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Full IBM Maximo Fixed Asset Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo

What is IBM Maximo?

It is an Asset Management software called Maximo Asset Management that is created by IBM. This combines the skills and abilities of asset management together with maintenance management. All starting from a single system, then all the companies and businesses will then be able to monitor, have a look at and manage the full turn and life cycle of their enterprise asset, which includes the transportation, communications, infrastructure, production, facilities and more.

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IBM Maximo Benefits

Cloud Deployable

Maximo is deployable on the cloud even if you are inside or outside the premises of the program. The best part is that you can fully integrate and use it on almost any device available and found out there. There is absolutely no hardware or software that is needed to be installed or to be maintained. At the same time, all the regular updates and the system administration features and functions all are included and found inside the software.

Full of Tools

Maximo is a package, it is included with a full bucket of tools, which include the preventive and predictive maintenance, inventory management, asset management, and work order management. Also, the online support resources are made available packed together with the training pages that will allow all the users to make their product knowledge even better and be more familiar with the IBM Maximo itself. They can choose to learn it all quickly or have their own pace on learning everything that goes through IBM Maximo. The dashboards, KPIs, and the reporting are also found there in the software that will certainly help all the administrators collaborate and view the different trends.

Maximo Dedicated for the Industries

IBM Maximo

  • Maximo – Utilities

Generate with simplicity. Consolidate all the assets just like distribution, wastewater and water treatment, transmission, vehicle fleet, power generation and facilities into just a small single database and platform.

With this, IBM Maximo supports the CUE or compatible unit estimating and it also offers a huge multiple levels compatible library unit just to help productivity to become way better. At the same time, it will help you track certifications and skills, or even manage new and old crew makeups and crew types. With IBM Maximo, you can control, integrate and then gain full complete visibility into the smart meters all across the lifecycle of the assets.

  • Maximo – Gas and Oil

You can just simply be with the flow in this manner. One platform that is consolidated dedicated to managing all the assets. Managing it all from the parts and tools to the large production and then to the maintenance facilities. All will improve the reliability, compliance, and safety with the many statutory requirements which will cover the health, environment and the safety of the users.

Also, IBM Maximo will help you reduce the costs through the means of convergence, collaboration, and standardization. With the adoption of much better practices for operation, just like the matrix-based prioritized work and modeling, it will also enable you to define the conditions for all the work you have created. Import all the standard asset data that is specified and then gain clearer visibility into the very true physical accurate location and the various safety zones.

IBM Maximo

  • Maximo – Transportation

A certain road to success. One single-platform enterprise packed with a system dedicated to asset management all just there to manage all your transportation assets. Maximo also will help you to meet all the regulatory requirements and all the agreements found in the service level, reduce all road calls and optimize the parts management.

Also, it will increase all the planned maintenance on all of your enterprise trucks, cars, buses, vessels, aircraft, rail vehicles, and locomotives. You can then extend the current asset life every single time you manage your recall and services codes, cost recovery for the warranty, labor certification, meter, and fuel data, upgrade campaigns and more. With Maximo, especially with its reporting capabilities and data analysis feature, you can quickly deliver all the asset management information directly to the technicians and all the other users.

  • Maximo – Nuclear Power

Maximo will help you to power up. Since it is an asset management system for the enterprises, it will provide one single accurate platform for the use of managing all the different assets found on the fleets and nuclear plants. Also, modeling and managing all the nuclear objects which include the different technical specifications, permits, clearances and surveillance testing.

Not just that, you can also be improved in your productivity with all the streamline processes throughout the whole system. You can choose to develop all the standardized impact plans, job plans, clearances and permits all for the critical and the work activities that are recurring. You can also monitor the different business processes, just like the purchasing, inventory control and the acquisition too.

With this, Maximo can definitely help you to address the regulatory and safety requirements just like the managing of the preventative maintenance also the corrective actions to certain happenings.

  • Maximo – Aviation

IBM Maximo

Wheels up with the IBM Maximo. One simple single and secured enterprise that is made for a management system for all of the aircraft maintenance, overhaul, and repair. For the airlines, the MRO providers and the government entities worldwide, they use the IBM Maximo because it will help them in their managing in the rotary or the fixed-wing aircraft, regulatory compliance, and the key components.

One solution also includes the different capabilities that are used for ad-hoc scheduling of work, engineering, logistics, and inventory management. It also provides an industry-specific application so that you can address critical aircraft maintenance and also the airworthiness requirements.

The scheduling of the maintenance with the use of task cards is also done so that it could specify a regular maintenance for the different aircraft or the equipment found that is all based on the calendar dates and the meter readings. Also, the reducing of the time aircraft will also be grounded, that is how IBM Maximo will be able to assist you and furthermore improve your Aircraft services at any cost.

  • Maximo – Life Sciences

Maximo is one huge body of knowledge. A very simple and integrated management system for all the assets that will also, at the same time, manage the enterprise tools, facilities, equipment, IT assets and mobile assets just on one single platform. With the use of Maximo, you can view all the data found on the wide range of assets, just like LIMS, SCADA, RFID, and PLC. With this, IBM Maximo ensures that you will be assisted because they are the most used efficiently and available at any times.

One solution supports the lines found in CFR part 11 of its guidelines and that includes the compliance assistance documentation. It will be able to help you to comply with the huge FDA requirements. Also, it will provide an integrated service and asset management, mobile calibration, service calibration and also, it supports functionalities for CAPA processes.

You can then manage all the processing of the calibration of the track records and instruments. With this, you can automatically and easily create the calibration work orders and record all your calibration history so that you can ensure the compliance of the different requirements that are needed throughout all the process.

IBM Maximo FeaturesIBM Maximo

  • Flexible Deployment. You can choose the different on-premises, also the cloud as SaaS or Software-as-a-Service. You can also choose from the hybrid models found in the system so that it will meet your different business requirements. No matter how difficult or complicated would that be, it will be then made available so that you can fully integrate it into your system.
  • A much better image of the asset health. Since IBM Maximo is one of the next-generation asset maintenance solution and asset performance system that is found out there in the market. Maximo Asset Health Insights uses the IoT data so that you can keep all the tabs on the different resources that are found out there and can be able to access the real time.
  • Intelligent Scheduling. With the use of Maximo’s Schedule Plus and its platform, you can use all the weather tools and data so that you can manage all the complex projects which are all just integrated directly to the wide system functionalities of IBM Maximo.
  • Full Integration. Since IBM has been thoroughly and famously recognized as the EAM leader of the market since the time of 1996, Maximo has been continuing to improve, evolve and become better, providing a very full integration with Watson IoT Platform and IoT Platform.

Some of Add-ons found on Maximo are:

  • Maximo Scheduler. You can plan, dispatch, schedule, and track all the gain and work efficiencies together with the task management feature that is automated.
  • Maximo Environment and Health Safety Manager. Integrate all the safety, environment and health processes in just one asset management program.
  • Maximo Management for Spatial Asset. It will allow all the users to view different complex GIS information that is there outside the IBM enterprise asset management solution.

IBM Maximo

  • Maximo Manager for Linear Asset. It will extend the capabilities of Maximo so that it would include the management of the linear assets. Also, it will enable you to edit the characteristics in a span of just a linear asset that uses dynamic segmentation.
  • Maximo Calibration. This feature is made for calibration of the tools and measurement standards and equipment.
  • Maximo Scheduler – Plus. This is an improved version of the Maximo Scheduler, it has an advanced solution for the work management, together with its tools that manage both the field and the workforce for the complex projects.
  • Maximo Manager for Asset Configuration. It will provide you a real-time calculation of the configuration of the asset and all the life of each of the components of the asset.
  • Maximo Service Provider. It delivers a pack of applications that are made to manage the customer agreements, customer billing, supplier contracts, and the service delivery.
  • Maximo Adapter for ERP. A pre-configured ERP adapter that is made for SAP and Oracle.
  • SCADA Connectivity for Devices. It lessens the reaction time to the equipment failures and it also provides the foundation for all the condition-based, and preventative strategies for maintenance.
  • Maximo Archiving. It gives a way to remove the historical data all from your production system and then store it to the data in just an archive file.
  • Maximo Accelerator. It is a standardized Work Management System and also a model that is for the gas and oil industries.


As much as IBM wants you to have their product, they do not publish all the pricing details online. But there are other sources that give out the prices and the range of the different products that IBM has, one of it is the IBM Maximo.

It usually ranges from $2,500 up to the price of $6,500.

Since IBM Maximo has lots of add-on features and functions, there is also a different price range for them. The price range of the IBM Maximo additional features can just cost as low as the price of $200 and would go up as high as $100,000.

Technical Details

IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo is also made available and can be connected to almost all of the devices that are found out there. It is a very simple program which you can use, but then it requires a mid-ranged system so that it would run seamlessly. However, if your system does not have a very powerful running system, it will still work with a little bit of complication.

Support Details

IBM is very responsive to all of its customers and users. You can contact them via their number or their email, their details are found by clicking this link. However, if you would wish to contact them because you want to learn more about the product or there is something wrong with it, it will still be fine. Also, there are different tutorials, webinars, and modules that are found in the IBM website and the Maximo itself to improve your learning of the program at your own pace.

IBM Maximo throughout the years has been providing a quality service to all of the users out there. Truly, even in this generation, IBM Maximo is topping with what is latest and what is needed, even to the different industries in the world. Enough being said, it is one of the absolute best management software you can find out there.

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