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Full IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About IBM MaaS360

IBM MaaS360

What is IBM MaaS360?

IBM MaaS360

IBM MaaS360 is a mobile device management software that lets you track and monitor mobile devices that are connected to your corporate network via the plethora of features it offers.

Whether you provide employees their own devices or let them bring their own to the office so as to connect to the network, your IT admins can enroll and/or manage any of these mobile devices.

With IBM MaaS360, the mobile device management or MDM feature supports all top and major mobile operating systems or platforms such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, to ensure you don’t run into issues related to incompatibilities with the operating system.

It features advanced security capabilities, central management functions, and a simple process of enrolling devices, through its MDM tool that will be of benefit to any company handling or managing or working with mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson is an industry first, and the only cognitive UEM platform that allows for a smarter approach for businesses and enterprises to secure and manage all their endpoints, apps, users, and content.

It can be used in the management of disparate types of endpoints such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, Internet of Things and ruggedized devices from a single admin console.

The IBM MaaS360 is the most comprehensive and fastest way of configuring devices for securing corporate data and enterprise access on tablets and smartphones from one screen. It is a fully integrated cloud platform that simplifies mobile device management with visibility, rapid deployment, and control spanning mobile apps, devices, and documents.

IBM MaaS360 with Watson is available as an MDM for more visibility and control of mobile devices from an intuitive portal so you can get the most out of it without complexities or hassles, while leveraging seamless OTA device enrollment to manage devices easily and quickly without installing any hardware.

IBM MaaS360 also gives you multiple support to cover endpoints productively and securely, on any mobile device, while protecting them beyond their native capabilities such that end users have everything they need, securely.

Its highlights also include support for Windows 10 to Windows 7 legacy PCs, and a secure container to store company content.


IBM MaaS360

Speedy and Simple Device Enrollment

Enrollment of mobile devices is easy and you can get them instantly connected to the IBM MaaS360 mobile device management interface. To connect a new device, simply send out requests for enrollment via SMS, or email or a custom URL, after which the user follows the link and registers their device. You can ensure it is authenticated for security, and that it follows compliance of policies and procedures. IT admins don’t have any additional hassles to deal with because it is simple and fast.

Advanced Security and Encryption Settings

IBM MaaS360 MDM provides effective and advanced encryption and security settings for your company’s safety and privacy. Most mobile devices are used in employees’ homes or in public and other places, so it is important to maximize security. IBM MaaS360 lets you use different ways to increase security across mobile devices to protect sensitive data that is or may be stored on them.

Centralized Device Management Functions

From a single and unified location, IT admins can manage any mobile device connected to IBM MaaS360 MDM service regardless of the operating system. This centralized management process eases the management of multiple devices simultaneously. There are many other various functions that can be accessed via IBM MaaS360’s MDM interface. Admins can also add/remove new devices that connect to the network, distribute apps across devices, and manage the apps cohesively. You can also configure various aspects of the functionality of the devices like calendars, emails, events, WiFi connections, contact lists, and VPN profiles from one location.

Integration with third party apps

IBM MaaS360’s integration with a variety of third party apps like Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 and Lotus Notes lets you manage the aspects of these apps from a central admin console. All this saves admins and employees a lot of time.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Report Generation

From the Mobile Intelligence (MI360) dashboards in IBM MaaS360’s MDM interface, you can monitor different metrics related to mobile devices that are connected to the network. Admins get visualizations and graphs of data to easily understand the tasks employees use devices for related to the company. Additionally, IBM MaaS360 MDM lets you generate detailed inventory reports with extra device information in a concise and clear package.

UEM instantly at no cost

IBM MaaS360 can be experienced at no cost as a free 30 day trial with complete access to its functionalities and features.

Manage endpoints with AI

With IBM MaaS360 mobile device management, you can discover vulnerabilities in endpoints, uncover new opportunities, and align your company with best practices in the industry using the first and only UEM AI approach.

Secure devices, users and data

IBM MaaS360 helps you protect data and uphold compliance aligned to industry standards and regulations through threat, identity and patch management, as well as containment capabilities.

Security and privacy in the cloud

With IBM Cloud software, you can scale and adapt pretty fast to dynamic needs of business without compromising privacy, security or levels of risk. This meets industry and global compliance standards including CSA STAR, FISMA USA, ISO 27001, FedRAMP USA, EU-US Privacy Shield and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework, and many others, depending on the edition you choose.


IBM MaaS360

Intuitive portal

IBM MaaS360’s mobile device management service gives you control and visibility of mobile devices and its intuitive portal lets you get the most out of this service with zero hassles.

Seamless OTA

Leverage the seamless over the air device enrollment and start device management in just minutes. It is easy and fast with no need to install hardware.

Single console, multiple OS support

IBM MaaS360 offers support for multiple operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows.

  • Apple MDM security: IBM MaaS360 offers you and your staff the ability to embrace iPhone, iPad, Mac or all three endpoints productively or securely
  • Android MDM security: It works with Google for protection of devices with Android operating system beyond native capabilities so the users get all they need without compromising security
  • Windows MDM security: IBM MaaS360 gives a single console so that the field of policies is leveled whether you’re running Windows 10 or Windows 7 legacy PCs, to protect company data

Ruggedized device deployment

Businesses today rely on ruggedized devices and the apps in these to make decisions critical to their mission from any place. It offers extra durability for total reliability, with support for ruggedized Android devices running 2.2+ version and in-kiosk deployments.

Enable IoT

Internet of Things helps businesses manage resources smarter, boost efficiency and provider better customer experiences while generating, storing and transmitting large data amounts used when you have the right resources in place. IBM MaaS360 supports IoT devices using APIs for management like Android Things, Google Android, Windows IoT and Microsoft Windows 10, plus helps manage devices for client management. It can secure devices used to manage things and IoT data collection gateways.

MaaS360 Apple iOS and macOS Management

IBM MaaS360 supports iOS 11 and earlier enabling management of Apple devices so you can leverage on the newest version updates on iPads and iPhones. It also offers Apple device management with support for versions 10.5 through 10.13 High Sierra for macOS. Its simple OTA enrollment and unified yet consistent workflow gives you control and visibility independent of device to manage all macOS devices.

MaaS360 Google Android Management

MaaS360 also offers the control and visibility IT admins need for securing Android devices in the enterprise including support for Samsung Knox, Android in the enterprise and version 2.2 and higher. It also has same day support for Android 8.0 (Oreo) with instant access to the latest productivity and security functionalities in the platform.

MaaS360 Microsoft Windows Management

With MaaS360, IT companies can address challenges in today’s device landscape that is divided, as it provides one intelligent solution for deploying, managing, securing and monitoring end user devices. These include Windows XP desktop machines to the most recent Windows 10 tabs and all other devices in between.

MaaS360 Container App

The Container app for Android, iOS and Windows maintains a secure and protected workspace on the go, especially support for BYOD and DLP (data leak prevention). Valid and approved users can access sensitive data, and restrictions can be put on sharing by forwarding of attachments, users, and copying/pasting. Lost devices or those that are stolen can be wiped selectively to remove enterprise data, apps or profiles, or the secure container.

MaaS360 Advisor

This delivers risks, opportunities and general info so you can understand the erratic behavior you encounter daily on endpoints. It sources insights from data that is structured/unstructured, so admins get ample and relevant context for decision making. Insights are tailored to company size, industry and environment construct, including the devices and their platforms, plus popularly used apps.

MaaS360 Policy Recommendation Engine


This gives recommendations that are dynamically displayed indicating clearly how current inputs matches up to its peers. Admins can apply the recommendations at the click of a button.

MaaS360 Business Dashboards for Apps

This helps UEM admins get robust app reporting and intelligence helping them understand the apps deployed and determine which ones need prioritization and attention. They’re organized to give you full understanding of your app deployments across core categories like usage, installs, trends, and performance.

MaaS360 Laptop Patch and Update Management

This helps IT teams in the identification of Windows and macOS laptops out of compliance and addresses issues by scheduling and/or pushing installations.

MaaS360 Identity Management

Mobile end users in enterprises need a secure and simple way of accessing corporate resources and apps from any device, at the office or on the go. Identity management eases implementation of SSO for enforced conditional access for compliant and recognized users, quick access to approved apps, and roll out a unified app catalog to easily discover apps.

MaaS360 Mobile Threat Management

Threat management helps in detecting, analyzing and remediating malware on mobile devices to protect your company from data breaches and fraud. MaaS360 offers advanced jailbreak, hider detection, and root with OTA updates for security definitions from a database that is continually updated. Admins can set compliance rules and security policies to automate remediation, which improves BYOD and corporate-owned device security.

MaaS360 Mobile App Security

This feature covers your private and public apps with a variety of options from unified app catalogs that are native-like, app wrapping (SDKs) for DLP, and app-level tunneling for easy on the go access to data.

TeamViewer Remote Support for MaaS360

This helps IT view end users’ devices remotely like they are seeing the interface in person. These real-world views help IT admins change/guide users quickly, to change settings, remediate connectivity issues, or add apps to get employees back to work asap.


IBM MaaS360

Free trial: 30-days to try IBM MaaS360 with Watson for free

Essentials: from $4 per client device per month

Manage and secure all users and mobile devices/apps with cognitive insights from Watson

  • Mobile Device and App Management for iOS/Android/Windows/macOS
  • Identity, Patch and Update Management
  • Expense Management
  • Advisor
  • Policy Recommendation Engine
  • Container App

Deluxe: from $5 per client device per month

Add chat and email containerization to separate business and personal data

  • Includes all features in Essentials package
  • Secure Mobile Mail and Mobile Chat
  • Assistant

Premier: from $6.25 per client device per month

Add secure browser, protected network access, application security, and content management

  • Includes all features in Deluxe package
  • Content Management
  • OS VPN
  • Secure Browser and Gateway for Browser
  • Business Dashboards for Apps
  • Application Security
  • Gateway for Documents and Apps

Enterprise: from $9 per client device per month

The ultimate package for enterprise productivity and protection

  • Includes all features in Premier package
  • Mobile Document Sync, Mobile Threat Management, and Mobile Document Editor

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Languages: English. Polish

Pricing Model: Monthly payment

Customer Type: Small and medium businesses; Large Enterprises

Deployment: Cloud Hosted; Open API

Support Details

  • Email
  • Text chat
  • Phone
  • Resources
  • Community
  • Learning Lab
  • Quick start guide
  • Tech tips
  • Demo videos
  • Knowledge center
  • Developer’s workpage
  • Training
  • Support content
  • Service request tickets
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Forums, blogs and wikis