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Best Inmotion Hosting Virtual Private Server Review in 2019

Inmotion Hosting Virtual Private Server
Inmotion Hosting Virtual Private Server

Best Inmotion Hosting Virtual Private Server Review in 2019

Virtual private servers (VPS) are internet database software sold as an online hosting service. It is managed by an operating system (OS), and you, as the user, have the right to get into superuser-level that can be managed and function on numerous types of software.  From famous brands up to huge enterprise, VPS runs throughout your shop making sure your shop is linked and assisted. Depending on the type of the program, VPS is self-efficient and updates itself making it very user-friendly for your business to connect with your customer and provide assistance and support.

This age of high-speed internet, a lot of entrepreneurs are opting to use VPS in their businesses in order to associate and relay services and information to their clients. Also, VPS offers a convenient way of managing and handling their accounts. Usually, a Virtual Private Server has software for VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, and provides a secure domain. A great example of a VPS that hosts domains is Inmotion. What you will read in this article are the following: reviews regarding InMotion like what are the services offered by this VPS Company when it comes to domain hosting and at the last part of this article, you will read a list of other VPS just like InMotion.


InMotion Hosting was created as an operating domain and employee-owned company. It was founded in 2001 and ever since then has become one of the leading company with regards to web hosting. The software primarily functions on Unix and Linux operating systems. The company’s headquarters is located in California and Virginia.

The InMotion Hosting offers website hosting software to numerous types of company and entrepreneurial organizations. The software provides its users with VPS hosting, dedicated servers and shared hosting. One of the largest players in VPS web hosting industry, InMotion caters to small business that is still starting and medium-size companies. It offers services that are excellent in supporting the user’s customers and cost efficient in web hosting.

The service provided by InMotion is known to have an uptime has been tested through four different websites and it shows to be 99.895% uptime. Through the various tests with regards to InMotion’s uptime, it assures its users of a high-speed website. Also, InMotion has entered a collaborative partnership with leading internet providers from around the world in order to have access to immediate data connection through generating scanning exchanges.

InMotion Hosting has additional key features that you can avail of, among them, single-click installs for a variety of scripts and apps, a website builder and eCommerce apps. The service also supports both MySQL and PHP software. It allows you to rent server space from a provider and sublet to other users with its reseller hosting offering. Inmotion’s VPS hosting plans, on the other hand, is capable of virtual server account hosting, which equally shares all of the resources with all of the accounts.

The platform has dedicated servers allowing users access to both managed and unmanaged VPS. Individual users will be able to access all resources on the machine, which are not shared with any other account. Email accounts can be managed through the service’s email hosting service, which is done by using a native or third-party email application.

Inmotion Hosting Virtual Private Server

InMotion Features

Website Hosting User Tools

InMotion Hosting provides a large variety of software, features, and tools to help your website get noticed from the overwhelmingly numerous websites out there. InMotion allows its users a great outlet to popular CMS and blogging software like WordPress and Drupal. Installation of these features found in the program is quick and effortless due to Softculous that offers one-click launching script which can be accessed and managed within cPanel. InMotion Hosting offers popular software like MySQL and PHP and provides EDU channels through its Support Center and tutorials.

Account Management

Through cPanel and Softculous, the user can now easily manage his or her email, website, and more.  The cPanel allows the users to manage their server with easy from Shared Hosting up to Reselling Hosting, the user can exploit the numerous features provided by cPanel. Other aspects of cPanel include its ability to create FTP accounts and creating email through its simple to install software program which maintains security and manages domains. Through One-click utilization application, it allows its users to easily install over four hundred (400) applications like PrestaShop and WordPress.

Website Builders

One of the website builders offered by InMotion is BoldGrid. BoldGrid allows its users to drop and drag website builder which offers the easiest way to publish and generate a great, fully-functioning website through WordPress. InMotion’s BoldGrid is part of the premium website builder deal package. It allows its users to edit quickly and build responsive domains. Through BoldGrid the user has the chance to select beautiful templates and manage actual content.

Compared to other “free” website generating programs, the user has a hundred percent ownership and total control of their own website. No coding is required in creating the websites the user desires. WordPress Hosting is one of the most well-known easy-to-use and frees open source for a system utilizing content management and blogging tool. B2evolution provides free CMS or free blog engine specializing in photo and file management.


Through over two hundred seventy-five (275) powerful features, PrestaShop provides its users with the tools they can use to sell their products with much ease. PrestaShop hosting allows its users to immediately get started with their business online with no hassle and at the same time provides secure checkout and scalable solution. Also through OpenCart which is part of the software for free, it allows its users to share website hosting accounts with a click from the mouse to install Softaculous. OpenCart provides a free shopping system which can be managed into any package offered by InMotion.

Through thousands and thousands of OpenCart themes, templates, modules, and extensions, it enables its users to fully operate and manage their customer’s shopping experience. It employs a simple file system and interfaces so the user doesn’t necessarily need technical skill. If the user does need support, InMotion has a large online community that offers an abundance of tutorials, documentation, and support. Also, InMotion Hosting presents full OpenCart instruction in channel providing numerous articles and tutorials.

Inmotion Hosting Virtual Private Server


Through a system that manages online courses created by educators for their students, Moodle allows its users to set up classes with much ease, schedule events, grade students and more! Moodle manages a free teaching managing structure that permits educators to set up online courses. These course subjects are reciprocal so that students can post subjects, produce discussion and debate threads, and obtain their homework graded.

With it’s effortless to utilize admin dashboard, instructors can concentrate on making an educational curriculum. Through the company class, hosting packages can simply and effortlessly control a Moodle system. With unlimited bandwidth, up to 10GB of data backup, and space database. Through Softaculous, InMotion’s easy-to-use software installer, Moodle can be and exist lacking any bother of containing manually system a data catalog and configure documents.

CMS Software

As a high-quality content management system (CMS), Joomla enables the user to create dynamic online applications and websites. InMotion’s Drupal also allows its users to generate everything from individual blogs to business venture applications. Through this CMS software, over thousands of tagged on units allows the user to create any website the user imagines and wants to implement.


As the number one hosting company providing fourteen years of premium support when it comes to creating secure website hosting, InMotion provides transfers and free domain with no-downtime domain transfers. All domains are registered when having the free setup which allows domain privacy. Through every registration the users can have access to premium quality of support that doesn’t run on automated systems but where the user can interact with another person in the technical department.

The software protects the user’s domain from scammers and hijackers making it sure that it’s secured and fortified. The program offers an automatic domain website renewal which allows the user to never by mistake lose the user’s domain. Effortlessly and intuitively the control panel can manage the user’s domains. The company provides its users with the ability of domain transfer. InMotion Hosting offers business hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller Hosting, and WordPress Hosting.

Website Design Use

The users can create excellent customized designs suited to the line of business the user owns. The program has a very responsive system that allows access to different types of devices. The design and they can be generated through the WordPress platform. Hosting a domain has never been so easy to do especially now that the website has a design package.

InMotion offers a free consultation, a one year of hosting, no need to practice obligation to purchase. Through InMotion’s four-step process, the user can conduct an interview with the company’s expert, the user can send information effectively and easily, the user can review and critique templates and designs, and finally, the user can publish and launch his or her website.

Inmotion Hosting Virtual Private Server

Technical Details

InMotion Hosting is supported by operating systems in Linux and Unix.  The top features of InMotion Hosting are that it offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free domain, WordPress hosting, and Unlimited Sites. The system’s script and languages run on ASP, Django, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby on rails. The control panel offered by InMotion is cPanel, WHM, and Plesk.

InMotion offers easy installations that can assist its users in creating and generating a domain website that caters to their company and client’s needs. The easy installments are b2evolution, Drupal, Softaculous, Joomla, Magento, Mambo, MediaWiki, WordPress, and SSL. The company’s server location is located in the USA despite catering internationally.  The software runs its database through PHPMyAdmin and MySQL.

Benefits of InMotion

Hosting Data Centers

Over more than a decade of providing VPS, InMotion despite the climate limiting its data centers found in both coasts the company strives to offer its customers with the reliability and consistency they can depend on. InMotion Hosting also has invested in improvements and expansions to both it’s data centers which included upgrading the company’s own transporter level platforms and based on consulting the company’s business partners in order to cater to their needs through improvements they need.

InMotion has four (4) Tier 1 ISP contributors that are constantly active– which means even though something catastrophic was to occur; the company has numerous backups to keep the user’s data flowing. The company also upgraded its own routers in order to be at a carrier level for maximum competence and efficiency. InMotion’s data centers can be considered by some as the most secure place on earth due to its armed guards, locked vaults and hand scanners.

The company’s background in technology and business – and InMotion is always searching for new hardware, methods, and software that will complement and enhance its existing tools. It’s not only an issue of enterprise and venture but a matter of great pride to its well-experienced and knowledgeable staff. In fact, InMotion for numerous times has taken suggestions from its clients and after proper evaluation, added the use and functionality to its entire servers.

Award Winning Support

InMotion Hosting has fixed just about all things related to website hosting related that can be busted and fixed. Merging this knowledge and awareness with a welcoming staff and receptive management has made InMotion as a top-rated technical support team. InMotion Hosting has been selected and nominated as the best hosting provider by websites WebHostingGeeks.com and

WebHostingSecretRevealed.com. The company continues to accept and patiently answer the user’s questions – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company has even placed collectively the best information for maintaining, growing, and building the user’s website at its Support Center.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

InMotion invites anyone to try out their software with no obligation. If they don’t live up to what the user expects, InMotion offers a 90-day return of money guarantee with no questions asked. InMotion Hosting is a hundred percent transparent regarding their guarantee –which the user can check out in the company’s legal terms and agreements.

Inmotion Hosting Virtual Private Server

Support Details

InMotion Hosting offers a variety of various ways of providing support and assistance to their valued users and customers through its sophisticated customer support options. Customers can contact their technical support team through phone support and Live Chat.

The users can go to InMotion’s website where they can website tutorials, email tutorials, Youtube videos, Forums and Community, Tools, Ticketing and et cetera.  Also, through InMotion’s website the user can read their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) where if they have a question regarding the program or want to learn more about the software they can have an idea about the matter.

InMotion Hosting guarantees its customers that it will deliver sustainable services through its team of specialists that will stand in for twenty hours a day, seven days a week— making the support team ready for whatever queries and uncertainties regarding about their clients.

Inmotion Hosting Virtual Private Server




InMotion Hosting Pricing and Plan

Shared Web Hosting Plans

  1. Launch Package costs $3.99 which includes in the package unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, two (2) domains, and an unlimited number of emails.
  2. Power Package costs $ 5.99 which includes in the package unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, six (6) domains, and an unlimited number of emails.
  3. Pro Package costs $ 13.99 which includes in the package unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of domains, and an unlimited number of emails.

VPS Hosting Plans

  1. VPS-1000HA-S costs $24.99 which includes in the package is seventy-five(75) GB storage, four (4)TB, unlimited number of domains, 3 IP addresses, and 4GB RAM.
  2. VPS-2000HA-S costs $39.99 which includes in the package is one hundred fifty (150) GB storage, five (5)TB, unlimited number of domains, 4 IP addresses, and 6GB RAM.
  3. VPS-3000HA-S costs $59.99 which includes in the package is two hundred sixty (260) GB storage, six (6)TB, unlimited number of domains, 5 IP addresses, and 8GB RAM

Dedicated Server Plans

  1. Essential package costs $99.99 within the package includes five hundred (500) GB SSD or one (1)TB 7.2KHDD, six (6)TB, Intel® Xeon® E3-1230, five (5) IP addresses, and eight (8) RAM.
  2. The advanced package costs $159.99 within the package includes five hundred (500) GB SSD or two (2)TB 7.2KHDD, ten (10)TB, Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v6, ten (10) IP addresses, and sixteen (16) RAM.
  3. Elite package costs $229.99 within the package includes RAID-1,2x 500 GB SSD or 2×2 TB 7.2KHDD, ten (10)TB, Intel® Xeon® E3-1230 v6, fifteen (15) IP addresses, and eight (32) RAM.

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