whole business
  • Eliminating printing expenses and material distribution costs
  • Giving access to information needed by employees to complete their work
  • Removing outdated information at the click of a button
  • Knowing instantly when recorded values are out of range or overdue
  • Updating and implementing changes in one click for the whole business
  • Creating real accountability among employees via metrics and reports
  • Determining your team’s star players any time



Communication Hub

With Jolt, there’s no more memo posting all over the restaurant. Just let the restaurant management software inform your staff on changes to procedures and operations. Rest assured they’ll all be updated with the latest information.

Task Management

There’s so much more your business benefits from Jolt’s flexible task management system as it takes over where pen and paper have failed, allowing you to receive notifications after setting up tasks, and if they’re not completed as scheduled.

Audits & Inspections

Jolt’s management system can perform location inspections and audits, giving management all the tools needed for deficiency documentation for operations while tracking resolutions. Its customizable platform lets you accomplish inspections and audits efficiently for better results. It also lets you ensure staff address critical business elements.

Employee Scheduling

The scheduling system in Jolt is powerful for staff and managers, and you need not pay for other such programs that need separate logins or do not directly integrate with your operations.

Employee Announcements

Jolt has an easy and fast way of distributing policy and information changes to staff, better than other forms of staff notices as employees see them when they clock in for work. It does away with the possibility of them not understanding or overlooking information. You get to choose the roles that get information and get reports on who saw it, when they completed related quizzes, and the number of attempts they needed.

Managerial Reports

All info you need is organized by Jolt in one place. When third party organizations need documentation, you are confident that it is available.

Jolt Forms & Inspections

Get management the tools needed for documenting operational deficiencies while tracking resolutions through building customizable inspections and audits. You can use Jot to tweak compliance lists and improve. It also helps you:

  • Generate audit result based scores
  • Use a single system that tracks and monitors operations
  • Create accountability with task review in real time
  • Receive email and text alerts (critical)
  • Automatically generate graphs from results
  • Email inspection and audit copies automatically to relevant people
  • Keep all results of audits for future analysis and review in one place

With Jolt, you also ensure staff address critical business elements. It is fully customizable, and you get to decide when forms appear or are due, create inspections and forms with more than 18 different types of items, set up specific notifications for text/email results, and require auditors to embed videos or photos into their forms to document and for remove upper level management review. Jolt can be used for audits, inspection or documenting anything like travel paths, opening/closing checklists, regular/surprise audits, manager walk-thrus, daily/weekly cleaning, CLIA compliance checklist, hand washing, temperature and food safety logs, roller coaster safety checklists, buildings, equipment and much more.

Task Management & Checklists

Jolt’s automated system displays tasks to staff in a way that they can easily understand, so you can say exactly how you want your restaurant run, and you get instant feedback when its not done based on your plan. The software is fully customizable so you get to receive text/email notifications on tasks that are done, due or overdue, use existing task lists efficiently, view staff performance any time and anywhere, and generate graphs automatically to track tasks or values. You can ensure employees address the critical elements and automatically award/track staff points based on completion of tasks, and attach training material to tasks for referencing while completing tasks.

Logbook & Journal

This is a powerful tool for communicating with staff and managers, and it gives locations power to centralize communication, while creating a way of ensuring the right info reaches the right people. The Jolt Logbook offers a platform to house all communication efficiently for better results from the team. With the logbook, you get to journal important events, centralize important communication, see when and who read posts, visualize issues with video or pictures, flag and follow up posts, and use linked comments for discussion of issues. You can get the logbook on any web enabled device anywhere in the globe conveniently with a single login to view it for any location. It is useful for communication with staff/managers, equipment logs, issues employees have, one-time situations that need resolution, and much more.

Date Code Labeling

Jolt Food Safety Date Code Labeling system lets you convert inexpensive hardware into a labeling system that is fast. It offers as low as $0.00248 per label, free shipping per order, worry free compliance tools for food safety labeling, only $329 per printer with 5,100 labels*, single login to manage all locations, and printing of 5+ labels per second. No need to pay staff to do labels by hand, which wastes money and time. They just touch a product name and enter quantify then Jolt calculates and prints for them, automatically. You can update quickly from anywhere, with consistency across locations, and leverage powerful built-in tools for reporting to find areas that can reduce liabilities and waste. You can also update product names, categories, expiration periods and other settings remotely. Extra features include product and prepare’s name, expiration phrase and date, preparation date, and QR Code for Scanning*. *All these are optional based on the settings of each label.

Information Library

This is Jolt’s consistent and well organized place where all important information is found from multiple video and document types, and it offers role-based access to relevant info, plus eliminates distribution/printing costs. Publish all info to all locations from a single spot, and update the info simply by dragging a file. Update from anywhere quickly, while staff get easy access when needed. Any outdated information is removed quickly. Jolt helps you share files with the right people, plus:

  • Create organizational categories and subcategories
  • Role based access
  • Drag/drop interface
  • Keeping safety material updated
  • Uploading material for training like videos and other important documents

Message Blast

With this Jolt tool, you can email or text large groups or your whole team at one go. You can use it at any time you want everyone to know something instantly. It is also useful for important announcements, meeting and event reminders, communication to specific roles/groups, and new policies, among other important communication.

Time & Attendance

Jolt has a Time Clock that eliminates the headaches that come with your current system for attendance and time, plus added benefits from the all in one integrated system. You can do the following using Jolt’s Time Clock:

  • Take employee photos automatically with each clock punch
  • See who clocked in/out from any location
  • Record each punch’s geographical location
  • Easily export payroll
  • Flag/prevent punches outside schedules
  • Missed punches require that staff take notes for management for payroll completion facilitation

The Jolt time clock data is made available to you from any web enabled device and location in teh world. Attendance and time information is available immediately and in real time to your payroll team.

Employee Scheduling

Jolt is a feature rich and simple scheduling system, and its Scheduling tool helps you as you don’t have to pay for other programs that need separate logins and aren’t directly integrating with your own operations. Jolt Scheduling is an easy to use system so you can schedule staff while managing shifts seamlessly and getting analytics and insights from labor reports. You also get to eliminate the need for remembering separate passwords or logins, eliminate extra expenses of using different programs for scheduling, access all locations in one platform, and enjoy six different views for scheduling. You can also:

  • Forecast labor percentages and costs
  • Use the easy drag/drop interface to reassign, move or duplicate
  • Use the manager/employee app to trade/approve shift trades, view schedules and more
  • Publish schedules using custom text or emails per staff
  • Get smart warnings and alerts
  • Enjoy time off and availability of integration
  • Get reporting that is role based
  • Time clock integration

Employee Announcements

Jolt’s Management system also includes an easy and fast way to distribute policy changes and information to all your staff. You get to keep everyone updated and in the loop, ensure all staff get to see important notices, quiz staff for comprehension purposes, and get reports on who saw which announcement, plus when they saw the announcements. Jolt announcements are better than employee notices as they’re shown to them as they clock in for work eliminating the chances of information being overlooked, or even being misunderstood. You can:

  • Send announcements to specific staff via roles
  • Display videos, text, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Create so many quizzes as you wish
  • Track who saw, and/or completed each announcement or who hasn’t

Jolt also allows you to create announcements and select the roles you want to receive the specific information. Once employees in those particular roles clock in, they get to automatically see the information presented before them. You also get to see reports that indicate which of your staff members have seen the information, when they finished related quizzes, and the number of attempts they needed.  Announcements can also be used for anything from new company policies, recipe changes, changes to procedures, new employee bios, new products, and upcoming events.

Jolt temperature sensors

These let you monitor equipment temperatures remotely from any location. Once they fall outside customized ranges, notifications are sent to you. They protect your inventory. Jolt’s simple interface for equipment temperature management tailors scenarios to your stores, while setting custom triggers to notify the right team so its a proactive approach. Wireless sensors are placed all over your business and send out or transmit data on temperatures to centralized hubs, then Jolt gathers data and interprets with graphs that are easy to read. You get actionable insights so you can act on strategies for food safety.


Standard: $7999 per month per location (annual); $9999 per month per location (monthly)

  • Tasks & Checklists
  • Forms & Inspections
  • Information Library
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Message Blast
  • Time & Attendance
  • Announcements
  • Logbook
  • Date Code Labeling
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Unlimited Data
  • No Contract Required
  • Dedicated Business Consultant
  • Phone & Chat Support
  • Knowledge Base Support

Enterprise: $15999 per month per location (annual); $19999 per month per location (monthly)

  • Tasks & Checklists
  • Forms & Inspections
  • Information Library
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Message Blast
  • Time & Attendance
  • Announcements
  • Logbook
  • Date Code Labeling
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Unlimited Data
  • No Contract Required
  • Dedicated Business Consultant
  • Phone & Chat Support
  • Knowledge Base Support
  • Company to Company Subscriptions
  • Subscription Reporting
  • API Access
  • 24/7 Premium Support SLA
  • 99.9% Application Uptime SLA
  • Sandbox Environment

No contracts or setup fees; you can cancel anytime

Technical Details

Devices: Web-based, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac

Language: English

Pricing Model: Monthly or One-time payment

Customer Type: Small Business, Medium Business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Knowledge Base
  • FAQs
  • Contact form
  • Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus