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Full Intranet Connections Document Management Software Review – All you need to know about Intranet Connections

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Do you want to implement digital collaboration with your document management processes? With Intranet Connections document management software, you can do more than just that.

In this digital era where companies are expanding into numerous branches in the industry, there is a need to connect employees in all branches in a digital network to enhance team collaboration. Employees and team members are sometimes remote and in different time zones; therefore, linking them up accelerates business processes most especially in document management process.

However, in order to bring the best out of your employees, a centralized repository is required in order to allow sharing of thoughts and opinions most especially through a channel such as the Intranet. With the implementation of Intranet, the workforces can digitalize the document management process irrespective of their location. This leads to a better and stronger relationship among employees thereby leading to an increased level of trust and understanding.

Nevertheless, a document management software such as Intranet Connections not only facilitates document handling tasks but also provides users with collaboration functionalities which ensures the creation of a virtual workplace within the business environment. By implementing Intranet Connections document management software, you can handle document management or related tasks within the organization irrespective of the location of the personnel involved.

What is Intranet Connections?

Intranet Connections is a cloud-based intranet solution for medium-sized business owners and organisations. This document management software basically serves as a channel or search engine for employees of such organisation to access, share, and store documents.

intranet connectionsIn addition, Intranet Connections serves as the perfect business tool for a wide range of industries such as banks, financial service firms, hospitals, schools, credit unions and many more by automating their document workflow processes and improving collaboration among employees.

With popular customers such as NASA, Nintendo, Mayo Clinic, Marines, Unicef, etc, this document management software is renowned for its excellent ratings accrued from its over 100,000 users worldwide. Besides, Intranet Connections comes with a flexible user interface which allows the users to customize its feel and appearance based on preferences

On the other hand, Intranet Connections does more than normal document management software especially with its notification alert that notifies users on recent update or changes made to documents. Users can also control their document versioning and their review the processes involved.

For instance, this document management software allows users to schedule content publishing tasks, create and approve workflow processes, assign certain permission based on employee level, etc. Nevertheless, this document management software comes with a workspace station feature on the platform which allows the user to follow colleagues, set alerts, communicate via live chats and manage their content subscriptions.

Furthermore, Intranet Connections serves as a great tool for HR managers as it can be used as culture-change platforms for monitoring and tracking all activities on the organization-based intranet website in order to implement digital oversight and monitoring.

With a document management software such as Intranet Connections, you can involve all employees within an organization most especially in disparate locations in active document management process without hassles.

Intranet Connections serves the following industries:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Healthcare

Benefits of Intranet Connections Document Management Software

Better business decisions

Intranet Connections is an ideal document management software most especially for large enterprises with disparate branches. This document management software allows business organizations to virtually connect all employees on the centralized platform; therefore, business executives can monitor business operations and improve their decision making processes through real-time communication with all employees.

Cost-effective solution

With Intranet Connections, users can effectively handle all business documents or any digital items on the platform without technical assistance. This document management software eases out the process of document handling by allowing users to upload or download the document on the platform at any time from any location.

In addition, Intranet Connections is one of the affordable document management software around which can cut down on the budget for streamlining document handling processes. Therefore, business organisations can effectively secure, handle, and manage their business documents on the cloud-based centralized platform without incurring expensive maintenance costs.


With Intranet Connections document management software, decision making can also be automated by using votes made by every single employee in the digital workplace. This document management software comes with advanced functionalities such as surveys and forums on the platform which in turn fosters employee participation and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Real-time updates

intranet connectionsBusiness owners or executives can actively monitor recent changes or updates made on the platform. This document management software provides the administrator with recent updates concerning documents, team members, or any activities which take place on the platform thereby limiting the company’s liability.

Increased productivity

With Intranet Connections, you can easily access documents faster on the platform. Besides, this document management software enables users to sort and filter their search results in order for them to spot out the precise document. With the right information being accessible to employees, there is an increase in employees’ ability to work better, faster and more accurately.


Intranet Connections seamlessly integrates with a wide range of business solutions to facilitate extensive performance. This document management software integrates with other business software most especially Active Directory.

Responsive support system

Unlike other document management software, Intranet Connections is quite fast in responding to users’ requests and complaints. Users can easily make contact with their respective customer care support via email, live chat, phone, etc in order to resolve impending issues. Nevertheless, Intranet Connections provides users with a wide range of resources such as eBooks, case studies, whitepapers, etc.

Key Features of Intranet Connections Document Management Software

Document Management and Versioning

intranet connectionsIntranet Connections comes with a document management tool which enables users to effectively manage all their business related document right from their workstation. This document management software also comes with document versioning which allows users to efficiently revert documents to previous or later versions. Therefore, users can effectively upload, download or save documents after reviewing for external usage.

On the other hand, Intranet Connections comes with a powerful built-in search tool which allows users to locate the precise document on the platform.

Workflow Automation

intranet connectionsIntranet Connections allows business organisations to automate their document workflow processes on the platform. With the workflow process automated, users can easily access their documents on the platform along with other employees so as to ensure that all business management practices are streamlined.


Intranet Connections document management software comes with a customization tool which allows the administrator to customize the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of the platform to reflect the organization’s branding standards. Therefore, business executives can incorporate on-brand elements on the platform in order to promote branding.

In addition, Intranet Connections allows the administrator to set authorization access on the platform in order to imitate already existing business structure in relation to document workflow processes.


With Intranet Connections document management software, employees or co-workers can effectively collaborate on the platform without the use of external applications. This document management software comes with collaboration tools which allow employees to share ideas and virtually collaborate in real-time. Some of its collaboration tools include survey, forum, polls, commenting, content tagging, and many more.

For instance, if any user wants to collaborate with other users on a document or on any related tasks on the platform, he/she just needs to mention the assigned name with the tasks assigned. Such user gets notified immediately and collaboration on the document or task.


With Intranet Connections, users are provided with real-time notifications of events which take place on the platform. For instance, users can get notified on events such as security, document modifications, access level change, name change, etc.

Other notable features of Intranet Connections document management software includes:

  • eLearning & On-boarding
  • Intranet Management
  • Design & Architecture
  • Information Sharing
  • E-Forms & Workflows
  • External Connections
  • Content Management
  • Employee Communications
  • Enterprise Search
  • Document Review
  • Document Read and Agree
  • Archiving & Clean-Up
  • Policy Management
  • Policy Review
  • Policy Versioning
  • Content Publishing Delegation
  • Content Tagging
  • Commenting
  • Content Rating
  • Library Resources
  • KB Article Database


intranet connectionsIntranet Connections document management software is applicable to the needs of all kinds of businesses most especially mid-sized and large enterprises.

Intranet Connections comes with a pricing plan which is available by quote based on customer’s requirements.

Nevertheless, they offer customers the following features after subscription:

  • All-Inclusive, 100+ Features
  • Unlimited Annual Support
  • Exclusive Access to Upgrades
  • Simple installation on your own servers
  • Single sign-on & Active Directory synchronization
  • No restrictions on access to extranet users
  • Track site & individual activity with stats software
  • No restrictions on administrators & publishers
  • Desktop and mobile accessibility 24/7

Technical Details

Web Server Requirements

Intranet Connections comes with the following web server requirements to facilitate deployment:

  • Windows Server: virtual, physical
  • OS: 2016 or 2012 R2
  • CPU: quad core or 8 cores
  • RAM: 8GB or 12GB
  • Hard Disk Space: At least 10GB is required for uploaded files stored on the web server

Supported devices: Windows

Locations serviced: Canada, United States

Pricing model: Quota-based

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Mid-Size businesses, large enterprises, healthcare, finance, global organizations.

Integration: Active Directory

Deployment: On-Premise

Support Details

Intranet Connections document management software offers the following support:

Email Support: support@intranetconnections.com

Phone Support:

+1 844 924 9770

+1 604 924 9770

Online or Ticket Support


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