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Full Jive Social Collaboration Software Review – All You Need to Know About Jive


Jive Software Review

Any business regardless of the industry or size should have a robust focus on the productivity of its team. Having a productive team is crucial in maximizing the efficiency of any organization. Aside from reducing the cost of overhead and produce a positive culture in the office, it also strengthens the working relationship that is healthy. Team productivity is essential in defining an ideal working environment for the entire company.

An organization that would like to achieve maximum efficiency needs to have team collaboration software like Jive. This type of software simplifies intentional team processes that aid people engaged in a common task to achieve their goals. It also enhances the productivity of the user. Collaboration app enables several users to stay in touch and work hand in hand on various projects from various locations on almost all connected devices.

Using team collaboration software empowers the members using the software to be able to make viewable and accessible workspaces by other users notwithstanding where they are physically located. Usually, this type of solution comes with a plethora of features for interaction and communication which includes instant messaging, electronic mail, shared calendar, notifications, boards, discussion forums, and video conferencing to name a few. These features are wither integrated along with other applications or built directly into the software. Aside from these, this type of software aids employees monitors tasks and projects despite the size of their business and its content.

It allows efficient and effective association of teams from various parts of a business. Most importantly, this type of software integrates with various social networks, VoIP, web conferencing, sharing software, and file storage among others.


What is Jive?

Jive platform is made for collaboration that aids users in enhancing productivity, brand advocacy, engagement of employees, and customer satisfaction. It is the leading social collaboration software that links team members and makes synergies across various departments. This may include the people in the upper management and other vital parties in the corporate world. This fosters cross-business communications and decreases the cost of training.

It is a pioneering social business platform that integrates collaboration software, community software, social networking, and monitoring of social media. This allows businesses to extend another sheet of social competencies all throughout the business. It is a platform that allows businesses to make social communities within the business to improve team collaboration. Jive also enables social networks to further improve communication and customer support.

It comes with cutting-edge capabilities and features that are targeted to assist organizations to attain tactical alignment and improve the team and individual productivity for teams and employees. Jive incorporates with mobile applications that connect you with your department and team. It allows you to access various data easily as well as receive the most recent updates while communicating and working together even if you are away from your workstation. Moreover, this platform comes with the latest and most reliable applications and systems that flawlessly blend in every business ecosystem.


Through this, it affords every business with unmatched versatility and flexibility to function and deliver. It features a quote-based and flexible pricing arrangement where every user gets a personalized quote customized to satisfy the customer’s needs and financial potentials. In this part, Jive does not enforce restrictions as to the type of business that gets used to it. This platform aid users offer product or service training to the sales professionals of the business.

It has Jive for Customer Service that enables organizations to produce social communities for its customers. It comes with Marketing that makes marketing and sales collateral for users and improves various campaigns used to market the products or services. It has the HR module that assists new recruits during the training and onboarding process. It aids HR managers to bring new hires aligned with the pacing of the organization by teaching them and offering sessions for sharing knowledge.

This platform is equipped with other applications from third-party software. This includes Google for Work, Webex, Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Jabber, and Cisco to name a few. It has a support team that can be reached through phone or electronic mail. This platform is like a buffet offering in a restaurant that offers everything social. It was formerly known as Clearspace that integrates social apps, collaboration, and community software.

Among its key features include social networking, online communities, discussion forums, microblogging, wikis, instant messaging, and blogs. All of these are under one united and single interface. Other admin features are electronic mail integration, RSS, personal user profiles, and incorporation of Spring framework among others. The company is supported by $57 million funding in its venture with Sequoia Capital as its biggest investor.

Jive Benefits

Jive is an all-inclusive collaboration system that enhances and boosts all the crucial processes in the business that entails minimum human engagement. It is hosted in Cloud and does not require any update or complicated installations to make your operations efficient and make your business a productive one. Using this platform is very easy that even technically inexperienced personnel and employees can easily use it. It does not require technical assistance to start and operate.

Even though it has an intuitive interface, the company provides a professional support team that is willing to assist you in whatever issue you encounter along the way. This platform is totally optimized for mobile use and provides dedicated applications for those using their smartphones. This way, smartphone users can share information and interact even though they are not physically present in the workplace. To top it all, Jive incorporates several popular systems and apps used by many businesses.

This allows the software to easily blend with any type of software infrastructure. This platform does not only offer efficient communication but also monitors the exchange of information on a real-time basis. It also offers comprehensive insights into different processes and plans of the organization. Through this platform, you can maintain possible business plans, monitor the progress of your activities, and report and every indicators and metrics that really matter.

Contrasting other systems available in the market today, this solution is user-friendly. It is very easy to use, to organize, and personalize. It will enable any user to create essential changes so it could function within the bounds of the goals of the business. Jive software could also help you create future interactive networks of Intranet in just a few days. All the developments and progress take place in the Cloud and does not require any information technology expertise.


This platform is one of the first software in the mushrooming space for social media and was able to find its particular niche as well as its competitive advantages. If you use this software, you do not only get an app but rather a platform for collaboration. It allows users to customize it and could be integrated with extra modules like analytics to run alongside it. This software exclusively focuses on the ways that the social technology can help users in their work.

This singular perspective affords business flexibility and agility. It does not sludge down other products that come with the software in competing tasks. Aside from these, the choice in hosting and deployment that this platform uses works well for industries that are regulated. This affords them to deploy behind the firewall.

The company has a solid vision that can be clearly conveyed to the organization and to the IT team. Most companies using this platform even leverage it as a part of their internal social strategy and vision. They rely on the platform to support their vision by using technology. These organizations are regarded for their stability and have a great impact on those that have high concern for the security of their business. One great example of this is the bank that is allowed the alternative of deploying within the firewall.

This platform also impacts the massive and diverse, worldwide audience and answers various elements of internal prerequisites. It has an interesting social applications market that encourages extensibility. The best part that organizations can take advantage of while using this software is that it is really secure. Security is one of the crucial parts that businesses are after when using an application or software especially those that can be accessed on a mobile device or a smartphone.


Jive Features

The Jive software is loaded with features that will truly enable your business to achieve team collaboration while enhancing efficiency and maximizing productivity. Check out below some of the exciting features that you or your business can enjoy while using Jive software.

Search Function

This feature is one of the favorite tools that the majority of the users really enjoy. Aside from its cutting-edge features, the search function enables users to quickly find what they are looking for be it a discussion topic or a file.


Users can also set up their newsfeed with various categories or groups to follow so updates are structured and organized. The platform also sends notifications through electronic mail to keep the users updated with comments, feedback, and replies on the discussion threads that he is a part of. There are also weekly updates that arrive through email containing the latest activities on the website. Users can also tag people in a particular post like discussions or comments while following comments and discussions or other people and groups.

Document Preview

Jive also allows users to preview documents which work well as one of the solutions for an internal sire. News, places for other organizations and teams, as well as storage can be kept in one place.

Jive Daily

It is your mobile Intranet.

Jive Chime

This feature sends real-time messages to teams and individuals.

Jive Circle

This feature search for the people that you need and listed in the mobile directory of the employees

Other features that users can enjoy using Jive software include:

  •    Pre-made pages for onboarding employee, enabling sales, a portal for HR, help desk for IT
  •    Attractive and customizable news page
  •    Automatic subscription for news streams
  •    Extensive integrations with Gmail, Box, Outlook, Google Drive
  •    Dashboard for analytics engagement
  •    Manager for community reports
  •    Impact metrics that are content-level
  •    Analysis of community sentiment
  •    Export service for data
  •    Profiles
  •    Blogs
  •    Groups
  •    Discussions
  •    Collaboration of documents
  •    Smart search
  •    Events
  •    Security that is enterprise-grade and certified by ISO 27001:2013


Pricing Details

Jive software has three pricing schemes that organizations can choose from. These are:


This pricing bundle costs $5 per seat or per month. This bundle includes user profiles, peer endorsements, Content Types Blogs such as uploaded files, questions, discussions, and documents. It also contains Collaboration teams with nested ventures and groups that can be accessed externally. It also comes with Jive Interactive Intranet and Collaboration Hub on the go and Search function.


This pricing plan costs $9 per seat per month. This bundle includes all the features included in the Select pricing scheme. It also comes with Advanced Content Types or the capability to make and interact in ideas. Users can also create ranked places crafted for advanced departmental and corporate gateways. This pricing plan can hold up to 10 preferred news streams. It also comes with promoted keyword and search for synonyms.


This pricing plan costs $16 per seat per month. It includes all the features found in the Select and Premier pricing package. It comes with Advanced Analytics Community engagement and modules for support analytics.

Technical Details


This software can be deployed in a private or public cloud, on-premises, or through the business’ internal datacenter.

Devices Supported

Jive can run on devices running on operating systems like Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based, and Windows Mobile.


It is equipped with various enterprise applications. This includes Business Objects analytics, MS Office, Dropbox, Salesforce Sales Cloud, IM server, and video services to name a few.


Jive APIs can link through REST web services that are standards-based. It utilizes ActivityStreams to organize the ancillary systems of social activities.

Application Development

Jive Apps Developer SDK is founded on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It enables for routine builds over the Jive platform


Jive Mobile provides wide-ranging device support and a proxy technology that is secure. It also utilizes HTML and CSS 3 to produce a fast and attractive UX

Pricing Model

It is available in three pricing bundles and users can also ask for a price quote

Customer Types

This platform is available to Small Business, Large Enterprises, Medium Business, Personal, StartUps, and Agencies.

Support Details

Organizations using Jive software can avail of the responsive and knowledgeable customer support that assists the users in their issues quickly. The makers of this software offer knowledge base, community, phone and online support. There are also video tutorials that users can use to learn more about the platform. The customer support can also be reached through live chat.