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Full iMindQ Mind Mapping Software Review – All You Need To Know About iMindQ


If your workforce is getting bogged down by the increasing workload of routine tasks, or they’re just bombarded by too much information in form of ideas and concepts, then mind mapping may help.

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Mind mapping is a visual way of conveying ideas and thoughts.
As a concept, it is attributed to Tony Buzan, who invented it and believed mind maps are the best ways to take notes.

According to Buzan, mind maps harness the full cortical skills range including images, words, numbers, rhythms, logic, spatial awareness and color in a unique, powerful and single manner.

This perhaps is what led to the innovative mind mapping software that focus on helping workers come up with ideas, innovate them, and eventually implement or execute them.

Among the powerful and popular mind mapping software is iMindQ, which is known for its compatibility with Macs and PCs, as well as having a free online version.

The downside is its collaboration features are limited, and only available through Microsoft’s SharePoint, and it has a dated user interface.

Otherwise iMindQ is an easy to use mind mapping software, with lots of brainstorming tools. Let’s look at iMindQ in more detail below.

What is iMindQ?


iMindQ is a mind mapping software that inspires creativity, enables idea visualization, stimulates brainstorming and thinking, project conceptualization, planning and modeling of processes, and provokes innovation.

The tool inspires innovative ideas while encouraging originality, and you can share with others in a format that is understandable and visually stimulating.

iMindQ not only inspires you, but also continually helps you innovate and improve in every aspect of your life, whether a student, individual, educator or professional.

The mind mapping software also supports your creativity on different types of devices, languages, and several operating systems, with multilingual (English, French, Portuguese, German and Spanish) and multi-platform (Windows, iOS, Mac, web and Android) tools.

iMindQ is exciting and dynamic, and allows you to think visually, brainstorm, plan and organize your ideas. It helps you and your team sort out the information, while improving creativity and productivity.

Its clean interactive interface and design enables you to start out mind mapping in no time, plus its advanced features are used for time and task management, minutes of meetings, project progress, presentation of business plans, collaboration, sharing, and usage in the entire company’s divisions, units or departments.

Bearing in mind the mind mapping benefits, iMindQ is also great for use in educational or individual purposes.




iMindQ is the ultimate mind mapping software that allows you to experience its intuitive nature inspiring creativity, while stimulating brainstorming and providing a unique approach for visualization, organization and presentation of ideas.


iMindQ also has a smooth and flexible UI that shortens the time you need to generate unique ideas by stimulating your creativity. It helps you also inspire yourself as you enhance your creativity by drawing more from brainstorming sessions with the use of multiple mind maps. Clarify thoughts, save energy and time and your effort using iMindQ’s one stop program that lets you collect data, plan your projects, and brainstorm on ideas.

Create never-ending stories

With iMindQ, you can capture information in an easy to use and simple cross-platform and user friendly app, while improving all aspects of your work as you share ideas with your team using interactive mind maps. Your thought flow creates valuable and worthy never-ending stories and iMindQ helps streamline them in a powerful and intuitive organic mind map. It also stimulates your visual thinking while motivating creation of ideas using intuitive and organic mind maps, freestyle layouts, vast map template selections, and rich library of shapes, forms and images.

Visualize: Quickly catch important information

With iMindQ, you can gather, connect, and also present your data in a memorable and visually distinctive format using different colors, map styles, borders, ties and relationships. It helps save effort and time in collecting research data from the web, increasing your mind map’s merit using the instant Research panel to build it with information. You can also record ideas on a flexi whiteboard in different formats like concept maps, flowcharts, mind maps and other diagrams. Ready to use parts for mind maps can be included for faster creation of mind maps, and catch information quickly as well as the topics discussed
in business or organizational meetings.

Organize: Never miss track on an assignment or task

iMindQ lets you plan and implement projects with better time management and organization using its project and task management features. You can set deliverables with the WBS cart, update or add project tasks via the task management panel, or track the progress of your project using a detailed, clear Gantt chart view. The Microsoft SharePoint feature and integration with external software helps you share knowledge and collaborate through uploads, views, and editing of mind maps, flowcharts and concept maps.

Present and collaborate with team members

You can address your audiences with interactive HTML mind maps, or powerful one-click presentations, and depict the flow of information that is complex, through iMindQ’s flexible presentation mode. Professional presentations can be created with iMindQ as you aim for greater feedback, interactivity, and participation of your audience. You also get to save and export maps in different format types like XML, HTML, PDF, ODT, OPML, or Rich Text document, MindManager or FreeMind files. You can also use the powerful options for importing or advanced integrations with Microsoft Office to get map data from different formats and sources, or collaborate with colleagues by interchanging your ideas through iMindQ’s interactive HTML mind maps that you can edit with any browser.

Remarkable Presentation

iMindQ offers remarkable representations with a single click that leave a powerful visual impact while providing overviews of the topic.

Team Collaboration

iMindQ allows you and your team to work and share ideas via collaboration using the unique HTML mind maps.

iMindQ for business departments and teams

iMindQ works well for different departments and teams in the organization including:

  • Human Resource: The HR department benefits from the improvements of the diverse processes in HR through mind mapping
  • Healthcare: iMindQ helps medical centers and hospitals structure and organize huge data volumes and confidential records of patients
  • Sales: iMindQ helps salespeople use mind maps to stay organized and be more productive in their constant dynamic environment
  • Marketing: iMindQ’s mind mapping helps your marketing team remain creative as they strive to maximize returns on investment, and manage data that is constantly changing



Add Topic Elements

You can personalize your mind map’s look and feel through enriching its topics with icons, notes, hyperlinks, images and alerts among other items, or add and manage attachments directly from your PC, including adding customized date/time and custom properties.

Presentation Mode

At the click of a button, iMindQ lets you visualize ideas and mind maps, while using the different presentation mode options to create custom presentations.

Project Planning Mode

You can create WBS, convert ideas into tasks while previewing them using Gantt chart view. You can also add information on tasks including duration, priorities, constraints and resources.

Research Panel

At the time of creating your map, you can also search for information online and streamline the mind map experience using iMindQ’s research panel.

Import & Export Maps

iMindQ lets you export or import mind maps in formats including Excel, HTML, OPML, Microsoft Project, PowerPoint, and Word. You can also open mind maps from XMind, MindManager and FreeMind.

Mind Map Styles

iMindQ lets you design your mind maps using its Map Styles feature. Select any of the designs available and create then manage the suitable custom style for your needs.

Mind Map Templates

With a few clicks, you can start mind mapping using templates, which are available for all your different needs from brainstorming with colleagues to marketing analysis.

Concept Mapping

Concept maps are connected with linking topics around central concepts and display the ideas and concepts visually.

iMindQ for Windows

Features in iMindQ for Windows include:

Advanced MS Office integration

You can export/import from MS Project, Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint and PowerPoint.

Interactive HTML 5 mind maps

You can create, share, edit and save your mind maps (interactive HTML) in any browser.

Compatibility with other mind mapping formats

iMindQ for Windows is compatible with and can be opened with XMind, MindManager, and FreeMind.

Concept maps and diagrams

You can create WBS charts, concept maps, flowcharts and a variety of diagrams.

iMindQ for iOS

Features in iMindQ for iOS include:

Store Maps on iCloud Drive

Mind maps can be stored on iCloud Drive and shared with iMindQ for Mac.

Dropbox, Box and SharePoint Integration

You can upload/download and view maps on Dropbox, SharePoint and Box.

Transform image to Mind Map

Convert image snapshots with handwritten material or text into a useful mind map.

Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

You can also upload and store mind map images to your Adobe Creative Cloud Account, directly.

iMindQ for MacOS

Features in iMindQ for MacOS include:

Integration with iReminder and iCalendar

Visualize and sync tasks, planned events and meetings, and to-do lists across Mac and iOS devices.

Presentation of mind maps and diagrams

Create custom mind and concept map presentations.

Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project integration

Import/export data from Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project with iMindQ.

Extensive Project Planning Options

Create tasks and WBS in mind maps then preview in a Gantt chart.

Compatibility with other mind map formats

Open your mind maps created with XMind, MindManager, and FreeMind.

Concept maps and flowcharts

Create organizational and flowcharts, concept maps, and many different diagrams.

iMindQ for Android

Features in iMindQ for Android include:

Access your mind maps anywhere

Open or store maps on the cloud or email, and share with your team.

Concept maps and organic mind maps

You can create organic mind maps and concept maps to capture your ideas.

Organize and brainstorm on the go

Use mind maps to prepare draft agendas, meetings, take notes, or create to-do lists.

Create and plan your workflow with flowcharts

iMindQ is the only app with the option to create flowcharts and also get your work organized.

iMindQ online mind mapping tool

Features in iMindQ online mind mapping tool include:

Integration with five cloud storage tools

iMindQ has a clean-cut user interface, and you can use it with the world’s top and popular cloud storage services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, One Drive, One Drive for Business, and/or Yandex Disk.

Flowcharts and concept maps

Organize your ideas and work with flowcharts and concept maps

One click mind map presentations

Present your concepts and ideas with a one-click mind mapping presentation.


iMindQ offers two enterprise pricing packages for Mac and Windows versions, and these are listed below so you can choose the one that most suits your needs.


Yearly Subscription – $49.00 per year

  • 1 Year Software support and maintenance
  • Free support for customers

Perpetual License – $119.00 one-time payment

  • 1 Year Software support and maintenance
  • Lifetime License
  • Free support for customers


Yearly Subscription – $39.00 per year

  • 1 Year Software support and maintenance
  • Free support for customers

Perpetual License – $79.00 one-time payment

  • 1 Year Software support and maintenance
  • Lifetime License
  • Free support for customers

Note: If you want iMindQ deployed in your organization for over 20 users to access, a custom quote can be requested from their sales team by email, phone, chat or web form. It also has native iOS and Android apps, plus a free basic version whose capabilities are limited. The subscription plans unlock all features and tools.

  • 1 Month Subscription: $1.99 monthly
  • 12 Months Subscription: $6.99 annually

iMindQ has a lifetime costless web app accessible directly from your web browser.

Technical Details

Devices Supported: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Languages: English, Spanish, German

Pricing Model: Free, Quote-based, Monthly payment, One-time payment, Annual Subscription

Customer Type: Small and Medium Business, Large Enterprises, and freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted; On Premise

Support Details

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Social media: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook
  • Support center: Mon-Fri 8am to 12 midnight, CET.
  • Support forms
  • Webinars
  • Mind Map Templates
  • Customer Stories
  • Blog
  • Live Demos
  • Help Articles
  • Product Documents
  • Video Tutorials
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