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Best Inmotion hosting Self Service Web Hosting Review in 2019

Inmotionhosting Self Service Web Hosting
Inmotionhosting Self Service Web Hosting

Of all the independent web hosting companies, Inmotion hosting is one of those who have been around the longest. This multi service hosting enterprise has been around since 2001 and is considered one of the largest and most established in the industry. They have a market share of more than 25,000 and have built big data center complexes in Virginia and Los Angeles.

Claims of being of the biggest and fastest in the industry

Many are not usually aware that a number of the recognizable names in the hosting industry(like Bluehost and Hostgator) actually belong under one umbrella corporation –Endurance International. InMotion hosting is one of the independent few that can boast of having staying power in this competitive niche and being number one in terms of transfers, customer support, and industry guarantee. They certainly are one of the largest hosting providers and a proof of that is the huge client base that they have built throughout the years.

InMotion Hosting takes pride in being CNET Certified for having “outstanding service, secure website transactions, and best business practices”. CNET is a known media group that reviews consumer technological products and services. InMotion Hosting has gotten a thumbs-up from them for 15 years now. Meanwhile, they also enjoy an A+service rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is an agency based in the US and Canada.

In terms of service features, InMotion Hosting certainly does not fall short. They have a plethora of web services that can be grouped into five main categories which are –WordPress hosting, dedicated servers hosting, business hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting. They are capable of accommodating a variety of hosting tools such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, cPanel, Durpal, Open Cart, and a few others. They also offer eCommerce hosting, transfer websites, cloud VPS, managed hosting,domain naming, and website design, among many others. You can say that their list of services is pretty long. Plus, they also have a trademark service called ‘Launch Assist’.

Being an industry leader, InMotion asserts to have been instrumental in helping a great number of small-mid size businesses set up their websites and achieve online success.Their key strength lies is making websites ‘’fast and secure”’. Custom-server caching, PHP 7, and solid-state drives are used for speedier loading.Meanwhile, they also employ stringent security measures such as custom firewall, DDoS protection, and Free SSL. Customers with new website can also enjoy easy transfer and uploading of data with the help of their free-website migration, 1-click app installer, and free drag & drop website builder.

Do they live up to the hype?

Indeed, InMotion has a big reputation that precedes them and a long list of service features to boot. The question is, do they live up to the hype? Their corporate size, track record, high ratings, and service expertise make everything look good on paper.So, what about the real-life performance and customer experience?

Frankly, there is no such thing as the “best” hosting service. Hence, judging InMotion Hosting’s performance is a subjective task that depends on the needs and priorities of the website owner. There are many factors that come into play. To make it easier for you, here’s a rundown of InMotion Hosting’s strong points as well as the weak ones.


Quick Loading Speed

Server speed will have a lot of say on how a customer experiences your website. Expect the customer to get off from your site if the page doesn’t load within 30 seconds,thereby profoundly affecting your bounce rate and traffic. This is the obvious reason but there’s also another one that is usually overlooked — rankings. Page speed is deeply embedded in Google’s algorithm, so only fastest loading sites can make it to the top page. If you want to amp up your SEO game, you better start looking at your site’s server speed — and that means choosing the right hosting service.

Fortunately, InMotion Hosting doesn’t disappoint in that area. Their rate is above average compared to the rest of the competitors– with 808ms. That is 10% faster than the industry average of 890ms.

Plenty of metrics come into play when it comes to loading speed. One of the most important is Time to First Byte, or what IT experts call “TTFB”. Basically, it measures the time the server takes torespond after a request from a website visitor. According to ShivarWeb.com who has been conducting TTFB speeds among several hosting services, InMotion Hosting always comes out with above average scores. This may be attributed to the fact that they utilize SSD (Solid-State-Drive) drives instead of a traditional HDD(hard disk drive). They also take care not to overbook their servers with more than 100 percent capacity.

The amount of sales and conversion your business may want to achieve will heavily depend on traffic and SEO rankings. If these are the areas you want to improve on, then you got to work on having a consistent fast loading speed with a reliable hosting service.

Inmotionhosting Self Service Web Hosting

Reliable Uptime

When it comes to reliability, InMotion Hosting has been recorded to deliver their guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime from December 2017 to September 2018 – at 99.938% to be exact. However, that falls 0.002% short as compared to the industry average of 99.94%. Still, that is considered exceptional and is enough to be put among the top most network reliable services. Their recorded uptime on September 2018 actually clocks in at 99.99%and that means they are continuing to work on improving their reliability.

They did have a major downtime event sometime around the 1st week of May 2018. Investigation done by their networks operations team traced the cause to be related to a device found in one of their data centers in the West Coast. A number of web pages went down and many justifiably angry customers flooded their support service. Events like these can serve as a litmus test where you can see the kind of service and professionalism a company upholds. Luckily customer service is one of InMotion’s huge strengths, and a number of customers have commented that they have handled the situation quite well as compared to their experience with some hosting service’s outages. This also teaches website owners that no matter how great a web hosting service is, one still has to be prepared with backups and redundancies.

Outstanding Customer Service

Customer service in the web hosting industry is notoriously slippery and inefficient – with agents being hard to reach and simple issues taking weeks to solve. As a website owner, you know that at some point you will encounter an issue that needs expert technical support. If you plan to have your website up for years,reaching out to your hosting company’s support team will be inevitable. Luckily,this area is where InMotion Hosting stepped up to be above par over the rest. Being a “leader in customer support” is their primary marketing shout-out.

Unlike some other hosting companies that decide to cut costs by outsourcing their customer support, InMotion Hosting sees it as an investment. They train and cultivate a homegrown tech support team that is available thru live chat, phone, email, and ticket system. The extent of training becomes evident through their agents’promptness and expertise. The agents do not sound like they are merely following a troubleshooting script. Their professional answers make them sound like they are IT experts themselves.

The question is,how do you evaluate a company’s customer service on the whole, and not just based on a single incident? You may have heard a few stories of customers’unpleasant encounters with some tech support staff, but those are just anecdotal evidence and not indicative of the support team’s overall performance.  What you should look at instead are these two:  a.) channel accessibility and b.) support content

When it comes to accessibility, all the support channels (chat, email, skype, etc.) prove to be efficient and very responsive. Some web hosting companies will urge you to call via phone since their email and chat is taking too long to respond and you are in need of help right away. On the other hand, customers of InMotion Hosting usually receive a prompt reply and an overall pleasant experience while having their issues solved right away.

Meanwhile, InMotion Hosting provides quite a number of informative content for troubleshooting. In fact, these content are so in-depth and well-read that they rank high in Google’s general search queries. They have plenty of guides and articles for a variety of issues that encourages interactive discussions among customers while InMotion agents give their input. This allows for easier trouble shooting and research.

Another one worth mentioning is their on boarding process for newbie website owners. If you just recently signed up for hosting, you will automatically receive a series of emails containing support content that allows you to plan the overall direction of your website.

Inmotionhosting Self Service Web Hosting

Great Apps Integration

You may think that newer hosting services offer more updated options when it comes to apps and tools. So, it’s quite a pleasant surprise that it is actually one of the oldest services that offers the most variety. InMotion makes another bold claim by saying that they’re a known leader for supporting numerous Open Source projects.

They are not wrong. You will find that they are part of a large network of partner ships which paves the way for excellent Google apps integration. This makes them an ideal hosting tool when building an e-commerce site. They also support WordPress integration by providing a pre-installation option when you start to launch your website through them. They support over 300 applications that range from e-commerce systems to content management systems. That’s not bad, isn’t it?

Extra-Secure Data Breach Protection

Cyber terrorism is a very real threat, and even critical online infrastructure (like government websites) are not safe from attacks. In 2017, the UK House of Parliament was under fire when they become the subject of a brute force attack that threatened to break in high ranking official’s inboxes.

The security of private important should be given high importance, especially if your website is carrying sensitive data. Nowadays, brute force, DDoS, and Dos attacks are increasing and becoming more sophisticated. Fortunately, InMotion knows this and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to protecting customers’ websites.

InMotion’s customers can rest easy as their team of security experts monitor servers’security 24/7. Websites hosted through them are covered by highly advanced firewall systems such as ModSecurity. They also partnered with Corero Network Security to provide a special security measure known as the Smartwall Thread Defense System or TDS. This unique feature is an impressive system of security programs that can detect, pacify, and banish even the most aggressive DDoS or bruteforce attacks in real time.

Free Backups

Regular backups are a given when it comes to hosting providers, but the one thing that InMotion does differently is that they allow you to access the backup data anytime  for free. That is a huge deal. Most hosting companies charge around 20$ so you could retrieve the backup or through complicated conditions that are included in their terms of service.

InMotion Hosting will offer up to 10GB of daily automated backup. However, any amount exceeding that will be up for review. You can also restore your account for free, but only once every four months. Anything in addition to that will be subject to a fee of $49.

InMotion is also pretty generous when it comes to data limits. Most hosting companies have low capacities but InMotion can accommodate even image-heavy websites with room to spare.

It is recommended that you should not rely solely on your hosting provider for data backups and that you should be constantly doing your own. Nonetheless, it pays to sign up with a provider that can give you free, emergency backup.

User Friendly Control Panel

Not all website owners are techies. Thus, it becomes a hosting company’s concern to provide a back end that is not intimidating for new users but still allows a wide range of flexibility and control.

InMotion is able to do that and more. Their cPanel access is placed directly on the account management dashboard, complete with a one-click installer. This means you’ll only have a single log-in where you can access your cPanel as well as access your billing and domains. They use an upgraded version (Comodo SSls) which has a cleaner interface  plus they also allow you to choose among exciting upgrade options.

Inmotionhosting Self Service Web Hosting



At first glance, InMotion seems to be at par with the rest of their competitors. Plus, the price seems such a good deal especially if you considered their industry reputation and their long list of positive features. However, they did a little trick with their advertising.

When it comes to unlimited plans, you can only avail of the discounted rate if you locked in with them for 24 months. They do offer shorter terms, but on a higher price of course. You could find other unlimited plans with almost the same features fora more competitive price. With that said, InMotion Hosting is probably not ideal for short-term projects which could fare better with a monthly-plan hosting.The best customers who could really take advantage of their deal are the more established websites.

Slower Verification Process

You could certainly give it to InMotion Hosting when it comes to taking all the necessary precautions when it comes to security. However, one of the consequences of that is a little delay in the verification process. All newly on board customers must be verified through phone, especially the ones who reside outside the U.S. Thus,if you’re a newbie, you won’t have access to your account right away. This maybe a turn-off for some, especially those who needs to deliver under certain deadlines. Still, this can be credited to InMotion Hosting’s high standards of security.


Of course, no hosting plan is perfect, even those from the most reputable providers. The same is true with InMotion, as a few of their features come with certain limitations. One is mentioned earlier in this article – you are not entitled to the free backup if you have more than 10GB of data.In addition, there is limit on the number of websites you can run on your account, even if you’re a subscriber of their top price plan. The reason behind this is they may want to ensure optimal network performance by filtering out customers who may take advantage of the ‘’unlimited’’ feature. Still, this limitation is something you want to be aware of when comparing hosting plans against each other.

Inmotionhosting Self Service Web Hosting


InMotion is a high-level hosting company that carries a big name and extensive years of experience. Their major strength is customer service, which they make sure is done differently from the rest. Most of their service features are top of the line and they invest a lot in security as well. Considering all that plus all the other strengths that have not been mentioned, you can consider them one of the strongest contenders in the hosting industry worldwide.

However, due to their plans and pricing structure, they may not be the best fit for start-up websites with limited budget and shorter trajectories. These customers may try seeking out a monthly hosting plan instead.

So if you are looking for the right hosting provider, the first thing you should do is to assess all your goals and see if InMotion is the right fit.

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