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Full ICANotes EHR Software Review – All You Need to Know About ICANotes


ICANotes EHR Software was designed by Dr. Richard Morgenstern, a psychiatrist with over 35 years in the mental health practice. This software is a billing, scheduling, and documentation EHR solutions tailored to Behavioral Health Practitioners.

The ICANotes EHR software was created in 1998 and has become the go-to solution for most Behavioral Health Practitioners in the U.S. and abroad.

The software has its headquarters located at Annapolis, MD, and It’s ONC-ATCB certified. It earned its certification from The Drummond Group, an accredited group saddled with the responsibility of testing and certifying EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems. In essence, this certification qualifies users for government incentives and enables them to achieve meaningful use.

Having known all these, in this article, we’d be taking a thorough analysis of the ICANotes EHR software.

Want to know whether or not this software will be a good solution for your practice? Then keep reading, as we’ll be discussing the benefits, weaknesses, and features of this software.

Let’s start by answering the default question on your mind.

What is ICANotes EHR software?

ICANotes EHR software is a cloud/ web-based electronic solution for Mental Health Practitioners. It helps in the billing, scheduling, and documentation of patient records. The software takes on the admin duties of the clinic, hence, allowing Practitioners focus more on delivering stellar health services to patients.

The software understands the needs of the regular Mental Health Practitioner. Hence, it’s intuitive nature. No much surprise about this. As you may know, the designer of this software is a Veteran Psychiatrist.

The ICANotes EHR Software has a self-coding feature for clinical note taking.  The self-coding feature makes clinical note taking easy and fast. The note uses code generation responses for recording mental health progressions and statuses for individual patients.

Furthermore, the self-coding feature transcribes Patients voice instead of having to jot down every word. Impressive!

Also, the classification of these notes is in clinical forms that are custom-made for the different types of mental health issues. For a fast note-taking process, the notes contain a sizeable number of pre-existing content generation buttons running into thousands.

Remember the autosuggest function of your phone? Guess you do.

As we progress, we shall be discussing more on the features of this software. With that in mind, we’ll next be looking at how the ICANotes EHR Software Works.

How does ICANotes EHR Software Works?

Just so you know, this software has a lot of functions (not features). Discussing with illustrations how all works will be time-consuming. Therefore, for time’s sake, we’d be taking a sneak peek into some of the significant functions of the ICANotes EHR Software.

Shall we?

First, you should know that you ought to be a registered user before you can gain access to the software.

After registering with the ICANotes EHR Software, the next step is to log in your portal.

After inserting your valid username and password successfully, the next window to display would be your dashboard.

Taking a closer look at the image above, you should notice three other buttons; the upload site, support, and patient portal buttons.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

The Upload Site Button

Managing physical documents in your practice and clinic is one hell of a task you’d always try to avoid. They occupy space and are time-consuming.

The upload site button helps you manage your patients’ files and clinic documents. Let’s see how the ICANotes EHR Software can help you achieve this through the upload site button.

First, you’ll have to click on the upload site button, which leads to this screen.

After inputting your username and password, for first-time access to the upload portal, the software requires that you do the following:

  • Fill out your email(the one used while registering on the ICANotes EHR software).
  • Set up three security questions and provide a corresponding answer for each of the question selected and save.

After completing the above process, you should see the below screen.

Voila! You’re in! So, what’s next?

Let’s use your patient’s demography document as an example. The patients’ demography document is arguably the most important document in a Mental Health practitioner’s clinic.  This document contains comprehensive details of patients. Hence it’s importance.

To upload this file, first, you’ll have to ensure that you save the import file format on your computer. After saving the import file on your computer, click on it and rename it in this format; “PatientDemographics_username.xls.” Put in your ICANotes username in place of the “username.”

Following the above procedure ensures that your file is imported effortlessly into the document portal.

After renaming, ensure that you fill in your patient demographics. When done, submit your file, and notify support about your file upload.

That’s it! Uploading your file saves you the time and stress of paperwork.

The support button takes you to the portal where you can create tickets and get answers to your questions, while the Patient portal is accessible to patients.

Proper Use of the software

For a better understanding of how the ICANotes EHR software works, there is a live demo and free trial available. By taking any of these routes, you’d have first-hand access to the software without committing your funds.

So, what would you do after using the live demo or free trial? Wouldn’t you rather learn about the software’s benefits and weaknesses before committing your hard-earned money? Sure you would!

Who wouldn’t want to avert some risk?

Benefits of ICANotes EHR software

Saves Time, Cost and Reduces Stress

The document management and note-taking features of this software are better examples to buttress this point. With the document management, you avoid the stress of having to move physical papers around to your clinic staff members. Also, it saves you the cost of paying for print as the EHR software performs the significant documenting works electronically.

The note-taking saves you a lot of time when typing and forming notes on the ICANotes EHR software. With little or no efforts, this feature makes note-taking easy and fun-filled. Think of this as your efficient auto-complete or autosuggest keyboard app.

Also, with a lot of note-taking templates to choose from for your psychiatric notes, it’s quite difficult to hit the block.

Efficiency achieved!

To further bolster this point, below is a review from a user.

Easily Customizable

Are you among those who love to do things their ways? If you’re, you might want to give the ICANotes EHR software a try. This software helps you customize its interface according to your needs. Although this might not be necessary considering the software’s intuitive nature, it’s still a commendable add.

Multi-Platform Enabled

How do you feel when you run out of options when performing specific tasks? Frustrating right? Probably so. However, this is not the case with the ICANotes EHR software.

This software runs across all platforms; PCs and desktop computers, android, blackberry, and iPhone devices. There isn’t any limit.

Furthermore, the software is web-based and is accessed from any location in the world provided there is internet connectivity.

HIPAA Compliant

Most people frown at the thought or recommendation of uploading their documents online due to the risk of a cyber attack and a resulting data leak or loss. However, the HIPAA rule negates such risk.

Could there be any chance that you’re alien to this term HIPAA? If yes, then let’s see what it’s all about.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule was established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The rule sets out standards to safeguard individuals’ medical and other personal health records. It also sets limits and conditions of patient information disclosure that might be carried out without the patient’s authorization.

Therefore, by strictly adhering to this law, a health service provider would take deliberate and airtight measures to ensure the safety of patients’ information.

So what does this mean to you? It implies that your patients’ health record will be safe with ICANotes EHR software.

Cordial and Personalised Patient Relationship

Care delivery is one of the critical watchwords in Medicine. For Mental Health Practitioners, the emphasis seems heightened as a result of the fragile nature of their Patients.

The deal with the human brain!

The Patient Portal on the ICANotes EHR software helps you achieve a better care delivery to your patients.

The platform allows for a personalized and individualized recording of patients data. Noting the peculiarities of ailments and tailoring every effort to catering for such peculiarities.

This platform also employs some personalized tasks to increase patients’ engagement.

With dual sides to everything, it’s unwise to ignore one. Having looked at the benefits of the ICANotes EHR software, It’s about time we looked into its weaknesses.

Flaws of ICANotes EHR software

Let’s learn about the inadequacies of this software.

Bad Billing Software

To Mental Health Practitioners who already are enrolled in a clearinghouse before now might not have a problem with this as they can easily merge into the ICANotes EHR software. However, if you’re at the decision stage, you might want to consider this.

The billing software is prone to errors and has a minimal audit trail functionality; this could be as a result of inexperienced service providers. A faulty audit trail might make you go against the government’s recordkeeping requirement. It can also make you look suspicious in the eyes of auditors.

To corroborate this claim, below is a review from a user.


Divisive Portal

Did it ever occur to you that during the illustration on the document upload functionality, that we had three separate buttons aside from the login button? Take a look!

There seems to be a separate page for each platform. Moreover, why would one have to create different security questions when accessing another portal. This design is divisive!

Such an approach could hurt user experience as less tech-savvy Mental Health Practitioners might find this confusing.

A proper approach would have been to create a mono platform whereby one could easily access the other platforms just by interacting with a dashboard.

Other deficiencies of the ICANotes EHR software include:

  • slow booting
  • In between crashes.

Features of ICANotes EHR software

The Charting Functionality

The charting feature of the ICANotes EHR software is responsible for psychiatric note taking. This feature comes with templates that a configured for all disciplines in the medical field. It also makes typing and note-taking easy and fast.

This feature helps you create:

  • Progress Notes
  • Discharge summaries
  • Group therapy notes
  • Initial Assessments
  • Treatment plans

The Patient Portal Feature

The Patient Portal Feature provides two stages of Meaningful Use (US) to Patients; the Basic and Premium Portal.

The Basic Portal includes:

  • Patient full access to medical history
  • Secure electronic communication with Patients

The Premium Portal includes:

  • Online data entry
  • Customizable web-based chart forms
  • Appointments Scheduling
  • Email reminders

The portal also reduces paperwork for your practice.

The E-Prescribing feature

The ICANotes EHR software integrates with DrFirst EPCS Gold e-prescribing to enable Mental Health Practitioners to send accurate and error-free prescriptions directly via the electronic route to any pharmacy from the clinic. This e-prescribing service also has a database of drug alerts and support tools that help prevent and control improper drug usage.

The Appointment Notifiers

Appointment Notifiers are simply reminder text messages. They help you in the following ways:

  • Reduce your No shows
  • Reduce Overbooking drastically
  • Help you focus on other tasks

The Billing Solution

The billing solution feature of the ICANotes EHR software when integrated helps the process of billing a seemingly easy one. It helps facilitate the creation of statements, CMS forms, and superbills. It also accepts checks, cash, and credit.


ICANotes EHR SOFTWARE pricing 2

ICANotes EHR software employs a SaaS model for its pricing. Monthly recurring payment and yearly subscriptions are the software’s basic pricing methods.

Technical Details

The ICANotes EHR software runs smoothly on the following: OS(Operating systems):

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android

It also runs via remote desktop on the above OS.

Upon successful purchase of the software, an installation guide together with a user guide is provided to aid your usage of the software.

Support Details

The support is made up of the knowledge base page, where you can go and read answers to questions that you’ve searched.

There is also a team of experienced and certified staffs that are always on standby to receive your queries.

Furthermore, there is a support portal for to filing of tickets. Lastly, there is a live chat.

Wrapping Up

The value proposition of the ICANotes EHR system would be it’s charting(note-taking) which also includes a self-coding feature. These features make note-taking easy and fast. More fascinating is the fact this feature transcribes spoken words into notes in the software.

More like an innovation!

However, there are still issue associated with the software. Making your informed decision hinges on your ability to compare and contrast. You now have the information at your fingertip; The gavel is in your hand. When you do slam it, we would be pleased to hear from you.