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Full InnkeyPMS Hotel Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About InnkeyPMS


The hospitality industry can sometimes be a bit tedious, especially if you’re managing a lodge, resort, hotel, and so on. Well, you can sit back and relax, and watch platforms like InnkeyPMS make everything seem like a breeze.

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Founded back in 2011, Innkey Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. is a fast-paced IT company focused on the hospitality industry. The InnkeyPMS platform offers hotels a fully integrated and cloud-hosted PMS solution. As a result, hotels now have a way to focus more on their core business while achieving their business goals.

Plus, you also get a centralized guest database, single-screen interface, mobile reporting app, complete financial accounting module, 2-way integration with GDS and OTAs and lots more.

What else do you want from a property management solution?

Well, without getting you too excited, let’s have a review of the InnkeyPMS and walk through its features, benefits, and flaws.

What is InnkeyPMS?

InnkeyPMS is a cloud-hosted property management solution for hotels. The platform also focuses small to medium-sized hospitality businesses like lodges, inns, resorts, hotel chains, and independent hotels.

On top of that, this software can also manage multiple properties using a single login. Plus, the platforms also consolidates data by brand, concept, or region.

InnkeyPMS gives you access to tools for point of sale (POS), housekeeping, laundry, management of material, reservation, and so on. With the reservation tool, you can display bookings using color-coded guest names. This color-coding helps you identify bookings on hold, new requests, wait-listed reservations, and confirmed bookings.

Also, the platform has a booking screen that lets you view details on room bookings like group reservations, average room rates, and the number of rooms that are currently in use.

With InnkeyPMS’s housekeeping module, you can get information regarding laundry and other requests. Plus, you also get access to an account receivable feature that handles your financial operations. This feature also updates recent transactions from retail POS locations, restaurant, and even the front desk.

Pros of Using InnkeyPMS

Using InnkeyPMs comes with a lot of benefits. These benefits make the platform of the go-to solutions for property management.

That said, what are the pros of using this property management solution?

A Centralized Platform

With InnkeyPMS, hotels and other businesses within the hospitality industry have an end-to-end and cloud-hosted hotel management software that centralizes all their processes. Hence, you don’t need to be switching between platforms and juggle apps so that you can get the job done.

This solution eliminates the need to have multiple software to work with as well as the complexities and stress that comes with them.

Seamless Reservation Management

InnkeyPMS makes managing reservations a breeze. This seamless management is attributed mainly to the platform’s comprehensive and intuitive dashboard.

With this dashboard, you and your staff can have a detailed view of your reservations and carry out necessary tasks without having to expend too much effort.

On top of that, InnkeyPMS also has a powerful POS functionality for bars and restaurants. With this functionality, they can drive business growth, improve efficiency, and accelerate their services.

Tracking Inventory

Hotels and other businesses in the hospitality sector need always to keep track of their inventory. This way, they can make sure that they always have an optimum level of supply and also avoid wastage., discrepancies, and theft. Luckily, the InnkeyPMS software helps you with that.

The InnkeyPMS platform helps you to track all items in your inventory in real-time. Hence, you can adequately account for each item in your inventory.

Seamless Synchronization of Housekeeping With Front Desk

The InnkeyPMS solution helps you synchronize your housekeeping with your front desk. This functionality gives both parties a clear line of communication. As a result, your housekeeping and your front desk can work together m0re efficiently and smoothly.

Financial Accounting

Another strong point of the InnkeyPMS is its financial accounting capability.

With this module, you can monitor your finances and revenues, and also project the future of the financial health of your hotel. Hence, you can address issues and concerns before they even become uncontrollable problems.

Cons of Using InnkeyPMS

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of using InnkeyPMS as a property management solution, it’s only fair to show you the flaws of this software.

So, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

It Is Completely Cloud-Based

Now, even though there’s a plus side to InnkeyPMS being cloud-based, there’s also a downside to it.

If you don’t have an internet connection, you can’t operate the system.

InnkeyPMS generates a proforma invoice for all your guests and sends it to your email to give you a status of all the rooms up to the night before. However, even with a tiny glitch in your internet connection, it becomes tough to access the system.

No Back-Date Entry Support

After a guest checks out of your hotel, it’s difficult to make changes. What this means is that the InnkeyPMS system doesn’t support back-date entry.

Though this issue might have some security purpose, it’s best you have it at the back of your head when using the system.

Trouble Connecting With Channel Managers

InnkeyPMS might seem a bit outdated because it’s difficult for you to connect with Channel Managers.

If a majority of your reservations come from third-party channel managers, then this is going to be a big problem for you.

Delayed Support

Getting support from the InnkeyPMS team can sometimes be delayed, especially on weekends. So, you need to exercise a bit of patience whenever you have an issue that needs resolving.

Features of InnkeyPMS

The InnkeyPMS platform has a unique of features to offer that can get you excited about managing your properties.

You get access to tools for reservation, point-of-sale, front desk, material management, housekeeping, and lots more.

So, let’s dive right into these features and see how they can help you with your business operations.


The InnkeyPMS solution has a registration and reservation feature that serves as a prompt for “customer database search” for your existing customers. Also, this feature allows InnkeyPMS to pick up contracted rates if any, for booking from an agent or corporate body. On top of that, you can assign commissions applicable to agents if you are using any.

This feature also to options like rate inclusion, rate negotiation, extra services for guests, auto allocation or room preference, guest classification, special instructions to different departments, and assigning booking status.

Front Desk

InnkeyPMS has a front desk feature specifically for your staff in your front desk office.

With this feature, you get access to operational reports like statutory reports, registration, reservation, and account receivable. On top of that, you can also manage your folio and view your folio history.

The front desk feature also allows you to handle group bookings, group check-in/check-out, as well as partially confirmed booking.

Additionally, you can design your customer feedback form for banquet guests, room guests, and restaurant guest. Plus, you also get tools for handling your checkout process, cash book, settlement, and receipt & vouchers.

Point of Sale

InnkeyPMS’s Point of Sale feature gives you access to a Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) with a single touch item selection and a barcode-based item selection.

With this feature, you can search for dynamic items across the menu, enter KOT simultaneously from multiple terminals, attach item modifier, associate server/waiter to a table/bill, print KOT at numerous locations, and so on.

Furthermore, you also get access to tools for managing your discount policy, item cancellation, billing, settlement, pricing policy, tax implication, home delivery, and so on.

The platform also has an integrated mobile app that alerts you on every operation happening at your restaurant like voids, discount, complementary, and cancellation.

On top of that, this feature lets you manage your cash book, account receivable, and operational reports. Plus, you also get access to a customer loyalty program with schemes for a fixed discount, credit point, pre-paid card, and happy hours.

Material Management

The Material Management feature of InnkeyPMS helps you properly manage your stock and inventory.

With this feature, you can define multiple stores, departments, and unlimited store items. Plus, you can also link inventory items to department and store.

On top of that, this feature allows you to approve requests and manage transaction movements like purchase & purchase return, issue & issue return, and stock transfer from store to store and department to department. And, you can also manage spoilage and salvage at your store and department.

Additionally, you can use the system to verify your stock physically and also manage your inventory.

Banquet & Conference

With InnkeyPMS, you can manage multiple banquets in a single window.

You also get a dynamic calendar view of each banquet booking, a facility for attaching special instruction, and a system for sending well-formatted confirmation emails to your customers.

Furthermore, you can function prospects for food & beverage department, generate reports for a list of extra services, and direct billing from the booking.


The Housekeeping feature of the InnkeyPMS allows you take control of your stock and manage all movements like room consumables, linen, circulating issue, purchase, and lots more.

Also, when it comes to room cleaning & maintenance, this feature lets you keep track of the housekeeping status of every room like out-of-order, under-maintenance, clean, and so on. Plus, you can also manage your daily schedule for room maintenance.

You can also keep track of any item lost or found in your hotel premises and its status. And, you can also track the mini-bar consumption for each room.

Laundry Management

InnkeyPMS has a Laundry Management feature that lets you manage the movement of house laundry like staff uniforms, pillow covers, bed sheets, and so on, that are collected from various departments and sent to the laundry suppliers.

You can also manage laundry collected from guests and given to your laundry vendor. And, you get verification of your monthly bill from your laundry supplier.

Food Costing Management

With InnkeyPMS, you manage and calculate the food cost for each department individually like Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and so on. Plus, you also get the option to include the physical stock of kitchen to calculate your net issue.

You can manage your recipe-based consumption variance and your operational profit & loss account.

Pricing Model of InnkeyPMS

To get detailed information on the enterprise pricing of InnkeyPMS, you need to contact the company. The pricing plan depends on your business needs and requirements. Hence, you have to request a quote.

Interestingly, you can also request for a free trial to test drive the software and see if it is a perfect fit for your organization.

Technical Details

Individuals in the hospitality industry find it easy to use the InnkeyPMS software as a property management solution because:

  • InnkeyPMS is web-based and cloud-hosted. Hence, the platform supports devices like Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iPhone/iPad
  • The pricing model adopted by the InnkeyPMS platform is quotation-based
  • The InnkeyPMS platform has an extensive customer base that covers small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises

Support Details

The InnkeyPMS solution has a fantastic customer service that makes it very easy to get the support you need.

All you have to do is to head over to their contact page and fill in the necessary information. A member of the InnkeyPMS team will get in touch with you in no time and have your issues resolved.

You can also get support via email or by placing a phone call.

Final Thought

InnkeyPMS as a cloud-hosted property management solution provides businesses in the hospitality sector with powerful capabilities and cutting-edge software. As a result, the software can help you streamline and simplify your operation while allowing you to improve on your revenue.

The software gives resorts, inns, hotels, and other hospitality establishments and businesses a robust and reliable solution that takes the burden off your shoulders. This way, you can focus more on providing excellent hospitality experience and services to your clients, and accelerate the growth of our business substantially.

With the InnkeyPMS solution, you can perform your tasks and function from a single, centralized platform. Right from point-of-sale to payroll, inventory, housekeeping, financial accounting, banquet management, and reservations and bookings; InnkeyPMS gives you a comprehensive platform that makes hotel management a lot easier.

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