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Full Jabber VoIP Software Review – All you need to know about Jabber VoIP Software


Jabber has multiple advanced features providing a communication platform for users. It is available on phones and PCs for many users.

The best kind of customers for Jabber is the business owners. It serves best to the businesses as there are features which save them time and cost.

Amazing management of calls and sharing information enables you to use Jabber anytime you want.

Despite the location, you can also contact the team members with full security on Jabber. The information does not leak to any other third party.

With that secured system keeps the data safe unless the user deletes it. Jabber is a platform where everyone can get together to communicate.

It makes the user’s life easier and feasible so that they can interact without hassle.

With a lot of other communication software, Jabber is the best for businesses. It has advanced features according to the need of the business.

Alongside owners pick their needed features and get the price quote according to it.

What is Jabber?


For instant messaging, Jabber works well for the users all around the world. It brings the revolutionary change in the technology through IM.

Recently, it formalized into XMPP. XMPP stands for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol which lifts the standards of messaging.

Communication through this platform is easy and convenient for the users. It works well with mobile devices and wireless connections.

The XML version of the application works well with all the systems. It is an open source where email interface is available for the users.

It is easy to read emails and reply instantly through Jabber. The origin of this software is through the IT volunteers who wanted a free tool to communicate.

There are advanced features along with support service which satisfies the users to high ends.

To get the best results without any hassle, it is better to use the application. If you do not understand anything, the support service is there.

Along with that, there is no charge to contact support as it is for the feasibility.

Benefits of Jabber

There are many benefits associated with Jabber. When you start using this application, then you will realize how important it was in your life.

The convenience helps you to maintain the records and organize things well.

Here are some of the amazing benefits:



The flexibility of being portable is a great benefit for Jabber. If you have a stable connection, you can connect to Jabber easily.

Other than that customers and team members are there all the time. Download the application on your smartphone and make direct calls to the users.

You can also download the application on the computer system and makes calls from there too.

Saves Time

Along with saving time, it also saves cost for the businesses. If you are running your own business then having Jabber is a plus.

Furthermore, it is a gateway for the businesses to have saved the budget with them. You do not have to invest in the tools or training for the software.

It is ready made for you to use it after free download. There are hardly any phone bills when you use Jabber as the main source of communication.

The software helps you in switching to new kinds of savings which you never thought of.

Geographical Boundaries

 With Jabber, there are no boundaries for you. You can make the call even if you are traveling or sitting in the office.

If you have an internet connection, you cannot miss anything related to work or personal. There is no excuse to miss out information when you have Jabber installed.

Communicate from different countries through Jabber and connect with the strongest.

Innovative Features

Along with all the benefits, the great feature is the innovative features. It keeps on updated timely to retain the users with new features.

There are multiple features in just one application. The format of MP3 is also there to use and if you want to send voicemails.

You can attend conferences or call forwarding options through this application easily. There would be no worries if you were not able to pick the call as there is the auto attendance feature available.

Listen to the voicemail later on and call back directly through Jabber to the contact. 

Features of Jabber


When it is about communicating for the business purpose, Jabber never stays behind. Jabber comes with all the new features and updates timely.

Here are some of the advanced features of Jabber which you can avail.

Call Options

There are multiple call options with Jabber. When you are not present on the call answering, it provides the callback option.

Along with that, there is a call query when you are busy on another call. As soon as one call ends, you can pick that one instantly.

If you want to put the call on hold, you can do that with the call hold feature too. If there is an unknown number calling which you do not have in the list, you can also choose the option for caller ID.

It helps you in figuring out who is calling you.

Blocking option

With the calling option, there is also the option for blocking number.

As businesses have a lot of contacts, you might have to block some numbers. Some people would disturb you unknowingly, so it is better to block.

The unlimited bracket of blocking number is there for your security and safety.

Conference Calls

If you are away from the office and cannot reach on time, then the conference call is there. You can attend the meetings on call through Jabber.

The voice quality is perfect without any interruptions. If there is an emergency, you can turn on Jabber and attend the meeting no matter where you are at that time.


Voicemails are one of the best features as it gives you some peace of mind. You do not feel like talking sometimes, but it is yet important.

With having access to voicemails, you can listen to the person later. You do not have to pick the call, but you will know the information through voicemail.

It enables you to save the voice call for future references too.


There is ultimate privacy with Jabber. There is no access for the third party for this software. It runs smoothly on all the devices.

If someone shares the information by themselves, then it will be a threat to them. As business information is confidential, the cloud hosting keeps it safe all the time.

Whenever the user accesses it, it is there for them just as they leave it last time.

Time and Date

It is important to note everything when you have a business. The time and date of the calls records are there for you to refer later on.

As you cannot remember everything at once, you can check the time later on. Sometimes, you forget whom you talked to and when.

This helps in referring back to the conversation by remembering it easily.



The application comes with the inbuilt notifications which you can set up. You can customize it according to your own needs. If you want to opt out for the visual detectors, you can do that.

If you want the sounds, then there is an option for that too so that you get instant notifications. It helps you in responding quickly without missing any information related to your business.

The customization helps you in making the application according to your needs. Once you configure the settings, it becomes easier to use it.


When it is about Jabber, the first thing is the free trial. Every user wants to opt out for it as they want to experience it.

It helps in assuring the user that it is worth spending time on the application. As it is compatible with eh business or personal use, you can use the quote based pricing plan.

Jabber helps you in picking the right features for the business and make the price quote out of it. Many times there are some features in the plan which you don to need, and you end up paying for it.

With Jabber, quote based plan is perfect for business owners. They can provide the details of their business, and the plan is there for their convenience.

The prices are there for each feature to pay back monthly.

To get the quote based plan, you can always contact the vendor without any worries. They want to know the information about your business and what you aim to achieve.

Upon your requests, you have to get the quotes so you can use all the reliable features which you have requested and they are convenient for you.

Prefer to use the application as a free version. When it makes you happy with the best results, the use it continuous with the purchase.

It will increase the chances of retaining with the application for a long time too.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

Jabber is compatible with varies devices whether it is PC or phone. It works conveniently with Windows, iOS, Android, and web-based systems. There is no hassle in downloading the application in any of these.

Once it is there, then the work keeps getting easier for the user to maintain a balance between work and personal life.

Language Support

Jabber supports the English language only.

Pricing Model

You can get the pricing in the form of quote through Jabber. Choose among the relevant features which you want and then pay for the price of those features only.

Along with that, there is the trial version offered to help the users learn about the application first before purchase.

Customer Types

As Jabber is available for everyone, but it can be best for business purposes. The features are pretty much compatible with the business activities.

It is feasible for small, medium and large businesses to get access to this application.


The deployment of this application is on premises and cloud hosting services. It is available at all places without any limitations or boundaries.

Support Details

You can contact the representatives of Jabber easily through phone and email. To sort out any problem, the representatives are there for you.

When you report the problem, the response is there within 24 hours with the solution. For troubleshooting purposes, you can dial to the helpline directly.

The associates make sure to find relevant solutions instantly so that you do not face any further problem.

Users can ask any questions if you do not understand anything on the application or do not know how to use it. The friendly service of the support encourages you to use this application to make the business communication strong and effective.

It is best for the users to operate it as much as they can so they are comfortable with the application. Customer satisfaction is essential to Jabber to bring improvement to the system.

Jabber runs smoothly with the systems in which they are compatible and respond with a high performance.


When you are thinking to purchase Jabber, the first thing is to consider the feasibility. If you think that you need to have security software for business, then go for it.

There is no need to rush for the software as it provides a trial version. The trial version helps you figure out features which can provide ease.

By the trial version, you can opt out for the quote based pricing plan. You can download it on the phones, tablets, and PC’s easily to communicate with the partners or team members.

Even if you are not present in the office, all the happening will be with you. You will know what happens behind your back and will be able to figure out ways.

If people need you in the office when you are not there physically, then they can surely connect with you through Jabber.

The results of this application are great to help businesses find a convenient solution to communicate anywhere they are.