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Best InMotion Fully Managed Hosting Review in 2019

InMotion Fully Managed Hosting
InMotion Fully Managed Hosting

Best InMotion Fully Managed Hosting Review in 2019

With more than 15 years in web hosting experience, InMotion Hosting has become a top recognized brand in the industry. InMotion Hosting is known not only for their top-tier hardware but their amazing, knowledgeable staff as well.

They employ experts who have an average of 4 years in professional experience in web hosting. They also require that all their staff, be it email support, live chat, or phone support, have a minimum of 160 hours in-depth, internal training on the LAMP stack, CentOS, email clients, and much, much more. Furthermore, InMotion’s management team members have an average of 10 years’ experience in the field.

As far as their web hosting network goes, InMotion uses machines with either Linux or Unix based operating systems. Their servers are monitored 24/7 and continuously tested to maintain optimum performance for all of their users. Because their systems are constantly monitored, they can respond immediately when there are issues, plus they can keep their systems running as intended with no hang-ups. InMotion works to be the best in the business in terms of speed, reliability, and economy.

Their data centers are fully redundant and climate controlled. They have centers both on the west and east costs, helping to further ensure reliability and speed regardless of customer location. In fact, InMotion recently invested in improvements and expansions to both of their data centers. These upgrades included improvements to their carrier level platforms and improvements based on partner requests.

They have four ISP Tier 1 providers always, meaning that even if disaster strikes, they have multiple backups. This allows them to always keep data flowing and everything up and running, regardless of what is going on. InMotion’s data centers are extremely secure places and have armed guards, locked vaults, and hand scanners. Their business background is in innovative technology, meaning InMotion is always on the hunt for new, improved solutions for their customers. InMotion holds themselves in a place of pride with their offerings and constant improvements. They truly want to be the best in the business.

InMotion Hosting Plans


InMotion Hosting offers three unique shared hosting plans that are all Linux-based. They call their shared plans “Business Plans,” but don’t let that confuse you. These hosting plans are great for customers who have static websites, custom applications, or database content. They offer options to develop in MySQL, Perl, PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, or Ruby. All of these InMotion plans include unlimited email, unlimited storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers. Plan choices are:

  • Launch—Support for 2 websites and 6 domains total.
  • Power—Support for 6 websites and 26 domains.
  • Pro—Support unlimited websites and unlimited domains.

For more information specifically on InMotion’s shared hosting plans, visit



InMotion also offers great VPS hosting options that start at just $41.64/ month and max out at $154/ month. Unlimited email addresses, websites, domains, and databases are included with all plans. InMotion’s VPS plans come in self-managed or fully-managed options. For a full list of info and prices on their VPS hosting choices, visit https://www.inmotionhosting.com/vps-d.


As far as InMotion’s dedicated plans, they are all Linux-based servers that can be fully customized. Plans include 3TB of total storage, 64GB RAM, and a total of 15TB of data transfers each month. Dedicated plan choices are:

  • Essential—Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD/1TB HDD
  • Advanced—Intel Xeon E3-1270 v6, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD/2TB HDD
  • Elite—Intel Xeon E3-1270 v6, 32GB RAM, 2x500GB SSD/2x2TB HDD
  • CC-500—Intel Xeon E5-2430, 16GB RAM, 2×500 SSD
  • CC-1000—Intel Xeon Silver 4110, 32GB RAM, 2x1TB SSD
  • CC-2000—Intel Xeon 4110 x2, 64GB RAM, 3x1TB SSD

For more specific information regarding InMotion’s dedicated hosting, visit


InMotion Fully Managed Hosting


InMotion also offers some solid WordPress hosting packages. Their Linux-based servers are optimized for WordPress and come with the WordPress system already preinstalled. They offer daily backups for free as well as automatic updates. Furthermore, InMotion will also update third-party plug-ins for WordPress automatically plus boost your personal WordPress installation with their customized NGINX stack and special, in-house cache system.

These WordPress plans are worth the money. Unlike most hosting companies who offer WordPress plans, InMotion’s plans include unlimited data transfers, disk space, and more. They also offer the BoldGrid website builder for your needs.


You can quickly become a hosting and web domain reseller with InMotion’s customizable, white label reseller hosting plans. All reseller plans are Linux-based and can come in shared or VPS flavors. All of InMotion’s reseller plans include great features like WHMCS, cPanel, SSL, eNom, Dedicated IP, and more. For a full breakdown of InMotion’s reseller plans, visit https://www.inmotionhosting.com/reseller-hosting.

Fully-Managed vs Self-Service Hosting

Most web hosting sites are considered self-service hosting. This means that most of the server maintenance and set up are in the client’s hands, not the hosting company. There are many reasons why companies put these things into the customers’ hands.

However, InMotion offers fully-managed add-ons to nearly all of their plans. When you opt for InMotion’s fully-managed services, you get increased support and help with maintaining and securing your server. Below we will outline more in-depth what features are included if you choose to add on managed hosting.

InMotion Fully Managed Hosting


What Does InMotion Offer With Their Fully Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting with InMotion is like adding a personal support team to your business without adding the additional people on your payroll. This plan offers custom solutions like cluster setup, custom software installation, optimization, and more. You are assigned specialized staff who are dedicated to making your desires reality and making everything work just the way you need. With Fully-managed hosting, the tinkering and troubleshooting are out of your hands, freeing you to do what you need to keep your business thriving. These staff members will listen to your needs and ask questions to make sure they are spending their time wisely and understand the full scope of what you are looking for.

Here are just some of the great benefits to InMotion’s managed hosting services.

Enhanced Security

InMotion promises to implement any solutions maintain server security. So, whether you are a retail storefront or a site where people are submitting sensitive information, InMotion’s fully-managed services can implement your needs. Offerings include CSF/LFD, OSSsec, and more.

Platform Optimization

InMotion Hosting boasts extensive optimization experience, meaning they are more than able to out the best solution in place for your business needs. Whether you need varnish caching, LAMP tune-ups, APC, or other needs to get your platform working at its best, InMotion can do it for you.

InMotion Fully Managed Hosting


Giving Back Time

With fully-managed hosting, InMotion’s service experts can work to automate many services and protocols for you, saving you time and money to do other work. No need to learn scripts or complex programming; InMotion does it all for you.

Furthermore, with their 15+ years of hosting experience, InMotion knows how to troubleshoot and problem solves for you quickly and efficiently. Whether you call, submit an email ticket, or contact support through their online chat, InMotion’s team will get to work for you. No trying to figure out the issues on your own or hunt through FAQs to try to answer questions. InMotion’s main goal with their fully-managed service is to give you back time.

Uptime Solutions

It takes time and careful study to understand what solutions will maximize site functionality for your purposes, but InMotion promises to do this for you. By understanding your unique needs and requirements, they can find an optimum solution for your company and promise nearly 100% uptime for your site without major lagging or crashing caused by traffic.


InMotion Hosting gets all of their servers directly from Dell. Dell tests each server multiple times prior to even shipping out to InMotion. Because of these tests, InMotion boasts that they can give you great peace of mind with their equipment and your data. Additionally, InMotion uses name-brand hardware from companies such as Brocade and Cisco. InMotion further states that they spend millions annually on ensuring they have the best hardware so that they can provide the best service.

InMotion Fully Managed Hosting

Additional Benefits With InMotion Hosting

Satisfaction Guarantee

InMotion Hosting takes customer satisfaction quite seriously. In fact, they promise to always provide you with professional service, reliable hosting, and competent support. If not, they will willingly refund your money! They offer a 90-day money back guarantee on most of their plans, an unheard of the offer in most of the web hosting industry. They offer this to give you peace of mind as you select plans and lock in contracts with them. Try with ease without the fear of losing money in the process.


InMotion Hosting offers customers numerous e-commerce and marketing options. You can use their Premium Web Builder to create an eShop storefront or add options like OpenCart or PrestaShop (free add-ons) to make a more elaborate store page. There are also options for payment acceptance through your site, marketing, and more. Note: e-commerce options are not available with their most basic shared plan, Launch.

Rock-Solid Uptime

One of the most important aspects of web hosting is having guaranteed uptime and having your site live and functional pretty much constantly. If your website isn’t up and running, that hurts your business since potential customers can’t access your goods or services via the webpage, causing you lost money and lots of headaches. InMotion boasts 99.98% uptime, and in many testing cases performed even better than that. That is a nightmare scenario.

Site Migration

Regardless of which type of hosting or specific plan you choose, InMotion offers all their new customers free site migration services to move from another server. All you need to do is let them know upon sign up or contact support for more information.

One Plan Does It All

InMotion offers their clients a full range of plan options to address nearly any customer scenario. Whether you are an independent just starting out or a major e-commerce storefront, InMotion has many features simply built into all of their plans.

These features include:

  • All solid-state hard drive storage
  • Free SSL certificates automatically
  • Automated backups daily
  • Fully ready for PHP 7
  • Email hosting with an easy-to-use webmail service
  • SSH/SFTP access
  • Pre-set CMS upon order
  • Professional services for website design
  • Choice of server location: East or West Coast, USA
  • Installation of over 400 apps with a few simple clicks of the mouse

All Your Software and Application Needs

InMotion Hosting includes 400+ applications that you can install with just one click. On top of that, our servers are capable of supporting hundreds of additional applications. No matter what your needs, InMotion Hosting has a solution for you. Offerings include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more.

A Full Toolbox of Hosting Tools

From site design to control panels to online shopping, InMotion offers a wide array of hosting tools with all of their sites. For design, you can use their BoldGrid if you want a drag and drop option, or for more specific needs, they offer WordPress or B2evolution. For control panels, you can choose from cPanel or Softaculous. For a full listing of web hosting tools, visit https://www.inmotionhosting.com/site-hosting-tools.

Top Notch Technology

It’s a common practice for web hosting corporations to piece their web servers together with just the least expensive parts that are available and work, but this means that their servers are not always the most up-to-date, fastest, or most reliable equipment. InMotion Hosting actually gets all of their servers directly from Dell. Dell actually tests each server multiple times prior to even shipping out to InMotion.

Because of these tests, InMotion boasts that they can give you great peace of mind with their equipment and your data. Additionally, InMotion uses name-brand hardware from companies such as Brocade and Cisco. InMotion further states that they spend millions annually on ensuring they have the best hardware so that they can provide the best service.

InMotion Fully Managed Hosting


Managed Hosting Pricing

InMotion’s managed hosting comes in three different plans, plus the option to simply pay as you go for a la carte services. Below we break down the basics for each hosting plan, but to fully explore their managed pricing, visit https://www.inmotionhosting.com/managed-hosting.

  • Level 1 ($40 Per Month) — 1 Hour Management Coverage per month and a 3-month commitment required (extra hours $45)
  • Level 2 ($70 Per Month) — 2 Hours Management Coverage per month and a 3-month commitment (extra hours $40)
  • Level 3 ($100 Per Month) — 3 Hours Management Coverage per month and a 6-month commitment (extra hours $37.50)
  • A la carte at $75 per hour

Note that hosting services are required to add the managed hosting onto your plan. To decide which services might be best for your business, use the following resources.

InMotion Support

InMotion offers their 24/7 “Premier Support” tech support. They provide a total of 5 communication channels: telephone, online chat, email, community Q & A, and online tutorials. They also have a fully functional Support Center that offers FAQs, step-by-step guides, and more.

For their fully-managed services, though, you have an added layer of built-in support for your needs. This dedicated support team only covers fully-managed customers, meaning you get uniquely trained professionals for your needs. They have additional training in numerous coding languages and platforms, plus the expertise to troubleshoot, problem solves, and automate services for you. To chat with someone to get details about their fully-managed support, visit https://www.inmotionhosting.com/managed-hosting.

InMotion Fully Managed Hosting

Other InMotion Services

In addition to web hosting, InMotion also offers website design services and domain purchasing.

For their website design services, they suggest a free consultation with their expert design team, who will come up with a plan to best fit your needs. Although the goal is to also sign you up for their web hosting, InMotion’s design service do come as standalone products, starting at just $99. They boast a simple, 4 step process of collecting data from you when designing the site of your dreams. For more information on this service, visit https://www.inmotionhosting.com/webdesign. Or, if you want to build on your own, they offer BoldGrid as a design interface, and you can find more information about those plans at https://www.inmotionhosting.com/boldgrid-website-builder-g.

For their domain services, you can claim a domain for free with any 12 or 24-month web hosting contracts. Otherwise, they do simply offer the option to purchase domains through them. They also offer transfer services, which they brag to be #1 in the business for site transfers. InMotion offers registering any .com, .biz, .net, .us, .org, or .info domain. They also offer full support with set-up and any other needs for your domain. For full information on their domain registration services, check https://www.inmotionhosting.com/domains.

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