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Full HubSpot Content Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About HubSpot


What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a sales and marketing software that promotes effective processes that help businesses and companies appeal to customers and attract leads. The software helps company websites pull in multiple buyers to increase revenue for stocks. Once content is created, HubSpot modifies it for search engine optimization, making it more accessible to the right consumers. Furthermore, the software helps display the input on social media. This will bring in a lot of potential customers of a certain demographic. When done right, a vast following will be attained. This is where HubSpot comes in, giving companies the best and most effective ways to go about their marketing needs.

HubSpot appeals to inbound marketing strategies. This comes with a set process. The first step is attracting potential customers with well-designed layouts. This can span among images, videos, blog posts, electronic books, social media inputs, and many other content locations. When they are shared on social media, they will have an aesthetic set for the audience. The second step is turning that follower traffic into leads. This happens through landing pages intended to enforce valuable data to hook potential customers in. When everything is set, companies can engage with the consumers with appropriate action to seal the deal. The third step is to have these leads turn into happy customers. This is the most important part as customer satisfaction can always keep a business afloat. Their needs are important and they must be met. This enables companies to collect information and make informed decisions. What is good for the business is good for the customers.

HubSpot was developed in 2006, and it’s been making a splash throughout the online marketing communities. It was developed by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. Under their leadership, the software has been utilized in countless companies creating a massive following. In 2014, HubSpot was officially enlisted to be on the New York Stock Exchange under the code of “HUBS”. The software has changed the modes of marketing and sales strategies all over the world with its reliability and effectiveness.

Many businesses go about their ways incorrectly, explaining what their products do and how they function in a manner that does not sway the public or properly showcase the magnitude of their products’ benefits. HubSpot modifies the process to attract consumers instead of having to pull unnecessary schemes that ultimately go array. That means no spam or junk mails. You get what you want in the best way it could be provided. This service that HubSpot offers has the ability to quickly attain a lot of web traffic, making it effortless to get leads all over the globe.

Companies have spent way too much money on advertising in an outbound perspective, and in this day and age, it does not do the job anymore. Inbound marketing is web-based which makes it accessible to many potential consumers. Because the web is so vast, there are multiple programs dedicated to different purposes and it can be difficult having to keep track of each and every system. Each platform entails various kinds of services. HubSpot has created a powerful marketing technique that takes all these systems and consolidated them in a singular software. People may get the impression that having all these platforms unified in a single program could make it complicated and complex. But they could not be more wrong. Not only is it centralized, but it is also easy to use. Users can post, blog, tweet—pretty much make any modification—all in one place. Additionally, HubSpot provides tools and settings to optimize these postings and build them to the best of their capacities. Look no further, HubSpot is the answer to all marketing needs.

Benefits of HubSpot

HubSpot would not be what it is without its collection of impressive benefits that have been making marketing specialists swoon all over the world. Feast your eyes on the wonders of this magical, almost unreal, software.

  1. Blogging: This is an optimal way to go when concerned with inbound marketing processes. HubSpot uses this option and optimizes it, making it incredibly effortless to post blog content. Because the software knows how to appeal to the public, it can modify the interface in a way that formulates an audience. All the data during the entire process is noted for future successful marketing decisions. HubSpot can quantify the impact of the content displayed and utilize it. This service has raised the number of leads gained by thrice the normal amount in a year. It’s unbelievable.
  2. Search Engine Optimization: HubSpot makes it easier to track certain keywords. Users may optimize this and make it so specific content pops up once a keyword is searched on the web. Furthermore, keyword suggestions are provided to observe rankings between other software that make use of the service.
  3. Website Design: HubSpot provides users with the option to construct and design a website without having to enlist the assistance of a technological designer. One does not have to worry about the headache of putting one up. HubSpot completely accommodates every customer regardless of their technological knowledge and capabilities. HubSpot provides a Drag and Drop feature that makes the building of the website easily done and as straightforward as possible. Content is personalized for all kinds of visitors. When accessed on mobile, it adjusts its design to facilitate easy access. Once the website is published, reports are provided for improvements and recommendations.
  4. Database: Data collected in marketing and sales activities are innumerable. Having a steady database can do wonders for a company. HubSpot lets its customers store information, data and leads in a single database. This allows users to access the database for numerous causes: interacting with contacts, collect additional leads from these contacts and track data for future purposes. This benefit releases a huge weight of inconvenience. Users no longer have to check and retrieve data from multiple locations; a single, unified place takes care of all their needs.
  5. Marketing Automation: This benefit helps marketers and salespeople achieve more with fewer resources and time. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? HubSpot’s marketing automation service allows customers to design and publish modified anticipated engagement workflows that come about on web-based reviews submitted by the public. Examples of these are content views, form submissions, and website visitations. In marketing and sales processes, automated messages aid in facilitating steps and providing updates to customers. This feature has boosted sales by a 64% progress with revenue and leads.
  6. Reports: This is an incredibly important factor for marketing and sales operations. To be able to conduct return on investment reports affect the boost and preservation of lead attribution. HubSpot’s database enriches this benefit as it provides clarity on the marketing impact that has been employed. This clarity comes in the form of customized reports that keep track of all data and metrics. Many marketers claim that having a return on investment report can be challenging, but these reports have been the cause of drastic improvements in performance. HubSpot is here to help.
  7. Social Media: Increasing social media activity and building on these interactions are integral to the acquirement of leads. HubSpot does just this. Without the further investment of time and effort, which has been known to slip up marketers in the past, HubSpot lets users construct a sound relationship with the public through social media processes without much to give up in the long run. The software easily monitors postings on several networks to observe its flow and status. These are tracked in HubSpot’s database.
  8. Analytics: HubSpot lets users measure the traffic that follows from a lead from start to end in a given website. The analytics help the marketers analyze the performance of the pages along with which content accumulates the most traffic over periods of time. Once the best sources are discovered, users get the highest value. This feature provides detailed information on all marketing activities and assets distributed among various accounts. The acquisition of proper data can instantly change a company’s status, bring them closer to a successful and advanced rank.
  9.  Sales: HubSpot’s platform brings about the involvement of sales. When marketing and sales work together symbiotically, a beautiful relationship is formed. HubSpot can completely alter sales processes and add a twist. It provides access to data about potential customers which will give users insight into the specifications of each lead. Details like this can significantly increase sales in any given setting.

Features of HubSpot


Content Strategy

Sales and marketing are tricky businesses. Fumbling on either side of the coin result in massive consequences that could ultimately bring your business to its downfall. This is where content strategy comes in. This feature, along with the marketing automation benefit, instills awareness of an input’s condition at all times. It is important to keep online and offline reputations in sync, promoting a sound and steady perception of the business to the public. Track activities and assets every month. Awareness is the key word here. The marketing strategy being used should represent your company to a T.

Calls-to-Action (CTA)

So what happens after content has been established in the media? HubSpot’s CTA designer constructs buttons and clicks that will be placed in landing pages, web pages, and blog posts in an effort to convert all content possible. The CTA can be modified to appeal to people’s preferences in the database. This will attract additional leads. Furthermore, HubSpot can optimize these CTAs for visitors who choose to stay anonymous depending on language, device, location, and source. This ensures that everybody receives a personalized page.



HubSpot’s payment plans consist of three major categories: CRM, Marketing and Sales. The Marketing package has three pricing plans under it: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The Sales package has two pricing plans under it: Basic and Pro. Believe it or not, all these services provide the most flexible, if not free, rates with the best features to bring forth to any potential customer. Let us start with the details:

HubSpot CRM is completely free of charge and available to any user. It can be downloaded from the HubSpot website. The features include: managing a pipeline with complete visibility, track sales activity and a singular database that contains all leads. Download it now and get started on these free benefits that can improve sales and marketing processes immensely!

HubSpot Marketing has three categories that address different issues and requirements. All three plans have a free trial basis to let potential customers get an idea on the settings and approaches on the software. Without a doubt, once acquainted, it will be hard to not want to sign up for these plans immediately. Let’s dive in and find out which package would best suit you, meeting all needs and preferences:

HubSpot Marketing Basic

This allows 100 contacts to a single user with an extra $100 charge for each additional 1,000 contacts. Features included in this plan consist of analytics, social media, content strategy marketing, and electronic mail marketing. The price of this plan is $200 monthly, billed annually. If you think of all the perks, it is incredibly reasonable.

HubSpot Marketing Pro

This allows 1,000 contacts to a single user with an extra $50 charge for each additional 1,000 contacts. Features included in this plan consist of everything in the Basic plan with Salesforce integration, smart content, and marketing automation. The price of this plan is $800 monthly, billed annually.

HubSpot Marketing Enterprise

This allows 10,000 contacts to a single user with an extra $10 charge for each additional 1,000 contacts. Features included in this plan consist of everything in the Basic and Pro plan with A/B testing, advanced reporting, and predictive lead scoring. The price of this plan is $2,400 monthly, billed annually. With all the features provided, it’s almost impossible to pass up.

HubSpot’s Sales has two categories that offer a collection of effective sales operations.

HubSpot Sales Basic is free of charge and available in the HubSpot website. Features included are CRM integration and API, electronic mail scheduling and notifications, limited electronic mail tracking history and templates and limited calling and documentation. All for free!

HubSpot Sales Pro’s features are everything included in the Basic package with sequences, prospects and meetings. It’s only $50 a month.

Technical Details


This software is supported on the following devices: Windows, Apple, Android and web-based devices.

Pricing models are free, monthly payments and annual subscriptions.

Customer types consist of small to large businesses.

Support Details

HubSpot’s customer service is always present to aid customers with any questions and inquiries. They may be contacted on the website and through mobile support. Additionally, training modules are provided.