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Full item8 CRM Software Review – All you need to know about item8 CRM Software

What is

item8 is the CRM software that is created to cater to the advertising companies. This is a robust platform that could handle affiliates as well as advertisers’ workflows, their contracts, documents, and legal entities.

This software has so many features which could significantly enhance the way firms organize relationships with their customers.

This solution actually makes things simpler and easier for its users because this controls both billing processes and CRM from just one dashboard.

This solution is also loaded with so many billing functions, among these the ability to have postpaid bills as well as invoices. You could certainly edit and include custom statistics in case needed.

Plus, you could send invoices and bills to the concerned parties that could be actually paid upon an approval from your side, talk about the control.

What is more is you could simply conduct much better analysis along with the enhanced reporting capabilities of item8.

What is item8?

What is

item8 is the billing and web-based CRM solution for the HasOffers digital advertising network; which basically automates management of the customers, bills, documents, and invoices.

This software is also adapted to the advertising industry. It is developed for the agencies, advertising as well as affiliate networks that run on the HasOffers.

The item8 also handles workflow of the affiliates, their documents (that include IOs and agreements), advertisers, legal contracts and entities.

Its billing features actually include the creation of prepaid and postpaid invoices and bills, editing, and including custom statistics. Invoices and bills could be just sent to the counterparties and these are paid after their approval.

The integration along with HasOffers through API actually synchronizes data in 2-ways. All countries, system currencies, documents & email templates are typically customizable. The item8 keeps complete logs, actions and comments history for every object.

In order to synchronize data, the item8 is integrated with the HasOffers via API through which the data are actually synchronized in a 2-way stream. And, the users have complete control over work.

Benefits of item8


The item8 is adapted to the Advertising businesses. It’s more cost-effective as compared to billing systems and multifunctional enterprise CRM.

It is also integrated with the HasOffers to synchronize the data automatically.

Integrations along with the QuickBooks, MailChimp, and WordPress add latest features in order to control the finances, manage email notifications, and collect leads to Advertisers and Affiliates.

All system documents, currencies, email templates, and countries are customizable.

Flexible Feature-Set

The item8 is highly-flexible CRM which is especially targeted at the advertising businesses. By using the software, advertising companies could better control the workflows of their clients & affiliates, documents, legal entities, and contracts.

The software has a large array of several features in order to assist different companies to manage their relationships with the clients.

This certainly simplifies the relevant processes by giving control over billing processes and CRM from just one interface.

Customized Features

As can be expected, this platform is actually brimming with the billing features. It has got the ability to make postpaid bills as well as invoices.

They could be easily edited to the liking and in case needed, you could add the customs statistics. Also, you could send bills to the concerned parties that they could pay upon the approval.

Apart from these, the item8 actually enables you for analyzing better with the advanced reporting capability.

Data in Sync

With this solution, data synchronization is just a breeze as the item8 is integrated along with the leading performance business marketing application that is HasOffers through API.

Moreover, this provides you with overall control over the work so you could customize the system currencies, documents, countries, and email templates.

Capture Leads

What actually makes this better is that this product could assist you to capture several leads from the WordPress websites. It could greatly assist the marketing efforts that yield fruits.

This system helps you to keep the track of relevant 3rd-parties because this controls the contacts of your advertisers and affiliates.

Hence, in this way, you could analyze who among them actually controls the campaigns finance, management, and other responsibilities as well. The item8 could automatically export the lists of your advertisers and affiliates, enabling you for contacting them via emails.

Features of item8

item8 is the billing and web-based CRM software for the HasOffers network. This solution controls the efficient management of each and everything, from the customers to the documents. It is a great system for the affiliate networks. Here are a few features:


You could likewise organize your leads by using the software. By just checking your sales reports, you’re assured that there are no advertisers or affiliates slipping off your hand.

So, for invoicing and billing, the item8 could automatically email invoices and bills to the advertisers and affiliates that could be stored easily in the respective profiles.

Plus, you will not have to miss out any payment collection as the automatic reminders of this software permit for fast collection of the account receivables.

Integrated Accounting

If you want assistance in processing the payments, item8 could generate so many payment orders in the comma-separated values that enable you to actually process them quite easily.

Also, since this platform integrates along with the Quickbooks, it could easily synchronize bills, payments, and invoices with balances that are reflected in reports and profiles.

You can have better control over the clients, finances, and advertising campaigns with the analytics which comes with this software.

Storage with item8

It is the fundamental fact that being humans, we actually prefer a simple and easy approach. That is why as we store some crucial documents and files into the cloud folders then we’re doomed to have much difficulty in finding them.

Even users forget where they have stored their scans sometimes. They do not walk on water and forgetting is not a big deal. Although a process of searching the crucial file can just turn out to be much time-consuming.

So, with the item8, you could store your invoices, bills, Agreements and all other documents in the Affiliate/Advertiser profile that is allotted to you. Also, you can access them easily.

Management of Invoices and Bills

Cash flow

The most important aspect that everybody wants to look in the service is managed. Definitely, the item8 actually excels brilliantly while this comes to management of the invoices as well as bills.

Hence, after all, invoices and bills are important data. They must be efficiently handled and preserved.

The item8 also issues the prepaid bills as well as invoices in just one system and thus successfully runs the cash flow.

Way Smarter and Faster than the Spreadsheets

Once upon a time, the spreadsheets were basically a major mean of gathering and storing the databases.

This was how different companies used to function. So, except now, the spreadsheets are just a blast from gone days. You want something more prompt as well as reliable.

The item8 is surely a very good alternative while compared to the spreadsheets. Whilst on one hand, the spreadsheets are tricky and slow, while the item8 is purposeful and rapid.

This manages CRM, organizes billing, and generates leads. So, the item8 is beyond doubt a treasure.


The postpaid bills, as well as invoices, are based on the HasOffers stats. You can approve them even before paying. And, the workflow is customizable and automatic.

The custom invoices and bills are based on the inserted stats manually. You can also include several custom items in your invoices and bills.

This way, you can also send auto-email invoices and bills to the advertisers and affiliates. Therefore, you can generate invoices and bills in the PDF and then store these in advertisers as well as affiliates profiles.

There are also customizable payment terms. You can gather the account receivables along with the payment auto-reminders. The mass-payment orders are directly generated in the CSV in order to process the payments at ease.

The integration with QuickBooks is also possible. You can also synchronize your payments, bills, and invoices. Advertiser and affiliate are available in the reports and profiles.



The item8 purpose is particularly for the advertising as well as affiliate networks. So, there is no need to be customized deeply in order to fit the business processes.

It is quite affordable and is cost-efficient. The data is also auto-backed up. It is available for the export at any time.

It is a billing, CRM, and document management & business analytics solution in just one box. You do not need to purchase them individually.

And you are also not switching between different applications every day. It also gives you a 99 percent uptime guarantee. These plans are perfect for any kind of business. The item8 provides 4 pricing packages:

Starter Plan – $230/month

The Starter pricing plan offers CRM, analytics, and billing features. There are also 100,000 conversions.

Pro Plan – $460/month

The Pro plan contains all features of the Starter pricing package along with dunning management, mass-payment orders, and custom templates.

This plan also offers 200,000 conversions.

Enterprise Plan – $950/month

The Enterprise plan includes all features of the Pro plan along with machine learning anomalies tracking and API. This pricing plan also offers 500,000 conversions.

Custom Plan – Price on Demand

The Custom plan offers a set of so many features as well as conversions amount.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

The item8 supports various devices available on the market. So, it not difficult to use this software as it supports Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and Web-based devices.

The item8 is very easy and simple to use. You can use this solution at any time across the world.

It is user-friendly as well as catchy software.

Language Support

The item8 supports the English language. It does not support any language other than the English.

Pricing Model

The item8 offers different pricing plans that are suitable for every type of the customers. Hence, customers would feel any difficulty as it has a large range of pricing packages.

The item8 offers monthly payment and quote-based pricing model.

Customer Types

The item8 is suitable for the large enterprises and medium businesses. This software is not great for small-scale businesses.

The item8 is perfect for people who run large enterprises or medium businesses.


The item8 is versatile in terms of deployment. It actually uses both Open API as well as cloud-based hosting software.

So you can get an access to the item8 from any device.

Support Details

The support team of the item8 offers effective and practical help. Service team helps the enterprises from the top-tier multinationals to medium businesses across a large range of companies.

Support team aims to offer value-added solutions as well as services. These are quite flexible to the specific needs and circumstances of the clients even if it is a new enterprise.

The support team of the item8 consists of experienced professionals who can assist customers at any time, across the world.

The item8 provides you support via different channels. The customer support team is always available to help you out.


You can get an affiliate as well as advertiser leads from the WP website or some other source through API. You can nurture and qualify these leads in the item8 and then send the approved ones to the HasOffers. It helps you in keeping the workflow clean.

With this, you can also use integration to the auto-export advertiser and affiliate lists to the MailChimp. Therefore, you might send them great emails with the smarter analytics.

You could use several legal entities for the affiliate & advertiser in order to change the requisites in invoices and bills easily.

It is easy to generate as well as store all IOs, agreements, invoices, bills or some related files in the affiliate/advertiser profile of the item8. You can easily download these at any time.

You might also issue bills and invoices for different services that are not provided by the HasOffers platform. It is easy to create any postpaid or prepaid bills & invoices automatically on the HasOffers stats and also by filling in the custom items.