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Full InfoFlo Contact Management Software Review – All you need to know about InfoFlo

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InfoFlo Contact Management Software will help you to effectively handle business emails and sync customers from leading programs such as Outlook, or even social media platforms which could include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. On matters of pricing, InfoFlo CRM solution is very affordable since you only pay once for a one-time subscription to have unlimited access to a free database and also free lifetime updates.

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With contact management software such as InfoFlo CRM, you have the ability to combine your sales process and activities on conversion and lead-to-quote basis, and also you are being offered performance assessment and reporting functionality. The design of a CRM solution is such that it can put together different sales data within a short period of time, usually minutes and as such you don’t need to spend hours on the task as is the case when relying on a spreadsheet.

More importantly, a CRM software such as InfoFlo contact management software will allow you to access details on key performance indicators like conversion rates, lead time, and win-loss ratios. CRM tools provide managers with the accurate picture with regard to the effectiveness of their sales teams involved with various clients, products, and territories.

A CRM application will facilitate the fast-tracking of the sales lifecycle and this helps you attain your goals faster. A contact management software such as InfoFlo CRM will handle the tricky work for you and, therefore, you will only play the role of a decision-maker. Any business that relies on InfoFlo CRM or a similar application can easily carry out their business tasks in a fast and automated manner.

By implementing solutions such as InfoFlo Contact Management Software, you are also making your company be at per with the latest technology, and in this case, a CRM solution.

For your business to stand out in the way it offers assistance to customers and also to establish a reputation as a business that takes very great care of its customers, then you will have to acquire a CRM software such as InfoFlo which will help you to keep track of these customers.

A CRM solution is in most cases designed to manage your client records in order to provide you with timely access to critical data and business insights which can be acted upon. In this case, you will waste very little time when trying to mind your data and you will have more time to do business. InfoFlo CRM solution will provide you with the functionalities that you need in order to manage your business more efficiently.

Being an integrated CRM solution, InfoFlo contact management software can be installed on-premise and can also be accessed online. Some of the services provided by InfoFlo include marketing and sales automation, customer support, contact management, and computer telephony integration.

What is InfoFlo Contact Management Software?

InfoFlo contact management software is an effective CRM solution that enables the management and full integration of business and contact relationships. You can use InfoFlo CRM solution for effectively monitoring all your potential leads and tracking the sales process of your business. Use this application to start projects and activities while collaborating with your team members.

InfoFlo CRM solution - dashboard

InfoFlo contact management software is a good partner when it comes to handling the business relationships between you and your clients and increasing the productivity of your business. Being a friendly CRM solution, InfoFlo allows for proper handling of business emails and syncing of business customers from programs such as Outlook or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

InfoFlo contact management software offers a one-time subscription cost which provides unlimited access to a free database and also updates that are free for lifetime.

Being an integrated CRM solution, this application supports online access or on-premise installation. The services offered by InfoFlo contact management software include contact management, sales, and marketing automation, customers support, and computer telephony integration.

As a user, you will have core access to the great features that this software provides which include email marketing, project management, meetings and appointments, task management, and Skype and Outlook iteration that can all be shared between team members in real time.

For business clients, Infoflo offers them an opportunity for building a CRM solution that can be customized to suit their business size and needs. The application is meant to be used by small and medium B2B organizations in different industries that could include software, construction, accounting, healthcare, real estate and more. In addition, InfoFlo CRM solution also offers email marketing, project management, document management, and invoicing modules as add-ons.

Users of InfoFlo Contact management software have access to videos and other training tools from their website and support is also offered through a ticketing system.

In today’s market, most CRM solutions are not user-friendly and very expensive for businesses. As a result, the CRM solutions will come with a recurring software update and maintenance costs plus initial assessment and consultant expenses. InfoFlo CRM is an innovative CRM solution. The designers of this application share the belief that there should only be a one-time cost for software.

As one of the most affordable CRM solutions available in the market today, the software is priced at $99 one-time cost and provides lifetime free upgrades. This powerful and one-stop-shop CRM solution gives its users the ability to fully manage their contacts and business relationships from a single platform.

InfoFlo contact management software offers you the most powerful Outlook sync for business organizations that is available in today’s market. The CRM tool supports full integration with relationship, contact, document, email, calendar, task management, and sales solution. It includes Outlook, Quick Books, and Google Sync.

Benefits of InfoFlo

InfoFlo CRM solution is a comprehensive contact management package

InfoFlo CRM solution allows you access to a comprehensive contact management package through tracking, managing and automatically streamlining the important information about business customers and contacts. Through a single-click access, you will be able to get all the information that is necessary for managing your business activities. Within seconds, InfoFlo connects you with a client or a contact or several of them on various and all information is shared automatically. Through InfoFlo contact management software, you will have better business relationships with customers as it allows you to view your previous exchanges and deals with them.

InfoFlo CRM - contact management for any business

Complete office solution for any business

InfoFlo Contact management software doesn’t just operate as a traditional CRM solution because, through it, you will be able to access all the features you need to run your business and these include phone system integration and project management. The product is distinct from competitors in that it delivers superior customer service and support. Through using customers feedback in their research and development, the providers of this product also make sure that the software capabilities and processes of InfoFlo CRM solution provide you with the functionality needed in managing your business efficiently.

Tracking leads to expand your network and growth possibilities

The tracking leads feature of InfoFlo contact management software allows you to expand your growth possibilities and network. Through using this application, you will be in a position to check the deals that you and your employees are actively undertaking.


When you properly manage your customer relationships, it means you can easily conduct your business. With InfoFlo CRM solution, you can easily manage all your client relationships in a single and easy to use interface in order to acquire all the important information which you need at glance.

InfoFlo is widely popular

InfoFlo contact management software is one of the most popular CRM solutions that are out there because it can seamlessly integrate data and details of your customers and contacts directly from leading programs like Outlook or files like Outlook-formatted CSV file.

InfoFlo contact management software is affordable

For just $99 or $1.50 per month for a period of 5 years, you will be provided with a contact management system that has more than 20 built-in components and this includes free upgrades for a lifetime. InfoFlo CRM focuses on managing your client records such that you have a timely access to critical information and business insights that you can act on. As a result, you waste less time in trying to find your data and spend most of your time doing your business.

InfoFlo supports proper organization of your business activities

By using InfoFlo CRM solution, business organizations can handle calendar and email management effectively such that the business, meetings, and events are stored and organized properly. With this solution, you can handle a task, notes, and also recordings management which can be used in business operations.

InfoFlo CRM solution provides you the capability to own your data

Because data is the most important asset for your business, you need a CRM solution that doesn’t compromise on security. InfoFlo performs effectively both at your private cloud and local network. Give InfoFlo contact management software a try and you should not worry about credit card information or commitments as no such things are required.

InfoFlo CRM also comes with 512-bit encryption which guarantees the security of your information. The application promises that your information will be virtually secure regardless of which location you access it from. The application can also be used to do central backups and restoring the entire database, including, users, contacts, documents, and other important information.

InfoFlo allows you to connect with your social media feeds

With InfoFlo CRM solution, you will be able to check live news feeds and post updates on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This application also works perfectly with Skype and, therefore, you can call clients and contacts using Skype from InfoFlo.

Features of InfoFlo CRM Solution

InfoFlo Contact Management software comes with lots of features and they include the following.

  • QuickBooks sync
  • Advanced search
  • Two-way Outlook sync
  • Perfect email marketing
  • Calendar sharing
  • Built-in email editor
  • Powerful document management
  • Easy document scanning
  • Sales Automation
  • Easy-to-use reporting and analytics tools
  • Effective Lead Tracking
  • Scheduled backup
  • User-friendly market automation features
  • Central data backup
  • Quick campaign management
  • Product catalog
  • Efficient quote management
  • Contact scheduler
  • Efficient notes management
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Customer database
  • Quick integration with social media
  • Top project management
  • Integrated mailing list management
  • Efficient map integration
  • Fast customer service
  • Customizable document templates
  • Territory management
  • Quick remote access
  • Knowledge-base
  • Amazing campaign dashboard
  • Effective email and calendar editor
  • Easy-to-navigate phone integration
  • Built-in 512 bit encryption for secure and safe data storage
  • Efficient call center management
  • A collaborative solution for contacts and team members
  • Efficient newsletter management
  • Fully-functional email management
  • Efficient and easy integration with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and also Skype.
  • Fast synchronization of emails, notes, and tasks for monitoring leads and lead opportunities


Here are summarized details of a few selected features.

Contact Management

InfoFlo CRM is a comprehensive contact management solution which can be used for tracking, managing and automatically linking all crucial information back to the appropriate contact and as a result, you can access all information with a single click.

Sharing and collaboration

With InfoFlo contact management software, you can share and collaborate on projects, contacts, and companies with all users or with some specific users in just a single click. InfoFlo shares information in real time.

Custom Fields

InfoFlo CRM solution makes it easy for you to set up custom fields for your projects, contacts, and companies. InfoFlo CRM offers different types of custom fields and they include checkboxes, text fields, drop-down menus, date fields etc.

Relationship management

Any business needs to be in a perfect position to manage relationships with their contacts and customers. InfoFlo contact management software has a dual panel view that gives you the most complete and straightforward view of all relationships.

Task management

As a user of InfoFlo CRM solution, you will be able to effectively create and manage tasks, set email, attach files, and pop up reminders. InfoFlo also allows you to share tasks, set priority levels, and tag by status or type. You will also be able to view tasks for the whole company and filter your list. If you your task is complete it can be archived by users.

Basic search

InfoFlo contact management software gives you the capability to search its entire database and then get instant search results which are conveniently split up by type and thus you are able to find information easily and immediately.

Pricing Details

InfoFlo CRM solution comes with three different pricing plans as follows

InfoFlo Basic

One-time cost per user and thus there are no monthly fees.

It costs $99 for every user and includes the following capabilities.

  • Contact management
  • Import Email
  • Relationship management
  • Audio recording
  • Document archiving
  • Notes Management
  • Data Recovery
  • SIP softphone
  • Skype integration
  • Microsoft and Google map integration
  • Calendar management
  • Calendar editor
  • SQL support
  • Virtual office
  • Email Management
  • Email Editor
  • Import Contacts
  • Text to speech

InfoFlo PBX

Includes all the features of InfoFlo Basic plus


  • Shipping Weight: 1.1025lbs

InfoFlo Cloud Hosting

Includes all InfoFlo Basic features plus $79.99/month

InfoFlo mobile is also now available for $ 9 per month

InfoFlo Contact Management Software - mobile

InfoFlo contact management software has additional upgrades that can be purchased for each plan and there is a free trial from which you can test all the important functionalities. Get your free trial from here.

Infoflo - pricing

Technical Details

InfoFlo CRM solution runs on devices that support Windows, the language supported is English, the pricing model is a one-time payment and free, and customer types include freelancers, medium businesses, and small businesses. Deployment is On-Premise.

Support Details

The vendors of InfoFlo Contact management software offers their support through email, phone, ticket, live support, and training.

Visit carmelvision.com for more details and free trial.

Email: sales@carmelvision.com

Phone (Toll free): 1-855-463-6356

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