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Full IBM InfoSphere MDM Product Information Management Software Review – All you need to know about IBM InfoSphere MDM

IBM InfoSphere MDM Software

What is IBM InfoSphere MDM?

IBM InfoSphere MDM is a data management software that you can use to produce more effective business processes. This master data management solution allows you to have full power and control over every critical aspect of your organizational data, no matter what system or model you use. You will be able to get information related to the various user application and have this information readily available to all your end-users. Keep all your critical information in a unified location and have a reliable view of all your business processes.

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IBM is an organization that is living at the intersection of business and technology. They strive the deliver you the master data management solution that you need to complete all your business processes in an effective way. IBM is a multinational organization that was founded in the United States and has their headquarters in New York. IBM currently operates in over 170 countries around the globe. Today, many Fortune 500 organizations are using IBM InfoSphere MDM to harness it’s data management capabilities in order to drive their business processes forward.

IBM InfoSphere MDM will manage all your enterprise data and deliver you all your applications in a single and trusted view. You can gain things like actionable insights or keep your entire organizational values aligned. Orchestrate all your data through the information life cycle that is supported by a hybrid cloud environment. Empower your entire organization to collaborate and be innovative using this trusted master data management solution.

Benefits of IBM InfoSphere MDM:

When it comes to your data management, you need to be sure that it will be held securely. However, when you are looking for a master data management solution to help you with your business processes, you want to be sure the one you pick is going to benefit you. As such, here is a list of the various benefits you get with IBM InfoSphere MDM.

  • This data management solution comes with a built-in domain pattern that allows it to be supported by any business sector regardless of your industry.
  • The user interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate through so that you and all users can use it with little to no technological knowledge.
  • All your business processes and related information can be accessed using a single dashboard. Have a clear view of what is happening within your organization without wasting time.
  • Speed up your entire data management process through the use of this master data management solution so that you can get work done more efficiently.
  • Through the cloud-based version, you can develop and scale your master data management solution to meet your specific organizational needs.
  • View the interactive demo to determine if this software is the right choice for your business processes without making costly mistakes.
  • Using IBM InfoSphere MDM, you can have access to all your master data in real-time regardless of where in the world you may be.
  • Gain a view of your master data throughout your entire organization without the loss of accuracy. Rest easy knowing you are always on top of all data.

Features of IBM InfoSphere MDM:

Your data management is crucial to your organization. Therefore, you need to know that whatever master data management solution you use, you will have access to powerful features that allow you to conduct business processes with ease. Here is a look at the key features IBM InfoSphere MDM offers you.

Have a trusted 360-degree view of all your critical data.

Overcome all differences through the use of highly accurate, comprehensive and trusted data matching capabilities. Be able to avoid errors that commonly occur through disparate data management sources. Furthermore, use this data management solution to help keep your master data entities in a centrally located place. Reduce reliance on duplicate data by reducing incomplete data storage while having all data in a consolidated location across your entire organization.

Deliver your organization a single and accurate data management solution of all your business processes that will improve your user’s confidence. Moreover, improve your decision-making capabilities through this unified view of all your critical data and offer the ability to migrate all master data management to the cloud and away from breachable storage.

Use a complete master data management solution across your enterprise regardless of location.

Have a complete and highly accurate view of all your data through a framework that is engineered to be deployed either through the cloud or on premise. Use this data management solution to suit your business processes through a highly configurable software solution that can be used in any IT architectural model. Support your registry or virtual master data management solution using IBM InfoSphere MDM that is designed to support any of your implementations.

Furthermore, assemble a trusted view of your master data through a registry that can be tailored to meet your business processes and needs. Enforce data quality, author new data and monitor all your data management through policies that you can set up according to your organizational specifications. Empower all your application users through the use of this master data management solution that is specifically catered to your business processes.

Have a registry or virtual style through supported implementations into your business processes.

IBM InfoSphere MDM can add new data domains or help you solve current business problems through their multi-domain capabilities. Use the built-in domain patterns to can be supported within your organization regardless of your industry. Furthermore, integrate this master data management solution into your existing business processes and organizational architecture by choosing from a variety of editions that cater to just about anyone.

Meet your current data management needs and all your long-term goals through the various features that enable you to make the right business decisions. Through various innovation features, you can collaborate and use all master data within your organization in a way that will suit you best. Finally, keep an eye on critical information that impacts your organization through the ability to shift your focus as needed throughout your entire business processes regardless of location.

Leverage all the analytical capabilities you could need to gain actionable insights.

Leverage the use of all the reporting and analytical features you could need to gain a full view of all your business processes. Use this master data management solution to help you obtain reports on organizational business processes so that you can see the effectiveness of all work done within your organization. Furthermore, gain insights into areas where problems may arise in order to take action the minute potential issues are apparent.

Use graph-based exploration to see what issues impact your organization both positively and negatively. Get a view of all your transactional data to see organization profitability and forecast future profits. Use the Hadoop to help drive your entity insights and all analytics forward so that you gain the most from all your master data.

Use the FlexPoint Licensing to help your organizational business processes through integrations.

You will be able to gain access to the unified integration platform offering through the FlexPoint licensing that supports your expanding business needs. You will have all the flexibility your need to keep up with evolving business practices. You can gain the flexibility you need to add or remove applications based on your organizational forecasted needs. Move to another integration when your needs change and still stay within the FlexPoint licensing offered to you through IBM InfoSphere MDM.

Additional Features:

  • Have self-service access to all your master data. The agile self-service access options will allow you to govern and view all business processes through a centralized dashboard.
  • Lower all organizational costs by using this master data management solution to pin-point where cost saving measures can be implemented. Furthermore, save money by moving master data to the cloud.
  • Gain accurate and real-time views of all your organizational master data in order to reap the benefits of quick time to value operational insights.
  • Enhance all your employees’ abilities to innovate and move your organization forward. Empower all line of business users to collaborate, gain new insights, identify threats and explore all critical entities within your organization.

Pricing Details of IBM InfoSphere MDM:

This master data management solution doesn’t have a particular pricing plan that you can choose from for your organization. Instead, what they offer is a customized plan based on your organizational needs and wants. Therefore, what you need to do is contact them in order to find out what kind of plan they can put together for your organization.

The staff at IBM InfoSphere MDM will ask you questions about your organization and your goals. Furthermore, they will dive deeper into yoru business processes in order to determine what type of MDM program you require. Additionally, they will want to know your business goals to help determine what type of pricing point your organization would be at regarding data management. This pricing point can include the  or other types of licensing. You can contact the vendor to get a no-obligation quote to find out what kind of plan suits your needs best for your data management.

Technical Details of IBM InfoSphere MDM:

There are two types of deployment options that you can consider for your organization. These deployment options are either cloud-hosted or as an on-premise type of license. You can use this master data management solution on any of your current devices including Linux, Windows and Mac. Furthermore, there is a web-based version that allows you to use this software anywhere you are and at any time as long as you have internet connectivity.

Supported Language is English. However, there is the possibility of other languages being supported. When you contact the vendor for your quote, ask them what supported languages they offer to help you determine if this is the right fit for you.

Support Details of IBM InfoSphere MDM:

You are going to be relying on your master data management solution to help you with all your business processes. Therefore, you need to know that you are choosing a software that will support you in the event of technical issues, other issues and if you have questions or concerns. When it comes to your data management you need to know that you are getting the best there is since this is the backbone of your organization. Here are the support details for IBM InfoSPhere MDM.

  • Email: When you sign up with IBM InfoSphere MDM you will receive a dedicated email address that you can use to contact the vendor when you have questions or concerns. This email is best used for non-urgent matters as they can take up to 24 hours to respond to any emailed inquiries.
  • Phone: Provided to you will be a dedicated North American Toll-free number that you can call to speak to a live representative. The staff at IBM will strive to rectify any issues or concerns you have remotely during the call or they will escalate the case based on what the issues are.
  • Tickets: Using a help desk type of setting, you can create technical support tickets through your data management dashboard. Using this type of support means that you will have to explain your issue in detail so that your ticket goes into the right queue and the right support specialist can help you when it comes up on their screen.
  • Training: Since this master data management solution is a comprehensive one that comes complete with a variety of technical and detailed features, you want to get the training that is offered. You can get in person training at your organization or receive online training help. Furthermore, there are some resources that you can access through the vendor website. These resources include webinars, documents, forums and even a comprehensive FAQ section where you can get answers to commonly asked questions.


IBM InfoSphere MDM is a complete data management software that will help you achieve all your goals for your organization. With powerful and robust features, you will be able to implement this software into your business processes and rest assured that it will help you do your job and get it done right. When it comes to a master data management solution, IBM InfoSphere MDM is a true contender.

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